when you use a 9,451,000 degree blowtorch on earth

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when you use a 9,451,000 degree blowtorch on earth
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Runtime: 18:34


hash pat
hash pat - 10 timer siden
Grey if you want to do the destruction of due explode the sun!!!
In order to make the destruction of due take the light of due and ame to the sun!!!!
Djsrevenge - 13 timer siden
Gray when playing
Game:so gray how much are you going to destroy me
gamerovitch - 15 timer siden
the boom at 7:17 is the core exploding :)
Fox McQwerty
Fox McQwerty - 23 timer siden
cthulhu shows up and "everybody do the flop!"
KyloSam05 - Dag siden
Use the laser at the sun for a surprise (it blows up)
How can i instal solar smash on PC?
FTL Catalyst
FTL Catalyst - Dag siden
could you try making the earth vanish with an orange death beam
Airies Delos Santos
Airies Delos Santos - 2 dager siden
gray theres a easter egg that you can blow up the sun by the yellow laser
Gavin Martin
Gavin Martin - 2 dager siden
At 2:59 I realized the cracks in the earth are forming a guy.
sub 2 breadboys
sub 2 breadboys - 3 dager siden
imagine being Gray's neighbour, looking over your fence, and seeing him cut earbuds in half lol
T24K Monty
T24K Monty - 3 dager siden
Who else is watching in Australia
Supersaga - 4 dager siden
I swear, how do people still sponsor him?
Kokichi Is Dead
Kokichi Is Dead - 4 dager siden
Solar Smash easter egg: When you are destroying a single planet equip the lazer and put the damage to max then point it at the sun
Nixolas Sosa
Nixolas Sosa - 4 dager siden
You can blow up the sun and make a shield on the on planet
Harris Smith
Harris Smith - 5 dager siden
I think the physics in cthulu killing everyone like that was because the portal he came through was extremely high concentration of radiation and heat and them being killed slightly delayed from it opening was because the heat and radiation had not yet reached earth
Rad Roland
Rad Roland - 7 dager siden
Gray: alright so we're checking out the only game"
Every single space worm: Is it feasting time?
Also what's the name of the song that starts at 8:49 and all of 8:50 and ends at 9:14?
AweirdChannel - 7 dager siden
0:07 strike!
VSTA1629 _
VSTA1629 _ - 7 dager siden
I dare you to beam the sun for a fue seconds
Gacha !Dustyy!
Gacha !Dustyy! - 7 dager siden
that moment when you look up and see 5,000 rockets,die then come back again and see 20 giant portals with tenticals coming out and then you die due to staring at your true fear. Gray's creation's. And then you come back and see 101 portals this time and realise that you must be in hell. And Gray is the one who is making you suffer.Then you get eaten by giant worms along with your planet.
Kalri Allen
Kalri Allen - 7 dager siden
when aleins put out a full scale attack on earth
Gusti Aryasatya
Gusti Aryasatya - 8 dager siden
Can you pls play city smash pls thx
SAB for everything
SAB for everything - 8 dager siden
2:54 You can't tell me that that does not look like a really fit demon.
Tired Angel
Tired Angel - 9 dager siden
17:38 looks like the hand of a lava overlord is grabbing earth, if you can even call that ‘earth’...
Tired Angel
Tired Angel - 9 dager siden
“Alright” in a decently high pitched tone has never made me happier in my life.
Andrei Dimitrov
Andrei Dimitrov - 10 dager siden
use a laser on the sun
THE REAL GOOP - 11 dager siden
Hey gray try to put your piss laser at the sun in the background
gaming x
gaming x - 11 dager siden
Imagine if gray's pc was a real person
Creepercraft YT
Creepercraft YT - 12 dager siden
Did u know that, you can blow up the sun with a laser?
Julian Tukiran
Julian Tukiran - 13 dager siden
10:10 that gets warm because it is 100 dregrees
Adreez Tube
Adreez Tube - 13 dager siden
There is an huge update to solar smash
CallMeRaptor - 13 dager siden
Shoot the sun with the death laser
Spider Man
Spider Man - 14 dager siden
hit the sun with a orange laser
Neko Frisk
Neko Frisk - 14 dager siden
So me and grey uses the same auto clicker... kewl
Nobodys Home
Nobodys Home - 14 dager siden
His personality is just the funniest thing ever and then him destroying the earth helps me cope with my crippling depression
Gabe Lovell
Gabe Lovell - 14 dager siden
I gess that you will find the earbuds with your lawnmower
gregory sauer
gregory sauer - 15 dager siden
wait i want to see
his face
5ynt4x 3rr0r
5ynt4x 3rr0r - 15 dager siden
How many missiles would you need for it to look like a solid death cone
Bfredd33 - 15 dager siden
You can tell how terrible the raycons are by how the case splinters when it gets touched by the chainsaw
Melissa W
Melissa W - 15 dager siden
You can also create your own planet to destroy
Deception 5
Deception 5 - 16 dager siden
He is crazy
Emma Marie Forden
Emma Marie Forden - 16 dager siden
when u are a dancer and when ever gray play the waltz of the flowers music u do the dance of the flowers in your head😂
Ayden Frazier
Ayden Frazier - 16 dager siden
He uses the auto clicker I have
Ayden Frazier
Ayden Frazier - 16 dager siden
They froze in fear
Croner God
Croner God - 17 dager siden
gray you can blow up the sun using the lazer
Noah Marshall
Noah Marshall - 17 dager siden
All right so where back with the only channel that is actually funny and has funney jokes. It's GrayStillPlays! Play videos dammit!
Marcus Allen Garcia
Marcus Allen Garcia - 18 dager siden
hey. shoot the sun in planet smash with a lazer
Anakin Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker - 18 dager siden
Hey Gray, I’m wearing raycons while watching this.
MaTiKa - 18 dager siden
Gray's the only one who understands that sponsors are boring and makes them 1000000x better
Francisco Hernandez
Francisco Hernandez - 18 dager siden
Is this giving anyone else existential dread?
Pyro - 18 dager siden
you know you can blow up the sun
Oldscape .9492
Oldscape .9492 - 19 dager siden
Did you know in planet smash in solar smash you can shoot the sun in the distance with the beam and it will explode and turn into a red giant
Louis Kramm
Louis Kramm - 19 dager siden
@graystillplays #graystillplays you can use the laser beam jacked up to 5x on the sun......... Try it. Hahahahahaha
Kyle Osterman
Kyle Osterman - 19 dager siden
Nice Flowey
Nice Flowey - 19 dager siden
Phil Swift: I sawed these Raycons in half!
Also Phil Swift: And repaired it with ONLY Flex Tape!
Nice Flowey
Nice Flowey - 19 dager siden
Plasma bullet
Marwan tube
Marwan tube - 20 dager siden
haters will say it's dust. 13:50
Sosij weeb
Sosij weeb - 20 dager siden
If you see Cthulhu you will go insane and die after 3 days, I guess, 100 of them increases that a hundred times so that's why people died instantly. Also Solar Smash has Christmas update, and one planet has force field now!!!
Karlie Sloane
Karlie Sloane - 20 dager siden
The safe reason semiannually shelter because mailbox ultrastructually examine beneath a descriptive castanet. melodic, literate song
JRM - 20 dager siden
It updated new stuff and 3 new ways to destroy and there are more fun and new map space
JRM - 20 dager siden
Do more city smash
Nagito with a gun
Nagito with a gun - 20 dager siden
You can blow up the sun 👀
Chow Yu Yao
Chow Yu Yao - 20 dager siden
shoot a laser at the sun
Megat Danial Ahmad Megat Iskandar Shah
After u make the earth flat reset it and then...
chara dreemurr
chara dreemurr - 22 dager siden
They made a new update to city smash
Your_local_memer - 23 dager siden
we use the same auto clicker
Gabriella Tucker
Gabriella Tucker - 25 dager siden
You can blow up the sun
combatbeast101 fortnite
combatbeast101 fortnite - 25 dager siden
Who else loved being vaporized in this vidieo
BoneDaddy_2019 - 25 dager siden
Try to use 69 missiles it'll do something cool
James the Flames
James the Flames - 25 dager siden
Gray: exists
World: alright
SirSnufflelots - 26 dager siden
I think you're on drugs ngl.
Nils - 26 dager siden
It now has a Christmas update ( try to shot the sun with the laserbeam
yeet yeet
yeet yeet - 26 dager siden
U should use Audi cooker for this just imagine
Еджнел Джевдет
Еджнел Джевдет - 26 dager siden
There's a update here!!!! Check it!
I cant think of a username
I cant think of a username - 26 dager siden
my mind while watching: whAt iF auTo cLiCKer???
D. Dillon Duffield
D. Dillon Duffield - 26 dager siden
Downvoted for Raycon. I never buy from YouTube sponsors. 😾👎
Alejandro Ubillus
Alejandro Ubillus - 26 dager siden
why do you start your vids with alright guys
Draconix 2020
Draconix 2020 - 26 dager siden
What happens is the planet destroyer does not have anything to shoot?
Comrade Clover
Comrade Clover - 26 dager siden
Gray, start striking India, it’s where the most people are
Itchaboilildev -
Itchaboilildev - - 27 dager siden
You can destroy the sun with the death beam making a super nova
Tommy Manuel Tabi
Tommy Manuel Tabi - 27 dager siden
Just get the comet and do that
Snake Team
Snake Team - 27 dager siden
gray play there is a new update pls play it
Alex Thorne
Alex Thorne - 27 dager siden
Did u know if you shoot the red things at the sun the sun will explode
Sasuvke__ - 27 dager siden
Raycon: *sponsors Gary*
Gary: *destroys earbuds*
Raycon: *inhale* *aggressive unsponsor*
Vishnu Weir
Vishnu Weir - 27 dager siden
10:06 #dead
Grayson Ward
Grayson Ward - 27 dager siden
gray just has a nasa supercomputer
Steve Smith
Steve Smith - 27 dager siden
I think Grey just matched internet historian in favourite sponsered segments. Can't say i've ever seen anyone take a chainsaw to the product their being sponsered by, but it perfectly fits the channel.
Ethan Asmar
Ethan Asmar - 27 dager siden
ok hear me out i have the same auto clicker and it free
The Clock Turns One
The Clock Turns One - 28 dager siden
Imagine those were actually alternate-universe Earths getting demolished.
Meh, 2020 is still worse.
Aussie_Red_Dog - 28 dager siden
3:05 Australia is 2.6 not 2.8
Alistair Craig
Alistair Craig - 28 dager siden
17:30 = 31/12/2020
Alistair Craig
Alistair Craig - 28 dager siden
If you space out the planet destroyers by a teensy bit and do about 30 of them it blasts straight through the other side of the planet in a split second
Alistair Craig
Alistair Craig - 28 dager siden
Whats super cool and impressive is that the mobile version of this game runs just as well even when you do 50 cthulus.
Yellowbonniespring New youtube channel official
Hey your using the auto clicker that I use and also you need to launch 1 billion missiles I can't wait to what happens sorry for the request I kinda blow up earth and realized how much lasers I launch... *ROOKIE NUMBERS*
Henry emily *possess Fredbear and p.freddy*
It's *solar smash*
A.S.T - 29 dager siden
It will be the end of 2020 and at 11:59 we hear grey say “alright” and that’s when we know we are doomed
Alex Tudvoicu
Alex Tudvoicu - 29 dager siden
the moment when north corea wanted to nuke the other existing countes on the planet but went a bit overboard and got hit by frendly fire 8:20
Denver John Argueza
Denver John Argueza - 29 dager siden
Fun Fact: you can make the sun EXPLODE with only using that unlimited long laser thing, to do this you need to....

Just hit the laser at the sun so it will explode

The effects you ask?
Of course the people will die because the earth will heat up and explode

Another Fun Fact: if you wiped out earth but leave a little bit of a chunk of it then make the sun explode...

It will explode out of nothing
I tried this before and its so weird

Edit: i used it only on MOBILE
Angela Lee
Angela Lee - Måned siden
The core
jamiatunnisak abdul mutalib
Gray if you shoot the sun with the laser beam it will explode
SurvivorCraft YT
SurvivorCraft YT - Måned siden
New update to solar smash... Christmas!!!