when you pour 999,999,999 gallons of water onto the sun

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when you pour 999,999,999 gallons of water onto the sun
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terraforming the sun?
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Amtrak Fan 2010
Amtrak Fan 2010 - 31 minutt siden
Gray I bought the game
Starfall Star
Starfall Star - 20 timer siden
Don’t say s3x
Animalboy YT
Animalboy YT - 23 timer siden
Wait the country’s are evaporating......
Animalboy YT
Animalboy YT - Dag siden
You wake up there is a flash flood looks out windo
Wait a minuit is the sun ok
Sun: yea it is just gray being insane and defining laws of physics
Me: ok I’m just going to move to Mars
Earth: don’t leave meeeeeee
Rexer - Dag siden
I was thinking Pluto when he said “*whats the planet everybody hates*” and then when I said it out loud I said exactly when gray said it
Derek White
Derek White - Dag siden
Sure it wasn't Raining Blood?!
Ashly kageyama
Ashly kageyama - Dag siden
" it's like we are doing surgery"
"Oh we can also throw hydrogen at the problem"
Never.... Ever let gray become a surgeon
RedHanded PH
RedHanded PH - 2 dager siden
Gray Saying His Not A Monster
Also Gray 2-5 Minutes Later:HEHEHEHAHAHAH

Me: :/
Krishna Kumar Joshi
Krishna Kumar Joshi - 2 dager siden
It will be more big and bright
Tim Lockwood
Tim Lockwood - 2 dager siden
It would be called the Wun
Cody Detmer
Cody Detmer - 3 dager siden
"Alright, Mars, there's your water. Sorry it came in kind of HOT."
james Hopkins
james Hopkins - 3 dager siden
This was funny as hell 😆
Chase Wisinger
Chase Wisinger - 3 dager siden
u cant put water on thee moon it would evaporate
Yandere CHERRY
Yandere CHERRY - 4 dager siden
The he'll did I do to this place- Oh....

I friggin love gray
carwashgaming - 4 dager siden
I have only killed 2% of the earth population, ROOKIE NUMBERS!! - Gray
Scboyr PL
Scboyr PL - 4 dager siden
"I'm Trying to destroy sun's life" XDDDDDD
DepressionDegression - 4 dager siden
Imagine being an astronaut and accidentally spilling your water bottle out in space, a week later this large blue mass forms and explodes on earth and creates large ass tidal waves.
Levi - 4 dager siden
You liar it’s called planet genesis 2
gaming bros
gaming bros - 4 dager siden
That black hehe dark matter?? Maybd
Ahmet Zahid TP348
Ahmet Zahid TP348 - 5 dager siden
12:47 It looks like a Treble Clef (that music thing they put in the beginning of music sheets)
Kittens_Suxks - 5 dager siden
SinHurr - 5 dager siden
2:50 Spirit Bomb!
Djsrevenge - 5 dager siden
3:42 HMMMM
Steve - 5 dager siden
I believe if you really wanted to extinguish a yellow/orange sun all you'd have to do is throw a ball of iron at it?!?...No, seriously. After a sun has used up all it's fuel the final element it creates is iron molecules, and the moment it creates an iron molecule the reaction creates a supernova and "KABOOM!" Your star is no longer shining!
kabuki samurai
kabuki samurai - 5 dager siden
Yo did you know that when the planet blows up the space worms get sent flying into space
Owen Keating
Owen Keating - 5 dager siden
Oh it’s raining fire how nice 👹
Arcade Invader
Arcade Invader - 6 dager siden
1 billion gallons? That's not even close to the amount of water there is just here on earth. Rookie numbers.
Eli Merrill
Eli Merrill - 6 dager siden
when you pour 7 billion tons of water on earth
Nolan DiBenedetto
Nolan DiBenedetto - 6 dager siden
Water, in theory, would actually boost the sun.
Andrei Gavrila
Andrei Gavrila - 6 dager siden
"Uranus is like sad" lmao
Banana boi Yo
Banana boi Yo - 6 dager siden
ThiccDuck 95
ThiccDuck 95 - 6 dager siden
life likehood doesnt say how much humans life it just say the probability of life there boi.
ThiccDuck 95
ThiccDuck 95 - 6 dager siden
so how probability it is that life can evolve there
EE EE - 7 dager siden
I love the fact he never kills europe
ThiccDuck 95
ThiccDuck 95 - 6 dager siden
gud c:
Ctar99n - 7 dager siden
Well i mean... Throwing lots of water at a huge fire does cause an explosion so... this is legit.
Dekubethememe YT
Dekubethememe YT - 7 dager siden
Throws water*
Sun:gets brighter
Physics:my goals are beyond your understanding
animator blueberry sans
animator blueberry sans - 8 dager siden
0:07 *its the little fire fighter from bluechair*
Jaxon Healey
Jaxon Healey - 8 dager siden
Also water is a great greenhouse gas
Jaxon Healey
Jaxon Healey - 8 dager siden
It would be really funny if Australia survived.
kalm - 9 dager siden
*news: florida man controls earth*
Katie Agius
Katie Agius - 9 dager siden
Life tip drinking 6gallons of water makes u die
RealKarma 70131
RealKarma 70131 - 9 dager siden
SSJ Gamble
SSJ Gamble - 10 dager siden
at 2:47 that looks like Goku’s spirit bomb
Feiya Plays
Feiya Plays - 10 dager siden
3:35 God belike after sending the great flood
Arsanal Gamer
Arsanal Gamer - 10 dager siden
Please make more vids on city smash
Spino Rex
Spino Rex - 10 dager siden
The name of the video makes no sense because there is 352 Quintillion gallons of water in the ocean so 999,999,999 gallons of water is nothing compared to 352 Quintillion gallons of water.
Logan Cabral
Logan Cabral - 11 dager siden
When you think your gonna put the sun out, but really your just adding hydrogen and mass in general to fuel and drive the fusion process
George Amosannieh
George Amosannieh - 12 dager siden
A question mark
A question mark - 13 dager siden
There's actually a couple of nipples of water
GrayStillPlays Out Of Context
Captain_ ElitE_
Captain_ ElitE_ - 13 dager siden
Answer to the title: you get a giant ball of obsidian.
Chdufudfudugh Egxhcyxhdufjfftgg
Pressure washing Venus
The_mfDestroyer - 16 dager siden
Oh fr
THUNDER BOLT - 17 dager siden
Ender Me
Ender Me - 17 dager siden
Btw you could fit MakeMake between the rings of Saturn and Saturn himself (unless it’s a she(planets don’t live(besides earth)))
Ender Me
Ender Me - 17 dager siden
Since the sun is made of H1 and O2, the water kicks out the oxygen making the sun bigger, hotter, and brighter. If we poured 1 cup worths water on the sun Venus would become basically a mini sun.
Daltyn Hines
Daltyn Hines - 18 dager siden
Actually that app makes you the God and the water is big and even you thank it’s small you’re crazy
Benjamin Panhorst
Benjamin Panhorst - 18 dager siden
Mate why you gotta do me like that
Jesse Robert
Jesse Robert - 18 dager siden
“I turned the entire solar system into a black hole”
Oh god he’s done it again
Johnathan - 18 dager siden
the sun turn into obsidian
medexamtoolsdotcom - 18 dager siden
As they used to say in the pirate days, 10 minutes with venus, 3 months with mercury. That refers to how they used to use mercury compounds to treat venereal diseases.
TylkoKmić - 19 dager siden
im actually watching it in 2021
Charmaine Bond
Charmaine Bond - 19 dager siden
I leave in Australia
Kim Kim
Kim Kim - 19 dager siden
Its the 2nd Baptism of water
no more Noah like persons
therupekids - 19 dager siden
Likelihood does not mean population! It means how likely life will exist.
Isaiah Garcia
Isaiah Garcia - 19 dager siden
Stop saying cust words
Sarah O'Neil
Sarah O'Neil - 19 dager siden
Americans don't think our possums are cute??
Sora Quill
Sora Quill - 20 dager siden
Disliking cause pluto rules (i know disliking still gets you the same amount of attention as liking lol)
J.R - 20 dager siden
Grey: 2021 plz
Jan 1st: ima end this mans whole career
Alex Gee
Alex Gee - 21 dag siden
2021 plz why is the sun named that
its 2021
Soba - 21 dag siden
Bro it is 2021
Boeing 747
Boeing 747 - 21 dag siden
How many zeros?

*y e s*
SurrealGaming - 21 dag siden
"Oh look people are breeding again, its fine!"
Violet O'conner
Violet O'conner - 21 dag siden
What happened to pluto?
Lushin187 - 21 dag siden
Next idea: Terraforming Venus to make it like Earth
Lukey Wang
Lukey Wang - 21 dag siden
12:47 looks like gonna make a g clef

gray: terrible idea because Jupiter has effectively became a second sun
Robert Colorsmith
Robert Colorsmith - 22 dager siden
My version doesn't have many of the features that yours does. I've tried to figure out how to get it. Mods?
Chris Han
Chris Han - 22 dager siden
Spirit bomb on deck!
Poop Shitnuggt
Poop Shitnuggt - 22 dager siden
I’m so happy that I ran into ur channel accidentally I love u
Roblox TV Network
Roblox TV Network - 22 dager siden
Skip to 8:31
Rated S For Sisters
Rated S For Sisters - 22 dager siden
I’ve seen videos of ‘what planets sound like’ and Saturn always sounds like the wails of the damned. This video made me think of that.
LJjimmiesGODYEET - 22 dager siden
Why did it look like jupiter was going super Saiyan at the end
Holden's Hideout
Holden's Hideout - 22 dager siden
Tip don't watch graystillplays well drinking ur nose will die
William Huffer
William Huffer - 22 dager siden
you shouldnt add 0s add 9s they are way better if you add the same amount of 0s as 9s to the same number the 9s will be a bigger number
Nedla Gamer
Nedla Gamer - 22 dager siden
Why does he sound drunk?
owo its anz uwu
owo its anz uwu - 22 dager siden
XClips - 22 dager siden
Gray is canadian??
Wilton Guzman
Wilton Guzman - 23 dager siden
welcome to raft
Zephyr Smith
Zephyr Smith - 23 dager siden
Kennth Stewart
Kennth Stewart - 23 dager siden
We all know what he says like every video RIGHT!
Bode Mackie
Bode Mackie - 23 dager siden
I think this video was made after you started learning about Minecraft...
Jamming gaming
Jamming gaming - 23 dager siden
You bully earth..yet you live on it....Right?
Doctor Doom
Doctor Doom - 24 dager siden
i had a add about water filters while he is destroying planets with water
anna Park
anna Park - 24 dager siden
its ot called the sun, its caled dont you dare u,u
The Laughing Kid
The Laughing Kid - 24 dager siden
Imagine if the earth was flat. Pffft! Wait... IT IS FLAT!!!
ice cream candy unicorns
ice cream candy unicorns - 25 dager siden
Florida is a part of betsuma triangle
Nathan Phillips
Nathan Phillips - 25 dager siden
ima go make me some me some lunch
Nathan Phillips
Nathan Phillips - 25 dager siden
ok im back why what did you espext me to take 4 years like those memes
Peter Eugen
Peter Eugen - 26 dager siden
What's funny is, I watched the entire video and I saw no "gallon" as a metric. Tsk tsk.
Jim Renova
Jim Renova - 26 dager siden
Hey play Sora smash then after play City smash for some reason has fake updates
Darren Hodgkiss
Darren Hodgkiss - 27 dager siden
The pricey steel basically smell because iron bilaterally pour of a resonant skill. quarrelsome, combative beet
ghost52704 - 27 dager siden
Kyamron - 27 dager siden