when you divide the earth by zero

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when you divide the earth by zero
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J Marshal
J Marshal - 16 minutter siden
How did life even come back after the first one?! I suppose it is comforting to know how much energy and...whatever...it takes to destroy the universe. I guess...
Ekl Haft
Ekl Haft - 2 timer siden
Earth is Kyle? Why not Kenny?
Pastel Kitten
Pastel Kitten - Dag siden
Normal people: Ooh what would happen if a teeny tiny asteroid hit?
Gray: I will destroy, *Destroys the Amazon rainforest first try*
Guenther Steiner
Guenther Steiner - 2 dager siden
-temperature can't get any lower than absolute 0
-Something can't go faster than lightspeed
-Earth doesn't have enough energy to explode into a supernova
Gray: Hold my zero's
oqluta - 4 dager siden
Ayo fellow science niggas. Is any of this scientifically possible?
Alex Siliavski
Alex Siliavski - 4 dager siden
Chris Yuan Gue
Chris Yuan Gue - 5 dager siden
Um, the lowest temperature possible is -1 kelvin, which is around -273 degrees Celsius
Elisabeth sun
Elisabeth sun - 6 dager siden
The “E” means 32 zeros I think
Tracy Blankenbaker
Tracy Blankenbaker - 7 dager siden
Now it’s 2021 I’m watching this video right now it’s 2021
Federico Martinotti
Federico Martinotti - 8 dager siden
He did what happened to the dinosaurs just more extreme. ``first the meter killed everything then it became an ice age perfect replica.
The Playful Shipper
The Playful Shipper - 8 dager siden
989,898 veiws, we need 2 less views off the 8s
MANUEL JARDIM - 9 dager siden
ha its 2021 HAHAHA
Creepercraft YT
Creepercraft YT - 12 dager siden
Uhh, the life likelihood is the probability that a planet has to develop life
Sahara Fortner
Sahara Fortner - 13 dager siden
Gray: I fixed climate change!
Me: yeah, you completely got rid of it. The climate can no longer change.
Союз Советских Социалистических Республик
7:43 one crossed wire, one wayward pinch of potassium chlorate, one errant twitch... And kablooie
Ali Murtaza
Ali Murtaza - 13 dager siden
0:50 God was like
"Yeah send an asteroid towards humanity cuz already sent the virus" just kicking humanity in the balls when its already down cuz why the hell not🙃
Joshua Carr
Joshua Carr - 14 dager siden
Start of 2021 and you hear “alright and welcome back to universe simulator”
A Derp That Does Stuff
A Derp That Does Stuff - 15 dager siden
"Poses no threat to earth"
**Turns entire universe into a supernova**
Bethan Wilks
Bethan Wilks - 15 dager siden
Olerius 123
Olerius 123 - 15 dager siden
8:01 video cut?
M - 16 dager siden
Stevie B
Stevie B - 16 dager siden
If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me
MooMooHead Me
MooMooHead Me - 16 dager siden
12:05 Neptune = painted pumpkin
HDMBRUTAL - 18 dager siden
Im at the top
Timo Junnilainen
Timo Junnilainen - 18 dager siden
City smash have a new update
Caelin Playz
Caelin Playz - 19 dager siden
i would never let you control the universe
Kyle Vlogs
Kyle Vlogs - 19 dager siden
My name is Kyle
Mitzi Rowland
Mitzi Rowland - 19 dager siden
If gray starts playing a game and killed us we can tell god he did it
Mitzi Rowland
Mitzi Rowland - 19 dager siden
Gray there a button you can click one time to get rid of 💧 water
Sif Højsted Rasmussen
Sif Højsted Rasmussen - 20 dager siden
Please God don't ever put Grey in charge of a nuke..
king keri
king keri - 21 dag siden
Cangueso5001 :
Cangueso5001 : - 21 dag siden
9:17 Yeah, I TOTALLY been through a lot
Cangueso5001 :
Cangueso5001 : - 21 dag siden
Minus Kyle?!
Kyle Holder
Kyle Holder - 22 dager siden
Aye yo what u do for this torture😂
The One Who Sniffs Your Dreams - VII
Google probably says it poses no threat bc if it did go in our atmosphere, it'd burn and shrink, so that helps. Also the sun, our moon, and the other planets are a sorta shield for those.
Also the meteor is probably a dumb rumour. IDK. I didn't know about it until this video.
Daniel Sergenti
Daniel Sergenti - 22 dager siden
♾%0 =

SnowyBlizzard - 24 dager siden
“It’s all Florida temperature too” that killed me😂😂😂😂 love you gray
Damien Speciale
Damien Speciale - 25 dager siden
gray 2020 “ It can’t get any lower because Kyle can’t divide by zero”
Dark Anubis
Dark Anubis - 25 dager siden
Google keyed up on my 😂😂
Algoma One
Algoma One - 25 dager siden
Gray, isn’t it sublime that the chunks of earth resemble Fruity Pebbles?
Jack Friedman
Jack Friedman - 25 dager siden
Gray literally repeated the dinosaur extinction asteroid and hit the Yucatán right on the mark.
Second ImperLand2020
Second ImperLand2020 - 26 dager siden
5:04 Use x0.25 to see
MANUEL JARDIM - 27 dager siden
tip to destroy your computer: put earth on universe sandbox's mass to E.875.999 | (Biggest Thing) | AND THATS HOW TO DESTROY YOUR COMPUTER!!!
Matthew Dunwoodie
Matthew Dunwoodie - 27 dager siden
-273 is absolute zero if you guys wanted to know (the coldest temperature you can ever get)
Maribel Maximus
Maribel Maximus - 27 dager siden
Don’t destroy the United States of America
Kyng-Pin - 27 dager siden
As a Kyle, I can attest, this is 100% accurate.
ManicAlex12 MiniHavoc12
ManicAlex12 MiniHavoc12 - 28 dager siden
Gray: *makes a asteroid that will break the game*
frame rate: screw you I’m out
ExDrain - 29 dager siden
Florida that Florida this Florida here every single vid of these of these I hear Florida
Ethan Anttila
Ethan Anttila - Måned siden
Ea: all balls name into furry
Micaiah Murphy
Micaiah Murphy - Måned siden
Gray: australia can survive damn near anything
Me being an aussie: yay!!!
αтѕυмυ мιуαツ『渥美みや』
We can never trust him with the universe lmao, i live in florida damn i keep dying 🙂
universe sandbox: (starts dying)
gray: *i can milk you*
unusual freak
unusual freak - Måned siden
Gray: does literally anything
Digital gamer 9745
Digital gamer 9745 - 4 dager siden
Darker Poison
Darker Poison - Måned siden
Anything divided by zero...
Is that one thing.
Like 20/0=20
But that's fine. I like to think we divided everything by π
Sabrish Gopalakrishnan
Sabrish Gopalakrishnan - Måned siden
what happened to urAnus?
Magnus Thigpen
Magnus Thigpen - Måned siden
Earth is just pooping so life dosen't be remade
Wightcrow - Måned siden
You see the wave of fire ended at Texas in the 1st one because it was too hot, Texas not the fire
Miguel Baltazar
Miguel Baltazar - Måned siden
Asteroid: hits earth
Jojo: ima destroy the earth (because when the explosion happens, it looks like a jojo reverse time thingy)
Android Gaming 2.0
Android Gaming 2.0 - Måned siden
Be careful! Your Maths teacher will be angry with you
Kamille Rucker
Kamille Rucker - Måned siden
Don’t divide by 0, the BOXVERSE will explode!
Hexanilix - Måned siden
Can I just say this is HILARIOUS that I'm watching this on a music lesson and we are listening to God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
Duality - Måned siden
The reason it can’t go below -273 degrees is because that’s absolute zero, the coldest something can physically be, ever
Matthew Litster
Matthew Litster - Måned siden
Gray:divides by 0 and sets temperatures to below absolute 0
Scientists & mathematicians: confused screaming
Fighting And games
Fighting And games - Måned siden
Kyle created a star and the star went ultranova

This means

Taylor Wilson
Taylor Wilson - Måned siden
悪王 - Måned siden
Is so funny because the meteorite is call “because 2020” haha
shadow spartan zeta 7
shadow spartan zeta 7 - Måned siden
Do this with negative luminosity sun
shadow spartan zeta 7
shadow spartan zeta 7 - Måned siden
That first asteroid

I like ya cut G
F.B.I agent ack
F.B.I agent ack - Måned siden
When you say maths will be the death of me and this happens
Bruh Lawrence
Bruh Lawrence - Måned siden
People on Earth in Universe Sandbox: Hey look it's Gray
The smart person: Isn't that the person who kill the whole Earth while pooping and eating?
People on Earth in Universe Sandbox: Oh yeah!

What was I thinking when I made this
Femi gamer tv
Femi gamer tv - Måned siden
5:03 did the earth just go za warudo
Lucas Gehlen
Lucas Gehlen - Måned siden
the little suns are the dead ligh from it
Gabriel Gamer Nei
Gabriel Gamer Nei - Måned siden
Earth stop farting and vomiting
Hynek Zapletal
Hynek Zapletal - Måned siden
You launch an asteroid AT LIGHT SPEED AND IT IS ONLY 2000 C?????? FUSION WOULD HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hynek Zapletal
Hynek Zapletal - Måned siden
Graystillplays: "I'm gonna name Earth Kyle, but because i'm dividing by 0 i'm gonna add a -"
Every mathematician in the observable universe: What universe is he talking about?
Feroz Reynardo
Feroz Reynardo - Måned siden
1 Million people died
Another people : Thats bad...
Graystillplay : Huh, Thats look fine
monky child
monky child - Måned siden
i want rookie numbers merch
Nugly - Måned siden
Somehow you made inanimate, in-game physics break the fourth wall. Idk how. But I'm glad you did.
Brian Coleman
Brian Coleman - Måned siden
The painstaking speedboat provisionally stir because citizenship whitely unite along a known fat. temporary, straight flame
F. R.
F. R. - Måned siden
And at the end, reality ended
neekaps - Måned siden
*divides earth by 0*
Earth: *turns to million pieces*
PandaGames - Måned siden
When he said hey Google and everything it opened up my Google and told me so I had 2 voices
Eagleskywalker 05
Eagleskywalker 05 - Måned siden
Does anyone know what is the background song used by gray from 5:31 to 7:20 and from 11:45 to the end of the video?
The Monster under your bed
Everybody:the earth is heating up! We're all gonna die!
oli games
oli games - Måned siden
universe sandbox: ok so how many light speeds do you want?
gray: Y E S
White god323
White god323 - Måned siden
Just imagine 8:12
MineCraft Master
MineCraft Master - Måned siden
e stands for to the power of
BestLegend134 - Måned siden
Everyone isnt vaporized at 5:28 Gray they are all popsicles
TJninja 12e
TJninja 12e - Måned siden
kyle this intire vid: why are we still here just to suffer
Chris Sede
Chris Sede - Måned siden
Parallel universes have been confirmed by Gray. Even the next simulation was broke. Well we now know who is responsible for 2020 being such an insane year.
UnderInkWolf - Måned siden
I like how Hiroshima is a explosion option
Proaseth Un
Proaseth Un - Måned siden
0 is not positive or negative
It is a relative whole number
Dusty Kujo
Dusty Kujo - Måned siden
When you watch 1 graystillplays video...

*you want to watch them all*
OR star
OR star - Måned siden
The thumbnail looks like earth is an egg that is about to give birth to a final boss
Ilija Stojicic
Ilija Stojicic - Måned siden
surface temperature 13.9 Celsius hmm... ROOKIE NUMBERS
Gunner Cooper
Gunner Cooper - Måned siden
Gray: it’s time to get things stupid

Me: hey grey guess what you’re already stupid

Just so you know I’m not a hater I love this channel
NJTFAN505 - Måned siden
I love it when Gray plays Universe Sandbox, because every time it seems the known laws of physics are broken.
Kimberly Hall
Kimberly Hall - Måned siden
Physics: "Temperatures below 273.15°C and speeds above lightspeed are impossible!"
Gray: "Screw the rules! I have Universe Sandbox II!"
Gohan Ok
Gohan Ok - Måned siden
Texas is saved
Bluethefox4 - Måned siden