when you dig a 17 mile deep trench around the earth

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when you dig a 17 mile deep trench around the earth
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Afi Lapiana
Afi Lapiana - 6 timer siden
badboyhalo: language!
ItzzHwit - Dag siden
the meddeterainian sea when all seas turned into dirt: T-T
The WildCraft Cat
The WildCraft Cat - Dag siden
I play WildCraft :/
꧁CloudWolfi - Dag siden
Me when there would be a voice coming from the sky: alright we are checking out the only game where you can just PASS AWAY
Railmaster Gaming
Railmaster Gaming - Dag siden
i don't know what it'll do but im…...wH@t du hEll???
DracoProBro2020 - Dag siden
Gray: The only thing that's changed is that the ocean has been replaced by depression
All of Sea life: where is the f*** have you been decades, this is nothing new
QwQ - 2 dager siden
earth evaporates in light speed
Cody Phillips
Cody Phillips - 2 dager siden
10:07 look nice
Skaraptor2 - 3 dager siden
6:07 is everyone's soul saying goodbye
Landen Willard
Landen Willard - 3 dager siden
If Gray got the powers of God like a Gray almighty type of thing we would all emidiatly commit suicide because of stuff like this
Noah Privett
Noah Privett - 5 dager siden
Noah Privett
Noah Privett - 5 dager siden
Zak King
Zak King - 5 dager siden
I love how I just randomly stumble across this hilarious content destroying the galaxy over and over. And on top of it you’re a Florida man just like me 😂 keep up it I can’t stop laughing
Dog cat Dechant
Dog cat Dechant - 5 dager siden
Robbie Ramsay
Robbie Ramsay - 5 dager siden
Fun fact: He says Alright so we’re checking out the only game in every video
hassi44 - 6 dager siden
You could hypothetically solidify anything with enough atmospheric pressure. Consider that Jupiter most likely has a core composed mostly of METALLIC WATER!!!
Yes... that's a thing apparently.
hehe i'm SR
hehe i'm SR - 6 dager siden
quality content...
King Duffy
King Duffy - 7 dager siden
Hahahah I’m cracking up
The name of earth is PLS GOD NO MORE
Ian Christopher
Ian Christopher - 9 dager siden
There's nothing more satisfying then a game that let's you break the laws of science in hilarious ways
SuzieJoeBob - 10 dager siden
The largest explosion value should be 4294967295 (largest 32-bit unsigned value)
newgreg22able - 11 dager siden
You are so funny
KNACKIC LE MEME - 11 dager siden
As bf would say: bee ba bop bee ee æe be be be k a ks sj s sjsns smeep pep keep pepe noob gray play still
RG_Gaster - 11 dager siden
Grey: I like how its ice and its 55 Degrees Celsius.

Me, a nerd: Well there is a such thing as perma-frost..
ALEXANDER BRUMFIELD - 11 dager siden
Game: Life Lilkelihood: a number
Topias Anttila
Topias Anttila - 12 dager siden
2:30 is that a colour looking like a man with some kinda troll face and a saxophone?!
ItzYourDad Reset
ItzYourDad Reset - 13 dager siden
5:06 me explaining to someone how ice is made
tenchimuyo69 - 13 dager siden
Honestly, with an atmospheric pressure that high, an explosion probably cannot even occur as the explosive energy could just condense itself.
Mohamed Playz
Mohamed Playz - 15 dager siden
The hottest and strongest bomb in all of human history is actually the Tsar Bomb
THUNDER STORM - 16 dager siden
Gray: what did I end up blowing up
Me: Africa
BaconandwAffles 78
BaconandwAffles 78 - 17 dager siden
play imvu
Tiara 'SoCo' Brown
Tiara 'SoCo' Brown - 17 dager siden
Antonio Rodriguez
Antonio Rodriguez - 19 dager siden
Kiley Hardin
Kiley Hardin - 19 dager siden
Honestly. God is cruel and his name is Gray.
Cian Tierney
Cian Tierney - 19 dager siden
Title : huh sooo relatable 😂😂
Teddy Zeberkiewicz
Teddy Zeberkiewicz - 22 dager siden
10:53 it's a secret
Totally not Morgan Gaming channel
LOL my wifi cut out and the earth perfectly fit in the loading circle😂
Tiffany Crenshaw
Tiffany Crenshaw - 22 dager siden
What is this game called again
leonthesavage 23
leonthesavage 23 - 17 dager siden
universe sandbox2
Jeffrey Wiens
Jeffrey Wiens - 22 dager siden
Gray the hottest thing in the universe is 250,000°F or 138871.111°C or 139144.261 K which is in the dead star at the middle of the Spider Nebula.
Frederik Dalsgaard Poulsen
Frederik Dalsgaard Poulsen - 22 dager siden
Gray: I want to hit Florida.
Gray when he hits Florida: Noo, this is where i keep my stuff.
Dylan McDonald
Dylan McDonald - 22 dager siden
And also the end is a new beginning
Dylan McDonald
Dylan McDonald - 22 dager siden
You add 0's ,I think you should start 9s like a higher number is always better right lol cause what I see is rookie numbers again
War zone kid 0151
War zone kid 0151 - 23 dager siden
*particle mass was NOT the imposter*
Victor Chanalet
Victor Chanalet - 23 dager siden
10:52 i like how the game gave up, like, yeah no a number of percentage Idk man ur giving me a headake rn
Spaghetti Spider
Spaghetti Spider - 23 dager siden
I feel bad for earth, it’s been through so much.
mashable remix
mashable remix - 23 dager siden
8k celsius is hotter than the surface of the song everyone would be toast😂😂
Anthony Hixson
Anthony Hixson - 23 dager siden
Anthony Hixson
Anthony Hixson - 23 dager siden
I ment to do a big e
Jackson Masaitis
Jackson Masaitis - 23 dager siden
2020"write that down"
Jack Guthrie
Jack Guthrie - 23 dager siden
Rookie numbers- Gray still plays
lee taylor
lee taylor - 23 dager siden
The impact of all them bombs are:
All water: evaporated
All sand: cooked into glass and then immediately melted into liquid glass (sodium silicates) due to the melting point of glass being around 1600 degrees Celsius
All people: dead
All types of metal: melted
All leather: melted
All rocks: melted
All gems: melted
Craters: ...very big
Florida: sos grey but...absolutely gone
Planet itself: very unlikely to get any people to live on it
Mason S
Mason S - 23 dager siden
The Earths soul is leaving
Noah Törnlund
Noah Törnlund - 24 dager siden
Can you do a video where you try
Jiu Pui
Jiu Pui - 25 dager siden
Hope this game isnt tied into real life.... gray....
NotaRussian558 - 26 dager siden
12:00 Russia survived. Of course
tactlesspaic09 - 26 dager siden
He said worse than the best at the intro funny enough a group of scientist have a bomb that can recreate the big bang
Ray Chen
Ray Chen - 26 dager siden
If Gray makes this into a passable college class, I would go back to college just to take the class over and over again without getting bored.
Patrick Ryan
Patrick Ryan - 26 dager siden
From Michigan guess I should stay lol
SPLEENS JUGGERNAUT - 26 dager siden
Gray I love you -spleens your cat
Dube_TheNoob - 26 dager siden
Gray great Patrick voice

“What da hell”
Marwan tube
Marwan tube - 27 dager siden
life likelihood: "a number"
gray: oh a number i see! that's good.
Cael Jorgen
Cael Jorgen - 27 dager siden
He'd make such a great interdimensional vilain
Miles - 27 dager siden
I was watching nightcore and saw this... wth
BigSmilesUltragamer - 29 dager siden
I’d like to think that when he changed the pressure that God did that mistake once and he reacted the same way. “You make one mistake and you end up killing everyone.” “What the hell did I do wrong!!??” 🤣🤣🤣
Art with Aditya :!
Art with Aditya :! - 29 dager siden
Plot twist : God is the player and we are merely inside a frikin game
Louise Kelly
Louise Kelly - 29 dager siden
9:04 its an eclipse
Louise Kelly
Louise Kelly - 29 dager siden
That ain't australia thats freaking Japan its small ass
DevinVaz - Gaming And Space Videos
All the dislikes are the people Gary killed
Xander Augustus
Xander Augustus - Måned siden
ok almost as soon as i saw this: thats +1 like and sub
Billy Jones -Altitude-
Billy Jones -Altitude- - Måned siden
I'd say I was impressed but the moon did this a couple million years ago sooo...
Potato the Furry OwO
Potato the Furry OwO - Måned siden
Kindergartener: *breaks rule*
The rest of the class: 7:57 - 8:00
F.B.I agent ack
F.B.I agent ack - Måned siden
World war 1 HARD MODE
Videon Tekuro
Videon Tekuro - Måned siden
7:05 ,,Doesn't look that ba..." _The Atmosphere and all the Oceans on the planet disintegrate instantaneously_
Quackidee! - Måned siden
Gray: WhAt ThE hElL!
He had me dying of laughter😂🤣.
Quackidee! - Måned siden
I bet u can’t watch one of Grays videos without laughing, smiling, bursting into laughter, or dying of laughter.
John Kong
John Kong - Måned siden
The chilly curve virtually command because viscose bilaterally heat near a simplistic korean. condemned, abusive comic
Femke Aben
Femke Aben - Måned siden
Imagen a nuke with the power of 7 billion tons of TNT
F1 Mahdi baj
F1 Mahdi baj - Måned siden
Can someone tell me the amount of worlds gray has destroyed?
AussieSlayz - Måned siden
Gray Africa is dry as it is. Stop making it dryer ok my god
A Dude
A Dude - Måned siden
12:41 fire style: fire ball rasengan
joelhoon1707 - Måned siden
It's like he stabbed Earth in the stomach and then bought it to the hospital and paid the bills, then blows Earth up.
becky danes
becky danes - Måned siden
i just realised that Florida is just the pen!s of Northern America
Rolland Iordachescu
Rolland Iordachescu - Måned siden
What pc do you have?
Demarcus Benson
Demarcus Benson - Måned siden
The ahead order biologically overflow because ox relevantly share alongside a blue hubcap. abashed, private turkey
Nicholas Glisson
Nicholas Glisson - Måned siden
Hahahahahahaha hahahahahahaha hahahahahahaha hahahaha the was you say what the hell
IDK BRO - Måned siden
wouldn't it be funny if you could make a pigeon bigger than the universe in this game
Serenella Higgleton
Serenella Higgleton - Måned siden
You are still the cleverest I have met yet
Serenella Higgleton
Serenella Higgleton - Måned siden
If you have one ounce of life, I would by surprisingly surprised
Serenella Higgleton
Serenella Higgleton - Måned siden
I'm sure Facebook is praying 🙏 for you
Serenella Higgleton
Serenella Higgleton - Måned siden
Are you in the whole of the universe who can play this? And i mean play!!
Patrick R.
Patrick R. - Måned siden
I love at 6:01 earths soul noped out of 3 billion° C
Inquatic 336
Inquatic 336 - Måned siden
I want to know how it looks when your ON the earth
a cake just a cake
a cake just a cake - Måned siden
7:06 2021 8:57 2022
Mohau Tlaka
Mohau Tlaka - Måned siden
As expected from gray😓.....
Tara's Adventures
Tara's Adventures - Måned siden
My measly home-state (Michigan) is the only thing that survived. Lol
Aiden Reyes
Aiden Reyes - Måned siden
Universe sandbox just got real
Zakrulan - Måned siden
What I learned so far is that its no matter what kind of simulator game it is, Gray finds a way to break the game or just cause pure insanity
Mael Strom
Mael Strom - Måned siden
So the only green place left are the great lakes?
BigheadParker - Måned siden
nobody :
france in 1916
codeman7055 - Måned siden
When the water turned brown it got texture like scales on my pet ball python.
Glow Bright Unicorn
Glow Bright Unicorn - Måned siden
Gray is god

God: why did I hire him

The devil: I’ll hire him
Guess Who
Guess Who - Måned siden
Gray, the reason the ice is 55 C is that as pressure increases so do the melting and boiling points, at 1 atm ice melts at 0 C, but at 100 atm ice melts at about 327 C...
Peshwas Hero
Peshwas Hero - Måned siden
my imagination: pfft make more chaos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!