when you destroy a city with cat 10 hurricanes

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when you destroy a city with cat 10 hurricanes
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Runtime: 13:15


Zachary Boyd
Zachary Boyd - 5 timer siden
Play City Smash again...
You can make thing 1000XXX times sadder now
Shaun Ortez
Shaun Ortez - 8 timer siden
2:57 I’d true
BuggyPlayz - 23 timer siden
Toyota yeet!!!
easton tube
easton tube - Dag siden
Why did you do CAT 10 would YouTube not let you put that much

I know what cat stands for category
gunvaldis vitols
gunvaldis vitols - 2 dager siden
Please play more
gunvaldis vitols
gunvaldis vitols - 2 dager siden
Hey grey there is a new opdete
gunvaldis vitols
gunvaldis vitols - 2 dager siden
Shin 1
Shin 1 - 2 dager siden
It has a new update gray and it added a new worm disaster
AweirdChannel - 3 dager siden
5:50 when the Soviet Union wants their vodka back
Christopher Columbus MLKJ
Christopher Columbus MLKJ - 4 dager siden
I hope he see’s the new update for this game (city smash) it has outer space and has a attack plane, a supernova/black hole/portal (I don’t know what it’s called), a space/death worm, and something that gray would use to destroy his computer with.....a customize disaster option (works on some not all) (works on most of the disaster) has a night time option and new water update
Kevin gaming time
Kevin gaming time - 4 dager siden
Btw theres a new update in city smash. I played city smash with the update and it was amazing
Christopher Martinez
Christopher Martinez - 4 dager siden
gray theirs more updates to this game im playing right now you change the settings to the bombs and alll the weapon and destroy the city in one bomb
Cameron Rosen
Cameron Rosen - 4 dager siden
City Smash update ✌🏻 Way more rediculous now
GatorCam - 4 dager siden
Hey gray you can destroy the ufos
kevin hart
kevin hart - 4 dager siden
City smash has an update
YouTubeRocks76 - 6 dager siden
5:54 1812 in a nutshell
Brayden Animates
Brayden Animates - 7 dager siden
9:09 I was literally just thinking about final destination at that moment
Nikos Mastrokalos
Nikos Mastrokalos - 8 dager siden
Thanks for letting me know!
Tree Head
Tree Head - 9 dager siden
Aleksandar Velickovic
Aleksandar Velickovic - 9 dager siden
2020 wow
BOKO HD - 9 dager siden
Go to the bridge map and nuke it the water will dissapear and bring it back with the tsunami
Amber Montgomery
Amber Montgomery - 10 dager siden
I think you should play more city crush
Kacper Socha
Kacper Socha - 11 dager siden
how do u play the game on pc ?
Sadek Dagher
Sadek Dagher - 11 dager siden
Gray the game updated, so now there are new things and u can now even modify items, so u can make a nuke weak like a firework, and a volcano a machine gun of rocks
Erin Koliboski
Erin Koliboski - 11 dager siden
I was so excited that I read the title as "10 cat hurricanes"
Sergio Quiroz
Sergio Quiroz - 12 dager siden
Wat sad magnit not
Hunter PRO
Hunter PRO - 12 dager siden
Gray there's a new update on city smash
ThegamingGOAT - 12 dager siden
Gray:I’m just Going to sheer off the top of the bridge
Destroys the entire bridge
Ömer YŞ
Ömer YŞ - 13 dager siden
Can you play this game again in video because we have a New 2021 UPDATE
Linda Diggs
Linda Diggs - 13 dager siden
New updates in the game. Check it out again.
Thomas Aesir
Thomas Aesir - 13 dager siden
That sometimes a hurricane will actually create a tornado.
simon chow
simon chow - 13 dager siden
Is this part two?
FACT CORE - 13 dager siden
2021: The Sequel
Boone Roberts
Boone Roberts - 14 dager siden
They added 3 new disasters, but that might only be on the mobile version.
Davyon Garner
Davyon Garner - 15 dager siden
2020 be like:
aviendhar idek
aviendhar idek - 15 dager siden
Now your thinkin with portals
Aaron Campbell
Aaron Campbell - 16 dager siden
Hey Gray. They added more stuff and you can edit the power
Robyn Arm
Robyn Arm - 16 dager siden
You are so morbid🤣😂
things I like
things I like - 16 dager siden
Play more city smash
George Amosannieh
George Amosannieh - 17 dager siden
Sep 18, 2020
Gundam Barbatos
Gundam Barbatos - 17 dager siden
Monika Rosiek
Monika Rosiek - 17 dager siden
that was deffinitly a bit of the bridge
Charlie and Molly !
Charlie and Molly ! - 18 dager siden
Play this again there was a new update
Jacob Schantz
Jacob Schantz - 18 dager siden
We need another episode of this. It got another update.
yaaron van der weij
yaaron van der weij - 18 dager siden
They have a new update!
sanran - 18 dager siden
Which game is this
ca sne
ca sne - 18 dager siden
The satisfying thursday neuropathologically step because sampan seasonally dry around a charming adjustment. learned, sassy cloud
Akari Kiyama
Akari Kiyama - 18 dager siden
Bruh- favorite youtuber, periodt
bilal Tanasale
bilal Tanasale - 18 dager siden
- 3 new weapons
- 1 new city
- customisable weapons added
- bug fixes
Andy Koh
Andy Koh - 19 dager siden
Nuu i missed out on the spleens plushie ;;
Glitch gacha club Oc FlipaClip
#Graystillplays THIER is a new update
maricel Clemente
maricel Clemente - 19 dager siden
Theirs a new update in city smash check it out its so amazing!!!
BrodieGamer - 20 dager siden
3:06 *confused screaming*
Diamond Boy
Diamond Boy - 20 dager siden
I reacher this game
Regan Summer
Regan Summer - 20 dager siden
Deion Colon
Deion Colon - 20 dager siden
10000000000000000000000000000000000000000 godzins
rockin scarlet
rockin scarlet - 20 dager siden
They update the game
fab mac
fab mac - 20 dager siden
I and your last video I told you to use to a the time which is due laser and the nuke
fab mac
fab mac - 20 dager siden
The map is pretty good you can just grab the city and then just threw it at another one reason we're you can just go under and take the block under the city then we'll it doesn't really take you but it could still it will still fall
Potenciana Algire
Potenciana Algire - 21 dag siden
Gray this game has a NEW UPDATE ITS AWESOME
Nikk Jr
Nikk Jr - 21 dag siden
In city Smash
Nikk Jr
Nikk Jr - 22 dager siden
There's something new
Brianna McDaniel
Brianna McDaniel - 22 dager siden
Song at 11:50?
Leticia Silva
Leticia Silva - 22 dager siden
You can make UFOs exploding this game by using missiles or meteors or by using a kraken
Just Call Me Angel
Just Call Me Angel - 23 dager siden
7:57 *no*
Just Call Me Angel
Just Call Me Angel - 23 dager siden
Basically 2020 in a game
Madalina Stefania
Madalina Stefania - 24 dager siden
Kennedy Bentley
Kennedy Bentley - 24 dager siden
1:10 i already have.
C J - 25 dager siden
city: why gray WHY?
C J - 25 dager siden
Jamie Burkhart
Jamie Burkhart - 25 dager siden
Hey gray destroy future city and try shooting the future cars with rocket
DexJ Dillon
DexJ Dillon - 25 dager siden
Gray, there is a glitch w the portal to move immovable objects like the map!
OfficialRaid Royale
OfficialRaid Royale - 25 dager siden
3:07 toyaota yeaaaaa
Jm Baquiran
Jm Baquiran - 25 dager siden
You can destroy the ufo with lightning
Gamer Kid - TysonThompson
Gamer Kid - TysonThompson - 26 dager siden
Survey: Yes you can kill a Buliding By a Magnet
Me: Thats Fake lol
Jewl4U87 - 27 dager siden
9:09 dont u mean happy death day grey?
Eric Zapanta
Eric Zapanta - 27 dager siden
The bridge is in San Francisco :bride name Golden Gate Bridge
Ethan Anttila
Ethan Anttila - 27 dager siden
Ea: can't say uwu
Jaden Miller
Jaden Miller - 28 dager siden
Why don’t you do the Indian ship and do the password on it
Vien Leniell Manalo
Vien Leniell Manalo - 28 dager siden
A cat
Jathen Norman
Jathen Norman - 28 dager siden
I dont know what. To say #teamtrees
Muhd Hazim
Muhd Hazim - 28 dager siden

Merylin Rodriguez
Merylin Rodriguez - Måned siden
Aaaaaa hahahahaahahaahhahahahahahaha
Swapnil Wath
Swapnil Wath - Måned siden
This is funny
Donna Tshanakas
Donna Tshanakas - Måned siden
What the f*** did I just see
Smitha Tiruveedula
Smitha Tiruveedula - Måned siden
Infant :-)
Maddie Benussi
Maddie Benussi - Måned siden
Try the nuke in the San Francisco looking map
Zsolt Anda
Zsolt Anda - Måned siden
You can grab a car whit the magnet
Vishal Kathore
Vishal Kathore - Måned siden
Me: oh gray uploaded a new video
Me again: *reads title*
Me again again: *faints*
Gloria Hawkins
Gloria Hawkins - Måned siden
The filthy straw coronally file because newsprint descriptively happen on a gullible gusty grouse. tearful, tiresome helium
Fair Siren Covers
Fair Siren Covers - Måned siden
Omg. I’ve been having the worst time lately (just like everyone else but I was mentally not okay) and this is the first time I’ve laughed so hard to the point of tears 😂😂 thank you Gray!
shane harris
shane harris - Måned siden
tun khine
tun khine - Måned siden
Autumn Seeley
Autumn Seeley - Måned siden
Firenados are real
Autumn Seeley
Autumn Seeley - Måned siden
Does Gray read these?
Autumn Seeley
Autumn Seeley - Måned siden
Arnold(Terminator):I'll be back
blitzo - Måned siden
You should lightning strike the top of the bridge
Edward Lesmana88
Edward Lesmana88 - Måned siden
When u combine the hurricane and tornado the hurricane pushes the building into the tornado
Fayelyn Lumabao
Fayelyn Lumabao - Måned siden
Gray put the Porto together and put something inside then it will be godly bright
Jocelynn Dotson
Jocelynn Dotson - Måned siden
Moral of the story: one explosion leads to another
eloisa salipande
eloisa salipande - Måned siden
Dare was No Club sign