when you break bones at 670,616,629 mph

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when you break bones at 670,616,629 mph
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that hurt
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Runtime: 15:08


GrayStillPlays - 3 måneder siden
i appreciate they made a game where you can skateboard at light speed...into a wall.
Issa Thompson
Issa Thompson - 14 timer siden
I know it is fun but crashing at light speed up a ramp and braking Avery thing in side your body is way more fun and funny
Sarah Morris
Sarah Morris - 22 timer siden
Eri Chan
Eri Chan - Dag siden
Isaac C
Isaac C - 2 dager siden
Light speed that's impossible
Barbra Wolfe
Barbra Wolfe - 3 dager siden
video fyren
video fyren - 5 timer siden
this gets stupider and stupider untill you fly to jupiter
Make a part 2!
JustATadBitSour - 10 timer siden
Andor Simon
Andor Simon - 12 timer siden
8:50 when online school happens
matt wyatt
matt wyatt - 12 timer siden
The maniacal puppy intraorally preach because handicap electronmicroscopically walk apud a incompetent factory. cooing, private dredger
Tron Theone
Tron Theone - 12 timer siden
What game is this bro 🤣😂😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
Faze monster VTV
Faze monster VTV - 12 timer siden
Your to funny on all your videos
Pamela Kinney
Pamela Kinney - 12 timer siden
When she jumped the cop car she was like "f*** this
MD - 05IW 889962 Hewson PS
MD - 05IW 889962 Hewson PS - 13 timer siden
*Me laughing so hard that I can't breath*
*My lil sister Laughing with me*
Anubis 1679
Anubis 1679 - 14 timer siden
I have never laughed so hard in years
Coilin Gordon
Coilin Gordon - 14 timer siden
The longest intro ever
William Kalenga
William Kalenga - 15 timer siden
tony hawk.. say hello to Tonya cocaine
me: laughing so hard i cant breathe.
Rek8ne - 15 timer siden
You went to the athmostphere
Just on the other side of Earth
Abr Fx
Abr Fx - 15 timer siden
So much cocaine used in this game mod
Chanceaboo Weaver
Chanceaboo Weaver - 16 timer siden
Jeanine Henry
Jeanine Henry - 17 timer siden
JackiePea - 20 timer siden
You need 8:22
Leopard gecko kid
Leopard gecko kid - 22 timer siden
Me: o my god this is a long intro
Grey: more mile high alies dammit
Jeff Wong
Jeff Wong - 23 timer siden
I feel like this video has one of the best intros you've ever made, Gray. I like it.
Shyann Hudson
Shyann Hudson - Dag siden
That girl that gray made looks exactly like my friends mom without the hat and different cloths
ishie fishy
ishie fishy - Dag siden
In UK: you ride skateboard
In Russia: skateboard rides you
Mora Mulford
Mora Mulford - Dag siden
The festive harmony inadvertently fade because dolphin micrencephaly tie plus a brown fired. wrong, brown shake
Doting_Bend - Dag siden
Yaayyy 2:08
Asher Childress
Asher Childress - Dag siden
8:27 noice
drakside song
drakside song - Dag siden
Yo can i put at 50 my man want to the sky
Edward Roessler
Edward Roessler - Dag siden
Daisy Tappin
Daisy Tappin - Dag siden
my guy rlly said PEACE
Daisy Tappin
Daisy Tappin - Dag siden
that was me breaking my ankles
-----gray 2021
Jacolby Northern
Jacolby Northern - Dag siden
I have that game
Dicer 321
Dicer 321 - 2 dager siden
while watching this i had a 6 seconds long wheeze like 8 times

help me
magic เมจิก
magic เมจิก - 2 dager siden
I love
angelo denoga
angelo denoga - 2 dager siden
gotta go fast
Darrin Smith
Darrin Smith - 2 dager siden
It's too hard to laugh quietly so I don't wake the house up at 1 in the morning
Snow Wolf
Snow Wolf - 2 dager siden
“ Alright so we’re checking out the only game where *insert catastrophe* “
Riley Cool
Riley Cool - 2 dager siden
Litterally the whole vid: I BELIEVE I CAN FLY
Golden Doge
Golden Doge - 2 dager siden
I am laughing so mush that my dad is mad at me
Sora Lee
Sora Lee - 2 dager siden
_NUGGET_Twinz_ - 2 dager siden
Gray: theres a time in every skaters life were they have- WTH IS SHE DOING?!
i want to point out the fact that he was gracefuly explaining something and his carater decides to dans her little heart away......also great content gray👌🏾
Gabriella Tsimogiannis
Gabriella Tsimogiannis - 2 dager siden
3:28 Did he just call the railing a pipe-
Aron Logi Lúðvíksson
Aron Logi Lúðvíksson - 2 dager siden
Lol I hate COVID-19 f*** that
Ben Nijhuis
Ben Nijhuis - 2 dager siden
Hahahhahhahaha wtf
Marasigan Andrei
Marasigan Andrei - 2 dager siden
Song 5:57 👉👈
Exotic August Gaming
Exotic August Gaming - 3 dager siden
This is first video that I watched and after I knew I had to subscribe 😂😂
grantley poole
grantley poole - 3 dager siden
What you talkin bout breakin bones you killed her!!!!
Galaxy - 3 dager siden
You are officially my fav youtuber
Thegrey hoodedone
Thegrey hoodedone - 3 dager siden
8:27 this part made me choke on pizza so hard, that I did an inhuman screech. [Forgive me if I made any grammar mistakes]
Eric Cox
Eric Cox - 3 dager siden
I subscribed
James Rawley gaming
James Rawley gaming - 3 dager siden
Do you know what we call putting gravity so low that you can turn your skateboard into a helicopter we call it ROOKIE NUMBERS!
Brad Mitchell
Brad Mitchell - 3 dager siden
U r soo funny u make me laugh
Rebecca Hall
Rebecca Hall - 3 dager siden
face cam
Preston Koontz
Preston Koontz - 3 dager siden
Donavan Bent
Donavan Bent - 3 dager siden
Call an ambulance but not for me naji
Donavan Bent
Donavan Bent - 3 dager siden
Whoa gray she be like super girl
Swingy lo fi
Swingy lo fi - 3 dager siden
8:57 she started so fast that an ad came
Fernando Yamin
Fernando Yamin - 3 dager siden
Also make her name Tania Tijuana
Fernando Yamin
Fernando Yamin - 3 dager siden
Character: *yeets himself into 69th dimension*
Gray: *w h e e z e*
Joseph Villa
Joseph Villa - 3 dager siden
This game doesn't allow vertical flips, Bullshit
Joseph Villa
Joseph Villa - 3 dager siden
"See Pepe is very happy about this"GrayStillPlays 2020
yeahboyyy123 - 4 dager siden
Not sorry if there is a body in your backyard
Big Chungus
Big Chungus - 4 dager siden
8:08 insert Tom and Jerry joke here
Melissa Manalansan
Melissa Manalansan - 4 dager siden
Jin Shun Lin
Jin Shun Lin - 4 dager siden
The high-pitched daisy selectively reject because ceramic electronically close failing a far-flung increase. nippy, absorbed south korea
eMineM Universe
eMineM Universe - 4 dager siden
The begining was very spacific
Ltl EVL - 4 dager siden
I can't handle my self. Gray says everything with the upmost tolerance of saying everything so casually
Jay D
Jay D - 4 dager siden
Jacob Lingard
Jacob Lingard - 4 dager siden
beamer boy
beamer boy - 4 dager siden
Play skate 3 it is way better please play it
Evan Becker
Evan Becker - 4 dager siden
Push and where did your BABY GO god 3rd TIME THIS WEEK
-*Fallen Gacha*-
-*Fallen Gacha*- - 4 dager siden
Normal people's goal:stay safe
Grays goal:break every single bone and fly into space
Corbin Redmond
Corbin Redmond - 5 dager siden
18:43 Gray "i found the edge of the board, i'm gringing on it" *dies*. i couldn't stop laughing>.
ElysetheEevee - 5 dager siden
Is it Tawnya Heroin or Tawnya Cocaine (also, you HAVE to spell it that way)? Maybe Tawnya Nicotine-Patch. Or perhaps Tawnya Amphetamine. Tawnya Drugmule? I don't know. I'm done now.
Boomer poep
Boomer poep - 5 dager siden
Im assuming push force is as hard ya ki
ching cong
ching cong - 5 dager siden
Why does he sound like peater griffin 🤣
Trappster 48
Trappster 48 - 5 dager siden
Why have I not seen this till now lmao
Paul Floca
Paul Floca - 5 dager siden
Im laughing so much😂😂
Crystal McKee
Crystal McKee - 5 dager siden
Zaidan Davies
Zaidan Davies - 5 dager siden
look at this 11:01 11:05
RexRay XRay
RexRay XRay - 5 dager siden
Skate 3 will always be the best not this garbage
Jss Love
Jss Love - 6 dager siden
I couldn’t stop. Laughing 😆
Twisted Koala13
Twisted Koala13 - 6 dager siden
I've never heard gray suck a pacifier before
msites412 - 6 dager siden
Gray:we don't need skateboards where were going
Me and gray:😅😆😂🤣😆😅😂🤣
DIRT RACING - 6 dager siden
FuelTank06 -
FuelTank06 - - 6 dager siden
minato: 8:27
Connor Pettus
Connor Pettus - 6 dager siden
The push force part got me dying 🤣
Matthew Is The CloneOfTheHero
https://youtu.be/dQw4w9WgXcQ here’s the funniest parts of the video
Matthew Is The CloneOfTheHero
Intro be like batteries
Rifty Army
Rifty Army - 7 dager siden
Grey you sound like ninja
Clark Kent
Clark Kent - 7 dager siden
Im dying of laughter 😂😂😂😂😂
Clark Kent
Clark Kent - 7 dager siden
Clark Kent
Clark Kent - 7 dager siden
Lone Star Boys
Lone Star Boys - 7 dager siden
At exactly 12:00 she dabbed in the air. Grey, say something witty about what she is doing at that time stamp
Mr Plays
Mr Plays - 7 dager siden
When it says “caches her ass on the pole” a laughed sooo HARD
IceFire 425
IceFire 425 - 7 dager siden
When Gray out the push force on 200 and launched the skater into space I couldn’t breathe I was laughing so hard... 🤣🤣🤣👌🏽
Galaxy Steve
Galaxy Steve - 7 dager siden
“We’re checking out the game where you can-“


“It’s Skater XL”
captain mister
captain mister - 7 dager siden
Preston Ostrander
Preston Ostrander - 7 dager siden
try skate 3 hall of meat mode
The weird Channel
The weird Channel - 8 dager siden
Gray can play any game and he will make it funny
Josiah Terry
Josiah Terry - 8 dager siden
When you fail the super Mario brothers to high jump 4:23
Josiah Terry
Josiah Terry - 8 dager siden
That was you breaking your spleen jump off a trampoline 1:20