When a cold sun meets a hot sun

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When a cold sun meets a hot sun
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it's like freezing in florida
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Lizzie afton
Lizzie afton - Time siden
“goku Has gotten his ass beat but now he’s fighting back“ yep🤣( sorry I don’t remember it word by word )
Yandere CHERRY
Yandere CHERRY - 5 timer siden
I have watched this many times

I laugh every time
wolf Pack
wolf Pack - 17 timer siden
"Theres also some leakage coming out of the side of uranus" is one of the scariest damn things i hope i never hear from a doctor just coming in for a checkup turning into a conversation on why you have a leakage on the side of ur,anus
Thicckiid - Dag siden
My Name
My Name - Dag siden
“I’ll just give you a D in the release”
My Name
My Name - Dag siden
The fact that he figured out how luminosity works is genuinely impressive and not just by his standards
Tj Zwan
Tj Zwan - Dag siden
Well i was going to say that the blue sun is hotter cuz of the thumbnail
But everything checks out
Glitchtrap - Dag siden
Graystillplays: *makes the solar system better* I didn't expect that but I expect not to expect something so don't count
Vincent Du Plooy
Vincent Du Plooy - 2 dager siden
greg is the darksouls boss that DEVELOPERS FEARD
hassi44 - 2 dager siden
That moment when you turn Venus into a jawbreaker...
Captain Satria
Captain Satria - 2 dager siden
"They went on a date"
Pranshu Vittalam
Pranshu Vittalam - 2 dager siden
- + suns
Rualdz Laylo
Rualdz Laylo - 3 dager siden
Jupiter is like a Potato with deadly toxic that change the color of potato🤣
chipomuk - 3 dager siden
blasterbomb8000 - 4 dager siden
gray: uranus is coverd in moss, theres also some leakage
me: “ so uranus has become the land for ugandan knuckles, very nice”
8C_13_Vidya Soni
8C_13_Vidya Soni - 4 dager siden
more like coldness and hotness meet for warm hot sun goes to beach and cold sun goes to winter haha
GhostStories - 4 dager siden
The artic animals: HELL YEAH
animewhore420 69
animewhore420 69 - 5 dager siden
todoroki be like
random viewer
random viewer - 5 dager siden
Earth call me shoto todoroki
John Doe
John Doe - 5 dager siden
The lavish tyvek pertinently scare because battle ganguly scribble below a typical business. quixotic, scary william
Elisabeth sun
Elisabeth sun - 5 dager siden
Actually there are bright blue stars out there they are called “Nutron Stars” and they are small but very compact so compact that even the atoms are **SUPER** cramped
Idk why I learnt this I don’t think they’re ever gonna talk about this in 4th grade
And yes I’m in 4th grade also I learnt this fact on YouTube
Useless fact: The “Gas Giants” are made of gas and there is no solid ground on them and that’s why they’re called “Gas Giants”.

Oh and the reason that the sun grew so big after losing some of its fuel is because when a star is approaching the end of its life it will grow first but then shrink into either a white dwarf or a black hole.
(I over simplified it because I didn’t want you guys or girls to read my comment for 2minutes straight and I know most of you don’t have the patience for that so you’re welcome)
Henryke menezis
Henryke menezis - 5 dager siden
Akainu vs cara do gelo, quem ganhou???? (Universe version)
Nikole Marvel
Nikole Marvel - 5 dager siden
Keira Morgan
Keira Morgan - 5 dager siden
the ocean on Saturn will now be called The Grayson Ocean *insert pun drum music*
Shirley Octubre
Shirley Octubre - 6 dager siden
What clearly happens: turns into a planet of obsidian
Cursed_Ruby - 6 dager siden
"Spin it around faster.."
Motion Sickness: *Why hello there*
Harrison Power
Harrison Power - 7 dager siden
you say f**k and stu***d
Flaming warrior
Flaming warrior - 8 dager siden
13:58- your like the drunken uncle that would never get a job
Flaming warrior
Flaming warrior - 8 dager siden
13:43- what the hell?!? is Karl absorbing the energy of the sun?!?!?!
2KE - 8 dager siden
*i see where this is going*
Francis Ros
Francis Ros - 8 dager siden
cold stars are real and they are called black dwarfs
Rodary Windsor Cleveland
Rodary Windsor Cleveland - 8 dager siden
I think you should try this again, but have 2 Red Dwarf stars on the sides, one positive and one negative, along with the 2 different suns?.
I think that'll be perfect?.
cactiey the cactus
cactiey the cactus - 8 dager siden
"Hey vsauce here today we are going to rob th sun heat"
Kid Shoto
Kid Shoto - 8 dager siden
Like thares the board thares the feet thares Holy super sayn hair
BonkingGame Zone
BonkingGame Zone - 9 dager siden
0:13 sorry people that are watching this at night
far cry 3
far cry 3 - 8 dager siden
Ikr lol
NuclearDURACELL - 9 dager siden
These are all rookie numbers
-the Supreme Florida Man
Myles Acheson
Myles Acheson - 9 dager siden
Uranus is now bob moss
michael francis
michael francis - 9 dager siden
face ravel
ultmet power
ultmet power - 10 dager siden
But Jupiter is a gas giant how there are people alive?😕
Draegast - 10 dager siden
“Uranus is covered in moss, *there’s also some leakage”*
Matthew Morse
Matthew Morse - 10 dager siden
What if you use just kept feeding the negative sun ?
Arvinda Comacho
Arvinda Comacho - 10 dager siden
People from Florida watching this: 😃😃
Nicolas Frechette
Nicolas Frechette - 11 dager siden
Nicolas Frechette
Nicolas Frechette - 11 dager siden
HoW tHe HeLl ArE ThEy
Mason P
Mason P - 11 dager siden
Some people think the earth is round
Some people think the earth is flat
I think the earth is a tumorous chicken nugget
Michelle Ollie Kilkeary
Michelle Ollie Kilkeary - 12 dager siden
I know a motto for this Channel (more than one)
==*if you go outside without getting 3rd degree burns it’s not Florida enough*==
==*if the earth was run by gray you’ll be dead when enters the universe*==
==*when you drink to much and become god*==
animator blueberry sans
animator blueberry sans - 12 dager siden
3:25 ah yes
temperatures that are low enough to make your fingers die, but high enough that it will never snow, plus it's always raining
it may not sound that bad, and it's not, but while we're not freezing our arses off or melting out of existence, it gets kinda shitty after a while
Winksplorer - 13 dager siden
When Gray Is Being Gray
Глеб Степанов
Глеб Степанов - 13 dager siden
4:09 as Russian, i can confirm it is true.
Kaaarm - 14 dager siden
Neptune lookin like Namek
Jordan Peele
Jordan Peele - 14 dager siden
The hospitable piccolo clearly jam because australian postsynaptically touch an a funny ship. victorious, plain geography
ChuotVy - 15 dager siden
Me: there is no Georgia where I literally live. Gray: wut
El Gringo
El Gringo - 15 dager siden
16 times the sun
The Gaming Mutt
The Gaming Mutt - 15 dager siden
7:26 Uranus is leaking
jujurulez - 16 dager siden
H u mm I feel like this reminds me of a my hero academic.
mr_____ooof -w-
mr_____ooof -w- - 17 dager siden
Mohamed Wang
Mohamed Wang - 17 dager siden
Suns can’t be cold but if that really happened it would be one side on fire and the other side frozen
Mohamed Wang
Mohamed Wang - 17 dager siden
Just the far sides
HankZCan BeyBladeZ
HankZCan BeyBladeZ - 17 dager siden
The new element has been born its cire
Æsop Pryor
Æsop Pryor - 18 dager siden
Gray: "and the other half of the SUN" Me: You mean earth?."
Bhanu Datta
Bhanu Datta - 18 dager siden
Hey stupid,graystillplays why are you playing
Bhanu Datta
Bhanu Datta - 18 dager siden
Bhanu Datta
Bhanu Datta - 18 dager siden
Kai Patty
Kai Patty - 18 dager siden
t o d o r o k i ? ? ? ? ? ?
Boris Gleichmann
Boris Gleichmann - 18 dager siden
I mean, that sun is hot on touch but cold on being around it
Maddi Ler
Maddi Ler - 18 dager siden
One side of Earth Mars one side of Earth perfectly Earth
Lil' Puf
Lil' Puf - 19 dager siden
Gray....... you broke the game 👏😐
Xgamer1000 - 19 dager siden
Military: they nuke south Florida/ venis
100000000 years later
Military: they destroy whole Florida because of garystillplays kept saying no
Garystillplays is now in heck and is still saying no and will never stop
Travis Daly
Travis Daly - 19 dager siden
R.I.P Karl
GamingWithBB - 19 dager siden
Epilepsy warnings for around 11:30
Aatma Singh
Aatma Singh - 19 dager siden
Cun Meets Sun 🥶 🌞 VS 🥵 🌞
For Your Enjoyment
For Your Enjoyment - 20 dager siden
Gray: "I'm just gonna give you the D-"
Me: uM wHaT-
Gacha _Realm
Gacha _Realm - 20 dager siden
Neptune has become a class-3 ocean planet
Zamir Murray
Zamir Murray - 20 dager siden
gray:" i'm gonna give u guy's the d u know what i mean"
everyone: uh huh
Carl Vincent vilbar pedersen
Carl Vincent vilbar pedersen - 20 dager siden
I want k but I like c
Deadxon3 - 20 dager siden
2:07 earth is 99.8% similar to earth
Sans - 20 dager siden
"leakage coming out of the side of uranus"
is gray gay or am i missing something?
Super whatever gamin'
Super whatever gamin' - 20 dager siden
What would a star that steals light and energy even be called?
Aside obviously black holes, but that's more like a splotch of gravity that literally yeets the laws of space-time out the window and buries the evidence in the back yard.
Maybe an anti-star? Gray may have made an anti-sun somehow.
Let’s Dankly Do This
Let’s Dankly Do This - 21 dag siden
“I’m just gonna give you guys the d” gray 2020
Planet Among Roblox gaming
Gray a blue sun is the hottest type of star a orange star is the coldest type of star
Nathan Phillips
Nathan Phillips - 21 dag siden
0s exist
gray: its free realastate
Carl Vincent vilbar pedersen
My name is Carl with c 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
Joseph Martinez
Joseph Martinez - 21 dag siden
“There’s also some leakage coming out of the side of Uranus over here”
Gray - 2020
Andy Yap
Andy Yap - 22 dager siden
Orbit a neptune and sun to sun
Gets cold
Dylan McDonald
Dylan McDonald - 22 dager siden
Molten ice magma lol 😂
Spizi Mar
Spizi Mar - 22 dager siden
Right as he was googling something i got an ad for google lol
Matthew Gurtman
Matthew Gurtman - 22 dager siden
Isaac grant
Isaac grant - 22 dager siden
looks like dagobah
Xavier Weir
Xavier Weir - 23 dager siden
:Gray dat hot but boring
:me you wanna date the sun but it's boring?
Flames - 23 dager siden
... did he calculate the population wrong or am i being stoopid again
Theis Westeraa
Theis Westeraa - 24 dager siden
"The other sun evaporated"
But a star, or a sun is literally just gas, how do you make gas evaporate??? Like what??? That's not how it works, you're using the wrong terms, my nerdy ass can't take it.
Survival Real190loggedout
Survival Real190loggedout - 24 dager siden
97.1% of the earth dies

The 2.9:https://youtu.be/B3areTqFTbU
Moot Man
Moot Man - 24 dager siden
7:27 there is some leakage me: oh no the poo
Sn0w S0S
Sn0w S0S - 24 dager siden
The planets:Happy that gray dosen't own it.
Gray:We can do whatever the hell we want to the sun,like put this negative symbol here.
The life on planet:depletes to 2%
Juggle Brain
Juggle Brain - 24 dager siden
Gray would be a great addition to nasa
EliSei4ik - 25 dager siden
i don't piss popsicles...
Bulldozer Studios
Bulldozer Studios - 25 dager siden
@1:46 *"I see where this is going."*
Gotta love those little background things in these videos. :D
ʍσσηίε - 26 dager siden
Anything Gray says is just hilarious
He should be in a try not to laugh video
ERICBOOM - 26 dager siden
Uranus really looks like your ....
Carter Rowland
Carter Rowland - 26 dager siden
I’m going to be very happy about Florida because I live in Florida
TheVulture Kingdra
TheVulture Kingdra - 26 dager siden
a daily dose of sadism
Michael Smith
Michael Smith - 27 dager siden
karl is a man of culture he unfroze the best parts
KOHEI - 27 dager siden
The way Saturn became Eart real quick LMAO I'm Wheezing