solve the puzzle = erase 1 piece of clothing

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solve the puzzle = erase 1 piece of clothing
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when poor drawing and poor decision making collide
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Runtime: 16:01


Spidermen Kamal
Spidermen Kamal - 17 minutter siden
I hate dogs even bones
Swilky - 23 timer siden
3:57 As a person of Scottish heritage, this is indeed how we go about our days
Mason And friends
Mason And friends - Dag siden
Alma W
Alma W - 3 dager siden
6:25 ahhh nothing like the sweet smell of demonetization
Audrix Villanueva
Audrix Villanueva - 3 dager siden
*oh no oh no.*
Quillon Spain
Quillon Spain - 4 dager siden
4:58 ............. what 😂😂
Quillon Spain
Quillon Spain - 4 dager siden
3:21 😂😂😂😂😂 she pack big time
Karson Kirkland
Karson Kirkland - 4 dager siden
Me : where can I buy a umbrella gun
Gray : Everywhere
Me: (starts driving to McDonalds.)
Ziromations - 6 dager siden
9 year olds when they see thumbnail: what is this
Me: >:D
WoT Blitz Stream Team
WoT Blitz Stream Team - 6 dager siden
Every logic suggests that of course you should add a pin into a granade to makw it explode
Patrik Kliman
Patrik Kliman - 7 dager siden
everything is a dick always has been
Titanas YT
Titanas YT - 8 dager siden
RURU HONIAR - 8 dager siden
This is like henry stickman
Sophia Campbell
Sophia Campbell - 8 dager siden
No one:
Gray: How do you finish off the heart?
Me: A god damn skull!
Morticia Mourning
Morticia Mourning - 9 dager siden
Graystillplays is the fifth Horseman of the Apocalypse: masochism
felixkiku - 11 dager siden
3:35 as a scottish man, i can confirm that all we wear are kilts & fishnet tops & we all carry swords, thank you for the representation we all needed
GuestE - 11 dager siden
Husband: what are you gonna name it?
Girl: P E E N A T O R E
Sub4acookielol - 11 dager siden
I’m actually from scotland and I can sometimes see a guy in a kilt and a sored AND a knife in his sock
alpha life nice
alpha life nice - 11 dager siden
😐😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 bruh most of the time i laughed so hard.
who else laughed so hard at most of his jokes?.
xxkiwwipotattoxx 2 Yay
xxkiwwipotattoxx 2 Yay - 13 dager siden
Im scottish and your praticly right from my knowledge 🤣
Nexus Faris
Nexus Faris - 14 dager siden
Just found Gray today. He just replaced jacksepticeye as my favorite youtuber. 👌
Axolotlotl - 14 dager siden
Is... is he two-timing?
Muffinhead - 14 dager siden
Stick boobs sound awesome
pam Hazelwood
pam Hazelwood - 14 dager siden
lol nose
Kate Hendricks
Kate Hendricks - 15 dager siden
Did anyone else notice that her eyes change between 6:27 to 6:43?
Lara Brooks
Lara Brooks - 15 dager siden
0:55, Gray, you dont wanna know what people do to the Henry Stickmin characters

Screwed up bastards, heres the link
Colson Passmore
Colson Passmore - 16 dager siden
6:30 he drew a pines
Freddie Saxon
Freddie Saxon - 17 dager siden
6:26 I am dirty minded lol
nagito komaeda
nagito komaeda - 17 dager siden
How do you play games like this, do you use an emulator or something?
Cocoaben - 16 dager siden
probably. i use one too. they're easy to find
Phantommark_yt - 17 dager siden
2021 baby happy new year 🧘:-D
LILY IS UNDERCOVER - 17 dager siden
He has a top hat 😊😊😊
Anton Hansson
Anton Hansson - 18 dager siden
I’m from Sweden
Aimee lé goose
Aimee lé goose - 18 dager siden
Aimee lé goose
Aimee lé goose - 18 dager siden
The glasses are theeh
Draco snake
Draco snake - 20 dager siden
Yep as a scotish man i can verify
Gary - 20 dager siden
Errrrree did you not realise that technically the 2 guys are naked
blob fish
blob fish - 22 dager siden
Grey gives of such heavy ENTP vibes that it’s not funny
Grace Cottrill
Grace Cottrill - 22 dager siden
I watched nine minutes of this before I realized my sound wasn't on 😂
Skye Zib
Skye Zib - 23 dager siden
Tats not rite I live in Scotland and we where Norman stuff🌚🌝🦾🦿☃️⛄
b font
b font - 24 dager siden
The troubled insurance specially cough because cuban provisionally kick about a stale driver. periodic, apathetic black
Adam Williams
Adam Williams - 24 dager siden
Lesson learned: Almost any situation can be solved by introducing a penis.
Mason jensrud.
Mason jensrud. - 25 dager siden
6:26 demonitization
Lori Burke
Lori Burke - 25 dager siden
I got the game and made the image constantly that you said always worked. Let me tell ya something. It worked idk how but it did
Tony Cruz
Tony Cruz - 26 dager siden
The abortive jacket accordingly follow because india excitingly peck following a yummy beautician. petite, confused pumpkin
SPLEENS JUGGERNAUT - 26 dager siden
b font
b font - 26 dager siden
The rapid stew phongsaly excuse because sampan notablely harm by a versed euphonium. anxious, instinctive network
-Green Bean-
-Green Bean- - 26 dager siden
I love this XD
Koa The Manokit
Koa The Manokit - 26 dager siden
Henry and Ellie Stickman have really gone off the deep end
alex cotter
alex cotter - 27 dager siden
alchoholism is always the answer
•Mystique• - 27 dager siden
Yes... it half of a bone
*don’t spoil the children’s minds*
Dimitch Playz
Dimitch Playz - 28 dager siden
What is with you and dead people
UunGhosted - 28 dager siden
5:31 her hair changed
Curtis Milton
Curtis Milton - 28 dager siden
this is a copy of henry stickmin :P
Craig Moen
Craig Moen - 29 dager siden
I don't know why, but I completely crack up whenever anyone says diabetiss.
Theblackcatnine - 29 dager siden
I love that he could not youst draw the picure whitout doing a weapond
Mathew Fletcher
Mathew Fletcher - 29 dager siden
And they got it
Mathew Fletcher
Mathew Fletcher - 29 dager siden
Everyone how clicked on this expected something weird
Jaylin Tiller
Jaylin Tiller - 29 dager siden
How do you sneak a bomb and jackhammer into jail
Joseph Carr
Joseph Carr - 29 dager siden
Oh dang
BrunoSMaster games
BrunoSMaster games - Måned siden
Seven - Måned siden
8:50 he sounds like mickey mouse...
Only me?
xx AJ xx
xx AJ xx - Måned siden
I think she got in jail by killing her rich “lover”
PastelPinkClouds - Måned siden
''but as someone from Florida''
a lot of things are making sense now.
Demitria HENRY
Demitria HENRY - Måned siden
i like how he just kept drawing "bones" and the game accepted it
Kiwi - Måned siden
YouTube be like: why did you post that Us be like: because it’s funny Damit
Moonlit Nightmares
Moonlit Nightmares - Måned siden
y no speak
Chad Thundercock, Thot Slayer
Gray: "the game is very lenient as to what you are allowed to draw"
Actual game: draw or finish this very specific thing
Daring Dog
Daring Dog - Måned siden
When he drew the one half of a bone, he forgot to say the r at the end
Henry Taylor
Henry Taylor - Måned siden
The sweltering mitten multivariably pick because representative anteriorly soothe up a awful dessert. cool, forgetful shoulder
1eyed wonder
1eyed wonder - Måned siden
Anything a penis if your brave enough 11:28
Kaylinn Abram
Kaylinn Abram - Måned siden
13:26 justin
XTheDarkWolfyX - Måned siden
Dude He's Drawing Something Innaproppriet
Deletus Thoust Yeetus
Deletus Thoust Yeetus - Måned siden
_a pair of glasses?_
PookieNumNums - Måned siden
LOL it's PHTEVEN alligator
General Kenobi
General Kenobi - Måned siden
0:42 seems legit
TheBrianglass53 - Måned siden
Bruh the way he said skulls he sounded like trump lmao
Mason Yahn
Mason Yahn - Måned siden
Only one part of the bone eh
Laura Maita
Laura Maita - Måned siden
I don’t think that’s a cartoon bone....
My mind:well I know gray enough to think.... it’s a wiener
Arianna Gorbet
Arianna Gorbet - Måned siden
Henry Stickmin on drugs
Kole Blevins
Kole Blevins - Måned siden
I thought that the shark was an extremely derpy whale.
Mermer blessed
Mermer blessed - Måned siden
2020 feels like a Sims 4 game Gray is playing 😹😹😹😹😹 have you seen Coleno anywhere?😹😹😹😹
far cry 3
far cry 3 - Måned siden
THANKS TO T H I S I S A S C A M . C O M i can worry about my phone blowing up
RumbleMaster 1200
RumbleMaster 1200 - Måned siden
15:04 gray I'm a type 1 diabetic, and I have gone to a wedding with cake. I got diabetes all over again. You are a genius and deserve the highest amount of prize money. Love the vids
Bos paliden
Bos paliden - Måned siden
The bambi one was funny
Epix Floor
Epix Floor - Måned siden
11:41 that’s a penis not a bome
Broken Princess
Broken Princess - Måned siden
My name is Tiffany and its weird every time he says Tiffany because i want to be like "yes?" but also like "i did nothing!".
Roblox diaz yt
Roblox diaz yt - Måned siden
You should play a game could You are grounded
Elijah Baynes
Elijah Baynes - Måned siden
I know the perfect game for this man.

Doki doki literature club!
the watermelon dog
the watermelon dog - Måned siden
The way he started it is just enough for me
Chulainn Danagher
Chulainn Danagher - Måned siden
Nude guy I like dead people
Ariel Tales
Ariel Tales - Måned siden
7:33 Is it the first time Gray has suffered by a death in a videogame?
Brogan Grey
Brogan Grey - Måned siden
lol rip all the kids how were watching this
and saw the ending to bambi but GrayStillPlays version
Alison Orr
Alison Orr - Måned siden
im scotish and we do not were kilts evre day or ete hages
Ashley Hedrick
Ashley Hedrick - Måned siden
Karlie Sloane
Karlie Sloane - Måned siden
The sloppy chin neuropathologically pretend because clam temporarily camp across a valuable spleen. raspy, godly scraper
Phoenix Hedrick
Phoenix Hedrick - Måned siden
The shark may be flat but sakura is flatter
Koala 52661
Koala 52661 - Måned siden
It's not a pick axe. It's a mini scythe. SHE IS DEATH!!!!!
Liku Mersune
Liku Mersune - Måned siden
"This is the flat Earth equivalent of a shark"
Sakosa878 - Måned siden
Mr right was actually Mr wrong cause now u in jail hahahah
Levis Kimani
Levis Kimani - Måned siden
What the fuke