i was a terrible parent for 15 minutes and this happened

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i put my child in the washing machine and this happened
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Runtime: 14:54


George Milkovich
George Milkovich - 18 timer siden
Life simulator choice planet and distraction games they all lived in peace until the impossible nation attacked
Alex Bibby
Alex Bibby - 2 dager siden
it's confirmed, gray is donald trump's alter ego
Agondray - 6 dager siden
*picks videogame design* mom~"what the?"
Welcome to my world gray, my parents always said i would not be anything because of me playing videogames. i did 11 years in the military, 3 years of college with 3 degrees and im a technical manager at a arcade resturant, and i love my job.
Alastryona - 7 dager siden
In this episode, gray recreates the events of two thousand and sixteen
QUINCY CLARK - 9 dager siden
8:42 I beg to differ
Splash The skeleton
Splash The skeleton - 11 dager siden
Twisted Illusion Beats
Twisted Illusion Beats - 11 dager siden
i love how you used C# for the game dev
Dairo Leon
Dairo Leon - 12 dager siden
11:00 Game: "There's no escape from reality."
Me: "Bullshit, I saw that Gender Studies degree!"
Kason Lair
Kason Lair - 13 dager siden
SuRe YoU cAn GrAy
Amy de Sousa
Amy de Sousa - 13 dager siden
Am I the only one who got an ad at the beginning of the video for a show called "Florida Man Murders"?
Braylon Maycock
Braylon Maycock - 15 dager siden
I was drinking water and I laughed at every single one of his videos
Julie Herman
Julie Herman - 18 dager siden
hmmmm... he sounds familiar as president
Hi BOIS - 19 dager siden
Gray explains everything I amazing detail.two seconds later cuts vid. Grays search history “how to break any game and kill my fps on my amazingly high quality pc”
R . L
R . L - 19 dager siden
“I should quit drinking” wow what a great sentence...NOT
Abby G
Abby G - 19 dager siden
Becky Withers
Becky Withers - 21 dag siden
Imagine Lifetimes: Deliver your goddamn speech
Donald Trump * watches GrayStillPlays * THIS IS AWESOME
Ash October
Ash October - 21 dag siden
I was watching this when everyone was asleep and couldn’t stop laughing!!! Your amazing
Ivanna di Lorenzo
Ivanna di Lorenzo - 21 dag siden
play Stanley Parable!
Liberty Flagg
Liberty Flagg - 21 dag siden
I love how the title says 15 minutes and the video is only 14 minutes and 58 seconds were is my 42 seconds
Vic Fletcher
Vic Fletcher - 21 dag siden
Jesus loves you, so consider him today!
You don’t know how much time you have left, so don’t put it off until tomorrow. :3
Sad Mike
Sad Mike - 22 dager siden
Gray baby: Drinks laundry detergent
Also Gray baby: Makes good use of said detergent by going for a spin cycle.
djeha omar
djeha omar - 23 dager siden
me like: *get this man to 30,000 likes
djeha omar
djeha omar - 23 dager siden
me like: *get this man to 30,000 likes*
Bryan McNair
Bryan McNair - 24 dager siden
We know what Joe chose at 9:49!
(Taxes was an option) SADLY MSM tryn tell US over 80mil agreed that it be okay...we ALL KNOW maybe 40 but counted twice!
StrawberrySmoothie - 24 dager siden
I- grey turned into trump lol
Aaliyah Abdul-Quddus
Aaliyah Abdul-Quddus - 24 dager siden
What is this game even called? I really wanna buy it
Anna White
Anna White - 26 dager siden
“I would’ve chose fishing if it was an after school sport”
My high school had a competitive fishing team😂
Sabrina Luce
Sabrina Luce - 26 dager siden
Be blue it os good
Axel McKinney
Axel McKinney - 27 dager siden
Your wrong. Theres another game out there called real life that does the same thing
PastelPinkClouds - 27 dager siden
me: HiTLER?!?!
Steve Smith
Steve Smith - 27 dager siden
"we taking all the pills" Well that could be an amazing night, or the last one of your life. Or both.
ROLAND KIPP - 29 dager siden
Sure you can gray!
LastBreathSans0979 - 29 dager siden
Yeah boi was not going on that a bit helpful in this way but its not dead in this country but it was a good item to do that was the only way he was going on to do this in a World is a great place a good trail to be able he was in this situation to do something better and to be able and to get up lazy and white
SometinRDM - 29 dager siden
Sure you can drink Clorox to become more president, Grey
JC Estrada
JC Estrada - Måned siden
When you are a baby
JC Estrada
JC Estrada - Måned siden
I want more imagine life time and go fast like a speed run it's one of the endings
StupidAssassinPlayer - Måned siden
You ca; do it gray
JakeCruz YT
JakeCruz YT - Måned siden
Gray: I can't drink bleach if I want to be president.

Me: I am pretty sure that drinking bleach is not a crime though.
EZo Cubeik
EZo Cubeik - Måned siden
I would vote grey to be president. That way we don’t have another year like 2020 cause there won’t be anymore years
the womaniser 2oo
the womaniser 2oo - Måned siden
Florida man gives birth to 1000 babies at once and "felt great"
matthew - Måned siden
Gray can not have a friken baby
Not ki]ngs[
Not ki]ngs[ - Måned siden
Pastel_ IsNotHere
Pastel_ IsNotHere - Måned siden
Kayden Balch
Kayden Balch - Måned siden
Look at trump
Froilan Cando
Froilan Cando - Måned siden
If you see the one cheating its the picky ending
Kamille Rucker
Kamille Rucker - Måned siden
You are in back and everyone looking atchu
khass mariee
khass mariee - Måned siden
can we get more sims vids 🥺
jojo monteh
jojo monteh - Måned siden
Use protection.
brylie is hotter than you
brylie is hotter than you - Måned siden
7:40 sure you can Gray there I said it
I'm still a pice of trash ugly
Do other
Harvey Patrick Bartoces Abilla
You remind me of Markiplier
astrosteve - Måned siden
Gray had 4/20 endings and didn't say "blaze it"? Weak. Seriously, though, loved the video.
Paradise Gaming
Paradise Gaming - Måned siden
Gray is the only serial killer id laugh at then immediately run away
lol lol
lol lol - Måned siden
CONE - Måned siden
10:04 sound familiar?
maggie ortiz
maggie ortiz - Måned siden
Gray you have to play mother simulator you have to if you don't, unsubscribe right now it's your perfect game just play it please please
Sophia Chen
Sophia Chen - Måned siden
What is this game called
Wings Of Rain
Wings Of Rain - Måned siden
Gray: I gotta date someone that sits in front of the class. Congratulations Laura.
Me, being named Laura: *Hold up*
Mohib Ahmed
Mohib Ahmed - Måned siden
What's this game name?
AlienWacker - Måned siden
Ok, it wasn't flight 180, but I'm pretty sure Seat 26F was the one that the kid in that movie (Final Destination) sat in...
frequentblondie - Måned siden
"Punch me in the chicklets" lol
Restriction - Måned siden
“Give me liberty or give me laundry detergent” -GrayStillPlays, 2020
Steve - Måned siden
I find there is a certain level of irony that while watching this I get hit with an advertisement for Clorox bleach. XDD
Addie Marie simon
Addie Marie simon - Måned siden
Hey @Graystillplays 

I know that you have made a video where you kill people by dirt and where piles of bodies and pee I know a way to make it worse and I want to see how bad it can get I don't have the sims 4 and ether way yours would be more funnier then mine if I had it 

So pretty much you make the smallest house possible and put 100 people in it and add them in all at once

 only add one laundry basket and no washers or drys this makes it so where dirty laundry piles grow like crazy I learned this from another sims gamer

Take away all trashcans,  sinks, dishwashers, showers,  toilets, pools, bath tubs, romabs or little vacuum cleaners,  fountains,  

Don't clean up the dead body's 

Make sure all 100 people are in the house then lock all doors 

Make sure you use only one 4 person table and only one 2 seating coach and one single person bed make sure you have both of a few grills (grill inside the house) and stoves that way people have plenty of places to cook make sure you only one countertop

This makes to where sims can still cook plus it makes piles of food 

Make sure you have a fridge, and cooler 

And make sure you have one night stand for the bed dont put anything on it and one for the coach it makes it to where floating food is possible 

Make sure you put the home layout a big open concept house meaning only 4 walls no walls at all on the inside of the house 

Don't use cabinets in the kitchen and cover all 4 walls with shelves all over the wall this will make floating food like crazy plus it makes it where you can see all the food 

Once every one 100 people are inside the house lock or delete all doors and make (you  force )every single sim all 100 to make a grand meal if you don't know how to do that just make all 100 sims cook a meal and you make them do this from the start 

Continue making all of your sims make more and more food so pretty much if they are doing anything else but cooking make them cook 

And for fun remove the tv the bed and the coach

I want to see how bad we can glitch out the sims 4

Also by the way I know how much you love how bad the sims can get you should really try the sims 3 and the sims 2 and the sims 1 littary the more you get to a lower number of the sims the less coding was made for the sims and so the lower number you get the more glitches they can do littary in the sims 1 you can pretty much kill every sim in littary less than a day
TenaciousBulge - Måned siden
game developers don't receive enough recognition for such fantastic work. this game is magnificent..
AppleNoob - Måned siden
Cant help but notice that the washing machine in the thumbnail says "whirlpoool" with 3 o's
Antonio Manaserian
Antonio Manaserian - Måned siden
The hanging antarctica resultantly love because rocket remarkably decorate opposite a tearful smell. sweet, uneven firewall
PA Plays
PA Plays - Måned siden
7:58 isn't it the other way around ???
Green Potato T
Green Potato T - Måned siden
actually. in singapore airlines there is this thing called flight to no where
Timothy McQueen
Timothy McQueen - Måned siden
11:41 I cracked up so hard at 'chiropractor'.
WackyWhenever - Måned siden
I feel like math teachers ruin every child’s life
You read my channel Name
You read my channel Name - Måned siden
Red republican blue Democrat
You read my channel Name
You read my channel Name - Måned siden
Red=republican blue= democrat
FlatLine 76
FlatLine 76 - Måned siden
3:15 how mister clean was born
heather moran
heather moran - Måned siden
Can u put the link for the game please
Rose Langer
Rose Langer - Måned siden
sure you can grey!
best snake or something else
F. Ff
PhoenixGamer34 - Måned siden
"I want red, for blood and fire!"
-GrayStillPlays 2020
David Thibodeaux
David Thibodeaux - Måned siden
What happens if you choose the “other” option when you choose a partner.
Thunderbolt85 - Måned siden
Hello I hope you are doing well.
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You can watch Nick Crowley's and SomeOrdinaryGamers videos on this subject.
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Caroline Isom
Caroline Isom - Måned siden
So you became trump 😂😂🤣🤣
lizzie thompson
lizzie thompson - Måned siden
A flight to nowhere sounds like some real rich people bullshit
naked mole rat with a wig
naked mole rat with a wig - Måned siden
naked mole rat with a wig
naked mole rat with a wig - Måned siden
naked mole rat with a wig
naked mole rat with a wig - Måned siden
Kate M
Kate M - Måned siden
Did any one just relish that he just became trump
Jeanieinabottle - Måned siden
2:37 My face when I heard the beeping. The realization of what is happening 😨😂
JOHNNY23WALKER - Måned siden
Seine Sooshaftigkeit
Seine Sooshaftigkeit - Måned siden
7:53 You should choose ''Paint'' and choose Austrian as Nationality. Trust me, youre gonna be a great Pesident!
Zayden unicorn
Zayden unicorn - Måned siden
I have people including kids calling me a bad mom and have had cps called on me once because I was out at the bar w my bf because I was pregnant months prior to meeting him and word got out I had my baby but no one put it together that I lost him lol. I've also had kids assume I was doing drugs and drinking while I was pregnant but I've been clean for a year (the day I found out I was pregnant) and I absolutely love getting the bad attention for things that aren't my fault or things I won't do :) like being called a slut because girls BF's want me, being called a pedophile because teens want me. But like, I'm not actively trying to attract anyone lol. I'm just doing my own thing, atleast people want me.
Steven D
Steven D - Måned siden
Play kerbal space program
hadthisaccforyearssorryfor cringecommentsaround
Nice try my parents have been bad for 15 years😎
Fred 48 gaming
Fred 48 gaming - Måned siden
0:49 what is a five letter word gray always says that starts with a s if you get it right you are a true Florida man
Vulpes Strix
Vulpes Strix - Måned siden
Moth - Måned siden
watching this with my spleens plush.she looks like she wants to murder me.
poprock saturday
poprock saturday - Måned siden
8:54 that was like the best evil laugh ive every heard
Courtney Messerschmidt
Courtney Messerschmidt - Måned siden
Gray stole Captainsauce’s trumb nail
Aqua Bluerose
Aqua Bluerose - Måned siden
You accidentally created Trump 🤣
AnimeKitty 6236
AnimeKitty 6236 - Måned siden
Silvadel Shaladin
Silvadel Shaladin - Måned siden
Was there a time with this game where you would like walk with your wife as clocks whiz by you and you try to avoid them at the end to get as far as you can, and you could get in the wheelchair for extra health time... Or was that a different similar game?
Roblox Oof
Roblox Oof - Måned siden
Hay is thare a game whare you can make people die in 100 difrint ways