i tried to smuggle contraband through border security and this happened

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i tried to smuggle contraband through border security and this happened
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no one get's past the border patrol
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valentina bencini
valentina bencini - 5 timer siden
Powers Austin
Powers Austin - Dag siden
MacroTryhard - 3 dager siden
Gray: whonder where he got his driver license from
cop: whats a driver license?
Takoda Bradberry
Takoda Bradberry - 7 dager siden
Thr link goes to a fallaful sim
• RainBog •
• RainBog • - 8 dager siden
Wait, what?!! The ad just Rick Rolled, me?! Ok... this is strange.
Daniel Sergenti
Daniel Sergenti - 8 dager siden
"How many fingers am I holding up?
How about now?"
I died at that bit😆😹
Fox Sikk
Fox Sikk - 9 dager siden
Straight up looked away and back and thought this was a fallout game by how it looked lmao
chlorine 6.0
chlorine 6.0 - 11 dager siden
mechanic getting rid of parts of another car 7:51
xseper - 11 dager siden
Second car is Fiat 126p... Classic from my childhood.
Jeffrey J. Barton
Jeffrey J. Barton - 11 dager siden
Grace still plays a psycho
Karma 10
Karma 10 - 13 dager siden
That alright always makes me happy
Fat cock Daddy
Fat cock Daddy - 13 dager siden
I am your 40k like
Elliot - 19 dager siden
every time I hear alright I fear for my life
SPLEENS SOUL - 19 dager siden
SPLEENS SOUL - 19 dager siden
Esksuki Is not real
Esksuki Is not real - 23 dager siden
6:50 I feel bad for that dude because it sounds like he couldn't get back up from surgery really.
Skull Squad
Skull Squad - 23 dager siden
thank u for the game im gonna destroy now ur awsome also im try find a glitch
Emma Roos
Emma Roos - 23 dager siden
uuuuuuuummmmmmmm ok??????????????
John deere Lover
John deere Lover - 23 dager siden
Anyone go lol at the fact that he asked the guy named makorav if he had a gun lmao
Ren Valaria
Ren Valaria - 25 dager siden
more of this game please
Lathryx - 28 dager siden
You know as the video progresses Gray sounded less and less like himself, I don't know it was weird.
Doomguy Fishing
Doomguy Fishing - 28 dager siden
noobieg4m3r 3
noobieg4m3r 3 - Måned siden
I've laughed so hard at all of your videos
Finder - Måned siden
- -
\__/ COOL!
Livi Mauro
Livi Mauro - Måned siden
The reflective wrench conventionally ski because dew postsynaptically reduce before a poor wing. cheerful, separate comic
Jordan Peele
Jordan Peele - Måned siden
The flashy yard progressively explode because december respectively describe above a feeble feigned impulse. fascinated, bored ferry
Ann-Louice Bruhn
Ann-Louice Bruhn - Måned siden
yes he should
B K - Måned siden
Colten Finch
Colten Finch - Måned siden
What is the name of this game please
Fish4Tutorials - Måned siden
Shadow Gaming
Shadow Gaming - Måned siden
Gray:Have you been Drinking! Employee:No...... Also Gray: You better start!
Chase Bodiford
Chase Bodiford - Måned siden
i died laughing when you were stabbing the typewriter lol 🤣😂😅
Jayzen louriz Santos
Jayzen louriz Santos - Måned siden
Can you do more contraband police
ShadowSlinger 1
ShadowSlinger 1 - Måned siden
Gray: “Where’d you get your driver’s license.”
The cop: “What’s a driver’s license?”
Jordan Botha
Jordan Botha - Måned siden
Gray: U got some drugs
Suspect: no
*Gray finds drugs
Gray: you little rat bastard
Sean Gabriel Soriano
Sean Gabriel Soriano - Måned siden
play a scary game next
Autumn Cervantes
Autumn Cervantes - Måned siden
I want to say thank you to gray because you helped me with my depression
MC_KJ - Måned siden
8:43 and 9:17
Ethereal Records
Ethereal Records - Måned siden
5:32 (Discovers knife-swinging ability)
5:38 (Wildly stabs innocent person)
jmotakuu - Måned siden
Gray: O.K what else we got in here..
Google translate: hand sanitizer.
William Fabiano
William Fabiano - Måned siden
Gray: “Have you been drinking?”
Sergeant: “No.”
Gray: “Well you better start.”
I watched this whole video the moment it was released, and I have already laughed at this line over 30 times.
Or as gray would put it, ROOKIE NUMBERS!
Fernandes En
Fernandes En - Måned siden
WolfCrafter 6020
WolfCrafter 6020 - Måned siden
How many times he said great we're checking the only games in all videos.
Max - Måned siden
No one:
The American police: 6:14
Henry 2288
Henry 2288 - Måned siden
whats the name of the game
Fotini Tsagaris
Fotini Tsagaris - Måned siden
Graystillplays should meet styropyro
Lee Ten
Lee Ten - Måned siden
What a warehouse and so much space to.
Elsol Fujii
Elsol Fujii - Måned siden
I laughed so hard I cant breath XD
agniux1 - Måned siden
lol this is so funyy
Nct Malupet
Nct Malupet - Måned siden
Gray: wheres your drivers license
Driver: WhAtS a DrIvErS lIcEnCe
Phantom Is Seen
Phantom Is Seen - Måned siden
I love he’s vandalizing cars
Alexander Smith
Alexander Smith - Måned siden
do more of this game
Yeeter Boi
Yeeter Boi - Måned siden
3:23 this character looks like Walmart Tom Morello
bo donnelly Fernandez
bo donnelly Fernandez - Måned siden
Are u ssunde
Zer0 Cyber
Zer0 Cyber - Måned siden
2018 Grey: *quality content, good gaming and 90% kid friendly :)*
Deez Nuts
Deez Nuts - Måned siden
You kinda sound like Drae
Blaze King
Blaze King - Måned siden
Police officer: uh...nooo
Gray:Well make sure you start!
Me: *dies of laughter*
Dominic Moscato
Dominic Moscato - Måned siden
i love how gray called the dude Makarov from call of duty. I am now thinking about what would Makarov had done after serving a ridiculous prison sentence.
craig m
craig m - 2 måneder siden
K1NG COLTRANN - 2 måneder siden
I liked the ad of this game
joeyjacksec gaming
joeyjacksec gaming - 2 måneder siden
Gray: this went from uncomfortable, too highly dangerous.
Me: gray, that's for channel in a nutshell
zombie plush productions
zombie plush productions - 2 måneder siden
They have a new vr version
Tiko Fan
Tiko Fan - 2 måneder siden
Epic video!!!!!!!!!
Anime is the best
Anime is the best - 2 måneder siden
how can gray always find a way to kill someone or be a cannibal or meet a murderer or a cannibal. should SATAN be scared?

yes, he should...........
Mamabear79 Gaming
Mamabear79 Gaming - 2 måneder siden
Margaret Neal
Margaret Neal - 2 måneder siden
Gray doesn’t care if you’re black or white if your gay or straight. Gray wants every one to die equally
Woah there’s a lot of replies
Bailey Angus
Bailey Angus - 2 måneder siden
I don't see anyone playing this game the correct way after seeing this lol 🤣
Waky Fac Max
Waky Fac Max - 2 måneder siden
gray finds cocain then finds out how to stab people: >:)
Thomas Otto
Thomas Otto - 2 måneder siden
Gray's bottle flip skills transferred over from happy wheels when he hit that coffee cup
bill aiken
bill aiken - 2 måneder siden
Gray's ability to break games is incredible. He should be hired to play test everything.
Vasil Vasilev
Vasil Vasilev - 2 måneder siden
Lat so cocayn man is a mortel
Blade Olsen
Blade Olsen - 2 måneder siden
Thank you for saying I taste sweet
Canadian Maple syrup
Canadian Maple syrup - 2 måneder siden
Gray would be great at improv
Dontrielle Anthony
Dontrielle Anthony - 2 måneder siden
Gray can you do online games
hedi kortas
hedi kortas - 2 måneder siden
ahhhh......like every time : i was walking... and this happened.and this happened.and this happened .and this happened ........haha
nice distraction
Michciowski - 2 måneder siden
Kurwa gurarz
allhealy123 - 2 måneder siden
why when i click his link for the game it brings me to restaurant simulator
games with james
games with james - 2 måneder siden
Llllllllllooooooooooveeeeeeeeeee yyyyyyyyyyyyyyoooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
The Blind Sniper
The Blind Sniper - 2 måneder siden
You beat people with a crowbar until the crowbar broke. Just imagine how many beatings that would take.
Khari Davis
Khari Davis - 2 måneder siden
The one person who has the ability to destroy games
Fredrick Felix
Fredrick Felix - 2 måneder siden
How can I get this game😂
Markgaarden - 2 måneder siden
Play VR
iSaltyTV - 2 måneder siden
Nobody’s gonna get past you with contraband...Because nobody at all gets past you without getting their car destroyed! Why? Because your GrayStillPlays XD
Ortega Official
Ortega Official - 2 måneder siden
I like grays swearing
Ortega Official
Ortega Official - 2 måneder siden
I like grays swearing
north over
north over - 2 måneder siden
This video pretty much copied draes
BarryDennen12 - 2 måneder siden
@north over no problem, and same goes. Usually people just yell at me. Cheers man
north over
north over - 2 måneder siden
@BarryDennen12 I get what you mean and thanks for being civil and not toxic
BarryDennen12 - 2 måneder siden
@north over yeah I just think it's a lack of personality on their part, it's not really that hard to just say what's on your mind and be a little individual with these things, but they seem almost allergic to the idea
north over
north over - 2 måneder siden
@BarryDennen12 idk maybe he didn't copy but the videos seem the same
BarryDennen12 - 2 måneder siden
it's not copying,, they're just both incredibly generic
Elizabeth Weigle
Elizabeth Weigle - 2 måneder siden
3:26 I almost choked on my animal crackers dammit!!🤣
Forget the time stamp. This entire video is pure gold, and totally worth the risk of choking on animal crackers
InnannasRainbow - 2 måneder siden
I imagine someone walking by Grays' house and hears Gray talking to himself and making plans to murder everyone.
Aqua rius
Aqua rius - 2 måneder siden
Lmao when he gets violent with the car seats
Kacper Filipiak
Kacper Filipiak - 2 måneder siden
Valyona - 2 måneder siden
Cops in 2020 be like
Usama Chaudhri
Usama Chaudhri - 2 måneder siden
Realizes he can attack people...”OH WOHOOOO!”
KLAUS MCFATASS - 2 måneder siden
if your jokes were less forced you would gain my sub
Mamabug1981 - 2 måneder siden
greys ability of the power to just break games so badly and finds a way to crash games just make me laugh so flipping hard and maybe even trigger my hick ups XD. thumbs up if you agree cause why not, not forcing you to do it, do it if you wanna i am a nice guy, not one of toughs "like or have bad luck" people. no force liking here
Melissa Kaye
Melissa Kaye - 2 måneder siden
PERSONNEL - 2 måneder siden
The “have you been drinking? No? Well, start” might get drivers under the influence to own up in real life lmao
captcrusher - 2 måneder siden
hey gray just saying this was released on my birthday! also great content please keep up the amazing work!
Youssef Saab
Youssef Saab - 2 måneder siden
Are you sure the steam link in the description is the game? You may wanna check.
The Random Channel
The Random Channel - 2 måneder siden
Sims idea torture everyone in the main group with 100 Florida man
Ezra Davis
Ezra Davis - 2 måneder siden

Me when i see the thumbnail: *bonk*