i tried extreme yoga poses and this happened

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i tried extreme yoga poses and this happened
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Happy Wheels is a ragdoll physics-based platform browser game developed and published by American studio Fancy Force. Created by video game designer Jim Bonacci in 2010, the game features several player characters, who use different, sometimes atypical, vehicles to traverse the game's many levels. Playing Banned Levels in Happy wheels
Runtime: 13:22


NIGHTMARE COOKIE - 2 dager siden
All the bones deku broke and grey will call that rookie numbers
ahsan ashfaq
ahsan ashfaq - 2 dager siden
"You can't get smarter if you don't eat human brains".
Thanks for the advice Gray.
ludwig koopa
ludwig koopa - 3 dager siden
11:09 music pls?
wanna know the name
SAMANTHA DEREGO - 3 dager siden
bro what happened during that radar ball level
Nahar Bagdady
Nahar Bagdady - 3 dager siden
8:21 you know its bad when there's censorship in a gray video
honeydream - 5 dager siden
Gray: Almost there!
Gray: ÑŒØÕ
João Henrique Souza
João Henrique Souza - 6 dager siden
What was so brutal that you had to censor not to get demonetized?
Shaira Fae S. Mañago
Shaira Fae S. Mañago - 7 dager siden
The thumbnail is me in bed trying to stretch my back from sitting in online classes for 2 whole hours lol-
Civil Bacon
Civil Bacon - 7 dager siden
9:21 I thought he was gonna burst into a song wtf😂
Mindy Smith
Mindy Smith - 8 dager siden
Why was it demonetized logo
aye mate
aye mate - 9 dager siden
1:52 so basicly just knock-off assassination classroom
Charlotte Barham
Charlotte Barham - 9 dager siden
"If you can dodge federal taxes, you can dodge a ball."
- GrayStillPlays, 30/09/2020
Toxic GameZ
Toxic GameZ - 9 dager siden
*Masochism and alcoholism*
thelordkorblox - 10 dager siden
Ultimate life form kars
Kacper Jacewicz
Kacper Jacewicz - 10 dager siden
4:25 delicious-looking balls XD
Tucker Montage king
Tucker Montage king - 11 dager siden
I accidentally subscribed but.. why would I not?
XxGantvatxX - 11 dager siden
does anyone else hear the beeps at 8:45
pramita mustika rani
pramita mustika rani - 12 dager siden
kepala nyungseo
Kristine Allen Gantangco
Kristine Allen Gantangco - 12 dager siden
Demon angel!?
Comedy Games
Comedy Games - 13 dager siden
Why is it censored?
Kinoko Komori
Kinoko Komori - 13 dager siden
the fact that you had to censor something scares me
A non mouse
A non mouse - 13 dager siden
Note to self: Never marry or have children with anyone named Gray.
Skye McCartney
Skye McCartney - 10 dager siden
Gray's wife: too late
Heplexio h
Heplexio h - 13 dager siden
I like that these videos don't even say what the game is, but we all click because grey is playing it
SHINE VON FLORES - 13 dager siden
why is there demioztedon sighs why!? i wanna see what happen
Hagan Van den berg
Hagan Van den berg - 14 dager siden
There's a tumor inside my RICE
Adonnis Ingargiola
Adonnis Ingargiola - 14 dager siden
Hi gray, I know I'm a little late but can you please do one of my levels? My username on happy wheels is nightkill68, Thank you for being a great youtuber!
Miles - 15 dager siden
do you have any other pets besides Spleens
X-Virus - 16 dager siden
Im got Good Dream For You. :)
Omer Bar Shamai
Omer Bar Shamai - 16 dager siden
hey, i'm gonna ruin your day. look at the wow the same way you look at uou. belive me, it is working
Crimson Wing
Crimson Wing - 18 dager siden
If you can dodge a missile you can dodge a ball, if you question my teaching methods you can dodge a ball.
Nick Smith
Nick Smith - 19 dager siden
roses are red, see you in a while,
Breaking News: Florida Man gets eaten by a large crocodile!
dragon cat
dragon cat - 19 dager siden
8:20 omg it got gory enough for *the* symbol 0_0
Gacha Kevin
Gacha Kevin - 19 dager siden
9:13 you really gotta wonder what was censored
Eugene Spears
Eugene Spears - 19 dager siden
Ball are on My FACEEEEE
Ender Me
Ender Me - 20 dager siden
Daniel Cheney
Daniel Cheney - 20 dager siden
Oh so your fine to go in a million pieces before but now it get demonitized (I spelled that wrong)
LockandKeith - 21 dag siden
5:32 ok but why is there two of him
Colby IRL
Colby IRL - 23 dager siden
"You can't get smarter without eating human brains"
Naqib Oth
Naqib Oth - 25 dager siden
Ever since I watched you my whole library is full
Among us Bonnie
Among us Bonnie - 26 dager siden
Pand3 - 26 dager siden
sound effects, dark humor and reactions combined together make you the best comedian in the WHOLE internet ngl
End my pinky toe
End my pinky toe - 27 dager siden
He learned spin with never meeting gyro zeppeli
max level
max level - 27 dager siden
I think grey takes all and I mean ALL of his anger when he records himself playing video games
Krum Pro
Krum Pro - 27 dager siden
If he got god of gods he will be Zeus
Linda Rodriguez
Linda Rodriguez - 28 dager siden
Is it just me or did another character fall from the sky
ItzQueenBee - 29 dager siden
Grey: “I have found bottle flip with-“

Ad: ViTamIn ZerO wATer
Kobi Yamin
Kobi Yamin - 29 dager siden
Je sus
Kobi Yamin
Kobi Yamin - 29 dager siden
Gee ur sus
Jackson McLean
Jackson McLean - 29 dager siden
I thought the first level of the video had words saying “I made love to graystillplays”. Know I know it was “made with love for graystillplays”
de la Vega, Andres 25
de la Vega, Andres 25 - Måned siden
He doesn’t censor anything but happy wells I’m disappointed
Birds for Breakfast
Birds for Breakfast - Måned siden
I was reading a book about crimes that happened for every day of the year and almost all of them are in florida
Best _trip09
Best _trip09 - Måned siden
Wait how you die if you are a god?????
Siobhan Marie
Siobhan Marie - Måned siden
Gray turning into a grandma
Chik3n - Måned siden
1:01 ah yes the double cap on graystillplays
Fatma Ahmed
Fatma Ahmed - Måned siden
9:18 : why i heard dogyan
ToxicKiwi - Måned siden
1:15 is this life advice?
Koplopbop The Catsikune
Koplopbop The Catsikune - Måned siden
Level: This is an extremely hard bottle run
Gray: Not hard enough, gonna make it tougher with my son's chair
Zappy - Måned siden
i got my add right at " i have found the bottle flip" and it was mickey mouse using magic
Boris Pernichev
Boris Pernichev - Måned siden
3:00 Kevin ware
H A N D _
H A N D _ - Måned siden
*ok how much does gray love balls-*
H A N D _
H A N D _ - Måned siden
_”Jokes on you game I love grabbing balls.”_
H A N D _
H A N D _ - Måned siden
_”Do not grab the balls,big balls.”_
H A N D _
H A N D _ - Måned siden
_”Land on the delicious looking balls.”_
Raymison Statie
Raymison Statie - Måned siden
Me when the first ball killed all at the same time:🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭
Why are you using demonetize at this level is it bad
NSEW All Directions
NSEW All Directions - Måned siden
GrayStillPlays area has a bottle.
Jack Robke
Jack Robke - Måned siden
I've been told that this bottle run is really hard. (Dies immidiatly)
Alan Mintz
Alan Mintz - Måned siden
Task failed successfully.
David Bustamante
David Bustamante - Måned siden
Gray more like great
jack yearwood
jack yearwood - Måned siden
8:27 why did you censor it
Reidosouros_3 - Måned siden
Rest In Peace little Tom Hardy
Ibrahim (Joey) LaRocque
Ibrahim (Joey) LaRocque - Måned siden
How do you introduce another part of your body to another part do a bottle run
Derry Purnamasari
Derry Purnamasari - Måned siden
1:25 the child seat was messing up the bottles but he still made it
Jameson 86
Jameson 86 - Måned siden
Keep stroking him lady, it's working.
We're almost to baby jesus.
I just wanted everyone to appreciate that as much as I do.
Antonio Manaserian
Antonio Manaserian - Måned siden
The invincible speedboat evidently race because friction originally hum above a scrawny volleyball. permissible, hot huge tuesday
Hord Booraem
Hord Booraem - Måned siden
Hord Booraem
Hord Booraem - Måned siden
I dub the king of bottle runs
Yeet Potato ttv
Yeet Potato ttv - Måned siden
Why are there Serena times where u sencor it and Tim’s when u dont
alkoholisoitunut charmander
if you press c you can change the view
Kelly Thorp
Kelly Thorp - Måned siden
Wow my entire torso made it to the end!!
-GrayStillPlays 2020
soybeanmemefish - Måned siden
Sell me a lama
Kyhre Onainim
Kyhre Onainim - Måned siden
6:00 i thought thats a DAL ost
Uuu Dunno
Uuu Dunno - Måned siden
At 1:02 he got a double on gray still playd
Olivia Gould
Olivia Gould - Måned siden
I think we should all take a moment to appreciate Gray still plays👍🏻👍🏻 taking his time to make these videos of all of these games that no one really plays and makes them funny👍🏻👍🏻
ツK_V_G - Måned siden
8:38 Lol 😂😂😂
Zachary Kemble
Zachary Kemble - Måned siden
grey would be perfect for the older kids on youtube kids because he does funny stuff and does not say that much bad stuff
Kelp - Måned siden
Gray:theres balls ON MY FACE
Me: I.... im speechless...
Jeep Jeep
Jeep Jeep - Måned siden

Abobaker Ramadan
Abobaker Ramadan - Måned siden
U know it's bad when he pulls out the demonetized signs
Austin Vintage Cycle
Austin Vintage Cycle - Måned siden
Gray: 1:57 um... that's inappropriate
Me: 3:05 are you sure about that (pause it there)
undertale 2019
undertale 2019 - Måned siden
Why u censor some of it
We want to see the bloooooooooood
Shade Does Gacha
Shade Does Gacha - Måned siden
"Instead of the dunk, I T-bagged that guy."
-Gray, 2020
Jadelyn M
Jadelyn M - Måned siden
9:14 what could have been bad enough for gray to censor it???
Luke D
Luke D - Måned siden
What was behind the yellow simbles of death?
[Dino_Nuggets] - Måned siden
*Everybody gangsta until Gray busts out happy wheels*
Vidar Lindberg
Vidar Lindberg - Måned siden
I cant find anyone ho plays happy wheels its like only you gray
Brooke Gjemse
Brooke Gjemse - Måned siden
I am crying I am laughing so hard!!
Team Logan
Team Logan - 2 måneder siden
Did anyone else notice the double bottle flip on!! The gray still plays spot like what!!
Micah Mayers
Micah Mayers - 2 måneder siden
Do not grab the balls (big balls) 4:32
Ashton Casey
Ashton Casey - 2 måneder siden
8:20 jesus cristh (dont mind my spelling) you had to put the domonitized circle over it!
Delta - 2 måneder siden
Anyone know what music that is at 6:10?