i made terrible life decisions for 15 minutes straight and this happened

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i made terrible life decisions for 15 minutes straight and this happened
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Runtime: 15:46


Gamble Crisp
Gamble Crisp - 18 timer siden
Doctor: how many babies do u want?
Gray: yes.
Your Daily Dose Of Stupidity
your local idiot
your local idiot - Dag siden
the blood of your 10 children was used for that rage-o-meter
Aryan Sebastari
Aryan Sebastari - 2 dager siden
Guy: *dies*
Mother: oh tragic…
XANMANMARV THE GOD - 2 dager siden
That's an awfully hot coffee cup...
Arctic Wolf
Arctic Wolf - 3 dager siden
Mountain goat be like: *wtf this naked ape doing in my land*
Cj Summers
Cj Summers - 5 dager siden
3:16 are you sure That’s mayonnaise?
Pastel Kitten
Pastel Kitten - 5 dager siden
Gray, there WAS a middle seat.
Monica James
Monica James - 5 dager siden
Please bring back the Spleens plush!
Huh? - 6 dager siden
What's the name of the game?
zack the purple demon
zack the purple demon - 8 dager siden
''wait they deliver babys using amazon''
me: goes onto ebay to look for babys
Ava Adams
Ava Adams - 8 dager siden
If you reject everyone there’s an ending
sloth me
sloth me - 9 dager siden
So I was just in the kitchen but my mom is just making dinner and she asked what do you what You wanna be when you grow up and I said, Timothy the burglar, mother
Australian Man
Australian Man - 10 dager siden
There’s this game called people playground on steam you should try it
Captain Alvarez
Captain Alvarez - 11 dager siden
His wife must be suffering after having all those kids cuz giving birth is the 2nd most painful experience a human will have
El Barto
El Barto - 11 dager siden
"Oh there's me naked on a mountainside that was a good time"

El Barto
El Barto - 11 dager siden
1:10 I bet he would like to
Madison O'Connor
Madison O'Connor - 12 dager siden
Gray: *Chooses the one named Madison for his first partner in the game*
Me: *Goes down to comments to get some people to feel sorry for me whilst SCREAMING MY LUNGS OUT*

Yes I did just say that I want people to feel sorry for me, who doesn't when something like this happens though! :p
Lady JayDee
Lady JayDee - 14 dager siden
What’s this game called?
shoto todoroki
shoto todoroki - 15 dager siden
*•Amber Animations•*
*•Amber Animations•* - 18 dager siden
“Oh there’s me naked on a mountainside that was a fun time” 😂
Nix Oizus
Nix Oizus - 19 dager siden
Name of the game?
Ashley Darst
Ashley Darst - 19 dager siden
Conner Howell
Conner Howell - 19 dager siden
This video made me laugh so hard😂😂😂
Jose Barrios
Jose Barrios - 20 dager siden
The lopsided temple reportedly crush because scissors historically knot past a tiresome pepper. long, silent ferryboat
I got a Recese ad before this..
Saying you could buy Recese at a bank..
I don’t know why I wrote this
And I don’t know how to spell Recese.
Haruki Saroui
Haruki Saroui - 21 dag siden
3:07 Uhh look at the third choice o.O
purpleblackpup - 23 dager siden
Him: I saw Human resources and industrial design so read it here and here so I read human design

Me: XD I do the same thing and usually go "wait that doesnt make sense" and I have to re read the last 2 sentences
Hunter Pendexter
Hunter Pendexter - 23 dager siden
Nooooooooooooooooooooo. Kitty rip cat
Kawaii Universe
Kawaii Universe - 23 dager siden
The "mountain" Gray mentioned looks like a pile of gunpowder.
He needs to get that ending god damn it
chicken nugget
chicken nugget - 24 dager siden
That laugh at 9:28 xD
Beloved Sunryze
Beloved Sunryze - 24 dager siden
I keep getting this youtuber in my recommended so I decided to watch one of the videos. I am now a new subscriber.
not heather
not heather - 24 dager siden
anyone obsessed with his "alright...etc" intro? his voice is so calming at that part-
brooke - 25 dager siden
you ever wanna just... *go back in?*
LeWeeb Hunie
LeWeeb Hunie - 25 dager siden
Hello gray!
Frostbite_Wolf12 - 25 dager siden
"Madison, sounds Starbucks-tastic"

I wonder how many people with the name Madison watched this
My33T - 25 dager siden
you only did it for 15 minutes?
ive done it my entire life
Michael Burford
Michael Burford - 25 dager siden
the sream he used at 1:41 is solider from tf2
ArtemisNexus - 26 dager siden
what game is this?
Carla Jackson
Carla Jackson - 26 dager siden
1PM dog
djeha omar
djeha omar - 27 dager siden
8:01 that’s the “lightning“
djeha omar
djeha omar - 27 dager siden
djeha omar
djeha omar - 27 dager siden
The “Consume the world“ challenge is the “Mr. gluttony“ achievement, not “the apocalypse“ achievement.
-Meza Bear-
-Meza Bear- - 27 dager siden
You made my parents check through my history, *no regrets :)*
Angelika5378 - 27 dager siden
Does anyone know the name of the game?
I like Kpop
I like Kpop - 28 dager siden
The worst thing a parent could do is abandon their own child, Thats my opinion though. 😅
Lili Goulash
Lili Goulash - 28 dager siden
Graystillplays: toxic
Also Graystillplays: had a odd intro
Bujjiu (gacha) mike: hmmm I have a idea
god tehc
god tehc - 28 dager siden
Little Kitten
Little Kitten - 29 dager siden
What is this game called lmaooo
ඞ AlezTheYellow ඞ
ඞ AlezTheYellow ඞ - 29 dager siden
How this get in my recommendation? I love this
Gabe Garino
Gabe Garino - 29 dager siden
The domineering exclamation computationally slip because innocent metabolically number midst a scintillating taurus. like, fearful fearless sunday
halo3odst - 29 dager siden
According to the thumbnail we are playing this on a SEGA Dreamcast. Good choice, marvelous system.
Shanly Phone
Shanly Phone - 29 dager siden
I'm crying from laughing 🤣🤣😂😂
Brayden Franey
Brayden Franey - 29 dager siden
like the human sentuped
IZAK CUNJAC - 29 dager siden
Hears the word Edison
Me a Nikola Tesla fan boy:
ahhhhhhhh, not again.
Baguette Cat
Baguette Cat - 29 dager siden
"Consume the world"
I call the app "tasty planet forever".. it makes u eat the world as any type of freaking creature
Katie Place
Katie Place - Måned siden
Grays mega classic gaming plus its funny
Hunter592 - Måned siden
14:47 lol
nouvoish. - Måned siden
I could make a video called "I made terrible life decisions 15 years straight and this is what happened"
Muhammad Khalid
Muhammad Khalid - Måned siden
As I watched this video I heard sirens
My mind:FBI open up!
Narf Taru
Narf Taru - Måned siden
5Dtrdhjhngfhgmhytd4girdgg gj6if(is the way to make it happen again
Pictish Stag
Pictish Stag - Måned siden
These thumbnails is why I stopped watching
why are you reading this
why are you reading this - Måned siden
- Gray 2020
IdiotChan 11
IdiotChan 11 - Måned siden
Its Tinder for psychos Tindos. My brain: Saotori Tendou?????
TheWeirdWeeb - Måned siden
I got an add about safety and I wasn't looking at my screen and I was like "Um, safety? Who took over this video?"
paigejilliann08 - Måned siden
paigejilliann08 - Måned siden
Truth but I'm by not buyer biking ur cry
John Kong
John Kong - Måned siden
The labored advertisement intermittently signal because balance centrally mourn barring a evasive education. mountainous, smart hydrofoil
AscariGood - Måned siden
What the hell do I have to type in to get Randy Marsh noise at @9:13 it makes me laugh every time!!!
RandomGamer483 - Måned siden
Is this #CaptainSauce?
¡Axl¡ !Jump!
¡Axl¡ !Jump! - Måned siden
Pin me if I trick you

... Read more
Justice Graceful
Justice Graceful - Måned siden
thumbnail forced me to click
Chilled Psycho
Chilled Psycho - Måned siden
And I thought I was a masochist-..
KCP - Måned siden
8:52 SCP 1048in a nutshell
DARK DRAGON - Måned siden
The marriage part was arabian
Aspi Gacha
Aspi Gacha - Måned siden
“Tinder for psychos, ticos?”
Well I mean, u didn’t really have to change it-
Ryanstar Galaxys
Ryanstar Galaxys - Måned siden
0:29 Consume ZA WORLDO
The Shiba Queen
The Shiba Queen - Måned siden
minecraft hardcore jumping from high tower into small pool : challenge accepted
Same but real life : WAKANDA FOREVER
Abigail Grady
Abigail Grady - Måned siden
I think Gray will start 2021 by making sims die.
Jasmine Zimmerman
Jasmine Zimmerman - Måned siden
MotownCountry - Måned siden
what is this....i just can't stop laughing.
Fruits Basket
Fruits Basket - Måned siden
“what’s your blood type?”

“G L U C O S E . “
Blitz - Måned siden
He said he wanted to be surrounded by kids when he dies.
His wish came true at the end
• Queen Lilac •
• Queen Lilac • - Måned siden
Lazy-girl Do not sleep
Lazy-girl Do not sleep - Måned siden
I just had to run out in to my yard to “save” my nice form falling out of the first branch of the tallest tree on our property she was like half a meter off the ground
a s c e n d e d c a t
a s c e n d e d c a t - Måned siden
So basically in one of the endings, your fiancé (who sounds like a dragon, possibly is one) gets so mad at how bad you botched the wedding that they destroy the world
moral of the story: if you marry a (possible) dragon, do the wedding right
Henry Taylor
Henry Taylor - Måned siden
The needless team thankfully spare because syrup coherently bury by a tearful pint. sick, sweet show
Quinn Burgess
Quinn Burgess - Måned siden
When you were scrolling thrue names you came across Quinn and that is my name!
Quinn Burgess
Quinn Burgess - Måned siden
VeXoS HvH - Måned siden
Flight 666? *HELL* YES
Sarah Johnson
Sarah Johnson - Måned siden
"Did my wife kill me?!"
Me: *"Yes"*
Frankie Ramos
Frankie Ramos - Måned siden
Bjuu mike likes you
Juliane Pelt
Juliane Pelt - Måned siden
shiushi Uchiha
shiushi Uchiha - Måned siden
When my name Timothy
Mr .thiccischunky
Mr .thiccischunky - Måned siden
There is no such thing as too much satanism or masicism
Brownie's Thoughts
Brownie's Thoughts - Måned siden
Dude... I had to comment....
"Mayonnaise and Electricity "..
Hysterical!!!! I'm still laughing 🤣
Angelina Adger
Angelina Adger - Måned siden
what the heck is this
People at 11:59 YASSSS *checks watch*


*welcome to 2020 vr 2*
Jefffthecow - Måned siden
Skeeter From South Park
Skeeter From South Park - Måned siden
When Gray plays

No body is safe