I hit a wall at 211,061,000 mph and this happened

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I hit a wall at 211,061,000 mph and this happened
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a mild headache
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Runtime: 15:22


Djsrevenge - Dag siden
Who knew that all we needed for speedy cars is just grab a toilet and a couple tires
Kurt Guanio
Kurt Guanio - 2 dager siden
Leonard Billones
Leonard Billones - 7 dager siden
I love how the thumbnail is a stickman just getting his head disintegrated
Michael Adams
Michael Adams - 11 dager siden
you should have called the toilet "Ass Blaster"
Pascal Söll
Pascal Söll - 11 dager siden
8:57 : Gray proving that kneecaps are a privilege and not a basic human right
animator blueberry sans
animator blueberry sans - 11 dager siden
give me your spines, i need extras
RUGRAT ZEKE 2 - 13 dager siden
dammit gray you didnt put enough cannons
Crystal Peebles
Crystal Peebles - 14 dager siden
Also when I play it I will make a vehicle called wheel
Crystal Peebles
Crystal Peebles - 14 dager siden
When I get this game I will destroy the game and do it
Pipe cleaner Master
Pipe cleaner Master - 17 dager siden
You mean even better
precode precoded
precode precoded - 17 dager siden
The toilet should be called anus destruction
Toxikaraidur _
Toxikaraidur _ - 17 dager siden
Grey how do you play this game on PC? I can't seem to figure it out halp
Hunter Games 084
Hunter Games 084 - 18 dager siden
Look at the (Exp) at the minute 9:39 😛
Logan McCarthy
Logan McCarthy - 19 dager siden
I would LOVE to see this man play Trailmakers and build the most screwed up things EVER.
Mack Virge
Mack Virge - 20 dager siden
Best gray still plays line is “ hell yes get into my forks bitch”
Eric Pedersen
Eric Pedersen - 20 dager siden
A wise man once said these words " what they need to do is lift the nose a bit just a little bit" OMFG! ice words Gray. Click here ---> 8:51
you tuber
you tuber - 23 dager siden
give me a lik so I can buy it
Betsy Burton
Betsy Burton - 23 dager siden
The cheap methane coincidentally zip because burma thessaly snow forenenst a defiant increase. dusty, plain hill
Daan Van der Pijl
Daan Van der Pijl - 25 dager siden
Am i the only one that finded out gray always starts with: “today we checking out the only game”
Ty Tegeler
Ty Tegeler - 25 dager siden
graystillplays replaced agility with pain
ivandra tanudjaja
ivandra tanudjaja - 25 dager siden
The unbiased tomato interestedly annoy because hedge july bake with a dazzling step-son. ahead, many yogurt
Buli Mcana
Buli Mcana - 25 dager siden
Make more pls
Jacob Thompson
Jacob Thompson - 26 dager siden
It's like beamng.drive but 2D. I like it
Ethan Nguyen
Ethan Nguyen - 26 dager siden
Noah Mixon
Noah Mixon - 27 dager siden
Gray: let's kill some stickmen today.
Stickmen:run for your life
Paw Games
Paw Games - 28 dager siden
Gray:Talks about guns
Gray ten seconds later:Boop!!
Speedom DOM
Speedom DOM - 28 dager siden
You remind me of a xbox friend i used to have. He was good at talking like Herbie tho
david fifer
david fifer - 29 dager siden
On Turbo Dismount everchanger guy on Turbo Dismount you never use anything else
Woosh_If Trash
Woosh_If Trash - Måned siden
11:56 he hit that hovering stick figure so hard that the stick figure broke literally every bone in its body
Woosh_If Trash
Woosh_If Trash - Måned siden
11:43 he broke that man's skull, neck, and upper torso
Woosh_If Trash
Woosh_If Trash - Måned siden
9:46 does anyone else realise what the stick figures are doing
Dominick Borsotti
Dominick Borsotti - Måned siden
Grey, I got the game and broke it instantly not even 10 seconds in
Jonathon Jones
Jonathon Jones - Måned siden
4:17 Was that the theme song for Halloween
Mellohai - Måned siden
9:40 6660
ekill like that
ekill like that - Måned siden
I made the worst car ever
Jack Robke
Jack Robke - Måned siden
Just out of curiosity, are you saying stay foxy and much love at the end of your videos?
son - Måned siden
wonder when will the FBI Approves of this 100% Lethal tank
keanu manuel
keanu manuel - Måned siden
Look next to the retry button there is TNT
keanu manuel
keanu manuel - Måned siden
Look next to the responder
Dj Paul
Dj Paul - Måned siden
The abaft kite decisively amuse because latex considerably puncture into a vague pin. naughty, spiritual beetle
Jill Luddy
Jill Luddy - Måned siden
this is how u challenge your enimies shoot them in the balls with a cannon not litterrally
ALT F4 W A S D - Måned siden
1.1 million views
Elaine Larson
Elaine Larson - Måned siden
I love your videos I laugh so hard I cry.
Haunter Gaming
Haunter Gaming - Måned siden
Get inside my belly sounds like get in my belly!
Keann Derrick
Keann Derrick - Måned siden
Well the last vechile was laggy
Gelato Pancakes
Gelato Pancakes - Måned siden
BATT BOSS - Måned siden
What game is this
Zyginte Petraviciene
Zyginte Petraviciene - Måned siden
Name game pls
anio - Måned siden
when this video came out i clicked the link but it took me to a different game ive been serching for this game I tried everything that would be some-what related to this game so i have come to 2 conclusions; gray made the game or had someone make it for him or its not for andriod
anio - Måned siden
if anyone finds this game please let me know before then i will stay searching
anio - Måned siden
its hard to find because most the games have the same free assets
Yinyang Gaming
Yinyang Gaming - Måned siden
Yeet And Delete
Tristen Wulfekuhl
Tristen Wulfekuhl - Måned siden
I was crying from laughing
NitroFury - Måned siden
13:24 It glitched out of existence.
יהב אורן
יהב אורן - Måned siden
"yes gray kaboom"
Just For Giggle's
Just For Giggle's - Måned siden
At 2:56
The rolling enema
Santos Quitugua
Santos Quitugua - Måned siden
The toilet went to the shadow relm
Yellow Rust Bucket
Yellow Rust Bucket - Måned siden
0:50 the way he says that a boat? Was so funny
Juicy Boy
Juicy Boy - 2 måneder siden
Spiro Chan
Spiro Chan - 2 måneder siden
Deadpool - 2 måneder siden
Let's try and not launch ourselves into space.

...Well maybe just once...
Nicholas Yun
Nicholas Yun - 2 måneder siden
pls make more videos with this game
Peitsii the Cat
Peitsii the Cat - 2 måneder siden
give me your secrets how do you make people laugh
Chxlsea plays
Chxlsea plays - 2 måneder siden
2:08 "*silence* b l o o p"
Nik Never
Nik Never - 2 måneder siden
I literally watched this while on the top bunk of a bunk bed while wearing shoes and also drinking a can of soda on a glass plate
Hunter Mosier
Hunter Mosier - 2 måneder siden
R.I.P. stick man died in the clutches of a psycho😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵
Lysander Lanning
Lysander Lanning - 2 måneder siden
Well ah His toilet on wheels opened the dimension Where every soul for them is burning on fire and bleeding!
Alexander Regan
Alexander Regan - 2 måneder siden
12:57 that would have been better with like a million missiles and canons
Chronix - 2 måneder siden
well i guess asap has a new meaning as sharp as possible -GrayStillPlays
JacobJulien Manez-Santos
JacobJulien Manez-Santos - 2 måneder siden
can you download multicaft
JacobJulien Manez-Santos
JacobJulien Manez-Santos - 2 måneder siden
your funny gray still plays y is your name graystillplays
JacobJulien Manez-Santos
JacobJulien Manez-Santos - 2 måneder siden
guns are fun
firedire 29
firedire 29 - 2 måneder siden
It's not snow it's the fragments of stickman bones
Kandice Polk
Kandice Polk - 2 måneder siden
Has anybody realized the cars look like they are from rocket league
charlotte bar
charlotte bar - 2 måneder siden
"never underestimate the power of the toilet" gray 2020
ᖙᓮᙓ ᖇᗩtᔕ
ᖙᓮᙓ ᖇᗩtᔕ - 3 måneder siden
gray your my idle at killing stick figures and breaking games btw i broke one today and it was the game that you played
TEAM JESUS - 3 måneder siden
Puppy Dog 1909
Puppy Dog 1909 - 3 måneder siden
3:32 what is that music
Annabelle P
Annabelle P - 3 måneder siden
“It’s like a stick figure with gigantism!” He says as he fails to notice the position they’re in. Seriously, I thought he’d point that out.
Trisha Patterson
Trisha Patterson - 3 måneder siden
Can you break minecraft?

Like is it possible
twinators 7
twinators 7 - 3 måneder siden
When Grey says: our job here today is to creat the most stupidly overpowered thing possible. Grey That's the best job your good at when your on control.
Tuckerplayz - 3 måneder siden
kayden2428 Cedeno
kayden2428 Cedeno - 3 måneder siden
Gray:how dose my ice gun taste
me:like ice cream from hell :D
Gray:nice imma go kill more stick figures
me: Ok go have fun :D
Cyan - 3 måneder siden
I'm just gonna say this,
uNDERpAR - 3 måneder siden
Rektum!... Damn near killed 'em!
Aschriel Dergoatboi1945
Aschriel Dergoatboi1945 - 3 måneder siden
Where the this game name?
Nina Gonzales
Nina Gonzales - 3 måneder siden
did anyone see what the rockets and wheels made
Venus - 3 måneder siden
People: Americans don’t have culture gray: watch this
Trumpet - 3 måneder siden
Arkyish2258 - 3 måneder siden
That snow... was the nuclear winter of when all the body had blown up, and the dimensional rift opened to the shadow realm.
Phim hay 2021
Phim hay 2021 - 3 måneder siden
IdIe Ants
Penguin Starlette
Penguin Starlette - 3 måneder siden
"Can I go to the bathroom?"
"Why didn't you go during lunch?"
The bathroom during lunch: 12:51
Joel Castillo
Joel Castillo - 3 måneder siden
Orana Velarde
Orana Velarde - 3 måneder siden
I cried laughing when he said “alright dog car how good are you compared to the methmobile”
Ultimate Nugget
Ultimate Nugget - 3 måneder siden
wow, something that can surpass even german engineering.

yes that is a jojo reference
Cicada 3302
Cicada 3302 - 3 måneder siden
What's this game called
Mr. Yuy
Mr. Yuy - 3 måneder siden
So true
nathan kerr
nathan kerr - 3 måneder siden
I don’t know why, but seeing a toilet zooming around on wheels that shake like their very atoms are pissed off at the world is hilarious to me
Sebastian Lai and Seb Plays Roblox
7:10 it looks like a bazooka right on top off the wheels on the bottom
Mandi Baker
Mandi Baker - 3 måneder siden
gray: thats too much 100 rockets. me:O
JasperTheCat! - 3 måneder siden
Nacho The Cat
Nacho The Cat - 3 måneder siden
12:23 it looks like the Slave-1
Matt The Latios
Matt The Latios - 3 måneder siden
Not gonna lie, that custom rocket-tank thing looks vaguely like the Metal Slug tank from its name-sake series!