i had to dodge 1000 arrows and this happened

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i had to dodge 1000 arrows and this happened
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Runtime: 16:46


I played this or a game like it years ago
Pikachu Roblox
Pikachu Roblox - Dag siden
Me: turns on captions
Captions when stick man screams: [M U S I C]
Joshua Mejia
Joshua Mejia - 3 dager siden
I've been looking for this video do more of it so torcher more people
Jeremiah Harrold
Jeremiah Harrold - 5 dager siden
Play people playground
ye chai
ye chai - 6 dager siden
i just saw something curst wen gray playd the infinite loop thing he go the score 5666 and the curst number 666 is in it
Kurt Guanio
Kurt Guanio - 6 dager siden
Eye Of The Foxes
Eye Of The Foxes - 6 dager siden
Eye Of The Foxes
Eye Of The Foxes - 6 dager siden
Just A Trans Girl
Just A Trans Girl - 6 dager siden
Hold up the ad I got after the video was for this exact game: Stickman falling
Naveed Balkaran
Naveed Balkaran - 8 dager siden
I love your vid so much your so funny
Heather Minor
Heather Minor - 9 dager siden
I got this same game on my phone when I see this video;)
catherine Villar
catherine Villar - 11 dager siden
Top 5 anime dieing scenes

(Edit forgot to add time stamp) 5:20
mediccaleb - 11 dager siden
Zak138 Fn
Zak138 Fn - 12 dager siden
Grey: "I wonder how the ball will interact with the other balls"
Analia Gil
Analia Gil - 13 dager siden
i like how in the description says the game is happy wheels instead of sone random stickman game 😂😂
Professor Gunk
Professor Gunk - 14 dager siden
Hope this isn't a sponsor, cause it wasn't announced clearly in the beginning
animator blueberry sans
animator blueberry sans - 16 dager siden
1:18 i refuse to call this a 'blade turret' and instead call it a chainsaw cannon
Benz Naquila
Benz Naquila - 21 dag siden
I have every prop in that game
sermaximillian - 25 dager siden
detached body: stands
Bryan Tjan
Bryan Tjan - 27 dager siden
2D turbo dismount
DoctorMare - 28 dager siden
what game is this?
pong barcena
pong barcena - 29 dager siden
6:22 Wiw
Arkin Dela fuente
Arkin Dela fuente - Måned siden
plz mute the bad words
Demonz _YT
Demonz _YT - 17 dager siden
niserae1 - Måned siden
I played this before
Kaila Brand
Kaila Brand - Måned siden
Saunas right taffy
You sunofab*ch
Monsterdev1 - Måned siden
Fun fact: this game is free on mobile
J J - Måned siden
In 2 days watch a show called Greenland
bebehdani2013 - Måned siden
Grey: "Look at the point's"
Me: How you got infinite point's Like That?
Eddie moly juicy narrator Josh
Jack Robke
Jack Robke - Måned siden
I love your commentary Gray
Peter Ghantous
Peter Ghantous - Måned siden
I’m confused it says he is playing happy wheels but he is playing stick man falling
Toasty - Måned siden
7:12 dude u were so close to 666 coins
Antonio Manaserian
Antonio Manaserian - Måned siden
The taboo lunge arthroscopically serve because manager unfortunatly risk barring a stereotyped freckle. angry, wistful ghost
_coffee-taco_ - Måned siden
once i glitched the game and it gave me 2 million score but i wouldn't stop so i just left
_coffee-taco_ - Måned siden
@Joshua Feickert cool
Joshua Feickert
Joshua Feickert - Måned siden
Because my elbow got jammed into my skull, causing me to get an infinite flip score basically
Joshua Feickert
Joshua Feickert - Måned siden
That is cute, I got 200 million on a board
Solongo soko
Solongo soko - Måned siden
U should play stickman annihilation 5

Just a suggestion
Za Grissom
Za Grissom - Måned siden
Great you were the only person I think about when I ma sad because I lost ma cat.
anything random with marmermaid
you do NOT know how much i love this man!

Andrew Cabrera
Andrew Cabrera - Måned siden
Me:watching gray still plays

mom: blending sitckmmen downstairs
DaRk_DiVine11 - Måned siden
Every single one of his vids start with aleight
Robert Clark
Robert Clark - Måned siden
Robert Smith
Robert Smith - Måned siden
gray if you lay stomach down on the ball it breaks the game i mean breaks hard
Ritchard Marshall
Ritchard Marshall - Måned siden
Oh yeah and i get just over a billion per level
Ritchard Marshall
Ritchard Marshall - Måned siden
i have everything on that game
z a c k
z a c k - Måned siden
2d turbo dismount
Davis Slayy
Davis Slayy - Måned siden
Game Grays Playing:StickMan Falling
Game He Wishes He Was Playing:Happy Wheels
The Description Says He.Is Playing Happy Wheels 😑🖐🖐😂😂😂😂
Ryder Saul
Ryder Saul - Måned siden
I love your videos gray
Trent Crane
Trent Crane - Måned siden
Cassandra Fast
Cassandra Fast - Måned siden
A oh e aaaaa
Daniel White
Daniel White - Måned siden
Oh my God he finally said maps instead of boards
Paul Hand
Paul Hand - Måned siden
Gray rips a person in half but then he realises its not getiing him points also grey " wtf give me my points goddammit"
Dadofdragons Bam
Dadofdragons Bam - 2 måneder siden
Five seconds in the video and I’m already dying laughing
JELLYBEAN hcr - 2 måneder siden
15:28 happy wheels anyone?! 😂
şans - 2 måneder siden
you can glitch the game by going on the level ''Rat Ways'' getting the bouncy ball going on the next pose and falling in the first pit (the pit has to have a saw.)

Edit: i hope you see this because with that glitch i got 800000 points
Zackary Villeneuve
Zackary Villeneuve - 2 måneder siden
My record without glitch:262437 points
Luke Wiley
Luke Wiley - 2 måneder siden
Abdallah Khalil
Abdallah Khalil - 2 måneder siden
YouTube thought this was happy wheels lmao
Shon Thavon
Shon Thavon - 2 måneder siden
Go to shark jaws with an bike lol
Edwin's nation
Edwin's nation - 2 måneder siden
Alright so we're checking out a channel that actually uploads good content, gray still plays
Alex Grelak
Alex Grelak - 2 måneder siden
Congrats on 4 mil grey!
Stephen Hatchett
Stephen Hatchett - 2 måneder siden
Bruce Murray
Bruce Murray - 2 måneder siden
Plushie Goodness
Plushie Goodness - 2 måneder siden
7:17 Try to find the “666”. ( hint: it’s already in another number)
George Khoory
George Khoory - 2 måneder siden
What was in the sandwich?
Icz Kun
Icz Kun - 2 måneder siden
If you get stuck you get infinite points, even inside your own vehicle
Derrick Romero
Derrick Romero - 2 måneder siden
A daw is better
Derrick Romero
Derrick Romero - 2 måneder siden
Derrick Romero
Derrick Romero - 2 måneder siden
Why you not buy a saw?!
Gods of elements
Gods of elements - 2 måneder siden
If GrayStillPlays was the president he would destroy all of humanity in milliseconds
gekko 222
gekko 222 - 2 måneder siden
gray out of context: oh there's multiple fisters
Caleb Wright
Caleb Wright - 2 måneder siden
Like 20000000 amount
Caleb Wright
Caleb Wright - 2 måneder siden
Equipped the rocket go to the hourglass level get a arrow on it and activate it and somtimes you get a cccccccccrrrrrraaaaaaaazzzzzzyyyyyyyyyy amount of points
Gabriel Sepan
Gabriel Sepan - 2 måneder siden
Why is it that I got a add for this game while watching this
Michelle Martin
Michelle Martin - 2 måneder siden
Who is watching in 2020
the serpentine
the serpentine - 2 måneder siden
use the pin wheel kit next time
Imagination Epic
Imagination Epic - 2 måneder siden
Gray: wait, I just lit a rocket, ROCKETS EXPLODE!
TutleGames Official
TutleGames Official - 2 måneder siden
Gray: kills 69,420 florida men
TutleGames Official
TutleGames Official - 2 måneder siden
Grays wife is a 9 billion out of 10- Gray:ROOKIE NUMBEEZ
James Norton
James Norton - 2 måneder siden
Angel Brock
Angel Brock - 2 måneder siden
Please play Whack your Boss
Kermit DEE Frog
Kermit DEE Frog - 2 måneder siden
Nathanael Bersales
Nathanael Bersales - 2 måneder siden
what is the name of thw game?
Infernogedon228 - 2 måneder siden
Gray: I bought this level called "Danger Zone"...
Me: "🎵Highway to the danger zone...🎵"
Alex - 2 måneder siden
i can't stop laughing i love this game
Amandalei Willibey
Amandalei Willibey - 2 måneder siden
Fly flyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Bich
Margaret Neal
Margaret Neal - 2 måneder siden
New stick people; “ah my groin is in my mouth”
Stick veterans; “first time”
JJMehngames Music hot wheels and more
Play happy room
Beauty and the Bronzer
Beauty and the Bronzer - 2 måneder siden
He went so fast and high his atoms distablized
cryogen - 2 måneder siden
This game is just a copy of Stickman Dismounting :/
MidnightDStroyer - 2 måneder siden
Gray: "I had to dodge 1000 arrows and this happened."
Me: As we've clearly seen, you did NOT dodge 1000 arrows and that's what happened.
Andrew Munoz
Andrew Munoz - 2 måneder siden
Lol I have 160000 coins 😂
Nik Never
Nik Never - 2 måneder siden
By the way Gray if you put the stickman on the back of the yoga ball the stickman will EXPLODE OUT OF NOWWHERE
Beata Py
Beata Py - 2 måneder siden
What is a game
PlushieHamsterr - 2 måneder siden
is this what being Kenny McCormick is like
Jonas Naumovas
Jonas Naumovas - 2 måneder siden
If you change the position on the ball it breaks you're spine instantly
Lachlan Moran
Lachlan Moran - 2 måneder siden
If u do hourglass with the fat guy with both of the rockets with the normal arrows u can do insane amount of damage I got up to 100 million point
Lachlan Moran
Lachlan Moran - 2 måneder siden
An arrow breaks a bone on the character so if u wait all of the arrows in the body u can use the rocket on your back to make all of the body parts go every where and get a lot of points
Brodie Friesen
Brodie Friesen - 2 måneder siden
Subtitles made “screw you gaaaaaame!” Into “screw you gaaaaays!”
The Glitch Gaming
The Glitch Gaming - 2 måneder siden

happy wheels?
Will Clapp
Will Clapp - 2 måneder siden
2020 be like.
Natashia Baker
Natashia Baker - 2 måneder siden
how do you play it on pc
Michelle Darling
Michelle Darling - 2 måneder siden
You know the fireworks vehicle blows up right