i had a 0.001% chance to complete this impossible deathrun challenge

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i had a 0.001% chance to complete this impossible deathrun challenge
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Fortnite is a popular game with multiple game modes such as creative mode, deathruns, battle royale and much more. These are the best fortnite deathrun challenges in the world.

Runtime: 13:24


ShockDragon - 10 timer siden
*i stg youtube better not recommend me fortnite after this*
Thescott16 - 17 timer siden
He needs to try Scissors' death runs.
Thomas Hamre
Thomas Hamre - Dag siden
Love you gray
Labbo Lab
Labbo Lab - Dag siden
Oh god he found fortnite
Jsjdnndnxkdd Ksjdbdiodndndj
one week early! Woop! 😂
RoStats - Dag siden
I want more fortnite challenges
Malachi Matteson
Malachi Matteson - Dag siden
He says he dose not play fortnight but yet hes a level 102.
Ken Yoshimura
Ken Yoshimura - Dag siden
0:42 did he just rick roll us
Malachi Lewin
Malachi Lewin - Dag siden
The words I'm technically not playing fortnite I'm torturing myself with it is each time my squad leaves when there reboots are collected and I get close to a van then they leave
Gg Rt
Gg Rt - 2 dager siden
I never new gray plays fortnite
One angry Pancake
One angry Pancake - 2 dager siden
Hey you stole my pancake guy man
charlieheartsdoggs - 2 dager siden
I just heard a guy say oh god in the background
charlieheartsdoggs - 2 dager siden
I luv how when u say a bad word that guy says bruh
charlieheartsdoggs - 2 dager siden
Aarogamer349 - 2 dager siden
i hate fortnite but this is epic
scoots gaming
scoots gaming - 2 dager siden
Wow he really played fortnite
le computer
le computer - 2 dager siden
g-g-gray how could you do this to us
Markath47 - 2 dager siden
Grey, you played Fortnite, you are dead to me, I didnt think it could happen, but it did.
nighmerpoppet - 2 dager siden
i want more fortnite bullshi**
Contact Us
Contact Us - 3 dager siden
Doesn't play fortnite but has battlepass + level 102
ᄎMiø_Sån_Føŕəvërᄎ - 3 dager siden
From the skin he is wearing , i think Gray loves Pain-cakes
daniel van roden
daniel van roden - 3 dager siden
omg more pls
Mr Nobody 101
Mr Nobody 101 - 3 dager siden
Graystillplays apparently doesn’t play Fortnite, though I wonder if he was bothered to pay for the levels since it was like over 100 in this video
Red Smurf
Red Smurf - 3 dager siden
everybody ima dog ruff ruff
everybody ima dog ruff ruff - 3 dager siden
Well he has played a few times he has the golf emote
scp 3812
scp 3812 - 3 dager siden
Saw the thumbnail almost lost hope in grey
Watched the vid and was immediately relieved
Phoenix master
Phoenix master - 3 dager siden
gray has clearly never played or watched and thing related to fortnite if he fell for the hidden traps behind the door
Crimsin 1993
Crimsin 1993 - 3 dager siden
Gray: it's not about how good you are! It's about how many people give up before you!
Return To Sender
Return To Sender - 3 dager siden
Gray, no....
David Habets
David Habets - 3 dager siden
I love the smell of the inside of a bush....
There is something fishy about that...
NLETOPSHOTTA - 4 dager siden
he says not fortnite but he's level 102!?!? I caught you gray👀
D. Dillon Duffield
D. Dillon Duffield - 4 dager siden
You mean clipping box.
coffeetrex - 4 dager siden
Gray please don't go down this dark path like Sunndee did
General Penguin!
General Penguin! - 4 dager siden
Satan: “Son are you playing with Gray??”
Satan’s Son: “Yes daddy”
Satan:” yes good, we shall torture him... with fortnite!!!!”
General Penguin!
General Penguin! - 4 dager siden
This is a Satan special...
Taylor - 4 dager siden
You should play pogostuck
Martin Flores
Martin Flores - 4 dager siden
Y are u wearing a battle pass skin if u don’t play liar imposter exposed
Gladiator Death
Gladiator Death - 4 dager siden
You have become the thing you swore never to become a fortnite player g
Christopher Reams
Christopher Reams - 4 dager siden
oh thats nice, hey i have a fun idea. try cizzorz deathrun. trust me. its pure content.
*laughs in evil*
Phoenix how
Phoenix how - 4 dager siden
i didnt know fortnite could do this
Jacob Wood
Jacob Wood - 4 dager siden
I’m playing hff and when I finished a level the victory music played
Matthew ouimet
Matthew ouimet - 4 dager siden
Carter K
Carter K - 5 dager siden
Gray: I am a florida man

me: SUFFER GRAY!!!!!!!!!!
OfficialPalsBroYT - 5 dager siden
Fortnite he is truly a legend
Guild Of The Immortal Blades
Guild Of The Immortal Blades
Plz message me back so I can know wether it be an unbelievable yes or a believable no
Guild Of The Immortal Blades
First off before I get into things I just want to say that your videos are like my parents cup of coffee in the morning they wake me up and always give me a laugh and I’m so thankful that u r who u are, now I’m a small youtuber at about 49 subs I stream vids on ps4 and play gta, Fortnite and much more, now I’ve wanted to ask you this for a while but have been to un confident would you do a collab with me on 1 or 2 deathruns, now I doubt u will actually say yes because I’m such a small youtuber that brings nothing to the table, I just want you to know that I want a collab with u because your my fave youtuber, u make everyone’s day. I don’t necessarily want a collab for more subs I would like one for the point that I get to play with my fave youtuber, well I do bring one thing to the table I bring a lot of cringe. Of course you will say no but I’m at least grateful you took the time to read this.
Emilio Khosasih 8.1
Emilio Khosasih 8.1 - 5 dager siden
Naruto as a content creator be like :
Gamingcat2507 - 5 dager siden
Can you do a more vr games
Zombiereaper - 5 dager siden
Did gray buy tiers tonget the mancake
david2121 - 5 dager siden
I never play fortnite! Lvl 102 😂
Darien Dixon
Darien Dixon - 5 dager siden
Hmmmm yes
Igbfstcpyt Bill
Igbfstcpyt Bill - 5 dager siden
Why are you playing fortnut all of a sudden wtf
ThatDudeNeon - 5 dager siden
Everybody is hating on Fortnite and I still play the game and enjoy it (._.)
The Man Behind Yo Daughter
The Man Behind Yo Daughter - 5 dager siden
Omg u played fortnite
Imposter - 5 dager siden
Yeah don’t play fortnite... it’s not fun to watch ngl
evil morty rickest morty
evil morty rickest morty - 5 dager siden
VIREN 107 - 5 dager siden
Nothing in life is truly impossible
mika bacon
mika bacon - 5 dager siden
Grey: Getting thrusted into walls is my middle name
Me: I thought your middle name was Still
Firewolf 00
Firewolf 00 - 6 dager siden
Yannick Kochmann
Yannick Kochmann - 6 dager siden
Excuse me???? You said you never play Fortnite... Grey can you tell us then how the f*ck you are level 102?!?
Armagetton Gaming
Armagetton Gaming - 6 dager siden
i wont play fortnite but i am at level 102
sarp yusuf
sarp yusuf - 6 dager siden
imma be honest i played so much of cizzors and this is childs play
sarp yusuf
sarp yusuf - 6 dager siden
dont ploay fortnite plzzzzzzzzzzz
i am the senate
i am the senate - 6 dager siden
I love gray, but why? Why Fortnite?
GrizScrumptious - 6 dager siden
I've never been more torn..... I hate fortnite..... but.... it's gray.......... GOD DAMN IT GRAY FINE......
pandajeffy - 6 dager siden
Wait til he finds scissor death runs
Ada Wong
Ada Wong - 6 dager siden
ssundee sometime play fortnite
Sinister Thoughts
Sinister Thoughts - 6 dager siden
Gross, fortnite.
Großdeutsches Reich
Großdeutsches Reich - 6 dager siden
Sounds like gray uses his own voice as an soundeeffect
Emperor_Von_Bigboi - 6 dager siden
Gray's master plan is to replicate hell as much as he can here on earth so if he goes to hell it won't be anything different... nice.
Snom King
Snom King - 6 dager siden
We need to make graystillplays fortnite maps
SkilledQuill - 6 dager siden
I quit playin fortnite but I’d love for gray to play my map
At Boogies
At Boogies - 6 dager siden
You should play quad crasher death run
Ramen, Literally Ramen
Ramen, Literally Ramen - 6 dager siden
aw man not you too
BlizzardMountain Wolf
BlizzardMountain Wolf - 6 dager siden
You say you don’t play but you level 102
dave - 6 dager siden
I never thought I'd live to see the day gray plays fortnite
Mr .thiccischunky
Mr .thiccischunky - 6 dager siden
What’s your fortnite name
Cottage Five
Cottage Five - 6 dager siden
DuckierSquire 72
DuckierSquire 72 - 6 dager siden
I will reinstall fortnite if you want me to make a level that will bring pain and suffering if you want me to
Mason Helps
Mason Helps - 6 dager siden
what i hear vs closed captions: welp, ima just peer around this wall-
what closed captions hears vs what i hear: welp, ima just pee around this wall-
Mason Helps
Mason Helps - 6 dager siden
what i hear: satan!!!!!!!!!!! UNICORN!!!
what closed captions hears:SATAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .......................
what other people hear: SATAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH GOD!!
Luke Gregory
Luke Gregory - 6 dager siden
The impulse grenade jump part is literally a windbomb from LoZBoTW
Drzomboss0943 - 6 dager siden
Omg gray still plays playing fortnite
Gilles Deplancke
Gilles Deplancke - 6 dager siden
You should try catmario
qwert_ op
qwert_ op - 6 dager siden
No fortnite gray plz
Generał Imadło
Generał Imadło - 6 dager siden
Grey: makes an Fortnite video
me >:(
also Grey: "im not an fortnite player"
me: :)
Generał Imadło
Generał Imadło - 5 dager siden
@Rob R.A.K. then i guess its his fan account
Rob R.A.K.
Rob R.A.K. - 5 dager siden
But he's level 102 in the Lower left corner and he has a emote from 2018 so he play fortnite alot
GMNGQ8 - 6 dager siden
Oh no, he got his hands on fortnite
pave player
pave player - 6 dager siden
Gray, is me body holding double barrel shotgun at your head
HK_XexenBlu3 - 6 dager siden
Honestly I love deathruns in fortnite lol
Charles Unlimited
Charles Unlimited - 6 dager siden
GrayStillPlays plays Fortnite
Fortnite players: *So, you've chosen dead*

GrayStillPlays: *Yes. And pain, agony and depression.*
Vaxtin - 6 dager siden
Never thought I'd ever be liking a video related to this game but.. Guess that changes today.
Bruce Keffer
Bruce Keffer - 6 dager siden
Austin Ashley
Austin Ashley - 6 dager siden
By penetration school you mean puberty
Twig_Boy - 6 dager siden
I never thought this day would come
Mariana Nicoleta Vasile
Mariana Nicoleta Vasile - 6 dager siden
The thumbnail is easy
Robert Temple
Robert Temple - 6 dager siden
Oh god.
Nexus Neviera
Nexus Neviera - 6 dager siden
Wow, you will be the only person I watch that plays or played fortnite.
Mister Doge
Mister Doge - 6 dager siden
Gray: I would never play fortnite
Me:B...But you level 102
OG Nova
OG Nova - 6 dager siden
I'm so glad Gray can sh*t on Forknife.
The Listener
The Listener - 6 dager siden
Gotta love those censorship blurbs.
The animal crossing "baddub" is pog
Dylon Jones
Dylon Jones - 6 dager siden
VeteranGamingLive - 6 dager siden
2021 is starting out interesting if Gray is playing Fortnite.... Guess the Apocalypse really is coming this year.