i had 100 kids grow up in a cage and this happened

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i had 100 kids grow up in a cage and this happened
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Runtime: 17:29


GrayStillPlays - 2 måneder siden
It was actually supposed to just be 50 but...everyone in the entire game spontaneously died and I needed to get another entire crop of kids.
Jordan Schafer
Jordan Schafer - 22 dager siden
Seige YT
Seige YT - 23 dager siden
Can you do 200 one time?
michael golden
michael golden - Måned siden
@GrayStillPlays can we get more sims videos
Remy Dawn
Remy Dawn - Måned siden
I love how it's crop of kids and not group of kids- Like they're not even anything but objects or smth-
PotatoBirdGaming / HumanlyInhuman
@Marisol Garcia I think he lives in Florida
Alex Widdekind
Alex Widdekind - 22 timer siden
omg, anyone else here doki doki music in the background?
Danyelle McKinney
Danyelle McKinney - 23 timer siden
That’s pretty interesting how the children in the cage lived the best lives lol
nala puppys
nala puppys - Dag siden
You just completed somebody out there's fantasy.
Maša Medvešek
Maša Medvešek - Dag siden
I'm living for the DDLC music in the back
Stefani Rich
Stefani Rich - Dag siden
The cats are the best... they are so funny 😂😂
Strawberry Sweets
Strawberry Sweets - 2 dager siden
honestly the ddlc music in the background fits because it adds to the death and destruction aesthetic
Gacha Mocha
Gacha Mocha - 2 dager siden
Give my grandma her god damn BOOTS
Keegan Schaffrin
Keegan Schaffrin - 2 dager siden
Sorry but. Pov: the borders
Laura Pl
Laura Pl - 2 dager siden
10:25 The one girl who didn’t have friends looks exactly like ✨fish girl✨
aubrey rose
aubrey rose - 2 dager siden
why does “Sierra” look like fish girl from 7 highschoolers decide who gets 1000
Gabi Argel
Gabi Argel - 2 dager siden
no one noticed how the toddlers walk at first glitched?
Zoe Lenki
Zoe Lenki - 2 dager siden
at least he actually feed them
Zoah Productions
Zoah Productions - 3 dager siden
That ddlc music gave me both nice and *_horrible_* memories
DJ Fireball
DJ Fireball - 3 dager siden
saetbyul kurta
saetbyul kurta - 3 dager siden
RanjiBanji - 3 dager siden
OMG!!! Ddlc music was played!!!
Yuufie - 3 dager siden
just hearing its graystillplays from ellis dee seems like the kid was ok i know my fate haha
Nylayah La’Shae
Nylayah La’Shae - 3 dager siden
“50 kids will live in this cage”
“ i’ll give them two beds i’m not a monster” 🤣🤣.
vorpalmango - 3 dager siden
the doki doki literature club music in the background is... incredibly fitting.
Julia Fugate
Julia Fugate - 4 dager siden
I can’t believe you didn’t give those caged kids a bar! Smh 🤦‍♀️
Koganegawa Kanji
Koganegawa Kanji - 4 dager siden
*B L U E C H E E S E*
Gabbrielle Blanton
Gabbrielle Blanton - 4 dager siden
Every time I get 100 sims into a house they won't die. Like they all get to the point that they're starving but the don't die
Butterfly’s Edits
Butterfly’s Edits - 4 dager siden
I feel like gray still plays should try playing sims 3
GreenAce - 4 dager siden
I made a house in the sims and everyone went swimming and froze to death in the first hour
Daniel PAHL CAMARGO - 5 dager siden
Blue Cheese is the best cat in the whole world
Sadistic Shadows
Sadistic Shadows - 6 dager siden
Was that the doki doki music in the background?
\\•m o c h i d i p //
\\•m o c h i d i p // - 6 dager siden
12:15 ah yes doing doing literature club music is great for this video
unDeathbysnipe - 6 dager siden
I thought the DDLC music was in my head and started getting PTSD. When I figured out it was throughout the video, it didn't help my PTSD...
Hank Anderson
Hank Anderson - 7 dager siden
Someone needs to make a mod for gray that simulates real decomp of a human body, so it’s all the more better for his frame rates.
James Phillips
James Phillips - 7 dager siden
Imagine the dislike people are fans but just don't wanna be nice
X_CORPSElover _X
X_CORPSElover _X - 7 dager siden
Gray: oh I gotta give them somewhere to go to the bath room ok here’s a cupple of Bush’s
Skyrem 1243
Skyrem 1243 - 8 dager siden
Skyrem 1243
Skyrem 1243 - 8 dager siden
Aww look at the nonexistent platforms!
Creamellia - 8 dager siden
*’How to die at age 25’*
**Dies as a grandma**
Bendy gal
Bendy gal - 8 dager siden
I appreciate the DDLC music
Lost Anna
Lost Anna - 9 dager siden
I adore Blue Cheese so much! Cute little splotchy nose. ♥️ Please bring her back again. I miss Man family.
Romaine L. Byschelle
Romaine L. Byschelle - 9 dager siden
no one:
god making men: 2:50
kriistnall. baem
kriistnall. baem - 9 dager siden
What about to try 100 pets 🌚
CraZcatladee Studios
CraZcatladee Studios - 9 dager siden
This is so beautiful! I feel like it's heightened by the soft DDLC music in the background
hedgehogs hill
hedgehogs hill - 9 dager siden
Now we know: Growing up in a cage is the best way to grow up. (Without a pool and they need a person to give foood)
QueenLemon - 9 dager siden
Me: -finds channel at midnight-
Me: this is actually funny....wait if I laugh imma wake up my family of 15 people....
Me again- pffff- (trying to hard not to laugh)
Emily Dominick
Emily Dominick - 9 dager siden
Why does this give me tobuscus vibesssss😳😳
Emily Dominick
Emily Dominick - 9 dager siden
Ciara is fish girl from 1000 to 1
Slytherin Girl With Fire
Slytherin Girl With Fire - 10 dager siden
10:26 i was just doing my homework while watching this...the I hear my name, No friends? ha same
Pine0wlple X44
Pine0wlple X44 - 10 dager siden
There is like a metaphor here. Something about how Rural Hell life is better for humans and human growth than comfortable fancy urban life, which clearly kills and corrupts humans.
I mean, yeah everyone dies, but this is a sims video (of the Grey variant) survival is naturally slim.
O l a f
O l a f - 10 dager siden
I have been watching your videos all day, and you sir how earned and deserved a new subscriber! :)
ben rusnak.
ben rusnak. - 10 dager siden
In 2 years there's gonna be like 200 cats
randomfangirl sio
randomfangirl sio - 10 dager siden
This is completely out of context, but I'm pretty sure the ad I got before this video G-noted me
Cressida Cochran
Cressida Cochran - 11 dager siden
Throwback to Obama, huh?
Seneca Paliotta
Seneca Paliotta - 11 dager siden
Not him playing DOKI DOKI music
Golden doodle
Golden doodle - 11 dager siden
Dude the swearing please stop.
Peppa Pig
Peppa Pig - 12 dager siden
Quarantine got this dude crazy
Lar Chan
Lar Chan - 12 dager siden
I think it's just cheating at this point to install a pool lol
Peter Durkan
Peter Durkan - 13 dager siden
Blue cheese
The Ash
The Ash - 13 dager siden
2020 in a nutshell

Made by the 2021 gang
Nicole Rice
Nicole Rice - 13 dager siden
If Your Reading This Subscribe To Make Life Special.
Vinetta Wallis
Vinetta Wallis - 14 dager siden
And this is the reason I stay up til 5am and wake up at 12-1pm
Plus I hear poor sleep shortness your life span!!
Dragon Defender
Dragon Defender - 14 dager siden
5:18 who else could hear a tune from Doki Doki Literature Club in the background
Gabriel Bryan Juguilon
Gabriel Bryan Juguilon - 14 dager siden
Graystillplays:torchurs kids
Me:wait thats ileagal
Everyone in among us:graystillplays is sus
yuki owo
yuki owo - 15 dager siden
Who started watching this in 2020 and finished watching it in 2021?
SharkOfLava789 - 15 dager siden
My neighbors house is the title
popcandy - 15 dager siden
I've never seen a single video from you but I subscribed the moment I heard "I need to get Gordon Ramsey to a toilet before he pisses on my cat Tonsels"
Fitz the dragon
Fitz the dragon - 16 dager siden
"Over here in the Lord of the flies land" GrayStillPlays, 2020
rebecca pravda
rebecca pravda - 16 dager siden
In which expansion pack do you get the fish pond?
alecboyyes - 16 dager siden
Kids locked in a cage without a full liquor bar? You're losing your touch Gray!
MRD - 16 dager siden
I think it’s safe to say Gray does not build his own mansions from the look of that child torture cage
Olerius 123
Olerius 123 - 16 dager siden
6:10 survive albert roblox game music or spongebob psp game music
emy-chan - 16 dager siden
It's the doki doki literature club soundtrack for me 🧼👾🥴 love u
Grace Crites
Grace Crites - 16 dager siden
Love thiss lmall
Adam Williams
Adam Williams - 16 dager siden
Seriously? The kids get taken away instead of dying? That's crap. Total ageism. I want equal opportunity suffering!
John Renardo
John Renardo - 16 dager siden
You made the cage too nice 😂😂
Cactus - 16 dager siden
Bluecheese is honestly cute asf
Zany Avacado
Zany Avacado - 16 dager siden
Cannot believe that everyone in the mansion died before the kids in the pen, did not see that plot twist coming
Wolfe Chew
Wolfe Chew - 16 dager siden
I all most died of laughter while watching this video. I love the children I mean cats.
Letícia Lopes
Letícia Lopes - 16 dager siden
lord of the flies lol
Milan Privitera
Milan Privitera - 17 dager siden
“Im gonna give them 2 bed I’m not a monster “ there’s 50 of em aren’t there?…
MumuDaCow - 17 dager siden
Someday sims will find a way to be poked to death
•Cloud cat playz•
•Cloud cat playz• - 17 dager siden
14:00 uh- Elis Dee died-
꧁angeI•devie꧂ HuynhAnh
꧁angeI•devie꧂ HuynhAnh - 17 dager siden
I would actually live in there and be a child cuz I like to suffer
everest lol
everest lol - 11 dager siden
a gacha pfp fitting
Donatelia Sakura
Donatelia Sakura - 17 dager siden
The Doki Doki Literature Club music made it better somehow
Jackson Mattison
Jackson Mattison - 18 dager siden
Hey it’s the crack cage
Alvin Huang
Alvin Huang - 18 dager siden
Tucker Stallman
Tucker Stallman - 18 dager siden
can you play with this lot i really like the house vibes?
Elyne - 18 dager siden
Love the Doki Doki background music!
Sk Chabauzinha
Sk Chabauzinha - 18 dager siden
This says a lot about society
Robo Bosses
Robo Bosses - 18 dager siden
Hey gray where did you get the background music from? Cus I know the tune from a video game called Doki Doki literature club, hope you get to play it off camera
slushiie - 18 dager siden
isn't that just called school??
Abby Bergman
Abby Bergman - 19 dager siden
The lesson is live in a cage and the children last longer and you last longer
Thomas Baron
Thomas Baron - 19 dager siden
The lesson here is that civilization will be it's own doenfall
Eridan Ampora
Eridan Ampora - 19 dager siden
Did anyone else hear the ddlc music in the background?
Jersey Houk
Jersey Houk - 19 dager siden
I kinda wanna do this irl🧍‍♀️
•Noto Sans•
•Noto Sans• - 19 dager siden
Am I the Only one just noticing the DDLC music thats playing every so Faintly and Suttle in the background?
Rosey Chan
Rosey Chan - 19 dager siden
ngl i kinda got really got attached to the kids outside and i’m sad that they’re dying
SEXY LOLO FERRARI - 20 dager siden
SEXY LOLO FERRARI - 20 dager siden
Neeto Dorito
Neeto Dorito - 20 dager siden
Grey: enslaves a ton of children
*gives them dog beds*
Also grey: I was bad but now I'm good
OhRilly - 20 dager siden
Gray accidentally proved that financial privilege is a detriment
Margaret Mackenzie
Margaret Mackenzie - 20 dager siden
Atatatat jahahahhahaHhajjhjhj heehehehehwh
Drake Gallerno
Drake Gallerno - 20 dager siden
16:36 is nobody gonna mention how the child gordon ramsay just casually kicks death himself?
{Emily} - 21 dag siden
“I have to feed them every once in a while but they seem okay”
Please never let Gray have children
Cake lover
Cake lover - 17 timer siden
He has a child iirc
GoldenFox - 15 dager siden
I mean thats how you break that picky eating out of kids.
I_AM_ PENGUIN - 21 dag siden
Gray: I'm not a monster.
Me: 🤨🤨