i drove through 9,201,601 wind turbines and this happened

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i drove through 9,201,601 wind turbines and this happened
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turbine dismount
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Runtime: 17:33


GrayStillPlays - Måned siden
When you see the amount of turbines...you'll know.
Damien Albaugh
Damien Albaugh - 5 dager siden
That my mom found my homework in the toilet after a year?
verca4real - 7 dager siden
Bruh the turbine is DEATH
AnnaMay Moore
AnnaMay Moore - 8 dager siden
Railman1225 - 9 dager siden
the thumbnail made me think of Beamng Drive. . .and *the possibility that we'll never see the stig and his son ever again. . .*
Amanda Stacks
Amanda Stacks - 15 dager siden
Oh sh#t
Chill Bear
Chill Bear - 16 timer siden
At 16:06 I lost it after Nick was ripped from the tank. He tried to hold on but the car came by and hit him and the tank. The tank started spinning and I replayed it 15 times.
Fast Rap
Fast Rap - 2 dager siden
How to make a GrayStillPlays title: "I drove through [insert random big number here] [insert random object here] and this happened"
Jeremiah0311 Evans0311
Jeremiah0311 Evans0311 - 6 dager siden
where can i get turbo UhHhHH dismount
best army
best army - 7 dager siden
10:25 impossible is my middle name. "Grayimpossibleplays"
Bayliss Jailen
Bayliss Jailen - 7 dager siden
yo bro
plzzzzzz play roblox
Trey Games
Trey Games - 7 dager siden
You should have used the xwing to fly across the froger by using two boost pads and a ramp as close to gather as possible
sirayden1i - 9 dager siden
I like how he’s always bringing his controller
Peyton Fowles
Peyton Fowles - 10 dager siden
Gaming balkan Croatia
Gaming balkan Croatia - 10 dager siden
Jake James Bautista
Jake James Bautista - 14 dager siden
Looks like the shuriken is the second fastest vehicle in the game the first is........ balls comming out of your mouth
Pamela Smith
Pamela Smith - 14 dager siden
More turbines more
Daniel Manser
Daniel Manser - 14 dager siden
I love you penrus
Corpse Is Good
Corpse Is Good - 15 dager siden
Imagine At The Intro He Immediately Just Does It Lol
Shadetra Rouwtt
Shadetra Rouwtt - 15 dager siden
Thank you everyone I’m going to get to 1 million likes
Glen Mokua
Glen Mokua - 15 dager siden
Are you still play you have to speed it out Eco mode in us
Likerayquaza - 15 dager siden
He reminds me of pizza Steve from uncle grandpa. If u don’t understand watch the show uncle grandpa
UtsuhoReiuji29 [StarDreamSoulOS64]
“This level is called ‘No Escape’.”
Wind turbines with ungoverned physics appear
Jovan Milinkovic
Jovan Milinkovic - 18 dager siden
Use bulldozer
Minecraft_is_the_best - 20 dager siden
0:20 I think he's running out of ways to say that: spontaneously combust is my favorite, this time he said spontaneously *pause* disassemble
pluel - 21 dag siden
I never get motion sickness as much as I do watching gray. hes suffering, the game is suffering, im a suffering, were all just used to the agony
Drake Kircher
Drake Kircher - 21 dag siden
Did you see how would Nicholas rage yeeted himself out of the tank on the nine Lanes of cars
KRISTIN BOLER - 21 dag siden
I didn’t
David Mckay
David Mckay - 22 dager siden
Selvi Oktaviani
Selvi Oktaviani - 24 dager siden
The Quiet Kid
The Quiet Kid - 24 dager siden
Tommy Wright
Tommy Wright - 25 dager siden
i never knew it was called :turbo EEERH dismount
F00LISH - 26 dager siden
Dad: are ya winning ?
Grey: I beat every signal impossible level
Bach Do
Bach Do - 27 dager siden
0:04 nice flip ya done
Bach Do
Bach Do - 27 dager siden
1:46 how u do wall ride?!?!
Bach Do
Bach Do - 27 dager siden
0:45 another nice flip
LazyDragon555 - 27 dager siden
Gray “Impossible is my middle name.”
Me “I thought it was Still.”
Dr plauge
Dr plauge - 27 dager siden
Turbo uuuuuuurrrrr dismount
Giovanni Joseph
Giovanni Joseph - 28 dager siden
Vamoosh on the loosh.
Giovanni Joseph
Giovanni Joseph - 28 dager siden
How about learning lua and making a hell game on roblox.
TRD F A S T 2332
TRD F A S T 2332 - 28 dager siden
@Graystillplays yaaaay
Marianne Gallagher McDonald
Marianne Gallagher McDonald - 28 dager siden
I got hit so hard’
Me: That’s what she said
Robyn Kelly
Robyn Kelly - 28 dager siden
I love this Channel
Shadow Noob
Shadow Noob - 28 dager siden
Gray said that his middle name was impossible I thought it was Still.
TRD F A S T 2332
TRD F A S T 2332 - 29 dager siden
😱 ahhh
TRD F A S T 2332
TRD F A S T 2332 - 29 dager siden
😱 ahhh
Swagster [47 999]
Swagster [47 999] - 29 dager siden
It’s turbo UHHHH dismount
donald junior
donald junior - 29 dager siden
The necessary copper recently fill because mass orly brush like a romantic pie. quiet, spooky cold
Pat Hammond
Pat Hammond - Måned siden
Good video
Nalah K.
Nalah K. - Måned siden
day 281 of quarantine: the mannequin do be double cheeked up tho 😳😳
Corey Taylor
Corey Taylor - Måned siden
He. Not. Funny. Paly. A. Funny. Game
mikeanthonybrooks - Måned siden
Matrix level precision
Monty the Pouchon
Monty the Pouchon - Måned siden
bruhify - Måned siden
I was about to say I need to poop
Deranged Duck
Deranged Duck - Måned siden
Are we all gonna ignore how that one bus landed on one of the palm trees-
WatchMeSayStuff - Måned siden
Why do you hate brake pads?
Gabe Hatch
Gabe Hatch - Måned siden
did gray have beef with the shuriken in high school or something.
twilight - Måned siden
All turbo dismount videos is basically Florida on a Sunday
Ozma Wesker
Ozma Wesker - Måned siden
Wind turbines are terrible for the environment. They've killed a ridiculously high amount of birds and bats.
Aaron Brooks
Aaron Brooks - Måned siden
How many of you want to see gray play hand simulator
And the impossibly difficult game is probably the very best thing for Grey's masochism

Like to confirm
Jana Marot
Jana Marot - Måned siden
My trash can.
My trash can. - Måned siden
Has he....EVER given up on anything?
Brendan Hampton
Brendan Hampton - Måned siden
Nick. Wasnt saving he was doing a superman pose
*•eclipsetic•* - Måned siden
Hey gray I was wondering if you could do stick figure dismounts again, if you did that would make me and i'm sure many others super happy!!!
Tracy Minchew
Tracy Minchew - Måned siden
Me when I hear grey and see that there is a controller option and he uses it: 😀😃😄😁
midget spinner
midget spinner - Måned siden
Put metal music in your vids
Marcus Allen Garcia
Marcus Allen Garcia - Måned siden
5:32 to 5:36 "piece of poultry is surprisingly nimble. holy crap. Oh god (steers into a windmill)
Tim da rat
Tim da rat - Måned siden
13:27 your scooter done got snatched like it was someones wig in a fight
Femur_Farmer - Måned siden
In the intro he said "It's Turbo- EUGH- Dismount."
Kim Van Uden
Kim Van Uden - Måned siden
Hi graystillplays l am a sub
RayBTW - Måned siden
Turbo uhhhh dismount
nintendo account
nintendo account - Måned siden
Gray is so lucky that if he got into a car crash he would probably perfectly evacuate the car accidentily flip a bottle onto a needle,and see a pig fly all while winning the lottery lol https://youtu.be/huffifnjg-s?t=717 EDIT:i dont know how to time-stamp so next best thin btw someone comment instructions pls
Little Chaddy
Little Chaddy - Måned siden
Sugar_IceCream - Måned siden
Gray:its Turbo UGH!?! dismount
Glow Bright Unicorn
Glow Bright Unicorn - Måned siden
My angel: I don’t like grays Chanal he’s to inappropriate and cusses a lot

My devil: I really don’t care

Me: *subs*

My angel: what the hecc!?

loggernamy - Måned siden
17:06 he sounds like one of those stadium game reporters
TiSHY BEATS KiDS - Måned siden
0:07 it's turbo EIGHGHH dismount
Mike Wazowski
Mike Wazowski - Måned siden
Sometimes u talk like Mr Garrison from South Park
Ha Penis
Ha Penis - Måned siden
I liked because of the dab
Cayden Campbell
Cayden Campbell - Måned siden
Him: alright ass up that how we are doing it
Liminal Space
Liminal Space - Måned siden
gray laughs like sandy wexler
Treat - Måned siden
11:05 the way he sAys WinNInG is so funny 😂
David Bustamante
David Bustamante - Måned siden
Your content is like just so good
David Bustamante
David Bustamante - Måned siden
Great sorry
Dallenson - Måned siden
"Don't you let go, you sonofa---" [Brrrrr!]
The usage of the quad's engine was genius.
Jaxson Jones
Jaxson Jones - Måned siden
No one:

Grey: win
copy guy
copy guy - Måned siden
Gray: Nick hold on your Summer sausage MY SUMMER CAR INTENSIFIES
TehWhale Whaleshark
TehWhale Whaleshark - Måned siden
Hmmmm you say your middle name is impossible yet your name is "Grey still plays" And you call your self only "Grey" so isnt your middle name still?
Sarah Conroy
Sarah Conroy - Måned siden
Slept In
Slept In - Måned siden
I thought your middle name was Still?
lady mopar
lady mopar - Måned siden
That one car reminds me of Top Gear the square box
Demareo ProGamer
Demareo ProGamer - Måned siden
You know its about to get real when Gray bust out the controller
IISpiceII - Måned siden
15:16 bike disappears
• M E L A N I E •
• M E L A N I E • - Måned siden
Ah yes, my favorite game... turbo *_aeughhhhhhh_* dismount
prankster kiddo
prankster kiddo - Måned siden
Did he just drive on the wall like the spider cycle?
flyingacorns - Måned siden
So OB tells mo you have much age and wisdom
Nickolas Swank
Nickolas Swank - Måned siden
Please make more turbo dismount videos
Loux3 man
Loux3 man - Måned siden
I love how the name of the car is called the Bandit since the since Banda is the name of my dad puppy
Dillon Perry
Dillon Perry - Måned siden
Sounded like you said you were going to crap yourself to sleep
lazerツ - Måned siden
Tyler Walden
Tyler Walden - Måned siden
Gray: “Alright Nick hold onto your summer sausage”
Glitch LapTop
Glitch LapTop - Måned siden
im a lot harder than i thought i'll be
Itz Foxbox81
Itz Foxbox81 - Måned siden
Gray:I got hit so hard I got out of the level
Me:it's a home run
toby anthony
toby anthony - Måned siden
use the arrow keys to manually steer
Alex Bugay
Alex Bugay - Måned siden
Yo that laugh at the end sounded like gorillaz
Javier Morgan
Javier Morgan - Måned siden
Greys videos: and this happened
Thiccochet - Måned siden
Gray probably has some kind of record for the amount of brand new sentences he's said
D D - Måned siden
It’s turbo UHH dosmeunt