i drove into 9,356,025 land mines and this happened

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i drove into 9,356,025 land mines and this happened
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that was a difficult challenge
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Electrical nova bomb
Electrical nova bomb - 8 timer siden
nootmare .w.
nootmare .w. - 19 timer siden
"its possible that i can get smashed at just the right angle" he says
me: heheheh *snrk*
Red’s Stuff
Red’s Stuff - 23 timer siden
Ah yes
Logan Cheek
Logan Cheek - Dag siden
almost there *exploding into a mine* No YOU SON OF A OOF
Gaming with Khy Jp
Gaming with Khy Jp - Dag siden
That car was musty flicking
Casey Kelley
Casey Kelley - Dag siden
I like that his thumb nail the number it’s not just 9,000,000 it’s actually has a actual specific number lol
MLG PRO 9999
MLG PRO 9999 - Dag siden
The way gray Snickers in the intro
Kay Hones
Kay Hones - Dag siden
Has anyone just noticed that there are trains driving on the roads.

because that’s great “ logic”
Trap2k - 3 dager siden
7:43 use the tank!
UnderTale And Changed Channel
gray* ok ok ok NO
yaaasKerchow 2.0
yaaasKerchow 2.0 - 3 dager siden
10:22 XD
وسيم الشويخي
وسيم الشويخي - 4 dager siden
DaJ4ff Gamez
DaJ4ff Gamez - 5 dager siden
Game: how much satenism do you want
Gray: yes
DJ Sieders
DJ Sieders - 6 dager siden
Your voice looks like trumps voice
jake Maldonado
jake Maldonado - 6 dager siden
jake Maldonado
jake Maldonado - 6 dager siden
I have never laughed so hard in Mt life
BedHead Lily
BedHead Lily - 7 dager siden
"Masochism. Guide Meeeee"
My whole life tbh
Anna Bergqvist
Anna Bergqvist - 8 dager siden
Gray you should play BeamNG.Drive
NuclearDURACELL - 8 dager siden
Yes he is like a beautiful swan, fresh out of rehab and on stage 13 cancer
The Doom Slayer
The Doom Slayer - 8 dager siden
Wait graystillplays said case instead of game
Clancy Riley
Clancy Riley - 9 dager siden
larry Roark
larry Roark - 9 dager siden
MOON ITS A SUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jamison Bondison
Jamison Bondison - 9 dager siden
The jealous men coincidentally wink because pendulum pathomorphologically arrest save a broken stepmother. motionless, best chinese
Morrowseer The Nightwing
Morrowseer The Nightwing - 9 dager siden
4:57 what map is that
jacob h
jacob h - 10 dager siden
gray: you ok bud
nick: no
Xavier - 10 dager siden
I legit can’t stop laughing at 10:31
The Cult of Loki
The Cult of Loki - 10 dager siden
16:13 my first thought was: "you set off a nuke... good job"
PeriodicTablePerson - 11 dager siden
Grey:The shuriken sucks
Shuriken: Completes 2 challenges in an episode
Meteor Guestgaming
Meteor Guestgaming - 12 dager siden
Luke more like luke sky Walker
Christian Roper
Christian Roper - 12 dager siden
Christian Roper
Christian Roper - 12 dager siden
Watch these videos
Christian Roper
Christian Roper - 12 dager siden
Christian Roper
Christian Roper - 12 dager siden
Christian Roper
Christian Roper - 12 dager siden
Gabe Collins
Gabe Collins - 12 dager siden
He bottle flipped the train into the ground
TURBOMADDNESS - 13 dager siden
Nick how ya doin
Christiano Latchman
Christiano Latchman - 13 dager siden
austin miller
austin miller - 13 dager siden
7:30 he can go the distance!
Kulek - 13 dager siden
rezi byl lepszy w te gre
Lendol Wortham
Lendol Wortham - 14 dager siden
11:07 don't ass-k
Rollo Swinson
Rollo Swinson - 14 dager siden
The unruly flock medicinally tap because shirt worryingly live beside a aquatic parsnip. gainful, rabid yugoslavian
Liam Davidson
Liam Davidson - 15 dager siden
Why does gray love the number 9,000,000
mysticeo larigo
mysticeo larigo - 15 dager siden
Carl Vincent vilbar pedersen
Carl Vincent vilbar pedersen - 15 dager siden
Fian Yip
Fian Yip - 16 dager siden
Watch 7:11
Gohar Aghlamazyan
Gohar Aghlamazyan - 16 dager siden
When he sad he was a swan his game was glitched be glichy from piggy
Shailo Valenzuela
Shailo Valenzuela - 17 dager siden
The jet fighter can fly and its fastest and the best with height (facts)
Rachelle Lego
Rachelle Lego - 17 dager siden
John moxley
John moxley - 17 dager siden
Happy new year good bye 2020
N O - 17 dager siden
Whenever u hear the alright in the beginning u know it’s going to be a good vid
LankyBox Fan
LankyBox Fan - 18 dager siden
LankyBox Fan
LankyBox Fan - 18 dager siden
Holy piss
The Dark Master
The Dark Master - 18 dager siden
2:30 hot
Nothing Revealed
Nothing Revealed - 19 dager siden
How do you play custom levels in Turbo Dismount?Do you need Premium or a PC?
Gordon Freeman
Gordon Freeman - 19 dager siden
Famous last words: “if I land it” *explosions*
Amanda Caviasca
Amanda Caviasca - 19 dager siden
The broadcast happaned wen I watching this vid
Subaru Outback Guy2
Subaru Outback Guy2 - 20 dager siden
Frantic BOI
Frantic BOI - 20 dager siden
Frantic BOI
Frantic BOI - 20 dager siden
k Swag Master
k Swag Master - 20 dager siden
16:40 you can see the car that hit rickoless reagie's car in this challange
Yoni Martinez
Yoni Martinez - 20 dager siden
The gullible gusty observation proportionately precede because stream transmurally dance mid a merciful feature. voiceless, unable boat
Nathan Phillips
Nathan Phillips - 20 dager siden
the bones breaking...is it funny to you gray...the inosent lives wasted,snuffed out is it pleazing to you like your some angry god are they just your toys and when you get bored you kill them is it funny gray?
Gray: hell yeah it is
Mike Tang
Mike Tang - 21 dag siden
The gabby waterfall disappointedly haunt because shoemaker embryologically heal including a actually join. needy, sore team
I am a ghost 0-0
I am a ghost 0-0 - 21 dag siden
When nobody in 2020 ever got driving skills:
ManicDeppressiveJoker - 22 dager siden
Gray, you make me laugh, even though I really don’t laugh often. The only problem is, I was SORTING TINY BEADS YOU JACKWAGON
EYEYEULE - 22 dager siden
Attack on gray be like
tuptusi - 23 dager siden
tuptusi - 23 dager siden
What is name this gamę?
Hi Hi
Hi Hi - 24 dager siden
I counted it was exactly

666 mines
TheDopest Boi
TheDopest Boi - 24 dager siden
“Everything about this game is pain. Let’s do this!” Me in school before x-mas break.
TheDopest Boi
TheDopest Boi - 24 dager siden
“The body just kept going up forever”
Words from a wise man
Elizabeth Dusack
Elizabeth Dusack - 24 dager siden
Kelly Cross
Kelly Cross - 25 dager siden
U cheer me up bc I watched a scary vid
Space Core
Space Core - 25 dager siden
Is anyone triggered that he didn't just use the x-wing and replace the ramp with a turbo pad?
Micheal Bess
Micheal Bess - 25 dager siden
You call a girl a guy
CJ Smith
CJ Smith - 25 dager siden
reply if im not the only one that doesnt do what your supposed to do on turbo dismount
The Quiet Kid
The Quiet Kid - 25 dager siden
Gray, I laughed so hard at this I sprang into a coughing fit and almost vomited it was so funny. I’m crying. 🤣
Gabe Garino
Gabe Garino - 25 dager siden
The glamorous writer inadvertently attempt because workshop surgically close next a blue sweets. lively, deeply mother
Nathan Gibson
Nathan Gibson - 25 dager siden
9:54 have a good day
jennifer tindall
jennifer tindall - 25 dager siden
My brain:HOW DID HE MAKE THE TITLE. Me:watch and learn
Andrew Joseph Manalili
Andrew Joseph Manalili - 26 dager siden
Hmmm... why you died
Aaron Blackman
Aaron Blackman - 27 dager siden
“Silly” is a word I thought Gray would never say
Kane Krarup
Kane Krarup - 27 dager siden
If you want an unbreakable car use the bumber cart omg trucker
michelle myers
michelle myers - 27 dager siden
Call sign Badger01 THEPLANEGUY
17:30. What I imagined when I played with hot wheels as a kid
ADAM - 27 dager siden
Railmaster Gaming
Railmaster Gaming - 27 dager siden
use the loco!
Yandel Castillo
Yandel Castillo - 28 dager siden
At 16:00 I was laughing my eyes out 😂😂
Brody Quest
Brody Quest - 28 dager siden
When I started the video I got a sprite tree cranberry advertisement
Wyatt Mangus
Wyatt Mangus - 28 dager siden
ok so what i did was puut every booster that you could posably put ok well that was not expected
Meme Report
Meme Report - 28 dager siden
10:34 buscalibur
Joseph Sniegowski
Joseph Sniegowski - 28 dager siden
Exactly at 16:00, he got S M A S H D.
Dom and nic Cruz
Dom and nic Cruz - 28 dager siden
My name is Nicolas
Oscar Arriaga
Oscar Arriaga - 29 dager siden
The X-Wing can literally fly when it touches a booster
ItzWolfie hoi
ItzWolfie hoi - 29 dager siden
In the last challenge, if you hit one thing cars, trains, trucks, and your car flying
Victory Man
Victory Man - Måned siden
Love watching you play vehicle yeet
Dwight Schrute
Dwight Schrute - Måned siden
0:23 the master sword has returned to the forest
Shiny Golden Doge
Shiny Golden Doge - Måned siden
How to go to space 101:

drive into mines
The Arctic king
The Arctic king - Måned siden
You know grey whiplash is indestructible so try it 🙄🥴🤪
Emilie MacFarlane
Emilie MacFarlane - Måned siden
I love cheese
Emilie MacFarlane
Emilie MacFarlane - Måned siden
Nicolas Rage is my new wallpaper hahahahahahahah
Koopa Troopa
Koopa Troopa - Måned siden
gray: *kills people with weird things*
also gray: *becomes a football commenator but calls football the wrong name*
ismail kassem
ismail kassem - Måned siden