i detonated a nuke the size of earth and this happened

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i detonated a nuke the size of earth and this happened
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Runtime: 16:27


Dark Knight
Dark Knight - 3 timer siden
5:17 I burst to laugh 😂😂
MrXguy1 - 13 timer siden
10:30 my hometown 💪🏼
Bass Angler proud
Bass Angler proud - 16 timer siden
5:26 how among us was made
Mike Mike
Mike Mike - 18 timer siden
Florida man breaks game and world.
Telma lemus
Telma lemus - 21 time siden
Wow you still play grey?
OMEGA MAN #2 - 22 timer siden
Look like one of the characters on The Simpsons, when mega-bomb bombed....😮
Banditt - 23 timer siden
“What’s the population of the world?”
Gray: No
Edmund Roddy
Edmund Roddy - Dag siden
Sexy Butler
Sexy Butler - Dag siden
Your first nuke hit so hard I’m pretty sure it turned the world into a clown’s wig...therefore it shall be known as the clown bomb!
Spooki Rock
Spooki Rock - Dag siden
8:41 0_0
FunTime FredBoy
FunTime FredBoy - Dag siden
New Gray Achievement: Coding stupidity
Susanoo M2x4m
Susanoo M2x4m - 2 dager siden
100,000 died Gray be like “ rookie numbers”
Chuck Snyder
Chuck Snyder - 2 dager siden
Oh, grey just turned the planet into colors again...
no big deal
Chuck Snyder
Chuck Snyder - 2 dager siden
5:20: I WAS LAUGHING SOO HARD grey turned the planet into colors
World Comics Review
World Comics Review - 3 dager siden
"Climate change", as in it changes the climate into barren bits of rock floating in space.
Outside the environment, if you will.
Will Abraham
Will Abraham - 3 dager siden
Gray: not to crazy az he put it 10000000000000000 and destroyers the earth
Muhammad Mehdi
Muhammad Mehdi - 3 dager siden
Am I being obvious or no one else noticed but anyone else notice the clown in the thumbnail
Predator 4443
Predator 4443 - 3 dager siden
Somewhere among the wreckage at a certain distance pizza would be cooked to perfection
Geneva's Suggestion
Geneva's Suggestion - 3 dager siden
The smaller the Bomb, the more Destructive Energy cramped up so tight it makes the Explosion worse
thijs peute
thijs peute - 3 dager siden
Kim entered the chat
Beatriz MF
Beatriz MF - 3 dager siden
I saw dublin
Xiaovin Jay Jalotjot
Xiaovin Jay Jalotjot - 4 dager siden
10:24 that t-rex fossil is so unlucky that he had to face extinction two times
Tom Larson
Tom Larson - 4 dager siden
Is this real life?
Amanda Cavin
Amanda Cavin - 4 dager siden
“Welcome to a new sims 4 video”
LEGO Jotaro Kujo
LEGO Jotaro Kujo - 4 dager siden
Execute order 69
War Breaker
War Breaker - 5 dager siden
Above the Earth two aliens look down on the humans alien 1 looks at alien 2 and asks "so who should we give ultimate power to?" Alien to looks up from his tablet and says "i know a guy, in vr he kills his people in interesting ways." Alien 2 shares a link to some file "as long as we let him narrate our plans for Global Annihilation shall be complete and it will be a laugh"
John Jackson
John Jackson - 5 dager siden
My god, you killed London! You Bastard.
Fuego Neeko
Fuego Neeko - 5 dager siden
Florida nuclear program...? Yes, make bomb big
Nigelnightmare - 5 dager siden
4:18 LMAO.
Quantum Blur
Quantum Blur - 5 dager siden
3:09 Gray turns into David Kaye
Belion Gaming
Belion Gaming - 6 dager siden
Are we sure Gray isn’t part Canadian, he keeps predicting our doomsday plans, so we continually have to go back to the drawing board.
pro gamer
pro gamer - 6 dager siden
Why did you destroyed Greece why??
Corb man
Corb man - 7 dager siden
Beat ya to the punch Skynet. No earth no place to remanufacture machines.
dat fat gaming
dat fat gaming - 8 dager siden
gray you killed me on the attack on paris. if it took out london, it took out kent. kent is more south east of england than london
Larell Potter
Larell Potter - 8 dager siden
Ok dr evil see you
Adam Pereira
Adam Pereira - 9 dager siden
great sence of humor
gamer boi
gamer boi - 9 dager siden
"I'm giving Canada all the power this time"
icey sicles
icey sicles - 9 dager siden
Goal: 69 likes
Thayer Oosterman
Thayer Oosterman - 10 dager siden
2000 to bomb *graystillplays: THOSE ARE ROOKY NUMBERS(adds a gizzilon zeros)
Jada Rose Shawger-Norris
Jada Rose Shawger-Norris - 10 dager siden
Well, solves over population i guess
Shocking Bunny
Shocking Bunny - 10 dager siden
What game is this
Rafi Arsa
Rafi Arsa - 11 dager siden
*I* *Cee*, that *Bitch* is *Missing*
Winged Hussar
Winged Hussar - 11 dager siden
Gray: *Touches Nuclear Weapons* Me: *Communism Intensifies*
 - 11 dager siden
Did anyone notice the middle cloud in the thump nail has a face
SamTheSamurai_Gaming - 11 dager siden
You killed England 🇬🇧😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱
Tony Vn
Tony Vn - 12 dager siden
Thanks Gray, you killed me. Ouch.
Poision Ivy
Poision Ivy - 12 dager siden
gray declares war on the wold.
Adriana Valenzuela
Adriana Valenzuela - 12 dager siden
how can you download this game???
Luke Droid #1k
Luke Droid #1k - 14 dager siden
How many missile silos would you like?
Gray: Yes.
Minh Châu Hoàng
Minh Châu Hoàng - 15 dager siden
i hear grey say HOLY hlaf a millon ppeople dead and say rookie numbers
JayLoyd722 - 15 dager siden
The code skills
superepicgames - 15 dager siden
8:20 it says std bomb
Island Q Tube
Island Q Tube - 15 dager siden
Imagine you wake up one day in 2021 and you here “ROOKIE NUMBERS”
JAsoldi3r - 16 dager siden
im starting to think, the whole pandemic is due to GrayStillpllays. and Covid was actually called Florida man
JAsoldi3r - 16 dager siden
Also thank you for leaving jamaica alone :D
Rad Roland
Rad Roland - 16 dager siden
whats the of the song that starts at 6:59 and ends at 7:22?
Daisy P
Daisy P - 16 dager siden
the war of 1812 was the perfect soundtrack for this
TD Dreamer
TD Dreamer - 16 dager siden
So chaotic I love it
jay bee
jay bee - 17 dager siden
Lol 31% pacific union, new Zealand lives on to take over the whole world in peace and harmony and with positive prosperous growth.
Michael Lewis
Michael Lewis - 17 dager siden
Something about Gray blowing up all the nukes at 14:34 with the music in the background makes me laugh a lot
Toby Coupland
Toby Coupland - 17 dager siden
Brian - 17 dager siden
No one:
America post World War 2: 13:22
Xehemoth - 17 dager siden
That isnt a mushroom cloud on the thumbnail, its a laughing clown. Now you'll never unsee it -- You're welcome.
UnKownBros - 18 dager siden
I feel like I shouldn't be watching this
Aleksy Ojeda
Aleksy Ojeda - 18 dager siden
Gray: I detonated a nuke the size of the earth and this happened
Video: 16:27 long
NameLess - 18 dager siden
"Damage YES!"
Ender Me
Ender Me - 18 dager siden
50: *is a rookie number* 99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999: *is a rookie number*
Xc Gaming
Xc Gaming - 18 dager siden
You should have called it "Plan Stupidity"
Makore 1762
Makore 1762 - 19 dager siden
A nuke the size of a coin with the density of the sun
ChuotVy - 19 dager siden
U literally live in Florida and Florida is in north amrica
Captain Sarah Miller
Captain Sarah Miller - 19 dager siden
Apparently so. 🤣
Rolling_Strings3 - 20 dager siden
Can you make Pluto a planet?
Brahima conteh
Brahima conteh - 20 dager siden
It's like solar smash
ORANGE JUICE - 20 dager siden
the earth is always having a meltdown
A non mouse
A non mouse - 20 dager siden
"I'm in Florida."
Ah. I see now.
Silent - 20 dager siden
So Grey... what would you like the damage counter set at
Gray: yes
Brandon Jones
Brandon Jones - 21 dag siden
99999999 killed rookie numbers
CLARK AMEERAH - 21 dag siden
I love this video so much do you
Cemil AYDIN - 21 dag siden
My 3 subscribers
Cemil AYDIN - 21 dag siden
ICBM game is
Carson Manicke
Carson Manicke - 21 dag siden
Game: u have killed everyone on earth
Gray:rookie numbers
All Might 191
All Might 191 - 23 dager siden
Are you Lex Luthor's secret love child
Watson Harrell
Watson Harrell - 24 dager siden
Jesus loves you brochachos
• Yeet -Chan •
• Yeet -Chan • - 25 dager siden
When you live in Istanbul: I guess I'll just die now
Xtreemo Gaming
Xtreemo Gaming - 25 dager siden
Firing so many missiles at once until the whole planet finally visually look like an atom
Revali - 25 dager siden
The only thing that is going to survive this is a drunk cat 🐈
Revali - 25 dager siden
I feel like gray is god now
Artimus Protensor
Artimus Protensor - 25 dager siden
It's not impossible to build a single nuke that would destroy the world. It's just highly impractical. Also suicidally stupid, not that that ever stopped anybody. PS that double slash at the start of the line means it's been marked to be ignored; it's not doing anything. Nothing you change in those lines matters.
JKH007 - 26 dager siden
Grey: sees damage... yes!
lasarith2 - 26 dager siden
3:33 Kilotonnes 500000000000 = 500 tera tonnes, or 2.092 yottajoules of energy = 4.6 months of energy from the Sun .
Leviathon Slayer
Leviathon Slayer - 16 dager siden
Onkit - 26 dager siden
Do you know there is a channel named riddle stealing your ideas
xanty x
xanty x - 27 dager siden
oh no gray did it again
Schizo Through The Tulips
Schizo Through The Tulips - 27 dager siden
“What are we gonna do today Gray?”
Tao Zeng
Tao Zeng - 28 dager siden
No *the bomb looks like a big red fish*
ca sne
ca sne - 28 dager siden
The gigantic flight ethically arrest because seeder bareilly kneel given a vast raincoat. married, aboriginal course
Giorno giovanni
Giorno giovanni - 28 dager siden
When you write yes in the files the earth pops out of existence
Giorno giovanni
Giorno giovanni - 28 dager siden
2021 is when the sun throws a tantrum that gray killed us before it could
Alexander Tebear
Alexander Tebear - 28 dager siden
Use a boom war acholy lives blows self up
Alexander Tebear
Alexander Tebear - 28 dager siden
We don’t start wer’s we end himen life 👍lol
Ben - 29 dager siden
Satan: how much masochism do you want?
Gray: yes
damien king
damien king - Måned siden
grey when he sees anything lower than 1 mil: ROoKiE NUmBerS