i completed this impossible spike fall challenge and this happened

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i completed this impossible spike fall challenge and this happened
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Happy Wheels is a ragdoll physics-based platform browser game developed and published by American studio Fancy Force. Created by video game designer Jim Bonacci in 2010, the game features several player characters, who use different, sometimes atypical, vehicles to traverse the game's many levels. Playing Banned Levels in Happy wheels
Runtime: 13:34


Leo Varker-winterson
Leo Varker-winterson - 7 timer siden
do a face reaveal
Nathan Adriano
Nathan Adriano - Dag siden
when he said NONI!?!??! I laughed so hard I pooped my pants
HNL Stormy
HNL Stormy - Dag siden
Imagine walking out side at the end of 2020/start of 2021 and hearing : “tutorial complete”
MrUnit731 - Dag siden
Delicious sausages? Conveyor belts?
Liam Studios
Liam Studios - 2 dager siden
Stop freaking saying bad words
Tannyr Friesen
Tannyr Friesen - 2 dager siden
Do you mean drink 🍷 I did I'm 9 on new years eve
OrangeLake 55488
OrangeLake 55488 - 3 dager siden
I was looking up Floating Sandbox and expecting another youtuber but I found Gray's video and I never stopped from watching. (BTW this was actually at New Year's Eve)
Harrison Johnson
Harrison Johnson - 3 dager siden
Potat o
Potat o - 5 dager siden
dragon loo
dragon loo - 7 dager siden
10:28 the bottle is on nothing
anjellamk kharsyntiew
anjellamk kharsyntiew - 7 dager siden
Can you just concentrate on the game because you'll lose time
Dusty_Chinchilla 12
Dusty_Chinchilla 12 - 7 dager siden
*the thumbnail being a rope swing*
MadKat Janowak
MadKat Janowak - 7 dager siden
:O this was made on my B-DAY
Consuelo Ruiz
Consuelo Ruiz - 7 dager siden
Cant touch this
Consuelo Ruiz
Consuelo Ruiz - 7 dager siden
Ops the no is a mistake srry
Benja El Crack
Benja El Crack - 8 dager siden
3:22 am i the only who saw him going through spikes like if nothing happened?
T Beaudrie
T Beaudrie - 8 dager siden
Logan Davis
Logan Davis - 9 dager siden
Giblitoss sounds like a pokemon who didn't make the cut
3B10.HANZEL Hanzel Alberto Limrich
Kreekcraft u promise to my son that u gonna give him free robux
Shadow_ woof! ジ
Shadow_ woof! ジ - 9 dager siden
"Gray sold his soul to the devil for designer. They said no way, but he still beat the level...
No he doesn't die young, his youtube channel is just to much fun"
Jax - 10 dager siden
Imagine if Gray plays Dayz 😂
ΔTM - 11 dager siden
look at tom at 11:26 cant stop laughing
Ayden Kihuri
Ayden Kihuri - 12 dager siden
4:20 When gravity switchs to strong HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHA
Ayden Kihuri
Ayden Kihuri - 12 dager siden
0:37 when you,re ketchup is SPRAYING all over you,re chips AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Ardian Karakushi
Ardian Karakushi - 13 dager siden
In7:28 was like parkour level 6 in the game Stickmanbackflipkiller 5
[GD] FireBlizzard
[GD] FireBlizzard - 13 dager siden
4:56 the god oh hoes
Noahkukuhead Gaming
Noahkukuhead Gaming - 13 dager siden
Dam grey you always make me laugh
JenniferKitty - Random Gacha Stuff
0:12 Did he just regrow his legs...?

See mom, I told you Gray was awesome
Banana_Blama - 14 dager siden
gray: i completed this impossible spike fall
Me: if you complete it it is not impossible
colnk markall
colnk markall - 14 dager siden
This game will soon be all about him
Rowdy - 15 dager siden
Gray: I don't know why but these ropes remind me of delicious sausages
Me: I don't know why but these ropes remind me of crap
Denied Games
Denied Games - 16 dager siden
Lets all acknowledge that Happy Wheels will never die.
Mady Vanier
Mady Vanier - 16 dager siden
Lol hahaha
Kiley Hardin
Kiley Hardin - 17 dager siden
The New Jersey Florida Man is it again AND I LOVE IT
Leigh Himes
Leigh Himes - 17 dager siden
the noises he be making has me rolling
Isabel Zhu
Isabel Zhu - 17 dager siden
elliott wee
elliott wee - 17 dager siden
I think you mean you can do with out child support
Mr Gaming
Mr Gaming - 18 dager siden
Does Gary have a obsession with satan? I almost always here talk about the devil at least once in a vid
Kay Findley
Kay Findley - 18 dager siden
Oh SPY! - 18 dager siden
Somethin' tells me, ordering a "double penetration apple Japanese porridge" at a Japanese restaurant may not end so well.
SuperCrafterEli - 19 dager siden
Do you remember Tonya Cocaine?
Zer0Rebel4 - 20 dager siden
If it was porn at the end, that could 1000% be a hentai
Kyle King
Kyle King - 20 dager siden
Who's here in 2021
Ioan Pop
Ioan Pop - 20 dager siden
What Is Ded You
CatchingTheShot 133
CatchingTheShot 133 - 21 dag siden
6:59 .... looks like a shark
Youtuber Daily
Youtuber Daily - 21 dag siden
I watched one of Greys videos and YouTube can’t stop forcing me to watch it
L.M. Play’s
L.M. Play’s - 21 dag siden
All hall king grey
Lewis Scherdt
Lewis Scherdt - 21 dag siden
Ian Rooney
Ian Rooney - 21 dag siden
Hey gray Can you do a video of Happy wheels Just Bottle Flips
Dj Paul
Dj Paul - 21 dag siden
The white grease preliminarily reign because lotion summatively yell over a hot huge dressing. mysterious, miniature stop
Baireth The Dairne
Baireth The Dairne - 21 dag siden
“I’m the god of *both* holes!”
—Bisexual/pansexual people
Emma Iadicola
Emma Iadicola - 21 dag siden
Sölvi Hrafn Pétursson
Sölvi Hrafn Pétursson - 22 dager siden
11:01 sounds so weird with audio only
Jayverson Javier
Jayverson Javier - 22 dager siden
My favorite happy wheels game is
bottle flip levels
Kingofkings - 22 dager siden
Gray:normally rope swings were pretty predictable
Jocky - 22 dager siden
Why does he talk like Tobuscus when he plays happy wheels
Among us Bonnie
Among us Bonnie - 22 dager siden
Creeper`s Videos
Creeper`s Videos - 23 dager siden
Lia Mavroudi
Lia Mavroudi - 23 dager siden
Gorge - 23 dager siden
Happy wheels? In 2020?
Samantha Wehrmeister
Samantha Wehrmeister - 23 dager siden
hey, thanks for bringing happiness and laughs to this year gray! without you i would be sad... thank you
Joaquin Laurence Rabe
Joaquin Laurence Rabe - 23 dager siden
Gray still seats
Matthew Pogue
Matthew Pogue - 23 dager siden
Cora Dacquisto
Cora Dacquisto - 23 dager siden
11:56 lol
dragon king
dragon king - 23 dager siden
DPAJP means dude penetraiting a japanees pigeon
Planet Among Roblox gaming
Planet Among Roblox gaming - 23 dager siden
Fun Fact: Children will die if given beer!
Phantom GAMING
Phantom GAMING - 24 dager siden
I watched u since 2018 I'm a big fan
Ruby Barnard
Ruby Barnard - 25 dager siden
I found a name for bottle runs with harpoons
its a botoon run.i also found a name for ur daughter,milly hardy
ANOTHER NAME:jet spike fall
Mark [Gaming and Pyro]
Mark [Gaming and Pyro] - 25 dager siden
i laught so hard at 10:57 so epic and so clean hahaha
Kathrine Doyle
Kathrine Doyle - 25 dager siden
"Cmon timmy put your back into it!"

Me mind:
"C'mon lil mama put yo back into it"
im a weird cat
im a weird cat - 26 dager siden
I want the thumbnail to happen
Kase Keeper
Kase Keeper - 26 dager siden
I did the same
Dora Bronshvayg
Dora Bronshvayg - 27 dager siden
Freeze wall bottle flip, when you win you go into a rope swing to spike fall. Then when you think you won there's a spinning spike that tries to kill you while you run for the win.
That is my idea for the hardest/craziest happy wheel level I can think of
REEE EEE - 28 dager siden
sounds real
REEE EEE - 28 dager siden
me:thanks mom thank for the airpods
me:trys them out
Ignat Diana
Ignat Diana - 28 dager siden
Gray in like every video: THIS LEVEL IS A PAIN IN THE A—
Robyns Crow
Robyns Crow - 29 dager siden
Gray: this is why i hated going to the airport during trips, you go in with a full body and come out with a torso
As someone who travels often this is correct
Izuku Midoriya
Izuku Midoriya - 29 dager siden
Gray sounds like Oompavillie lol
oliver brennan
oliver brennan - Måned siden
Is he Canadian?
Ana Cardoza
Ana Cardoza - Måned siden
🪦 lolbit the cute girl 🦊
coco rats
coco rats - Måned siden
i found gray two years ago
HuffleRuff - Måned siden
Someone make this board: It's all rocket run with a harpoon run at the same time.
bread bur and memes
bread bur and memes - Måned siden
UnPrankAble 666
UnPrankAble 666 - Måned siden
"Behold. I am, the God of Holes."
Every guys dream.
turbohypersky - Måned siden
almost to 6.66
when 6.66: *demon spawned*
Paul Hall
Paul Hall - Måned siden
#funny XD
Dj Paul
Dj Paul - Måned siden
The exciting exclusive server individually reflect because sense philly lock outside a decorous softball. helpful, guttural H habitual television
dreamy player from space
dreamy player from space - Måned siden
Can U get this comment to 666 only
Danny Clubb
Danny Clubb - Måned siden
Your voice and personality are what make you great! I'd watch ANYTHING you upload man
Michael Artymko
Michael Artymko - Måned siden
This made me laugh so much
Clean Edits
Clean Edits - Måned siden
Why the hell does he only have 4.7M subs he should have 20M
Piano Man
Piano Man - Måned siden
D outlet
P enetration
A pple
J apanese
P oridge
Claire Murphy
Claire Murphy - Måned siden
“I hate going to the airport in Trenton” he lives in Michigan. He live in the same state as me....... please do a meet and great I will literally buy all the tickets
Sofia Leno
Sofia Leno - Måned siden
6:42 first vid of happy wheels I've seen tom hardy/hearty survive, or come out unharmed.
Will Phipps
Will Phipps - Måned siden
Never heared this said while playing madden: 3:38 "JUST GOTTA USE THE JETS!'
Kobi Yamin
Kobi Yamin - Måned siden
Je sus
Tamir Lapidus
Tamir Lapidus - Måned siden
I'm watching this at 0:00
Lucas Payne
Lucas Payne - Måned siden
Mixer RANGERRANGZ - Måned siden
Nothing is impossible if gray play it
Colorful Cat
Colorful Cat - Måned siden
YEET 8:33
Colorful Cat
Colorful Cat - Måned siden
BONK 5:49