i completed this impossible bull's eye challenge and this happened

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i completed this impossible bull's eye challenge and this happened
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Runtime: 18:20


Mike Debrecht
Mike Debrecht - 17 timer siden
To much bottle flip thats how you flipped that tractor
Rocky Racoon and Meme Time
Gray makes entertaining and educational videos
Entertaining: self explanatory
Educational: Never Give Up
Juls3411 - Dag siden
Игорь Вакадон
Игорь Вакадон - 2 dager siden
How does it make sense that complete something impossible
If it’s impossible it shouldn’t be doable
tigi abebe
tigi abebe - 3 dager siden
Pls name game plsplsplspls
donut - 6 dager siden
I win 3 levels with tractor
Florentin Leontiev
Florentin Leontiev - 7 dager siden
Pleasure 🌟
ninja - 7 dager siden
000000000000.0000000000000.0000000001 fps video ,MAKE HELLLLLLLLL
Koopa Troopa
Koopa Troopa - 7 dager siden
Call me_ BuddieGanja
Call me_ BuddieGanja - 7 dager siden
Just subscribed. I'm number 4.29 million
Hollywood Holland
Hollywood Holland - 8 dager siden
15:26 😂😂😂😂 That truck coming through sideways was perfect.
aswdfzxc7291 - 9 dager siden
Gray:where in line with it now
Reece Mason
Reece Mason - 11 dager siden
Embrace the Chaos.
Bendy gal
Bendy gal - 11 dager siden
I love how it said "DAM BOI HE THICC" for the monster truck
spycraft - 12 dager siden
Half of these could be beaten with the bulldozer
The Boys
The Boys - 12 dager siden
Again thumbnail is click bate but still good content
Jess Kosi
Jess Kosi - 13 dager siden
Are you on Xbox ?
HempBuster - 13 dager siden
This game still has better AI than cyberpunk.
jameses797 - 14 dager siden
Grey: drives on highway
Highway: makes car nado
Me: what the heck is that?!
Doug Chitwood
Doug Chitwood - 14 dager siden
My face hurts
nikki the narwhal
nikki the narwhal - 14 dager siden
Grey never uses the limo
Radius gacha
Radius gacha - 15 dager siden
Hey gray, i was on r/confusedboners ( do not ask why) and there was a peen shaped cactus labeled: for the masochistics out there... i laughed to much
ocelot Laidler we aren't leaders
I wonder what this game is cold I forgot
Tiny - 15 dager siden
12:41 no that was glorious
Elvud Treushkov
Elvud Treushkov - 16 dager siden
Poison 😻
Roy Fuentes
Roy Fuentes - 16 dager siden
I love your vis is Funny keep it up make me laugh a lot 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
RoninRobin - 16 dager siden
Are u german?
Ian Driesel
Ian Driesel - 16 dager siden
Yous the x wining more
Ian Driesel
Ian Driesel - 16 dager siden
Macsomum yedis
Ian Driesel
Ian Driesel - 16 dager siden
I like spoons
BoneBGaming - 16 dager siden
16:00 listen to the rest of the video with only the sound
TURBOMADDNESS - 17 dager siden
1:43 jacksepticeye fuckin lied
ExoFrame - 17 dager siden
Gets an impressive score -> resets
Oh well 🤷‍♂️
I am a ghost 0-0
I am a ghost 0-0 - 17 dager siden
Fact: people clicked cuz of the GTA V thumbnail
bomo baggings
bomo baggings - 17 dager siden
after many many deaths there is still victory
Benny S
Benny S - 18 dager siden
16:30 as a german i can relate...
TheNakedSpaceMan - 18 dager siden
Did anyone else notice he said pink lightnin like escuse ne a jackal boi
Kayla Sheblosky
Kayla Sheblosky - 18 dager siden
Play Roblox
yiğit temürcü
yiğit temürcü - 19 dager siden
1:21: İ like trains.
Ben McKee
Ben McKee - 19 dager siden
Beam mg challenge courses would be cool
m m magic user
m m magic user - 20 dager siden
dear gray, every time i watch your videos you make me laugh and less sick, you are awesome and i hope you keep your coolness up
Sophia Not Saying Last Name
Sophia Not Saying Last Name - 20 dager siden
He said 100 mile an hour traffic???

Andy Rodriguez
Andy Rodriguez - 20 dager siden
“I’m gonna get penetrated by a damn train!”
GrayStillPlays 2020
xXUniquely_ AshlynXx
xXUniquely_ AshlynXx - 20 dager siden
You know turbo pads are your best friends when you have 1 million of them
Pamela Pamy
Pamela Pamy - 20 dager siden
Yep it a Train
Lorenzo Iñigo Dejos
Lorenzo Iñigo Dejos - 21 dag siden
how did a train fall there should be a train spawner is it a glitch? wait i think the person who made it added a invisible train spawner
kenuko the playlist king
kenuko the playlist king - 21 dag siden
Ya I saw the train too. It's a sign of masochism from satan 😈
Bagel TUW 842 / party gamer
Bagel TUW 842 / party gamer - 22 dager siden
In the first impossible map
It looks like 11 layer’s of hell
XAN Xeto
XAN Xeto - 22 dager siden
I'll just leave this here... for those who want a quick laugh 9:48
malik N
malik N - 22 dager siden
13:02 - 13:05 😂
alex m
alex m - 22 dager siden
you got the game name wrong its new York rush hour gray edition
Mom's watching
Mom's watching - 23 dager siden
Does anyone else’s gut clench when he grunts or is it just me? 😅😂😂
CrimsonLegend - 23 dager siden
I keep Repeating 15:20 XD XD XD
Neko Nyan
Neko Nyan - 24 dager siden
I love it when a game lags so much that a recording of it lags out the device your using to watch it
screwy - 24 dager siden
Idk why but gray teach us that we can't give up on your dream
Gabe Collins
Gabe Collins - 24 dager siden
0:10 ah yes Connecticut traffic
Jay Babyy
Jay Babyy - 24 dager siden
Tell me why the clouds in the thumbnail look like gta5's
Deluxe Boi
Deluxe Boi - 24 dager siden
oop wrong vid
Deluxe Boi
Deluxe Boi - 24 dager siden
he saved the day by promoting social distancing!
Official Ramtin
Official Ramtin - 24 dager siden
5:45 Kidding Meh ??? =|
mc killer
mc killer - 25 dager siden
RIP his pc
Alex Tkachev
Alex Tkachev - 25 dager siden
the only game that allows you to place Nicolas Cage meme face
Dark Wolf
Dark Wolf - 26 dager siden
I just finished watching the hurricane video and decided to try to picture his face with the voice that brings torture to so many games. My brain has never been more confused....
Ryan Theobald
Ryan Theobald - 26 dager siden
He does this so we don't have to.
ALPHA KRAFT - 26 dager siden
Greg: We’re in line with it now
Traffic:No b!tch
KG_EGD - 26 dager siden
Dam it HOW I made it impossible wtf (14:10)
himiko toga
himiko toga - 26 dager siden
Ok... who taught shigaraki modern slang?!?
Michael Marzigliano
Michael Marzigliano - 26 dager siden
Cada Whiite
Cada Whiite - 26 dager siden
at the end of 2020 i want to hear "stay foxy, much love"
Brody Schmidt
Brody Schmidt - 27 dager siden
Smarter not harder
solomon ogaragbo
solomon ogaragbo - 27 dager siden
For the traffic the cheat is go to the side where they is whute
Steve Simp
Steve Simp - 28 dager siden
Nicole Sands
Nicole Sands - 28 dager siden
I was getting a homophobic/transphobic ad before some of your videos. I know that’s a problem some YouTuber’s have so I wanted to let you know.
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi - 28 dager siden
15:56 as german i can say that this is how it feels to drive with a 125ccm bike on the Autobahn
Samuel Meikle
Samuel Meikle - 28 dager siden
The tricycle was inspiring
Killer Byte
Killer Byte - 29 dager siden
This channel reminds me of 2014
Vthunder 4
Vthunder 4 - 29 dager siden
Day one of asking gray to play dark souls
Hope Papernacky
Hope Papernacky - Måned siden
I swear half of the things he says sound like my everyday intrusive thoughts
Zeyroz FNM
Zeyroz FNM - Måned siden
I laughed so hard when he said the bad word
Jonny Clayville
Jonny Clayville - Måned siden
I wanna see Gray take #1 all time scoreboard placement on an official game challenge. Game of Grays choice.
Not Aku_BOT
Not Aku_BOT - Måned siden
When face reavel?
Snow Lily
Snow Lily - Måned siden
Is it bad that I had to look up what “colonoscopy” was? 😐
Enory Willard
Enory Willard - Måned siden
also gray: *rams into the concrete beam*
White_wolf gamer
White_wolf gamer - Måned siden
Its an Carano
Maddox Daniels
Maddox Daniels - Måned siden
12:45 God Speed Little One.
General Kenobi
General Kenobi - Måned siden
17:30 what are you doing stepcar? 😏
Stacy Jones
Stacy Jones - Måned siden
Salty Games
Salty Games - Måned siden
0:15 now that's why you eat your vegetables kids
Nerdmech76 - Måned siden
14:17 victory theme name pls
のののBaka - Måned siden
7:32 he said the thing
Aaron Blackman
Aaron Blackman - Måned siden
Wooooooo the amount of depression in this video is properly screwed
Doreen Collinson
Doreen Collinson - Måned siden
Towing to the right but was a shot over
Isaac Juarez
Isaac Juarez - Måned siden
Not trying to be mean but I am getting tired of the fake laughs
Fitness Kid
Fitness Kid - Måned siden
when i first saw this video it had 666k views
Jennifer Pauze
Jennifer Pauze - Måned siden
When ever I see the first map about to crash the game I know it is going to be a good video
venrexx - Måned siden
I feel like I could make a drinking game off this man's videos.
Start your first shot off when he says "alright" at the beginning of the video.
Gray says "cocaine", take a shot, remember that it's probably better than doing a line.
Gray says "penetration", take two shots for our fallen brother.
Gray mentions "30 years of his life" being removed, take a shot, F in chat.
Gray says "pain in my ass", take three shots for dealing with the pain.
Gray mentions some other kind of agony, take two shots, just because.
Gray mentions the word "impossible", take two shots at the exact same time, because I'm sure there's someone out there thinks it's impossible.
So on, and so forth, you are free to add your own quotes to make it even more interesting if you personally feel this isn't enough of a challenge.
Bonus: Gray mentions masochism... take six shots, real fast, just to be masochistic to yourself.
Four rules (No exceptions):
1. Throwing up is an instant fail to this game.
2. Be truthful, don't skip shots.
3. Hard alcohol only. Juice, pop, beer, water, and any soft drinks don't count.
4. Be of legal drinking age. I can't personally stop you from underage drinking, but just to be safe, if you're underage, you're automatically disqualified from this challenge.
Who here could get through a video while remaining sober(ish)?
Good luck! May Gray's words be ever in your favor.
Colleen Dow
Colleen Dow - Måned siden
if there's one thing graystillplays has taught us its never give up
B. F. Kennett
B. F. Kennett - Måned siden
on the standard levels, you can get a "nailed it" by doing certain things, good luck finding out what those things are, here's the one that applies to all of them
♦Reach the end of the steering path while still on your vehicle, nothing falling off the vehicle.
Josh Ferguson
Josh Ferguson - Måned siden
Anyone mad that he didn’t do it with pink lightning
Tactical Kitty
Tactical Kitty - Måned siden
Dude play goat simulator