i completed this impossible 0.0001% spike jump challenge and this happened

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i completed this impossible 0.0001% spike jump challenge and this happened
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Become a ragdoll and create your own environments in Sandbox Mode, explore worlds created by others, or just flop around your destructible sets! Fun with Ragdolls: The Game lets you enjoy everything you love about ragdolls!
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Kuur - Dag siden
BigTT101 !!
BigTT101 !! - Dag siden
0:09 GOooOooOoOoOon 😩
TheExtraLongRuller Baldi
TheExtraLongRuller Baldi - 2 dager siden
1:46 nice death
4:07 BOOm
5:06 ouch
5:18 crouching is not the best way
5:32 that really hurts
5:35 when u get backstabbed
6:02 when u get among us killed
6:04 another boom
6:06 triple boom booms
6:16 that was close
6:35 WEEEE
6:45 uppercut
10:04 head go BRRRRRRRRR
14:08 instant karma
15:30 slide
ok im done my funny momentos
Liv Glenn
Liv Glenn - 4 dager siden
"why are all the hell levels made for me?!?!"
-GrayStillPlays, god of hell
Srce 0ceana Srce Oceana
Srce 0ceana Srce Oceana - 4 dager siden
What name is that game
M Ayoubi
M Ayoubi - 4 dager siden
Why are we still here..just to suffer
Jaden Hadeler
Jaden Hadeler - 4 dager siden
Hey i saw that video and i think you make cool videos i gived i subscribed you
XxX girl behind the slaughter XxX
Me looking at the screen At the start(photo an vid):walk on the side -_-
Sans - 6 dager siden
Gray:hey it's like jumping on Legos.
*distant screams of pain and agony*
twisted nick
twisted nick - 6 dager siden
weir 3211
weir 3211 - 6 dager siden
What this game?
Call Star
Call Star - 6 dager siden
what game is this?
E-Sei Walker
E-Sei Walker - 7 dager siden
you have the funniest commentary XDDD
Victor Kalnajs
Victor Kalnajs - 7 dager siden
4:07 WTF
darkwarrior 1895
darkwarrior 1895 - 7 dager siden
Fus roh da
I love skyrim
Jason West
Jason West - 7 dager siden
I made the first map
Therris W.
Therris W. - 8 dager siden
deli wolf
deli wolf - 8 dager siden
You know I said you can I can actually step on each individual ball once in public and it didn't go well
IGU 667
IGU 667 - 10 dager siden
It’s a bird it’s a plane no it’s gray
goblin_girl _
goblin_girl _ - 10 dager siden
“Now...... ow.”
Gavr Voin
Gavr Voin - 11 dager siden
6:44 Fus... RO DAH!!!!

Edit: Yes i'm nine and i play skyrim
Djinx - 12 dager siden
Garrison Pendergrass
Garrison Pendergrass - 12 dager siden
Taste what I can do when I have spawning and noclip.
MR. Čagalj
MR. Čagalj - 14 dager siden
Waht name of game
Ethan Martin
Ethan Martin - 14 dager siden
1:40 where there is a will there's a OH NO
Me:wait a minute...
Ayden Chapin
Ayden Chapin - 15 dager siden
yEeT 2:18
Malrik Stidham
Malrik Stidham - 16 dager siden
i played the graystillplays suffer level btw, i beat it in 3 tries!
Melanie - 16 dager siden
I know your real YouTube name is gay still plays
T - 16 dager siden
Honestly, sometimes I just come here for his commentary. He is funny, that frustration! XD
FoxBitsGaming - 16 dager siden
yo yo there's somethin you forgot gray, you forgot the link to play /jadonbarnes.itch.io/fun-with-ragdolls-the-game#:~:text=Extra%20%20%20Status%20%20%20Released%20,%20Jadon%20Barnes%20%207%20more%20rows%20
Rafi Arabi
Rafi Arabi - 17 dager siden
jessie louise
jessie louise - 17 dager siden
Hey Gray why do you say these boreds impossible when you beat them?
Dragon Wolf
Dragon Wolf - 17 dager siden
The man behind the slaughter
Elijah Obeidullah
Elijah Obeidullah - 17 dager siden
I did this thing where you jump and Ragdoll at the same time so you go very far
Sherene Gould
Sherene Gould - 18 dager siden
How many video’s have you made
Chuck's Cool Reviews
Chuck's Cool Reviews - 18 dager siden
Gray: Teleports... YES!!!

...into the middle of a laser grid :( NO!!!!!!!!
Monica Schmitt
Monica Schmitt - 18 dager siden
There was a planet zoo ad on your video.
be honored.
Tony Cruz
Tony Cruz - 18 dager siden
The nebulous pajama currently branch because fridge preferentially screw along a spurious chard. shallow, rainy james
Janky - 18 dager siden
Where there’s a will, there’s a OH NO!
Jeni Aders
Jeni Aders - 18 dager siden
Why isn't his characters color gray?
Nate Sylvester
Nate Sylvester - 18 dager siden
I edited this cause I don’t know how to delete

Jk lol
Kellen Kimbrell
Kellen Kimbrell - 19 dager siden
Hello gray
LilGacha - 19 dager siden
7:17 He puts the ow in now
Carmen Vargas
Carmen Vargas - 19 dager siden
¯\(``/) /¯
WarMister - 19 dager siden
The creators of these boards must be watching with pleasure as gray goes through all the bullshit
The golden haired Gunner
The golden haired Gunner - 19 dager siden
6:44 is so funny cause I love skyrim
James Kennedy
James Kennedy - 19 dager siden
You should play getting over it
Jake Schway
Jake Schway - 19 dager siden
I thought those balls were perc
Soldier - 19 dager siden
0:07 Hey everyone welcome to gray asmr
enjoy this relaxing audio of a man groaning in perhaps pleasure or discomfort
Soldier - 18 dager siden
@Dianne McConnachie only 12 but maybe :)
Dianne McConnachie
Dianne McConnachie - 18 dager siden
Wtf u high or something
Youssef Waseem
Youssef Waseem - 20 dager siden
If you watch from 1:03 at 0.5 speed you’ll see he glitched through the hammers
Leon Rhodes
Leon Rhodes - 20 dager siden
This must be punishment for all the sims 4 episodes.
Thedrakanmaster 124
Thedrakanmaster 124 - 21 dag siden
1:40 that quote made me suddenly think of Avicii for some reason
Flammable_ - 21 dag siden
make your own board
Brandt Koo
Brandt Koo - 21 dag siden
Brandt Koo
Brandt Koo - 21 dag siden
What game is this
SuperSteve600 - 21 dag siden
It JUST hit christmas. Friday, Dec. 25 12:00 A.M.
Paige Chatman
Paige Chatman - 21 dag siden
Ho ho ho merry satanic death
Riel Harvey
Riel Harvey - 21 dag siden
I love your vids cuz your like a gameing deadpool but a lil funnyier
Charleneweir - 21 dag siden
Stop swearing!!!!
Lucas Dunn
Lucas Dunn - 22 dager siden
4:51 😖😖😖
Gabe Collins
Gabe Collins - 22 dager siden
This game feeds off of his pain and suffering the more pain there is the harder the levels get the more suffering there is the more trolls there is
RedSebYT - 22 dager siden
But I use ipad
RedSebYT - 22 dager siden
I have this game.
Whitney Henderson
Whitney Henderson - 22 dager siden
Gray i watch your vids so much. They are hilarious🤣
Gingy - 22 dager siden
I found a level it’s called gray still gets depression. You should play it XD
James Maggs
James Maggs - 22 dager siden
Grey fun fact but a black hole the size of a 1$ coin has the mass of the Earth.
Not ki]ngs[
Not ki]ngs[ - 22 dager siden
Thummail: this is imposible
Me: well...
Also me: just walk in the edge
Jessica Michel
Jessica Michel - 22 dager siden
Are you the purple guy
Shanly Phone
Shanly Phone - 22 dager siden
Graystillplays + captain sause = funny team
Cristian Calbesi
Cristian Calbesi - 22 dager siden
0:47 those people in smash ultimate be like
Cookie Gamer
Cookie Gamer - 22 dager siden
hell no
Potato Man
Potato Man - 22 dager siden
When the level says impossible gray: are you suuuuuurrrrrreeeeeee
Luke Gonzalez
Luke Gonzalez - 23 dager siden
You should do the infinite ragdoll parkour and battles
Michael Donnelly
Michael Donnelly - 23 dager siden
I have to go into creative mode to complete the hardest part
Viking Teddy
Viking Teddy - 23 dager siden
That's a lotta patience.
Jon Bovee
Jon Bovee - 23 dager siden
I love that gray always calls everyone a bastard
GreenGamerKnight - 23 dager siden
z for slow motion
Tyara Tope
Tyara Tope - 23 dager siden
Does anybody know the name of this game
Jaxson A . P .
Jaxson A . P . - 23 dager siden
7:20 ---That's what she said....
Neelam Shukla
Neelam Shukla - 23 dager siden
13:23 gray you could also ragdoll
The Noob
The Noob - 23 dager siden
Dea - 23 dager siden
The second to last one was brutal. I luv it.
thunder bird
thunder bird - 23 dager siden
Happy wheels with better graphics and hybrids and rag dolls in 3D
InSane_ gAMER
InSane_ gAMER - 23 dager siden
I love this game. I got bored then graystillplays notifcation. Then happiness
Ghostlore - 23 dager siden
What is that sound gray use when something derpy happens
Alec Gent
Alec Gent - 23 dager siden
It probably took him a hour to make that intro
Brian Casto
Brian Casto - 23 dager siden
Impossible my butt
helen brownbill
helen brownbill - 23 dager siden
My name is internal suffering of hell
Charlie Chavez
Charlie Chavez - 23 dager siden
Dgjfg Hgjhgj
Dgjfg Hgjhgj - 23 dager siden
#graystillcrys lol
Nicole Marinucci
Nicole Marinucci - 23 dager siden
your mean
Nicole Marinucci
Nicole Marinucci - 23 dager siden
why you sware
16dragons - 23 dager siden
"Whoever made this is Satan"
*Joshdub intensifies*
16dragons - 23 dager siden
That moment when Gray realizes he can no longer defy realistic physics
16dragons - 23 dager siden
Gray discovering a game is both the best and worst thing to happen to that game
Foster Otley
Foster Otley - 23 dager siden
Gray should make a game called “Adventures of Florida man”
Joshua Martinez
Joshua Martinez - 24 dager siden
start the video* START WITH THE MAX YEETUS
Ethan Bottomley
Ethan Bottomley - 24 dager siden
When I’m watching this it has 699k views
E.R.I.N - 24 dager siden
I'm officially adding 'It'll be fun, they said' to the GrayStillPlays drinking game. He's been saying it a ton lately.
Kirstie Mckeown
Kirstie Mckeown - 24 dager siden
You should do the animal crossing new horizons game on the Nintendo switch (or Nintendo light)