i completed this 99.9999% impossible skill test challenge and this happened

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i completed this 99.9999% impossible skill test challenge and this happened
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We're playing GTA 5 online custom races, these are the best stunt races in gta 5, we're doing wallrides, loops, skill tests and more.
Runtime: 15:41


DJdevil319 - 20 timer siden
All your thumbnails are a lie
AQ Lord
AQ Lord - Dag siden
Alternative title for this series:
Man lists vulgar body parts for almost 20 minutes straight
ッMythix - Dag siden
Thumbnail title: basically hole in the wall but in gta and its rigged
And mostly impossible:>
Knowing gray.. *HE ALWAYS FINDS A WAY*
Francisco Oliveira
Francisco Oliveira - Dag siden
i will count how many times he say's: Pain in the ass.
Ryan White
Ryan White - Dag siden
As much of a pain gray goes through on the track just know the creator also have to go through it to complete it.
Forest Hayden
Forest Hayden - 2 dager siden
Please more
stevepostsvids - 2 dager siden
i love that gray has no soul like me
Malyxx Plays
Malyxx Plays - 2 dager siden
First person seems way easier
GOOSE - 3 dager siden
I went through his vids to find this at the start “All right sk were cheking out the only game” more on
Banditz Blitz
Banditz Blitz - 3 dager siden
Do a 100% possible level
sksd - 3 dager siden
Send it!!!!!!!
Orion 54
Orion 54 - 3 dager siden
All Gray's GTA5 challenge videos say: "-and this happened" at the end of the titles. And what actually happens other than him completing the level?
13:09 1 2 POP IT FU...😂
En Kerro
En Kerro - 4 dager siden
14:38 *kwebbelkop* 😂😂
Tim D
Tim D - 4 dager siden
Meak your self map
Just Jenny
Just Jenny - 4 dager siden
"Okay let's go high, but when I mean high, it's the sad part"
Gray, your high all the time 😂
TheBluNovaGamer1212 - 4 dager siden
Geays should do this but driving in reverse the whole time
Raymond Greenlaw
Raymond Greenlaw - 4 dager siden
Omg your pain in this making me cry tears of laughter.
Wyatt Fillman
Wyatt Fillman - 4 dager siden
Ella Geib
Ella Geib - 5 dager siden
Ur ass can certainly take a lot of pain
Riley Bullock
Riley Bullock - 5 dager siden
"And by high... I dont mean the good kind. This is the sad kind. "
Grey knows man
Hayden Jackson
Hayden Jackson - 5 dager siden
when you said all i know is pain that reminded of pain from naruto
Rachel Beresford
Rachel Beresford - 5 dager siden
I'm currently binge watching Gray's videos while having the worst sore throat of my life so everytime I start a laughing fit, it's a mix between a laugh and a scream. *Worth it 👍🏻*
KaidaFly Studios
KaidaFly Studios - 6 dager siden
Okay you seem pissed in this but I want to see just how pissed you can get, for some reason.
Kindred Hunter
Kindred Hunter - 6 dager siden
9:08 killed me 😂
Sarvesh Maharaj
Sarvesh Maharaj - 6 dager siden
Dude I love the way you got the tfs dbz abridged Vegeta vibes and constantly make dbz references😆🤣
dat fat gaming
dat fat gaming - 6 dager siden
I think I broke YouTube
Nick - 6 dager siden
"There's one thing I love it's getting a face full of bush., hmm" - GrayStillPlays
Jeremy Stuut
Jeremy Stuut - 7 dager siden
Board : You can't complete this.
Gray : That won't stop me because I can't read due to the alcoholism.
Arystoteles Mikulski
Arystoteles Mikulski - 7 dager siden
uwu, someone is listening to "five finger death punch". ;)
Matthew Is The CloneOfTheHero
Whenever Gray says “Pain In My Ass”, I think of that family guy episode where Brian pitch his TV show idea, then the station takes over, and they cast James Woods. They change the show name from “What I Learnt On Jefferson Street” to “Classholes”, and in the Classholes intro, James Woods says “Pain In My Class!” There you go. I just described a episode of Family Guy. You’re welcome
Nanna Rathcke
Nanna Rathcke - 7 dager siden
My head in first person: 🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙂🙂
sachin ganguly
sachin ganguly - 7 dager siden
Pakistanpower outage
devinmcsorley - 8 dager siden
I'm starting to wonder if grey is a masochist
Dystopian Lucidity
Dystopian Lucidity - 8 dager siden
I have to admit, I think Gray is my spirit animal.
Carmen K
Carmen K - 8 dager siden
I can just imagine that when Gray's partner hears Gray yelling out "HOLY PENIIIIIIIIIS", they're like, "....... must be a wall ride"
AceOne69 - 9 dager siden
Wanna know something he made it sound like he said you son of a " BRUH"
Howard Herrick
Howard Herrick - 9 dager siden
And he says maximum YEETUSSSSSSSSSSSS!
Howard Herrick
Howard Herrick - 9 dager siden
Its funny that gray just wants pain
Jacks North
Jacks North - 9 dager siden
Did anyone else appreciate the look of pure disgust on the car at 0:10
Aircraft Carrier Wo-Class
Aircraft Carrier Wo-Class - 9 dager siden
They called it "Impossible" but they failed to account for Florida Man
Ashton Hilke
Ashton Hilke - 9 dager siden
If you close your eyes and just listen to your video you would be so so confused
Sebastian Rivera
Sebastian Rivera - 10 dager siden
gray each time he smacks himself to a wall at dangerous speeds OOF
Baxter - 10 dager siden
I like how Gray is not only persistent—on like, a masochist level—but he is skilled enough to complete these “Impossible” boards. Great work!
Eduardo S. Albrecht
Eduardo S. Albrecht - 10 dager siden
what a boring video 😒
flip2trip - 10 dager siden
Holyyyyyyyy Peeeeeeeeniiiiiiiiissssss!!!!!
Breezy‎Beatsツ゚ - 10 dager siden
can we get a "pain in the ass" counter please
Random Content
Random Content - 11 dager siden
CEO of pain in the ass
sickaholic - 11 dager siden
Tons of respect for your patience!
Sound Wave
Sound Wave - 11 dager siden
hello and welcome back to GTA ANNUS GRATER
Godspeed 13
Godspeed 13 - 11 dager siden
And now you know pain
dasFiesel 3000
dasFiesel 3000 - 12 dager siden
U got yeted Maximus by this map
SheGlows by Glory
SheGlows by Glory - 12 dager siden
I must say, watching with CC on takes this to a whole other level 😂
CC_Caleb14 Gaming
CC_Caleb14 Gaming - 12 dager siden
Loop Da Loops are WAY easier in FPS
Space Invader
Space Invader - 12 dager siden
The 1st person race was red to remind him of hell
Space Invader
Space Invader - 12 dager siden
"A transfer wall ride. Ez"
*10 seconds later*
"Everything's fine.... Everything's less fine"
The Man
The Man - 13 dager siden
Yeet thick meat
Miclea Tudor Luca
Miclea Tudor Luca - 13 dager siden
Is it just me or did anyone watch one of his videos and now can’t stop?
Daniela Garza
Daniela Garza - 13 dager siden
I've been in shock for the past 30 seconds since Gray said he loves a face full of bush
[] - 13 dager siden
Imagine if there were no check points, they would be near impossible to finish them with your sanity still in tact.
Sebi Ola
Sebi Ola - 13 dager siden
Is just me or the hole video he said posible insted of imposible
Carmel WaffleCake
Carmel WaffleCake - 13 dager siden
Hm watching him do challenges makes me want to try but i don't have patience, so why not watch every challenge video ahahahahaha haaa..... HAHA-
AMYA JONES - 14 dager siden
All you need to do is make an wall ride and possibly make a wall and ad jump pads jump pads
Not Me
Not Me - 14 dager siden
Dude, you have the patience of a saint.
Terpster77 - 14 dager siden
“I LIVE IN FIRST PERSON” we all do, it would be weird to be looking at our backs all the time
Yeeboi Yeetus
Yeeboi Yeetus - 14 dager siden
This is tic tack tic tic tic tic tic tac toe tic tic but with sanity on the line.
Krishan Mistry
Krishan Mistry - 14 dager siden
Is it me or does batman faze into existence every now and again 🤔
Samuel Williams
Samuel Williams - 15 dager siden
I just love it how he does bottle flip videos they are funny
blue-_- space
blue-_- space - 15 dager siden
Are you a serial kiler?
A Booth
A Booth - 15 dager siden
Day 010 I saw my great grandma
Fiona Mc Intosh
Fiona Mc Intosh - 15 dager siden
You are. Good
Skyblue 05
Skyblue 05 - 15 dager siden
gray always finds a way
Ratgrot - 15 dager siden
Imagine a level with basically the worst parts of all the levels he's done so far, and only checkpoints where the levels change
SkylarShayXD - 16 dager siden
In 8:57 Gray suddenly sounded like one of those primitive MS Agents
Ali Mohamadi
Ali Mohamadi - 16 dager siden
You son of a bruh
Henry Rodgers
Henry Rodgers - 16 dager siden
I got an ad titled "We let our friend with terrible taste make a movie!". Seemed very Gray.
Anyway, happy New Year Gray!
ROBLOXPLAYER - 17 dager siden
A Booth
A Booth - 17 dager siden
Day 009 happy new years
FIRE DRAGON - 17 dager siden
its looks like if you do a wall ride in first person view it will be a lot easier
Mauri Richard Kõiv
Mauri Richard Kõiv - 17 dager siden
u cured my depresion
E.R.I.N - 18 dager siden
Is it just me, or are those wall rides ridiculously easy in first person? He should have been in first person for all the wall rides like that, smh
E.R.I.N - 18 dager siden
"If there's one thing I love, it's getting a face full of bush!"
E.R.I.N - 18 dager siden
"Awh, f*ck you, yeetbird!"
A Booth
A Booth - 18 dager siden
Day 008 I made cookies
Dewd10 - 18 dager siden

Triangle :)
Alexis Wentworth
Alexis Wentworth - 18 dager siden
you should try to find one that doesnt have any checkpoints
jaiden mcelhiney
jaiden mcelhiney - 18 dager siden
0:13 I got so much actual robux finally because of rbx *.fun*
Ukie Cookie
Ukie Cookie - 18 dager siden
watching graystillplays honestly doesn't feel like watching a youtuber, but that very weird cousin who keeps trying to flex on you
i mean this with all the love in my heart
Fabian Genos
Fabian Genos - 19 dager siden
Are you the same person as rcr?
CubeMster - 19 dager siden
Hey wait a second... the worst wall run didn’t have footage of you completing it lol.
Teghan Felisko
Teghan Felisko - 19 dager siden
Why do you always say: stay foxy, much love. At the end of every vid?
A Booth
A Booth - 19 dager siden
Day 007 I set up my ps2 and wii
Srinidhi GR
Srinidhi GR - 19 dager siden
100% yeet
Potterhead Peacharoonie
Potterhead Peacharoonie - 19 dager siden

Don't we all live in first person view?🤣
Creeper Aww man
Creeper Aww man - 20 dager siden
Not today satan
BobTDM 190 Vlogs
BobTDM 190 Vlogs - 20 dager siden
Why does it buffer every single time he swears or feels agony
Hana1LuLu - 20 dager siden
I heartily enjoy this series of videos, it’s actually so impressive to me that he can complete these boards!
Nathan Hunter
Nathan Hunter - 20 dager siden
Oh yeah my life feels like hell
Nathan Hunter
Nathan Hunter - 20 dager siden
I always wash my anus with a blade from happy wheels happy wheels video
Vertical Elk
Vertical Elk - 20 dager siden
You are going on a tear with these gta videos... I don't know how you do it man