i completed this 99.999% impossible laser parkour challenge and this happened

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i completed this 99.999% impossible laser parkour challenge and this happened
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Janko Blazic
Janko Blazic - 9 timer siden
Demon under my bed at 3 am: 4:41
The GHOST - 10 timer siden
I watched all of your brick rigs videos and I wished you would do more of those
Malachi Brooks
Malachi Brooks - 10 timer siden
Malachi Brooks
Malachi Brooks - 10 timer siden
Bro and a bienie
Bro and a bienie - 12 timer siden
Is it bad to say that I like his videos since he’s always in pain
Ayden Fisler
Ayden Fisler - 12 timer siden
Washing my hair with bud lite an- oh no!!! Gray 2021
Mat Kaferlein
Mat Kaferlein - 12 timer siden
Gray is a YEET BOSS
Alexander Faretn
Alexander Faretn - 14 timer siden
Headus Anus, HEADUS ANUS!
TRISHA Jenkins
TRISHA Jenkins - 14 timer siden
Hey galactus
Śÿštêm Ęrrør
Śÿštêm Ęrrør - 15 timer siden
Grey: it was just a moment of headis Anus
My brain: *Unus Annus?*
Seventh Note
Seventh Note - Dag siden
Headus Anus= Unnus Annus
Cocoaben - Dag siden
i wonder what level his blood pressure goes up to when he plays these challenges, including Happy Wheels
Asriel Dreemurr
Asriel Dreemurr - Dag siden
I tried eating a single slice of jalapeno peppers everytime you died, out of a jar FILLED with them. I told myself that I am a Florida Man and we Floridians do not know the meaning of give up.
I am a failed Florida Man. It got to the 11 minute mark and you started dying like crazy. I was 11 minutes and 29 seconds into the video and I couldn't take it anymore. Forgive me Gray.
kagee kao
kagee kao - Dag siden
You should play roblox
David Herbison
David Herbison - 2 dager siden
Sorry man I was in my car 🚙 for 2 hours and I got definitely some cool 😎 time
Syahrial Arif
Syahrial Arif - 2 dager siden
if the level creator involved in the making of the tomb where Lara Croft or Indiana Jones went.. there won't be any Tomb Raider or Indiana Jones movie..
Euan Nelson
Euan Nelson - 3 dager siden
Can you try to play cluster truck?
Danny Cruz
Danny Cruz - 3 dager siden
Hi. I enjoyed the content so much. You have to put out more vids! You should most definitely vlog with the wild YouTubers Bad Friends! Their stuff really are like David Dobrik mixed with a lil bit of Faze Rug! They're the most hilarious team of friends on YouTube and they straight up do crazy stuff every time.
You should definitely check their YT out and give them a subscribe! 👉 #BadFriendsSurprise
jet stream gaming
jet stream gaming - 3 dager siden
3:25 DND reference?
InHumanoXY - 3 dager siden
Gray is the best.
Vermilleno - 3 dager siden
Gray is yeetus deletus.
Brennan Smith
Brennan Smith - 3 dager siden
2:08 Oh I remember that channel! 😂 Too bad the year ended...
🎶...hey now don't try this at home...🎶
Collin Bailey
Collin Bailey - 3 dager siden
Anyone else notice how sometimes he sounds like Flint from Cloudy with a chance of meatballs???
The finder Of glitches
The finder Of glitches - 3 dager siden
4:43 are you marrying masochism
Midnyght Ryder
Midnyght Ryder - 3 dager siden
Gray's subtle stroke at 4:00
Gray's aggressive stroke at 4:40
Benjamin Linkous
Benjamin Linkous - 3 dager siden
go gray
Honey dew6877
Honey dew6877 - 3 dager siden
Has Gray never not won a challenge?
Mason Baldwin
Mason Baldwin - 3 dager siden
I cannot think of a more fitting name than John stick. That was a level 100 thought process
Charlie Waldock
Charlie Waldock - 3 dager siden
Self reminder for laughs 0:50 love all of it though haha
BMambeE 123
BMambeE 123 - 3 dager siden
2:08 headus annus
BMambeE 123
BMambeE 123 - 3 dager siden
Memento mori
Dr. Wolf
Dr. Wolf - 3 dager siden
Gray should play Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy if he hasn’t already
Arc Gavin de Leon
Arc Gavin de Leon - 3 dager siden
What is that game?
Renouce Red
Renouce Red - 3 dager siden
4:45 ....Grey your getting Married? Again? Disgusting! Where????
Stephen Morris
Stephen Morris - 4 dager siden
Gray: now your not invited to the wedding
Me: um gray your already married
ben jordaan
ben jordaan - 4 dager siden
Gray. You should do a face reveal on one of your videos.
Tara yt
Tara yt - 4 dager siden
I raged while watching this video
Bag ‘O’ Clips
Bag ‘O’ Clips - 4 dager siden
I like the part where gray is in agony... oh wait nevermind we make it so he’s always in agony, my bad.
max mcbride
max mcbride - 4 dager siden
hi gray it would be cool if you can make more planet coster videos
Alexandru Juravle
Alexandru Juravle - 4 dager siden
Lets meet Gravestillplays
haunted medic
haunted medic - 4 dager siden
Your getting married?
djr d
djr d - 4 dager siden
Gray it's you, you don't need a game to have your head up your ass
chaz Tranchina
chaz Tranchina - 4 dager siden
The obese bengal splenomegaly decorate because underpants gully pedal vice a delicate amount. tested, untidy neon
Bryce Moore
Bryce Moore - 4 dager siden
Also gray has balls of steel
Bryce Moore
Bryce Moore - 4 dager siden
Idk how the hell he still tries even though he nearly rages
Dewayne - 4 dager siden
The second he said he had to balance on the penetrative d4 I knew.. I must get him to be in my campaign and make it the more annoying than these challenges lol
Taylor - 4 dager siden
You should play pogostuck
docette2015 - 4 dager siden
Yeeeeeets! XD Oh, people are being MEAN to you in the boards now. Not letting you use your slow-mo seems to be the meanest part. You can do a lot with slowed time, after all! Like dodge those terrible heat-seeking missiles a little better. . . *pats* Poor Gray.
Poinears - 4 dager siden
5:44 What is this song in the background? I've been trying to find it for years...
Sophie Moore
Sophie Moore - 4 dager siden
Gray: Sweet death, come for me!
Grim Reaper: Nah bruh, even I have my limits.
GrayStillPlaysFan - 4 dager siden
Gray: if you do not yeet you will defeat.
Me: yeets nuclear warfare weapons into a black hole.
TriTech - 4 dager siden
But if you don't invite hitboxes to the wedding, you'll fall through the ground till you die of heat because of the earth
Adam Thompson
Adam Thompson - 4 dager siden
I love your videos gray but why don't you do 20 to 30 minute videos anymore
GUSTAVO GUTEMBERG - 4 dager siden
What's the name this game?
Karson Shrum
Karson Shrum - 4 dager siden
4:06 thats what she said
Rex Hiro
Rex Hiro - 4 dager siden
gray pls play human fall flat
VTGAMING - 4 dager siden
eh stepping on legos are nothing to me
scurvyway - 4 dager siden
Seeing Florida man
scurvyway - 4 dager siden
Going to Florida
LimeLifeGacha - 5 dager siden
This is just upgraded roblox parkour.

Gods of roblox parkour will complete this in 1 try.
LimeLifeGacha - 4 dager siden
@The Pianist yeah
The Pianist
The Pianist - 4 dager siden
@LimeLifeGacha Ok but my point is if someone was incredibly good at Roblox Parkour, it's pretty sad
LimeLifeGacha - 4 dager siden
@The Pianist I dont play roblox anymore I just though I say this.
The Pianist
The Pianist - 4 dager siden
'Gods of Roblox Parkour' is something I wouldn't think to hear in my lifetime, try playing a real game
No one
No one - 5 dager siden
He talks at normal speed at 1.5x speed
Marcus jerwin u. Adena
Marcus jerwin u. Adena - 5 dager siden
Goddamit, you're like a discount version of john wick, johhhn stick
Karl Coleman
Karl Coleman - 5 dager siden
the wedding huh
Mixed Trash
Mixed Trash - 5 dager siden
Here is a heart for your (\_/)
Hard work (^w^)> ❤️
Imagination Epic
Imagination Epic - 5 dager siden
aggy the hamster
aggy the hamster - 5 dager siden
So it's 3d happy wheels?
Andrei Vacarescu
Andrei Vacarescu - 5 dager siden
Me trying to achieve something good with my life
darius filip
darius filip - 5 dager siden
2:05 Sir van Headass
JoshBenji Ferrell
JoshBenji Ferrell - 5 dager siden
7:40 wtf i thought he already smoked regret
Sbeve1094 - 5 dager siden
Unnas Annus 👎
Headus Anus 👍
Rein Wolf912
Rein Wolf912 - 5 dager siden
You know its thin if it's as thin as American cheese
BeeZet - 5 dager siden
I would love to see some more game-variation again
Vachan Siddharth Koneri
Vachan Siddharth Koneri - 5 dager siden
I wonder when if gray finally fine a level which is impossible
Its mrgameplay
Its mrgameplay - 5 dager siden
Heeeee pisss
Sunny Varkey
Sunny Varkey - 5 dager siden
Discount version of jhon wick jhon stick I'm gonna remember that one
Daniel Duntavs Saunders
Daniel Duntavs Saunders - 5 dager siden
YEETUS! Gray still plays
Daniel Duntavs Saunders
Daniel Duntavs Saunders - 5 dager siden
Headus Anus
Daniel Duntavs Saunders
Daniel Duntavs Saunders - 5 dager siden
Mrwonderwaffles - 5 dager siden
Try another laser level impossible AF
Morose - 5 dager siden
Gray-I do not have patience Me- I know you only have patience for masochism.
Annick Price
Annick Price - 5 dager siden
*Unevolves into a literal demon*
Kira Evans
Kira Evans - 5 dager siden
This is my first time watching one of your videos. I couldn't stop laughing at all. My brother got soooooooooo anoying. Lol
Zachary Dawson
Zachary Dawson - 5 dager siden
At the end I was like Wut r u doing gray cuz I was trying to process what was happening and how you did things previously lol
animefreak broski
animefreak broski - 5 dager siden
guys. i cant wait for shawn stick to come out.
A.J. Nguyen
A.J. Nguyen - 5 dager siden
"headus anus"
Ah, so this is where unus annus has gone
Mr.Techaky - 5 dager siden
Day no. 50 asking gray for a fail counter...
Christian Dickerson
Christian Dickerson - 5 dager siden
4:40 Gray turns to mush
Phil Snaps
Phil Snaps - 5 dager siden
Gary? Gary? Gary!

Hi and how’s your day?
Khairul Zaim
Khairul Zaim - 5 dager siden
kv -2-2-2
kv -2-2-2 - 5 dager siden
those are some bofors 40mm aa guns.
Jahavier Mc Koy
Jahavier Mc Koy - 5 dager siden
Someone make a level called THE REVENGE OF NICOLAS RAGE
Robert Mashburn
Robert Mashburn - 5 dager siden
"You screwed my over Hitboxes. You're no longer invited to the Wedding."
Is Satan the Wife?
Yuuki - 5 dager siden
Boywolfy Jr
Boywolfy Jr - 5 dager siden
I love how gray turned from making other people suffer too making himself suffer
Carmen Blade
Carmen Blade - 5 dager siden
Gray still rages thats a new one
greyson gordon
greyson gordon - 5 dager siden
Only true people understand what Gray truly refrenced when he said "I got folded so hard, the sweat from my knee quenched my thirst"
Julian Janus
Julian Janus - 5 dager siden
Gray, I admire you for your your resilience. Also because "SCREW YOU GAME!!!"
Andrew - 5 dager siden
Gray should play Pogostuck if he likes torturing himself with impossible challenges so much.
RainbowMatrix - 5 dager siden
"Remember that youtube channel with Mark and Ethan, that was around for a year?"
"Yeah... What was it called? Headdus Anus?"
OMEGA64 - 5 dager siden
Day 7 of asking Gray to play Guts and Glory:
Kyre Ruse
Kyre Ruse - 5 dager siden
Fu*k yeah