i completed this 99.99% impossible wall ride challenge and this happened

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i completed this 99.99% impossible wall ride challenge and this happened
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i don't ride walls, walls ride me
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We're playing GTA 5 online custom races, these are the best stunt races in gta 5, we're doing wallrides, loops, skill tests and more.
Runtime: 16:50


Powers Austin
Powers Austin - 2 timer siden
Orange is the actual color of faded blood.
ᆞLily_Flowerᆞ - 5 timer siden
“Oh my goodness, it’s the light at the end of the shrooms!”
-Gray, 2020
The Retro Gamer
The Retro Gamer - 23 timer siden
*Cheat Activated:* Slidey Ass Cars GrayStillPlays Edition
Isabala Pinter
Isabala Pinter - 3 dager siden
this video made my ears ringing
Callum 3005
Callum 3005 - 3 dager siden
How do i play these sort of maps on gta5 on xbox?
Alexander Tsynkov
Alexander Tsynkov - 3 dager siden
8:21 Gray is slowly breaking...
Itsyaweirdo_t .89
Itsyaweirdo_t .89 - 5 dager siden
How does gray know what it’s like to slip a condom on a watermelon?! 😂🤣😂
CAT GAMING - 6 dager siden
Sometimes you sound liek Peter Griffin
Breno G.
Breno G. - 6 dager siden
The best part for me of watching Gray's videos is the sound effects
JRS3588 - 7 dager siden
What a save 4:57
Nightmare - 7 dager siden
its kinda like when you have a moment of inspiration that you know you will complete it and straight after you just die on the inside because it was all a lie
John Tolly
John Tolly - 8 dager siden
Grey:"my heart my give up, but my souls will not"
Me: silly grey we all know you have no soul
Cody Craddock
Cody Craddock - 8 dager siden
grey should be a secret agent "Sir we are going to torture you for the information" Agent Grey "Yippee, my middle name is masochism."
F P - 8 dager siden
Wait.... Are the times after completing a board HH:MM:SS or MM:SS:MS????
Matthew M
Matthew M - 11 dager siden
9:24 what song is that?
Ice Storm
Ice Storm - 12 dager siden
An "Impossible" map completed in 18 minutes doesn't deserve the Title Impossible
marie tremaine
marie tremaine - 13 dager siden
i like the idea of a diner with valet service. yes this is sally’s burger grease diner may we take your keys
Jordan Rutherford
Jordan Rutherford - 13 dager siden
I came out this a boy and i come out colorblind
Tiffonie Tapper
Tiffonie Tapper - 13 dager siden
Wow this is impossibly insane
Doktor Daytha
Doktor Daytha - 14 dager siden
When he fall in the mushroom pipe under the bridge... the Ad that came was "Outplayed" xD
Mogy Destianlesmana
Mogy Destianlesmana - 15 dager siden
Alright bright my day
TheLastTankAbuser - 15 dager siden
Why do i have -0:82 on the video thing?
I think i broke youtube
Maira S
Maira S - 17 dager siden
Gray: oh oh oh!! uhhhh!!!!
My parents: 👀
Random Girl Gacha
Random Girl Gacha - 17 dager siden
How’s the Green Bay Packers For you
Catrina Shultz
Catrina Shultz - 17 dager siden
the part when he said willy wancas magic carpit got me there
Shadow Wulf
Shadow Wulf - 17 dager siden
Anyone else wonder how much he's made from these races?
PRETAT25 - 17 dager siden
I want to see the look on his face while he does these 😂😂
XAVIER BORGES - 17 dager siden
5:45 Got me trip in
The lightweight Warrior
The lightweight Warrior - 17 dager siden
Why is it always like you asked to get shot in the balls with a shotgun?
Riley Salamone
Riley Salamone - 18 dager siden
5:36 I call this the "archimedes meth hole"
Kagen Brittain
Kagen Brittain - 18 dager siden
no wall ride can take you out of hell 😏😏😏
Rage Cage Gaming
Rage Cage Gaming - 18 dager siden
bro you have such s good mindset... imagine if people put the same energy and effort into games as they did other cool hobbies like the stock market or something... the world would be a crazy place😂
Prof. Flippers
Prof. Flippers - 18 dager siden
It may not be hell it may just be Florida
Lumen Psycho
Lumen Psycho - 19 dager siden
Every episode "Impossible bla bla bla" & yet you complete every last one of them.
I'd start looking for a more accurate term.
Owl Ninja11
Owl Ninja11 - 19 dager siden
Dude you have no fear lots of agony for the your challenges and you will ever in your life give up
Pulsify - 19 dager siden
I am in south florida tooo, Miami gang
Nozzy Nostrils
Nozzy Nostrils - 19 dager siden
What do you call a flying hillbilly

Yeetus Cleetus
Blaze 9121
Blaze 9121 - 20 dager siden
Vibes of Chad ..... okay
Jack Trades
Jack Trades - 20 dager siden
I tried the last wall ride and it took me 3 hrs
Krypdyret - 20 dager siden
There is only one thing i need to subscribe to this channel. NO. FRICKIN. INTRO
KingIceReaper 12plmn12plmn
Simon says wall jump
It Means Joy- My name
It Means Joy- My name - 21 dag siden
I tell you bingeing on Gray's videos on Christmas is the ultimate cure to this flu I had since 2 days ago-not Corona-I-swear😪...anyway thank you Gray for making me laugh into a coughing fit🤣
brandon chin
brandon chin - 21 dag siden
do this with friends and try to get no1
Era Abazi
Era Abazi - 21 dag siden
I love how he likes torturing himself 😂
pluel - 22 dager siden
rainbow road is where u go when u die rainbow roaaad ill meet u there yeahhh on rainbow road
IceFire 425
IceFire 425 - 22 dager siden
Me: *Dies of laughter* 🤣🤣🤣
The Keys To The Kingdom
The Keys To The Kingdom - 23 dager siden
5:37 - 6:00 epilepsy warning
Ianeitor:D - 23 dager siden
wow you call that imposible pff. imposible means i don't even get to the first part, imposible means you don't do any progress you just can't do progress
Shox - 23 dager siden
6:19 that’s what she said
cameron bobak
cameron bobak - 23 dager siden
11:56 is this creator from track mania?
Joseph Gitzler
Joseph Gitzler - 24 dager siden
Lol I've always wanted to play tracks like this but I was never able to find them so gave up hahah
Inbred Banana
Inbred Banana - 24 dager siden
You would be great at Dark Souls with that "Never Give Up" attitude.
Kishon Love
Kishon Love - 24 dager siden
Okay! Okay! Okay!
Seth Rudfelt
Seth Rudfelt - 24 dager siden
Should have an on screen timer for each map so we know how long it really takes lol
6F85 - 24 dager siden
you could do some voice impressions
Like peter griffin
LemonAidKit - 25 dager siden
Gray is more dedicated to finishing boards than I am to finishing school
Frankie Grey Stripes
Frankie Grey Stripes - 25 dager siden
Carson Reel
Carson Reel - 25 dager siden
How long until the race creators start watching his videos and finding his most hated parts and make maps specifically for him to tey
VitaDoden - 25 dager siden
To be honest these don't even look all that hard. They'll take a few tries but he's playing up the difficulty to a ridiculous degree sometimes.
I guess that's not the point of the video though, it's more about the commentary.
s0dalici0us - 25 dager siden
take a shot every time he says Jesus Christ
I am a freind
I am a freind - 26 dager siden
Your soul Will not give up? What soul?
Marty Party
Marty Party - 26 dager siden
If gray went to hell this would be his punishment.
Jason Pearce
Jason Pearce - 26 dager siden
Gray you better keep making videos forever or im.a be sad
x Gacha Haven x
x Gacha Haven x - 26 dager siden
gray: “what’s the forecast- it’s raining super cars
me: no it’s just raining-
WolfiePlayz - 26 dager siden
He just revealed he's a Floridian... Or Florida man... Wait... Does that mean... All the Florida man characters are just pictures of him irl? Yeee... tttttt... okay some of the stuff he said, I just made it sound wrong.. Just by adding, "that's what she said" and, "that's what he said"
Reana Hamilton
Reana Hamilton - 26 dager siden
YO I NEED THAT ON A SHIRT, “I may have finished first, but my mental health will now come last...”
Tracytron - 28 dager siden
1:20 Does anyone know what that car is called?
E's Random Videos
E's Random Videos - 28 dager siden
So how long did that last wall ride actually take? Always interesting to see how much time was actually put into making the portions of video :P
Mocha - 28 dager siden
netflix: are you still watching?
someone’s daughter: 15:44
brV Rax
brV Rax - 29 dager siden
The 400 people who disliked “in terms of brain we have no brain”
Jordahn Brunson
Jordahn Brunson - 29 dager siden
I've played these and like he said it's like playing Simon fuckimg says. But instead you're playing it with Deaf Somali Orphans
Faraonu - 29 dager siden
Stairway to heaven?more like wall-ride to heaven.
E̸p̸i̶c̶V̷i̸d̷e̴o̴ M̴a̷k̴e̶r̶
Kymber Funk
Kymber Funk - 29 dager siden
New shirt logo “Pink is the color of the gods...unless you’re in Florida...then it’s faded blood”
Michael Sun
Michael Sun - 29 dager siden
The versed prosecution family introduce because brain inferiorly heap concerning a hilarious waste. domineering, lamentable math
NoSweatr SwEaT iT bReH
NoSweatr SwEaT iT bReH - Måned siden
RichardsonSquared Studios
RichardsonSquared Studios - Måned siden
I cried with you on the last one
Ethan Matthews
Ethan Matthews - Måned siden
You No
You No - Måned siden
Grandpa I been seeing u try this for weeks are you alright
Grandpa: I been here for 60 years doing this and u still haven’t finished.
Jhdayne 126
Jhdayne 126 - Måned siden
I got extreme scoliosis after watching the 3rd wall ride
Danphiroud - Måned siden
13:05 That Raiden laugh from Metal Gear Rising
Aaron Brooks
Aaron Brooks - Måned siden
How many of you want to see gray play hand simulator
And the impossibly difficult game is probably the very best thing for Grey's masochism

Like to confirm
Maximillian Nechiporuk
Maximillian Nechiporuk - Måned siden
Some of these levels look like condensed depression
Solaris - Måned siden
Honestly we can all agree that we're all laughing from Gray's suffering
Nikki Ninja
Nikki Ninja - Måned siden
"How many flips would you like?"
Me: "Y E S. A L L T H E F L I P S"
*•eclipsetic•* - Måned siden
Hey gray I was wondering if you could do stick figure dismounts again, if you did that would make me and i'm sure many others super happy!!!
Mr. wolf
Mr. wolf - Måned siden
You said “ it’s like putting a condom on a watermelon” how do u know thatttt?..... 😏😏
Logan Forbach
Logan Forbach - Måned siden
what was the time on the last one it skipped thru it
Alexander Barnes
Alexander Barnes - Måned siden
FlakesΨ - Måned siden
2:25 that's what she said
Elliot Wright-Green
Elliot Wright-Green - Måned siden
carry on trying ang there's 0.1 percent you can make it.
PinkWolfTurtle Gaming
PinkWolfTurtle Gaming - Måned siden
Who else would like to meet gray😀
Aaron Michael
Aaron Michael - Måned siden
all gray feels is p a i n
Atlas - Måned siden
I just watched a different video and I'm hoping I don't lose my soul
Elegaaant. - Måned siden
Ulfur Gaming
Ulfur Gaming - Måned siden
how is he so postive during these my controller would be in a million pieces after 30min he does it for probably hours
Rômulo D.
Rômulo D. - Måned siden
I ended up here completely by accident and I have to say I absolutely love these videos.
The commentary never fails to make me LOL. SUBSCRIBED!
Donovan Robertson
Donovan Robertson - Måned siden
The things Grey does for us I feel I should send him a care package.
Laura - Måned siden
I really never thought I'd be someone to watch another person play video games. And I've never even played these games 😂
blu_sugar_flower6593 - Måned siden
i cracked up at that valet joke