i completed this 99.9% impossible spike parkour challenge and this happened

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i completed this 99.9% impossible spike parkour challenge and this happened
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DREADMA 5 - Dag siden
PUT GRAY IN ANY MOVIE...think about that for a sec...
Prince Ordiz
Prince Ordiz - Dag siden
Prince Ordiz
Prince Ordiz - Dag siden
Diosa Dela Cruz
Diosa Dela Cruz - 2 dager siden
I love how he just cut the time where he's gonna swear but got cut out
Johnny Kabrare
Johnny Kabrare - 2 dager siden
Why did you only run over black people tho
Christal Taylor
Christal Taylor - 7 dager siden
i searched 69k spike and got this
carson spreeman
carson spreeman - 11 dager siden
I have broken my mind to the point where i get so mad when u lose each time so I play some of your levels and beat them which makes me feel better

Kyle Kyle
Kyle Kyle - 12 dager siden
And when I'm sad I watch grays vids to laugh
Kyle Kyle
Kyle Kyle - 12 dager siden
When gray say a bad word it's actually fu*(bruh)
Serits _
Serits _ - 13 dager siden
Graystillplays has funny good humor every video he makes me laugh lol
Car Shel
Car Shel - 13 dager siden
What’s the song that plays at about 9:45??
Car Shel
Car Shel - 13 dager siden
9:45 song??
Blue Beka
Blue Beka - 15 dager siden
Idk why but his masochism inspires me. Not in a bad way, but in a "never give up" way.
Reactivewheel11 - 16 dager siden
The man is a legend who does the impossible with snide cussing comments.A true legend.
Reactivewheel11 - 16 dager siden
The fans love ya gray keep it up!
kawaii_ cutieOwO
kawaii_ cutieOwO - 18 dager siden
11:38 woah calm down jamal
Red LIKE - 18 dager siden
Maxinfinite did that
Alex Guidry
Alex Guidry - 18 dager siden
His suffering is amusing to me
william voigt
william voigt - 18 dager siden
all the slow mo does is make his suffering slower
Jacob White
Jacob White - 19 dager siden
“Balls, balls, lots of balls”
Luz Hamilton
Luz Hamilton - 20 dager siden
The loving friction extraorally strap because fuel syntactically camp over a smart carrot. capable, petite whistle
dara weber
dara weber - 20 dager siden
'Pelectly thrust! Pelvectly thrust to the line for all that is sacred'
I laughed so hard lol
Oniel Torres
Oniel Torres - 20 dager siden
11:22 And if you look to your right, you will hear the rare and exotic yeet whale🙂🙂
christopher taylor
christopher taylor - 20 dager siden
11:16 grey: Deflection!! Daleks: exterminate!!!
gamer girl
gamer girl - 20 dager siden
who watchs Anime
Courtney Graham
Courtney Graham - 21 dag siden
i made it
TheGamerGuy - 21 dag siden
Nothing like watching Gray on New Year’s at 3am with a severely high blood sugar unable to sleep until I’ve recovered
Dante 9067
Dante 9067 - 22 dager siden
13:09 you had to go to the left to give you more time to jump over the cars
THEKOOKYDRAGON1234 DRAGON - 23 dager siden
#Heygray I got a idea, play the sims with 100 players, put them in rooms that have nothing, make some have autonomous killing, watch the mayhem
THEKOOKYDRAGON1234 DRAGON - 23 dager siden
Bruh, it said this came out 11 minutes ago...and it came out the 23rd, WTF NOburn
Kai Harris
Kai Harris - 24 dager siden
Gray should play human fall flat, some of those levels are pain.
The Paranormal Kid
The Paranormal Kid - 24 dager siden
11:19 - 11:33
Captions be like: Sounds like music to me!

The captions: *d e f l e c t i o n*
Clayton Nordman
Clayton Nordman - 24 dager siden
Andrew Dees
Andrew Dees - 24 dager siden
U think u tried more than 50 times? Way more? Way less? Im dying to know how many times u tried these runs. Maybe just a numb in top corner, at the end of board.....
Keep on, keepin on.
Nate Bopp
Nate Bopp - 24 dager siden
/gamemode creative
Red Smurf
Red Smurf - 24 dager siden
LeBron James
LeBron James - 25 dager siden
11:26 to 11:33 close your eyes
Chad Broski
Chad Broski - 25 dager siden
Grays life may be made to be...IMPOSSIBLE
Diamond Boy
Diamond Boy - 25 dager siden
Madara uchia
Madara uchia - 25 dager siden
13:09 I thought Kars is in space?
TheGamingIdiot - 25 dager siden
What is a weiner tube?
Will Mako
Will Mako - 25 dager siden
Gray sounds like an angry Dalek when he says "Dee-flection!"
RJ Gaming
RJ Gaming - 25 dager siden
Hey Gray! New to ur channel! I love ur vids. U are the first gamer I saw that does not leave a level without completing it! Love ur efforts! Staying foxy and being loved!
Armand D'Lirium
Armand D'Lirium - 25 dager siden
I love when you make a D&D reference x)
Kai Is Bored
Kai Is Bored - 25 dager siden
It’s comforting to know that Gray took two days off from YouTube to be with his family.
Rene Boll
Rene Boll - 25 dager siden
14:17 please anyone Song Name? I Beg you
reproking zero
reproking zero - 25 dager siden
2:32 is mishin imposuble
fallen Δngels
fallen Δngels - 25 dager siden
me- tryna online shop while watching gray die repeatedley
Noah Ollivierre
Noah Ollivierre - 25 dager siden
Dats channel E
Dats channel E - 25 dager siden
Reach the flags to get the bud light
glazin glazin
glazin glazin - 25 dager siden
Im literal dick by making hard maps..
D Mercier
D Mercier - 26 dager siden
Play bmng with spy cakes and camodo gaming
Scrapper & Cappy
Scrapper & Cappy - 26 dager siden
H I ,.,
H I ,., - 26 dager siden
"what's the worse that could happen"
*doesn't get worse*
Kalina Goodman
Kalina Goodman - 26 dager siden
My Sister: 3:26 in the morning?
Me: Yep.
My Sister: Bored out of our minds?
Me: Oh yeah.
My Sister: Beinge Graystillplays?
Me: Hell yeah! Grab the redbull and the bud light and maybe a few packets of cocaine and lets party! ^^
DABoYSIMP Nathan - 26 dager siden
I am in 2020 December 17
DABoYSIMP Nathan - 26 dager siden
Real Human
Real Human - 26 dager siden
Gray is not only hilarious, he's also proof that you can be an entertaining lets play channel without screaming at your audience
Eliana Dunigan
Eliana Dunigan - 26 dager siden
We need, "Whose your Daddy Tom Cruise? It's meee!" Tee shirts now
Travan Bhaduri
Travan Bhaduri - 26 dager siden
I would love to see gray play dnd
TTV timmy_potato69 E
TTV timmy_potato69 E - 26 dager siden
“These balls are like maximum distance
TTV timmy_potato69 E
TTV timmy_potato69 E - 26 dager siden
Horizon - 26 dager siden
Praise Yeet Lord on High
Mabrooka Slovakia
Mabrooka Slovakia - 26 dager siden
Why you not make vode
Koopa Troopa
Koopa Troopa - 26 dager siden
City smash got a new update, and I recommend that before the video you death laser the city after maxing out all the settings of the laser and see what happens.
Tanya Roblox
Tanya Roblox - 26 dager siden
There's a crater update to turn planets into the moon
tusj pennywise
tusj pennywise - 26 dager siden
Its dangerous to drink something when the YEEEET is comming
Mirela Motrescul
Mirela Motrescul - 26 dager siden
Make a new video
Erhan Urkmez
Erhan Urkmez - 26 dager siden
Is he died? Normally everyday he post a challenge but after 2 days im worried about him.
Liam playz
Liam playz - 26 dager siden
Who likes bud light?

I sure do
Toxic Gamez
Toxic Gamez - 26 dager siden
And you can destroy stars with the laser blaster
Toxic Gamez
Toxic Gamez - 26 dager siden
Hey grey I have an idea in solar smash go to the sniper thingy and equip the planet destroyer press one click and hold the mouse so the 500 hundred planet destroyers plus for more amazing fireworks put slow motion its super amazing
Axle the Fox
Axle the Fox - 26 dager siden
Gray where'd you go?😂
Tanya Roblox
Tanya Roblox - 26 dager siden
Come back to universe sandbox 2
Jap Tolome
Jap Tolome - 26 dager siden
Why didn't gray upload a video
JOSEPH PLAYS - 26 dager siden
can we make impossible beamng drive maps
Dymond Medley
Dymond Medley - 26 dager siden
Play solar smash again please
Good Goddownxx
Good Goddownxx - 27 dager siden
Is it just me or does gray sound like the host on total drama island
yt nathiah
yt nathiah - 27 dager siden
Hey gray there is a new update in citysmash
squirdle turdle
squirdle turdle - 27 dager siden
Can you do the long dark again please
Michal Dowding
Michal Dowding - 27 dager siden
So please hurry back because I’m ready for another video on it
Michal Dowding
Michal Dowding - 27 dager siden
Gray you need to play city smash again because they had a HUGE UPDATE
Pizza Comet
Pizza Comet - 27 dager siden
Dont get touched by the yeeter
Braden Mullaney
Braden Mullaney - 27 dager siden
Play my summer car
•*Ćråćkhėåd Cønfūšìøn*•
On this channel,
*T h e r e ‘ s n o s u c h t h i n g a s q u i t t i n g.*
Supreme kid plays
Supreme kid plays - 27 dager siden
Grey city smash has an update
Dancing demon studios
Dancing demon studios - 27 dager siden
6:07 that’s what every fan wants to hear
Hom Chamlagai
Hom Chamlagai - 27 dager siden
I hope to see you play film maker tycoon
Matt Balboni
Matt Balboni - 27 dager siden
What ever happened to the Long Dark Story Mode??? What hates the light?
Slav - 27 dager siden
Gray make a new video it has been 2 days
MinedMC - 27 dager siden
He did happy wheels
Annelynn Croft
Annelynn Croft - 27 dager siden
More kingdom and castle please
Gods of elements
Gods of elements - 27 dager siden
Graystillplays there’s an update in Solar Smash. A Christmas update
Faith Simon
Faith Simon - 27 dager siden
You should make a discord
Too lng
Too lng - 27 dager siden
Impossible parkour ++ is next
Nebula - 27 dager siden
My friend killed my T. rex That was called graystillplays rip
William gaming
William gaming - 27 dager siden
gray try and play guts and glory is basicly happy wheel but 3d
Vollification - 27 dager siden
These DIY games doesn't really bring out the best of humanity :p
Pavels Ohapkins
Pavels Ohapkins - 27 dager siden
Gray will soon go to graystilldoesntplay
Edit: wow thanks for 2 likes!
alex Dlt
alex Dlt - 27 dager siden
Hey gray! You should try "people playground" it's a fun game where you can play with ragdolls, they also don't do anything either all you can do is spawn objects in the toy box, you can also press F to activate the objects also you can press S to see things from the ragdolls also, they don't ragdoll unless if they die or get shot in the feet also you can't control them either so it's kinda boring but you can do things by right clicking them, also make sure to look at the controls before playing, have fun! Also please give me credit if you play it "WARNING: theres an extreme amount of blood in this game so do not play it if you don't like seeing blood"
Rebecca Perez
Rebecca Perez - 27 dager siden
People who be great fans of gray be freaking out that he's bin gone for two days
Crater Second Placer
Crater Second Placer - 27 dager siden
oh no gray why have you turned into a spam same title video channel
Stephanie Griffin
Stephanie Griffin - 27 dager siden
Can you maKe some more prison boss
Ruben van Dijkhuizen
Ruben van Dijkhuizen - 27 dager siden
Zane Gkonts
Zane Gkonts - 27 dager siden
Play the new update on skater xl!!!