i completed this 0.01% impossible tightrope race and this happened

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i completed this 0.01% impossible tightrope race and this happened
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My blood type is pain
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We're playing GTA 5 online custom races, these are the best stunt races in gta 5, we're doing wallrides, loops, skill tests and more.
Runtime: 17:26


Tasfiya Jahan
Tasfiya Jahan - Time siden
The naive wednesday proximately belong because pajama pathohistologically amuse unlike a lackadaisical stranger. magical, adhesive lunchroom
Sora Lee
Sora Lee - 10 timer siden
The dislikes are from the people who think they have less self-preservation
M.C.Martin Official Channel
M.C.Martin Official Channel - 11 timer siden
Gray gets first. Me, realizing that means he was the first one who completed it, after 34 hours!
M.C.Martin Official Channel
M.C.Martin Official Channel - 11 timer siden
Plot Twist: the guy who made this just wanted to see if you could do this
Han Seo-Yoon 한 서윤
HEY GRAY guess WhAt i am gonna be making a 99% impossible race so keep an eye out for one made by soulstar2007
i have learned some of your worst fear like needles, loops, wall rides, random boosts and offset ramps
and i gave you one of the worst wall climbing car the jester
have fun 😉
(update i cant get past the testing phase so it might be a while before published)
TNT Yeeter
TNT Yeeter - 2 dager siden
So you know the part where gray has to do the board but in reverse and he falls off the side to commit eat tortilla chip vertically (commit self kill)? Yeah so i found out that a building is shaped like an E. I'll let you find it yourself
Hiro McLinden
Hiro McLinden - 3 dager siden
I thought your blood type was masacism
JustNep - 5 dager siden
now do it again, but in first person
Matt Faubert
Matt Faubert - 5 dager siden
My blood type is O+
Malyxx Plays
Malyxx Plays - 6 dager siden
That second one was way easier
Mason Andren
Mason Andren - 6 dager siden
Awesome Cat Gaming
Awesome Cat Gaming - 7 dager siden
Ok Lol!
Winter 135
Winter 135 - 8 dager siden
"You need to love being on bottom"
Step Hen
Step Hen - 8 dager siden
17:01 he be sounding like Morris from brawl stars
TheGlowSquid - 8 dager siden
My aunt lives in florada, in the villiges, and where she lives, people ride golf carts around instead of cars
Wiz B
Wiz B - 9 dager siden
It’s getting to the point where I have to watch a few of his videos a day..that intro had me lmao
Jax - 10 dager siden
Play Dayz 😍 😍
Jax - 10 dager siden
Play Dayz 😂
Jax - 10 dager siden
play dayz 😍 😂
That's Everything!
That's Everything! - 10 dager siden
the shotaro is so fast, it can stop on the wall and stay in place
Maxine 00
Maxine 00 - 10 dager siden
I love the little moments where he sounds like Voldemort
Arianna Cote'
Arianna Cote' - 10 dager siden
Me: Imma try and find a video where Gray doesn't swear in a video

*10 seconds later*

Lunar Lemon Cc
Lunar Lemon Cc - 12 dager siden
AHh FUC *ah flack
Joseff Zerafa
Joseff Zerafa - 12 dager siden
Could you play some FTL, it's one of my favourite games.
Darleena Phouetha
Darleena Phouetha - 13 dager siden
He sayed arrrrrrrr
Darleena Phouetha
Darleena Phouetha - 13 dager siden
The introw
Sahid Becdach
Sahid Becdach - 13 dager siden
Oh yes, Jesusnoooo-
DarknessDecends - 13 dager siden
If it's 0.01% Impossible then it should be really possible if not easy =P
eric ayoub
eric ayoub - 14 dager siden
I love how other YouTubers think that they put in a lot of effort but Gray sells a piece of his soul every time he records a video.
Kieran Gallears
Kieran Gallears - 14 dager siden
Floop the boop ^w^
Dark•Dragon Wolf
Dark•Dragon Wolf - 14 dager siden
“Whenever I can I try to go- WHAT THE HELL”
resto resto
resto resto - 14 dager siden
Sebastian Rivera
Sebastian Rivera - 14 dager siden
I enjoy his pain
Thicc Leviski
Thicc Leviski - 14 dager siden
Job name?
Dane Polchin
Dane Polchin - 15 dager siden
gray, you should act as batman
Jennie - 16 dager siden
Nice job on the impossible wall ride
Simon - 16 dager siden
I bet your sims watch this on their little TVs hoping that you suffer like they did
Dean Sanders
Dean Sanders - 16 dager siden
fun fact of the day his name is gray and he is from satanistic florida
Suyash Tiwari
Suyash Tiwari - 17 dager siden
Ok, I am pretty sure that the bike in the second challenge made it a lot easier
jordy Clauwaert
jordy Clauwaert - 17 dager siden
Your really funny 😅and good I don't have patience to. Keep trying that. Much alos. The last one looks more easy😂
Ghoulz-_- - 18 dager siden
Bruh can u stop saying smart things. Bc it makes me feel very dumb
Ethan Reed
Ethan Reed - 19 dager siden
Zmplayz - 20 dager siden
Grampa orgasms 9:01
Sian Fleming
Sian Fleming - 21 dag siden
yeet sh*t qwq
UnPrankAble 666
UnPrankAble 666 - 21 dag siden
Honestly, considering how many of these you've done, I'm surprised you didn't die like 150 years ago.
Also, I have abs now from laughing at your videos.
PS4 Men
PS4 Men - 21 dag siden
I like how to thumbnail is shaped liked the Disney sign
zinkpieco - 21 dag siden
none of these are tightrope.
Good content, but there is no reason to have a fake thumbnail and fake title. Just make it "Hard GTA wallride" or something that fits.
McNoob_999 - 22 dager siden
1:24 bro u just did a nose slide with that vehicle
Hannah Hills
Hannah Hills - 22 dager siden
The I hate tomatoes got me! 🤣
candlewolf - 22 dager siden
i wish gave us a link to the races
Samantha Stevens
Samantha Stevens - 22 dager siden
Hearing the sheer panic in greys voice as if it’s a life or death situation makes me laugh so hard that I am CACKLING. These videos make my days so much better!
Suspicious BreadStick
Suspicious BreadStick - 22 dager siden
Determination of this man
Kevin Kennedy
Kevin Kennedy - 23 dager siden
api aca
api aca - 23 dager siden
Ko cemen banget?
Noob dih kamu
SPLEENS JUGGERNAUT - 23 dager siden
Huỳnh Nhật Tân Studio
Huỳnh Nhật Tân Studio - 24 dager siden
The 2nd one is the one that Jerome played
Team Magma
Team Magma - 24 dager siden
Wait i thought ur blood type was masochism not agony?
McSwooning day and night
McSwooning day and night - 24 dager siden
As a sadist, I find this very funny 😌
This is awesome
Favaro Grim [ANTI]
Favaro Grim [ANTI] - 24 dager siden
Dray: how the hell am I supposed to do this
Backruborbust - 24 dager siden
Watching this...is so fun:)
Zephaniah Carrier
Zephaniah Carrier - 25 dager siden
14:50 floop the boop and then skibbidy the beep
i died
Micaiah Murphy
Micaiah Murphy - 25 dager siden
At the end of the bs board im like this bord is bs
The Gaming Mutt
The Gaming Mutt - 25 dager siden
The snow just gets rid of traction
Daniel Sergenti
Daniel Sergenti - 25 dager siden
.25 speed plus 7:54 = darth Vader meme
Miguel Cortes
Miguel Cortes - 25 dager siden
The thumbnail looks cringe but the vid is actually awesome
Ellis Cameron
Ellis Cameron - 25 dager siden
Oh my,jesus christ,what the hell -gray 2020
Rapher Paps
Rapher Paps - 26 dager siden
6:58 Aaaaaah, hnnnnng.
Rapher Paps
Rapher Paps - 26 dager siden
Gray's legendary statement:
Floop the boop,
and then skibidi the beep.
Gabe Collins
Gabe Collins - 26 dager siden
Fun fact: he wins all of these because he is in Florida and he sweats

So basically he’s a sweat
Sanguine BlackBlood
Sanguine BlackBlood - 26 dager siden
The first quarter is the game we thought portal was, the rest of the video on the return trip is how the second half of portal turned out.
Astro - 26 dager siden
Wherever I can I try to go : WHAT THE HELL
SansFighterX Yeet
SansFighterX Yeet - 26 dager siden
Gray is this what you do before sims or after sims
Emma Clarke
Emma Clarke - 26 dager siden
Grey talking like wolverine around 8:00
Starr Densmore
Starr Densmore - 26 dager siden
I love how he sounds hes taking a very painful dump, its amazing
Grace GamerWolf
Grace GamerWolf - 27 dager siden
I found you recently subscribed and I do not regret it, for some reason these videos give me a sense of child hood even though there is swearing but also includes new ideas and things like that.Good job :)
Coco Majilla LP
Coco Majilla LP - 27 dager siden
This custom job Name please ❤
Cade Pepito
Cade Pepito - 27 dager siden
skipping to the right with the arrow key every 2 seconds is better than watching the video. the noises he makes....
Wolfa.k Werewolf
Wolfa.k Werewolf - 28 dager siden
aa yes nothing better then watching other people suffer from a fun, friendly, life contemplating game a perfect way to start the day
Kourey Mendek
Kourey Mendek - 28 dager siden
He is the funniest person on YouTube I love his vids keep it up
Forbidden - 28 dager siden
“I landed in prison. I’m home” 😂😂😂
toys with luke
toys with luke - 28 dager siden
I like when he says bullsh!t strikes back
Tygozwart55 Tygozwart33
Tygozwart55 Tygozwart33 - 28 dager siden
Must be verry easy if its 00.01% imposible
ummmidkman - 28 dager siden
cicada 3301
cicada 3301 - 28 dager siden
Thumbnel should be
Florida man
Josh T.
Josh T. - 29 dager siden
14:20 a man dies
Narnia lucy
Narnia lucy - 29 dager siden
wow gray got a lot of pain from the second one, now the pain won't stop there, and you can't rip it off like a bandage, you gotta get the wound first
Narnia lucy
Narnia lucy - 21 dag siden
does everyone hate me or something? how come no one likes my comments and no one replies?
CreeperSquad VoreX
CreeperSquad VoreX - 29 dager siden
"After this I'm going to play a wall ride called Bullsh*t"
P Anika
P Anika - 29 dager siden
0,01% impossible means that it is pretty possible, doesn't it? 🤔
Joe Bearer
Joe Bearer - 29 dager siden
Please yeet my meat
Akrienou OG
Akrienou OG - 29 dager siden
I sometimes hear Jim Carey 🤣
Runa’s Coat-Thing
Runa’s Coat-Thing - Måned siden
"I finally figured out how to beat the area. You have to realize, *there is no spoon."*
Nice Matrix reference-
Wum Bo
Wum Bo - 26 dager siden
Hehe lol I just watched the first matrix, rip mouse.
Victor Jizo
Victor Jizo - Måned siden
"Hello darkness smile friends, you built the wall rides that never end" lmao nice one
TRD3D Gaming
TRD3D Gaming - Måned siden
FreeTheInsanity - Måned siden
I thought in order for your creation to be able to be downloaded, you had to complete it
Gnar Bucket
Gnar Bucket - Måned siden
When ever I can I try to go WHAT THE HELL!?
Ahmad Albab
Ahmad Albab - Måned siden
NOOOOO YEsssssssss
Moofinz - Måned siden
*or does he*
D. Dillon Duffield
D. Dillon Duffield - Måned siden
Uninstall.exe 👌😹😹😹
MrMegaPussyPlayer - Måned siden
11:42 Cutting the hours off is cheating
Nathaniel Hellewell
Nathaniel Hellewell - Måned siden