i completed the world's hardest obstacle dodge challenge and this happened

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i completed the world's hardest obstacle dodge challenge and this happened
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Runtime: 17:11


Joey Junwoo Kim
Joey Junwoo Kim - 5 dager siden
On the second chalenge
Joey Junwoo Kim
Joey Junwoo Kim - 5 dager siden
You should of just made a ramp with booster pad and use an x wing to jump
jack clifton
jack clifton - 7 dager siden
the shurikan is my fav. i wish he would give it more of a chance more often
CrazyBenLOL - 9 dager siden
avi8r66 - 11 dager siden
Timing that first penetration is a life skill that is underrated.
Amazing Xavier's Adventures, Toys, and Fun!!
Skews me gray when I made a purchase on that game the same game for the unstoppable‘s why did the purchase not work?
animator blueberry sans
animator blueberry sans - 12 dager siden
i actually quote gray a lot...
stuff like 'how many do you want? *yes* ' 'WE DON'T NEED PHYSICS WHERE WE'RE GOING' and a bunch of other things
Bla Bla
Bla Bla - 13 dager siden
Gray, can you start doing tabs unit create and create characters from shows and even dumb ideas
Verus Luciferum
Verus Luciferum - 15 dager siden
Can somebody please teach Gray how to pronounce Shuriken
Llamallover778 - 15 dager siden
We need Gray singing it’s raining trains on Spotify and Apple Music
A Panda
A Panda - 18 dager siden
Gray's intros are always so gleeful when he's recording this game.
I hope he's not being held hostage.
•Koshi Sugawara•
•Koshi Sugawara• - 19 dager siden
I wanted to cry cuz I was sad earlier and now I'm crying cuz I'm laughing to hard lol
Ali amino
Ali amino - 19 dager siden
Lightning Thunder
Lightning Thunder - 23 dager siden
Kickflip 12:37
Logan Hope
Logan Hope - 24 dager siden
“Maybe the left is better” famous last words
Samuel Nowicki
Samuel Nowicki - 24 dager siden
11:54 is when gray is a legend
Lulzy Wizard
Lulzy Wizard - 25 dager siden
some 5th element vibes on that last level. bunch of stupid cars flying around following traffic
Kat Johnson
Kat Johnson - 26 dager siden
insed of saying i need a cup of coffee to compleet my day ' I need a Graystillplays vidio to compleet my day:)'
Bence Nagy
Bence Nagy - 26 dager siden
No one
Youtube subtitles typing shuriken: sharik and 2:26
Also youtube subtitles:portia rican 8:33
Totally not Morgan Gaming channel
I like trains
Asura Syn
Asura Syn - 27 dager siden
I just realized Nicholas Rage has bewbage.
Boi the Imposter
Boi the Imposter - 28 dager siden
Gray : lol lag
His computer:wwwwwwwwwwwwwhhhhyyyyyyyyyyy
Griffin Scott
Griffin Scott - 28 dager siden
I almost choked to death from laughing to hard
Devan Rollins
Devan Rollins - 28 dager siden
Need to play Teardown Gray.
Kid Kingston
Kid Kingston - 29 dager siden
Pierce Ferrell
Pierce Ferrell - Måned siden
On the 3rd One, You probably could’ve cheated the board by using a ramp, suffering avoided
DODGER BLUE55 - Måned siden
If you lose...you’re out of the family!
ScyferMW - Måned siden
How is he playing on Xbox at the start
Fistfull Coronation
Fistfull Coronation - Måned siden
"Okay! Now I just need to not get destroyed by the trains!" This is what I tell myself every night before entering my dream... It never works...
Cthulhu, The Old One
Cthulhu, The Old One - Måned siden
Gray: speed is not key
*holy music stops*
Anthony Calabro
Anthony Calabro - Måned siden
Is the idea of this game to actually get hit by the obstacles...?
Persondy - T
Persondy - T - Måned siden
After all of these years, Gray STILL plays!
THETRAPKITTY Save the poor little kitty
In Florida some people don’t even notice these obstacles don’t get me started with the Australian man
dax anderson
dax anderson - Måned siden
Downloading this game onto my phone, should be interesting, love the energy u put into ur videos dude
Onwe Icebadger
Onwe Icebadger - Måned siden
Maybe the left is better - Karl Marx (Also Gray)
Lindsay Carter
Lindsay Carter - Måned siden
Play undertale bones come from hell
Royal Mage Music
Royal Mage Music - Måned siden
This is the "i like trains" kid from the asdfmovie gone requiem
Aaron Brooks
Aaron Brooks - Måned siden
How many of you want to see gray play hand simulator
And the impossibly difficult game is probably the very best thing for Grey's masochism

Like to confirm
mamamiator - Måned siden
"you are caged" as he said while being nickolas cage
Herman Atalig
Herman Atalig - Måned siden
Yeeboi Yeetus
Yeeboi Yeetus - Måned siden
Imagine, a parody of Grey’s Anatomy, Gray’s anatomy
Joshua Underhill
Joshua Underhill - Måned siden
“I’m gonna try speed.” -grey 2020
Sonicfan07videos - Måned siden
Railmaster Gaming
Railmaster Gaming - Måned siden
Gray....you must buy the train.....USE THE TRAIN!!!!!!!! AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! ;)
Trenton Doak
Trenton Doak - Måned siden
Random time stamps okay 7:19 1:02 9:02 2:03 4:04 5:05 4:51 17:20 3:27 3:01 1:36 9:21 4:10 1:01
Trenton Doak
Trenton Doak - Måned siden
Gray: this is a lot longer than I anticipated Nobody: Me: that’s what she said
Josh Flynn
Josh Flynn - Måned siden
I haven’t laughed that hard at a gray video in a minute🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
bruhify - Måned siden
Marie langford
Marie langford - Måned siden
I don't really watch these vids In order because I've been watching sense a year ago so whenever I see a vid from like two years ago I still watch it but I'm subscribed now so it's a lot more fun in order.
Samuel rodriguez
Samuel rodriguez - Måned siden
Imagine Nicholas cage watches this like 🤔👁👄👁 “why am i a girl” 😂😂😂
Kody Rowe-Manns
Kody Rowe-Manns - 22 dager siden
Who's Nicolas cage? This is Nicolas Rage
Tony Lawson
Tony Lawson - Måned siden
What is that game
Kirk Redwood
Kirk Redwood - Måned siden
You should play (kick the buddy)
Asriel The Goat
Asriel The Goat - Måned siden
8:32 yes it has a soul and it’s blue now!
That’s my attack! Nyeh he he he he
Garrett Marshall
Garrett Marshall - Måned siden
alright were checking out the only game where where you ...........
*•eclipsetic•* - Måned siden
Hey gray I was wondering if you could do stick figure dismounts again, if you did that would make me and i'm sure many others super happy!!!
Tango _Bean
Tango _Bean - Måned siden
Am I the only one who thinks he sounds like Kevin from The Office?
Annabella Argyle
Annabella Argyle - Måned siden
It took grey 1/3 of his video to finish the first task lol
it’s impossible to do work while watching grey because when your hear him say of doing something funny your going to want to go back 10 seconds to watch it and to get to the next graystillplays video
James Niedens
James Niedens - Måned siden
You always cheer me up thank you dude
vivi silva
vivi silva - Måned siden
can you do more happy wheels?
Dr. Tex
Dr. Tex - Måned siden
Does...Gray not know that Brake Pads exist?
Jhana Berry
Jhana Berry - Måned siden
the car horn before it hit him had me dead
johann arcilla
johann arcilla - Måned siden
I love raining trains
1pluscal - Måned siden
Ramp solves the problem
KryxVlogs - Måned siden
d3adshotwahid - Måned siden
cool scooter is cool bc he won so many times
Franklstein Wongberg
Franklstein Wongberg - Måned siden
I’m sorry wrong channel
Killerofcats - Måned siden
Joseph LasCola
Joseph LasCola - Måned siden
Satan contacts the creator of the second level and tells him gray cheated
Karis Majik
Karis Majik - Måned siden
"I'm Gray, and this is jackass"
Rebel Mane
Rebel Mane - Måned siden
The wise words of jacksepticeye SPEEEED IS KEYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!
Casper Lundemann
Casper Lundemann - Måned siden
Yes hell and fre fal 👹👺
IP Gaming
IP Gaming - Måned siden
TheRedz - Måned siden
#GrayYeets Watch Our Videos
John Woodson
John Woodson - Måned siden
great only use the music at 9.17
UmbreonTwinkle - Måned siden
I remember playing this game
Meteorology & Steam Fanatic
It's the wienair position, Gray.
Snowball րհilօძεղძɾօղ
Xx_ flushy_xX
Xx_ flushy_xX - Måned siden
Y ou is gay gray
Eberhard Garrison
Eberhard Garrison - Måned siden
Hmmm a xbox
Miss Nura
Miss Nura - Måned siden
Plzzz play from zero to hero: city master
Matticus Madness
Matticus Madness - Måned siden
10:16 yeet.mp4
_”I’m just trying to say Hello to my relative, the Devil.”_
Satan: _”I told you Gray, I’m married.”_
Rising Flower
Rising Flower - Måned siden
Grey turn super sayin
DevonnyX - Måned siden
Gray's laugh always kills me!! 🤣🤣
Tabbbo - Måned siden
You can control cars with arrow keys btw
Grin Reaper Of Trolls
Grin Reaper Of Trolls - Måned siden
8:18 was that a reference?
Koopa Troopa
Koopa Troopa - Måned siden
fun fact:in plane crazy i saw a white helicopter arise from *H E L L*
Bedanta Saikia
Bedanta Saikia - Måned siden
is it nicholas or nick your last
Ratchet Lover00
Ratchet Lover00 - Måned siden
🎶Its raining trains🎶
SpecTaffyz - Måned siden
He literally just plowed right through those trains with no backlash!
Russell Edwards
Russell Edwards - Måned siden
STOP pronouncing shuriken wrong!
Limey Skyfuzzball
Limey Skyfuzzball - Måned siden
2:28 KO
Mark Strudwick
Mark Strudwick - Måned siden
Those are streamlined engine
Mark Strudwick
Mark Strudwick - Måned siden
Conner blair
Conner blair - Måned siden
Bring back my summer car please
Pastel Rain
Pastel Rain - Måned siden
*graystillplays out of context*
sim Gamer
sim Gamer - Måned siden
Gray how do you get these maps?
Samantha Foot
Samantha Foot - Måned siden
Gray: maybe it's just me..
Me: maybe it's Maybelline :3
adventures with the Grasshopper
12:35 he said yeet
Crimson Walter
Crimson Walter - Måned siden
What is the demonic choir you use at 0:26, Gray? Actually, where do you find any of your editing? Like... You just have that style I've come to enjoy of "chaotic energy" to your videos, and it's been... Well, it's been helping me laugh a lot
Soul-Struck - Måned siden
The timestamp where the energy drink I was sipping on slipped out of my hand.
Rupert REAL
Rupert REAL - Måned siden
Why does gray laugh like woody from toy story?
Crystal Tuescher-Croft
Crystal Tuescher-Croft - Måned siden
3:34 from the top make it drop graystillplays graystillplays