I completed the mystery prize challenge and this happened

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I completed the mystery prize challenge and this happened
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Happy Wheels is a ragdoll physics-based platform browser game developed and published by American studio Fancy Force. Created by video game designer Jim Bonacci in 2010, the game features several player characters, who use different, sometimes atypical, vehicles to traverse the game's many levels. Playing Banned Levels in Happy wheels
Runtime: 17:18


Johan Siegar
Johan Siegar - 3 timer siden
Pooooooooooooooo vitcory
Johan Siegar
Johan Siegar - 3 timer siden
Shanly Phone
Shanly Phone - 8 timer siden
5:00 i laughed Soo hard from gray saying I like to hit my @$$ on every sword to know that I'm there XD
Zariah foxx
Zariah foxx - Dag siden
8:45 rope swing with Bob Ross (cant spell if I did spell that right good :D)
apple - 2 dager siden
apple - 2 dager siden
apple - 2 dager siden
Sophia Gonzalez
Sophia Gonzalez - 2 dager siden
I love how he try to be sweet to him “kid” at the end though
Serenity Cookston
Serenity Cookston - 3 dager siden
"I'm still aliveeeeeee"
Corey Johnson
Corey Johnson - 4 dager siden
My name is jeff y
My name is jeff y - 4 dager siden
Pause before u click 10:36
My name is jeff y
My name is jeff y - 5 dager siden
Xxnightmarekidxx yaboi
Xxnightmarekidxx yaboi - 5 dager siden
Giuseppe Desiderio
Giuseppe Desiderio - 5 dager siden
3:22: One-punch baldi
Mason Freydin
Mason Freydin - 6 dager siden
Good job captions, for thinking that H is age and "sad part is im still alive" is "sad part is im still a lie".
Bryce Doherty
Bryce Doherty - 6 dager siden
Face reveal
Woodzy fox
Woodzy fox - 6 dager siden
Hey foxy ^.^
Samuel - 6 dager siden
The word "impossible" lost its meaning in this channel
Annabella Argyle
Annabella Argyle - 7 dager siden
no grey, u can't be a parent bc u would of killed them after 5 seconds
Casey Young
Casey Young - 7 dager siden
The harpoons are zombies the aim for the head lol
Rainey pitre
Rainey pitre - 7 dager siden
Always when I watch your videos very good sanity goes up my spinem
Tigran Playz
Tigran Playz - 7 dager siden
11:17 when mom said the trampoline park is safe
Monke - 8 dager siden
Open heart surgery for free? Guess we aren’t in America anymore
Arthur Cohen-Jonathan
Arthur Cohen-Jonathan - 8 dager siden
YouTube : wanna see video at 1080p60fps?
Happywheels : yeah... 60fps...
Livi Mauro
Livi Mauro - 8 dager siden
The rural dentist methodologically jump because minister lately consider pro a dusty rat. pleasant, sincere celery
Benedict edgar hasiholan Marbun
I like your video like your s**t words I love you (btw this account is made by my sister)
Valerie Ubides
Valerie Ubides - 9 dager siden
Deborah Fischer
Deborah Fischer - 9 dager siden
Baldie was never for kids
D C - 9 dager siden
The first time I watched Gray is him just torturing the Sims as children 🤣😭😭🤣
Get2thechager UwU
Get2thechager UwU - 9 dager siden
12:24 Tom hardy: weeeeee
Lone wolf
Lone wolf - 10 dager siden
7:00 UM HOW!?!?!
Goldixu - 11 dager siden
12:55 i love you (No homo)
Red—devil Gaming
Red—devil Gaming - 11 dager siden
Ohana Rezantes
Ohana Rezantes - 13 dager siden
How to make your comet first-comet last
Juan Gabriel Alvaran
Juan Gabriel Alvaran - 13 dager siden
13:50 the impact was so hard they the flesh and guts came out and LOOK AT THE WHEELS OF THE BIKE and pause the vid
Krste Pro Gamer
Krste Pro Gamer - 14 dager siden
Gray u make my day!😁
Some Dude
Some Dude - 14 dager siden
4:47 the way you just FLEW
MIS. FLOWER - 14 dager siden
Lol he has an harpon skirt😂😂😂😂
the darkness inside Animations
Me: *sees the severed arm*
Me: AOT!!!
Richard Soliar
Richard Soliar - 16 dager siden
For some reason it looks like the characters are very fragile compared to the new graystillplays videos
Exotic_Galaxy boy
Exotic_Galaxy boy - 17 dager siden
Exotic_Galaxy boy
Exotic_Galaxy boy - 17 dager siden
Face Revel
hildena gorgonia
hildena gorgonia - 17 dager siden
No god just help you to do it
TheKrawfish - 18 dager siden
Song at 2:50?
Yao Hey
Yao Hey - 18 dager siden
miaoulechat 21
miaoulechat 21 - 18 dager siden
13:00 dodge the weapon
Me: perfect
Theo Wright
Theo Wright - 18 dager siden
Did he just say biking?!!!!
Celestine Watts
Celestine Watts - 19 dager siden
Go check out flamingo channel
Celestine Watts
Celestine Watts - 19 dager siden
bh PA1N
bh PA1N - 19 dager siden
Not only did I win I got alcoholism and an open heart surgery for free XD
tt2806 - 20 dager siden
I swear but I looked at Gray’s subscriber count and I thought it said 425M 🤣🤣🤣
FireGhost80 - 20 dager siden
There’s a 2x4 in my WeInEr
monsta gaming
monsta gaming - 20 dager siden
oh wow
ezrick dunyon
ezrick dunyon - 20 dager siden
Half a arm
gamerFRKdude - 22 dager siden
"add come and freezes the video,bitc-"
R . L
R . L - 22 dager siden
Whenever someone says a bad word and put a sound over it and you have subtitles on it just dose this:


Yeah I know it’s kinda weird and also...

Fun fact: You have now wasted your time reading this

Have a great day or night 🤗
Marcus Hansen Storbank
Marcus Hansen Storbank - 22 dager siden
When you make a Bottle flip
Everyone: ;-;
When GrayStillPlays make a Bottle flip
Nile Ellen Bandola
Nile Ellen Bandola - 23 dager siden
Can u you play with letsgameitout u are very similar
Bella- Gacha
Bella- Gacha - 23 dager siden
*when you make an impossible level for Gray and it glitches and deletes itself*
Jada Carpenter
Jada Carpenter - 23 dager siden
Are u da gae
Gacha FreakLife
Gacha FreakLife - 23 dager siden
Who else gets a little mad when he doesn’t try going out back immediately, or is it just me.
Julian Schmitz
Julian Schmitz - 24 dager siden
12:37 meister!? That means ur german richtig?
Alex Ye
Alex Ye - 24 dager siden
10:36 In which Grey learns what "relative velocity" means.
James Scottie-Normandin
James Scottie-Normandin - 24 dager siden
Roc Blk
Roc Blk - 25 dager siden
Gray is soo funny 🤣 😂 😆
Marciana Senin
Marciana Senin - 25 dager siden
what is that game?
bonniegamer677 - 25 dager siden
I lov your videos
Racheal Curtis
Racheal Curtis - 25 dager siden
Ooooohhhhhhh sssshhhhhhiiiiiiiiii@@@@@tttttt
Racheal Curtis
Racheal Curtis - 25 dager siden
Yo-yo it’s hell
Noah Ezer
Noah Ezer - 25 dager siden
Verneda Merrell
Verneda Merrell - 25 dager siden
Gray: "let's do this" *ball lands in death* "oh sh@+
Verneda Merrell
Verneda Merrell - 25 dager siden
Bike flying scene gray: "WHOLY GESUS H
Verneda Merrell
Verneda Merrell - 25 dager siden
Gray: "So I go to he booster destroy the head t... It's one of these levels huh" me: "at least you destroyed the head and yours
Verneda Merrell
Verneda Merrell - 25 dager siden
Gray: WoW my intestines left the atmosphere
DNlady B.
DNlady B. - 25 dager siden
Why am I watching Gray at 2am laugh-crying?
SoulSuckingMordeo - 26 dager siden
2:50 if you watch tom hardy for the entire bottle run, you'll notice that he is doing some very interesting yoga
Z Dog
Z Dog - 26 dager siden
Joleen Funk
Joleen Funk - 27 dager siden
The bombs were like bye and the spikes were like hello hoes
Ali B-Max
Ali B-Max - 27 dager siden
yo i swear a happy weals ad cane when i watched XD XD XD XD
Time to see the truth
Time to see the truth - 27 dager siden
Gray your commentary is amazing on every video. Merry Jibblets to all and to all a yeet night!!
gamer Patrick
gamer Patrick - 27 dager siden
I love Florida I wanna fly there and I'm gonna say to everyone in Florida FLORIDA MAN Nad there's to much summer and to much hotbsummer
Eli_ Gacha
Eli_ Gacha - 28 dager siden
Now we know where Bonnie's umm....

*BREATHING* Came from
Nuggies - 28 dager siden
Here's a fact: if you slow down the video at speed 0.25 when Gray is laughing you can hear the screams of his victims (at 0:44 specifficaly)
Marvin Clinton
Marvin Clinton - 28 dager siden
Lindy inch
Peter Ghantous
Peter Ghantous - 28 dager siden
Really great video
JackJack Plays
JackJack Plays - 28 dager siden
pause at 16:56
Annette Barlow
Annette Barlow - 29 dager siden
9:26 among us but messed up
Refreshing Cube
Refreshing Cube - 29 dager siden
0:49 he was supposed to kill the guy but crucified himself lmao
dat guy
dat guy - 29 dager siden
Hahahahhahaha I hate my life and want to die hahahaha
Brøken Corrupt
Brøken Corrupt - Måned siden
Flasher7 - Måned siden
How his bike still alive?
Gunjan Srivastava
Gunjan Srivastava - Måned siden
Gray please play Roblox
Æíxìlïmar - Måned siden
where is that wow sound from at 5:15?
Adam Abumafouz
Adam Abumafouz - Måned siden
The male literature intraspecifically remain because wednesday pathogenetically injure outside a adorable patch. empty, unbecoming resolution
Engel Giraldo
Engel Giraldo - Måned siden
2:40 *Completed in 96 seconds*
Also the microseconds were one number away from 42 (420)
Edison Yen
Edison Yen - Måned siden
Gray: elf you’re drafted
Darla Vargas
Darla Vargas - Måned siden
You should watch the movie Arizona it's kinda like finale destination etc I stayed up all night after watching that and I had a dream the other night that all of my family members died
Amy Lynch
Amy Lynch - Måned siden
Why do people in happy wheels levels they spell yoyr name like greystillplays when your yt user name is graystillplays?
Rhyan Cochran
Rhyan Cochran - Måned siden
It’s just a trampoline Tom Hardy, nothing to fear. No it won’t kill you. SIKE
Szymon Sędłak
Szymon Sędłak - Måned siden
14:44 Glass flip.
Postal bike3
Postal bike3 - Måned siden
12:05 got me weak 😂😂
Amanda Nelson
Amanda Nelson - Måned siden
Creeper awww man so we back in the mines swinging our pickaxe from side to side side side