i completed the mystery jump challenge and this happened

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i completed the mystery jump challenge and this happened
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Happy Wheels is a ragdoll physics-based platform browser game developed and published by American studio Fancy Force. Created by video game designer Jim Bonacci in 2010, the game features several player characters, who use different, sometimes atypical, vehicles to traverse the game's many levels. Playing Banned Levels in Happy wheels
Runtime: 17:25


TRD F A S T 2332
TRD F A S T 2332 - 12 timer siden
0:35 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🤣😂😂🤣🤣
xX gacha wolfy Xx
xX gacha wolfy Xx - 15 timer siden
2:01 bombs: are you sure about that
Simona Tatucu
Simona Tatucu - 23 timer siden
Green is bedder
Adam Slaughter
Adam Slaughter - Dag siden
Half of Florida man is flor man
???????? - Dag siden
Gray you nid de black man
Kalvin Orphan
Kalvin Orphan - Dag siden
Any man within 100Million miles felt that
Tamera Scott
Tamera Scott - 2 dager siden
Stop killing Timmy
Vincent von der Linden
Vincent von der Linden - 2 dager siden
Sure, Gray will find a way.
Vortex Gamer 773
Vortex Gamer 773 - 3 dager siden
1:01 impossible luck
Grace Rutledge-Rudasill
Grace Rutledge-Rudasill - 3 dager siden
“It’s just the letter E” -gray
Adrian Dulong
Adrian Dulong - 3 dager siden
When gray breaks the game so hard it sends you into an ad
Guangyu Loy
Guangyu Loy - 4 dager siden
Roxy K
Roxy K - 5 dager siden
And this happened!
Gladys Achee
Gladys Achee - 5 dager siden
4:18 he falls but edits it out and he couldn't edit. This part
Felipe Silva
Felipe Silva - 6 dager siden
men im like the voice of grandypa of he 😂😂😂😂
Meaunicorn Morales
Meaunicorn Morales - 6 dager siden
jake Maldonado
jake Maldonado - 6 dager siden
I have found that if I put my fist under my winer i will be fine. -gray 2020
William Montague
William Montague - 6 dager siden
I am making a reaction video
Snopple Wopple
Snopple Wopple - 6 dager siden
mediccaleb - 7 dager siden
Yeetus Fetus for some reason
Seymoore Poone
Seymoore Poone - 7 dager siden
1:15 "What the hell is half of a Florida Man?"
An amputee with a great alligator wrestling story.
Like a boss
Like a boss - 7 dager siden
Creator: This is 110% impossible!
Jayden. Webb
Jayden. Webb - 7 dager siden
If kids are watching this their moms and dads will be mad
Jenny Okeefe
Jenny Okeefe - 7 dager siden
uzumaki datuna
uzumaki datuna - 8 dager siden
14:12 i think i hear fart sound 🤣🤣
Tommy_ Lommy7 fortnite
Tommy_ Lommy7 fortnite - 8 dager siden
2:20 ...he said thats tohomys hand😂
•Dragons_d0p3• - 8 dager siden
Out of context gray: ""I GOT MY LEG INSIDE OF GOD!""
Quite much to unholy for God if you ask me-
Michael F
Michael F - 8 dager siden
Why was this song so good? 1:06
Pure Henry Stickmin
Pure Henry Stickmin - 8 dager siden
0:54 a second before disaster
Furry Kitt
Furry Kitt - 8 dager siden
This is my noob account
Nate Bascombe
Nate Bascombe - 9 dager siden
I’m Australian and I am happy that you wanted Australian man :)
Hedgeheg - 9 dager siden
Oh piiiiiiiiiiiiiiii-
Kentoy Galceran
Kentoy Galceran - 10 dager siden
i had alot of family or something
Kentoy Galceran
Kentoy Galceran - 10 dager siden
and friend and sengelanf
Kentoy Galceran
Kentoy Galceran - 10 dager siden
gray make more of this ill call all my family
XxalicegamerxX - 10 dager siden
How to unlock bottle flip in happy wheels
Jerimiah Henley
Jerimiah Henley - 10 dager siden
Please accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior before it’s too late. He loves you, died for you, and doesn’t want you to perish.
5 steps to salvation by Bible flock box: https://www.youtube.com/watch?app=desktop&v=c7en8IgD4bs
Stay blessed Stay Safe
Tennisintplayz YT
Tennisintplayz YT - 10 dager siden
Did anyone notice this guy's sounds like kung fu panda?
Tennisintplayz YT
Tennisintplayz YT - 10 dager siden
Shadow Faraj
Shadow Faraj - 10 dager siden
I really like the bottle flipping do you do more than your videos I love bottle flipping in this game I love it
Ya Boi_jellybean gaming
Ya Boi_jellybean gaming - 10 dager siden
Roscoe Ritchey
Roscoe Ritchey - 10 dager siden
Bottle flip more like body flip
Alexgametube 487
Alexgametube 487 - 10 dager siden
Can someone make a jet run
Heather Skinner
Heather Skinner - 11 dager siden
E is a meme for a chat now I do not know where it started but every time I see a lifestream chat I always see the Larry E is a meme
Papjec Lopez
Papjec Lopez - 11 dager siden
Marianne Feria
Marianne Feria - 11 dager siden
Satisfying cracking bone
The Surfing Dog
The Surfing Dog - 11 dager siden
1:05 someone loop this song please
Big psoos
Big psoos - 11 dager siden
Stop swearing
Def -
Def - - 12 dager siden
( o _ o )
william heijbel
william heijbel - 12 dager siden
What is this game called???
PhantomCat2000 - 13 dager siden
9:07 yeah 99% possible lol.
PhantomCat2000 - 13 dager siden
Before I start the vid, I have two ideas on “what happened” either he won or went on to another level in the stage.
Freyjazter Gaming
Freyjazter Gaming - 13 dager siden
Less head explosive levels pls says grey
Roosterwizz - 13 dager siden
Well gray did find a way
Isabel Zhu
Isabel Zhu - 14 dager siden
Angry Indian dad
Angry Indian dad - 14 dager siden
Black&White - 15 dager siden
In the first bottle flip ? ? ? Was the win.
Theo Canonoy
Theo Canonoy - 15 dager siden
Gray: Gets the "I wonder what this does"
Nixon: gets split in half and stands upright on Florida Man
Gray: Im still alive. And im standing on top of Florida Man, screw you game.
None of That Matters Bro
None of That Matters Bro - 15 dager siden
"I got my leg inside of god!"
Buena McCarthy
Buena McCarthy - 15 dager siden
1:24 when the teacher said you get extra homework
Paul Trask
Paul Trask - 15 dager siden
After watching this i had to go to the doctor because i lathed too hard
Maryse B
Maryse B - 16 dager siden
Thé question mark is the win???
W i n k w i n K
W i n k w i n K - 16 dager siden
Whenever I see the video is from Graystillplays I know it’s gonna be a good video lol
Anne Strength
Anne Strength - 16 dager siden
SCP-173 be like: 7:48
Jatsle J
Jatsle J - 17 dager siden
Grays mortal enemy is harpoons
Gold Chains official
Gold Chains official - 17 dager siden
Wow he put the e meme in there this guy's living legend
Ana Colon
Ana Colon - 17 dager siden
Gray: that’s right you can’t kill me I’m- *explodes*
August Cobb
August Cobb - 17 dager siden
I actually got the impossible one time
Jaden Askew
Jaden Askew - 18 dager siden
1:06 sounded kind of weird
Moon Winter
Moon Winter - 18 dager siden
“Right to Canada”
I just started dying of laughter-
Kirby Kirbster
Kirby Kirbster - 18 dager siden
1:03 no that says god
ChristmasTree870 - 18 dager siden
“You can’t kill me!, second later, organs everywhere.
jon lyn
jon lyn - 18 dager siden
1:23 It's called human flip
Jackson Power
Jackson Power - 18 dager siden
This is so funny that I can’t breath
Yoongi's Girlfriend
Yoongi's Girlfriend - 19 dager siden
Me: Yeetus my fetus
Desiree Williams
Desiree Williams - 19 dager siden
Watching grey always makes me feel better when I’m sad :>
Eugene Tan
Eugene Tan - 19 dager siden
2:01 Toxic player: You can’t kill me
Me: 2:03 Omae wa mou
Eevee Gaming - Vlog Channel
Eevee Gaming - Vlog Channel - 19 dager siden
Was the win
Gabriel Laus
Gabriel Laus - 19 dager siden
I wonder when he will do ace reveal
Alexandre Dubé
Alexandre Dubé - 19 dager siden
Killing them with the weight of my sins. Quote of the year.
Jennifer Roe
Jennifer Roe - 19 dager siden
Make a happy weel level
Jocelyn Lewis
Jocelyn Lewis - 20 dager siden
Can we talk about how it says "totaljerkface" at 3:16?
Blitz - 20 dager siden
“I got my leg inside of god!!!”

Dylan Calhoun
Dylan Calhoun - 20 dager siden
1:25 "yes, i got my leg inside of god"
Kevin Rivera
Kevin Rivera - 20 dager siden
You've been calling him and Tom isn't his name Timmy ?🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Jamie Mitsouras
Jamie Mitsouras - 20 dager siden
gamemasternintendoo - 20 dager siden
Gray: Well...
There’s a level where I finally get to play with balls.

Me: Gray, everyone knows you play with balls everyday. They’re just not of the sports variety...

Or your own.
That One Grievous Guy
That One Grievous Guy - 20 dager siden
Me: actually that’s god
Clean Water
Clean Water - 20 dager siden
We need a T-shirt that says "I eat Diorites and crap Nintendo Switches." Grey!
ShockedOwl - 21 dag siden
*gets obliviated*
Wesley Soto
Wesley Soto - 21 dag siden
Did anyone notice he said he ho ho
United States
United States - 21 dag siden
When you’re halfway there you just keep going
Darcy Hall
Darcy Hall - 21 dag siden
Timmy!! Are you traumatized he's died and his father died to. right in front of him
Darcy Hall
Darcy Hall - 21 dag siden
BUT TIMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A_Roman - 22 dager siden
1:00 the best
dark ninja
dark ninja - 22 dager siden
Graystillplays in a stroke
Nex Meles
Nex Meles - 22 dager siden
I'm going through these play lists, Gray, and I don't think I've uttered "how the F#%%^@ did he manage that?!" so often in one night.
You are amazing.
TDiamonds23 Ice
TDiamonds23 Ice - 22 dager siden
1:06-1:11 that doesn't sound clean

That would hurt in real life.
Kate Andrews
Kate Andrews - 23 dager siden
Happy wheels concentrates the cam on your heart if you didn't know.
Like if you knew 😁
Robloxboi DDM
Robloxboi DDM - 23 dager siden
Hehe jiblet
Leader Memer
Leader Memer - 23 dager siden
*Australian Man*
Jenni.Rob.Lizzie A
Jenni.Rob.Lizzie A - 23 dager siden
This year I got a Nintendo switch for Christmas 🎄