i completed the most difficult wall ride ever made and this happened

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i completed the most difficult wall ride ever made and this happened
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We're playing GTA 5 online custom races, these are the best stunt races in gta 5, we're doing wallrides, loops, skill tests and more.
Runtime: 15:34


kawaiimations - 30 minutter siden
I just realized that graystillplays is man that makes 99% percent impossible challenges look like 80% percent impossible
Clumsy JoKeR
Clumsy JoKeR - 3 timer siden
Best part 2:8 ❤️
Kiddies Coughlin
Kiddies Coughlin - 3 timer siden
I find what's funny, is when he's starting to express his feeling about the maps... He actually completes it!
Roomtemperature Ones
Roomtemperature Ones - 5 timer siden
I got click baited
Colby Davenport
Colby Davenport - 6 timer siden
It’s easier in first person sometimes
Андрей Белясников
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Bdes 1234
Bdes 1234 - 9 timer siden
Anyone else get sundee vibes from him?
josephine grafia
josephine grafia - 9 timer siden
josep sean irawan
josep sean irawan - 11 timer siden
hey gray why not play the easy map not the mad map
Jannes van den Boogaert
Jannes van den Boogaert - 13 timer siden
2:11 gave me a heartattack
Shadow - 13 timer siden
When he starts complaining in a long sentence it means he’s gonna make it
Chahat Rai
Chahat Rai - 14 timer siden
“Mmmhhhmm what the hell”
N Ha
N Ha - 16 timer siden
2:06 I'm sorry my what?
yAbOICASANθVA - 16 timer siden
Better that kwebbelkop
Jordan Anderson
Jordan Anderson - 17 timer siden
I can tell from the second level that Gray has never played Ace Combat
The Mad God
The Mad God - 17 timer siden
I luv epilepsy
Mike Mears
Mike Mears - 19 timer siden
Did you know santa means satan
Christopher Fernandez
Christopher Fernandez - 20 timer siden
This YouTuber suffered so much
edikil - 21 time siden
what will he do now happy wheeles is no more
MemeLand - Dag siden
gray:NOOOOOOOOOOO! me:same
Matthieu LANG
Matthieu LANG - Dag siden
''Holy hell''
- Grey, 2021
TotallyNotMarkEcire - Dag siden
All these challenges he does give anxiety
FalseReality - Dag siden
somewhere... beyond the sea
Bruce Salzwedel
Bruce Salzwedel - Dag siden
I feel-actually HEAR a heavy "Jim Carrey" influence in how this narrator delivers his quips. I actually think he's quite entertaining! 1st time viewing this channel !
M dirpy Face
M dirpy Face - Dag siden
This looks like hell, I wonder what heaven looks like..
TROOPER_ 991 - Dag siden
“Mmmmm... WhAt ThE hElL”
BenjaminGoose - Dag siden
Better to watch the video without audio.
Laur Storm
Laur Storm - Dag siden
I live for Gray's strange combinations of insults and curses that somehow make no sense and at the same time, all the sense
LordCunny - Dag siden
This boy need to use the zentorno for traction
Josalyn Wallberg
Josalyn Wallberg - Dag siden
I like how maps like these make people want to commit 5 types of suicide but gray still be like
Casey Hormann
Casey Hormann - Dag siden
He keeps on falling and it is hilarious boooooooooooooiiiiiiyyy
Jeeves Rothschild
Jeeves Rothschild - Dag siden
Try doing one of these challenges in first person
Gwynn Douglass
Gwynn Douglass - Dag siden
Greatttttt, now do it with no check points
Jakov Matosic
Jakov Matosic - Dag siden
anyone get hella dizzy on the yellow green loop wall ride
Christopher Almeida
Christopher Almeida - Dag siden
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Dewy Plays
Dewy Plays - Dag siden
That last race you did, what would happen if there wasn’t any checkpoints and you can’t fall off, if you do, then you would have to start all over!😱😱
Floxy - Dag siden
5:03 elpispy warning ends
J.D.A. - 2 dager siden
A little tip. When doing hard loop-de-loops, I find it's much easier in first person when you have the camera on the hood of your car, instead of inside the car
Dotty Avenell
Dotty Avenell - 2 dager siden
From 9:05 to 9:10 is an accurate description of both my sexuality and my gender
KadeL VM Baez
KadeL VM Baez - 2 dager siden
how do u play those gamess cause i already have gta5
Dotty Avenell
Dotty Avenell - 2 dager siden
From 2:17 to 2:18 he sort of sounds like Bakugo.
Lexus Lodiomon
Lexus Lodiomon - 2 dager siden
Du follow cam when you are doing a wall ride and comment allso sorry for the spelling because im a pilipino
Lexus Lodiomon
Lexus Lodiomon - 2 dager siden
Gray do first person when you are doing a loop and jast comment and say thanks
Odin Hansen
Odin Hansen - 2 dager siden
I like planes
Gravaar 8028
Gravaar 8028 - 2 dager siden
Gray is definitely an exorcist
Arturo Torres
Arturo Torres - 2 dager siden
Gray:at least there wasn’t a wall ride
Satan:*makes impossible wall ride for gray *
TRen Hoo
TRen Hoo - 2 dager siden
i would like to think that i speak for a few people when I say a NOT TODAY SATAN shirt would be the best
horanghae soonyoung
horanghae soonyoung - 2 dager siden
someone compile whenever he says "oh yah" itcs so funny to me lmao
red fang
red fang - 2 dager siden
Get a spoiler
Potsticker - 2 dager siden
Wow, He sure knows his male anatomy...
Jugfish - 2 dager siden
The tumbnail was not representative of the video
Patrick Howe
Patrick Howe - 2 dager siden
These videos are great, but... is it worth it? lol
E E - 2 dager siden
He probably has a shitload of money from doing these
Shadow Foxy
Shadow Foxy - 2 dager siden
Some_Internet_person - 2 dager siden
Grays commentary goes from “today will be good” to “NOT TODAY SATAN” to “god no hell no” to “satan guide me” in the span of 5 minutes
Charlzz 123
Charlzz 123 - 2 dager siden
the last level almost made me puke
_NUGGET_Twinz_ - 2 dager siden
Gray speaking:
Also Gray: SaAaAaAtAn
soul eater
soul eater - 2 dager siden
Is this on pc
Moon Hunter
Moon Hunter - 2 dager siden
50 shades of wall rides...

lady mopar
lady mopar - 2 dager siden
Satan and a pink car what more could you ask for? I do love it when the car goes flying to the air in the nothingness oh, I am not going to lie
lightning 4395-Io
lightning 4395-Io - 2 dager siden
When the comment is so bad the next day after posting you have to take it out
Chris Killeen
Chris Killeen - 2 dager siden
OMG holly hellllllllllllllllllllllllllll
euqtj - 2 dager siden
GRAYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!?!?!??!?!?!
Jane f. Carpio
Jane f. Carpio - 3 dager siden
Zachary Boyd
Zachary Boyd - 3 dager siden
One of the only good things about 2020 was that I found out Gray existed.
little witchy wolf minecraftgamer
Thank you for your suffering
OfficialOof plays
OfficialOof plays - 3 dager siden
*imagine doing a challenge with a bus*
Kosaido - 3 dager siden
Sonny evans: And i took that personally
JoKeR GaMinG
JoKeR GaMinG - 3 dager siden
Does gray have a wife?
Tori - 3 dager siden
these looks like the roads in my dreams
Henry Rodgers
Henry Rodgers - 3 dager siden
7:14 the billboard actually says "HELL AWAITS - On the Internet!"
Very fitting.
ball8 pug
ball8 pug - 3 dager siden
14:09 turkey mode activated
DMichael Kimbley
DMichael Kimbley - 3 dager siden
Now drive it in reverse in first person...
brutefox - 3 dager siden
He edited the beginning of the video removed all the swearing. I can only imagine why.....
Mr. Kid100
Mr. Kid100 - 3 dager siden
Gray:” …enough to make gray cry.”
Me: that’s impossible. NooOooOooOooOOoOOooOooOooOoooOo!!!
Ethan Osborne
Ethan Osborne - 3 dager siden
They are not the hardest wall rides the most hardest ones is when u have to do a wall ride and do a barrel roll to get to the other wall ride
everybody ima dog ruff ruff
everybody ima dog ruff ruff - 3 dager siden
6:59 gray: if you ever asked me what the hell is that
Me:i have no clue
William Carter
William Carter - 3 dager siden
gray: checking out the only game that the only comment that describes the board is WHAT THE HELL
William Carter
William Carter - 3 dager siden
also gray: and the final map will be the one to go f#@# itself
UnknownGamer27 - 3 dager siden
Oh god.. when you say that this is the final map but its only half way through the video i feel worried
Leigh Stevens
Leigh Stevens - 3 dager siden
Rylan Furr
Rylan Furr - 3 dager siden
Gray still plays I feel sorry you put yourself through so much torture but yet still you find a way to make everybody in the world laugh
Ian Stirewalt
Ian Stirewalt - 3 dager siden
The first part gave anyone like how gray said it gave them autism
Jeremy Kiahsobyk
Jeremy Kiahsobyk - 3 dager siden
I have laughed at Gray's misery so much I now qualify as a genuinely bad person.
delta V Gaming
delta V Gaming - 3 dager siden
close your eyes and just listen on the last map
it sounds like grey is constipated and is trying not to be
SHIPWECK - 3 dager siden
Gray could be a satanist and no one would know
Ashley Powell
Ashley Powell - 3 dager siden
Face reveal
CALLUM O ADAMS - 3 dager siden
Great video keep up the good work!
CALLUM O ADAMS - 3 dager siden
And use more drugs...
dragon ball z
dragon ball z - 3 dager siden
I'm such a big fan
Aaron Lavine
Aaron Lavine - 3 dager siden
Thegrandtheftmaster 105
Thegrandtheftmaster 105 - 3 dager siden
GTA Sign: hell awaits.
Gray and us: we know it does! 😂
Thegrandtheftmaster 105
Thegrandtheftmaster 105 - 3 dager siden
Gray: this board is straight up Satan.
My mind: Straight Up Satan! Satan's best (worst) level company! 😂
Thegrandtheftmaster 105
Thegrandtheftmaster 105 - 3 dager siden
Yeah. I legitimately thought that. I don't know why though.
CALLUM O ADAMS - 3 dager siden
Thegrandtheftmaster 105 For real'
Telani's Rage
Telani's Rage - 3 dager siden
I would suggest bmx parkour!!! It's a personal favorite for slow, tedious, pain
Waffle Makerz
Waffle Makerz - 3 dager siden
Larissa Tucker
Larissa Tucker - 3 dager siden
I live for Gray's in pain noises
binary_ironclad - 3 dager siden
This gives me anxiety.
Is Desert
Is Desert - 3 dager siden
"I can feel the soft cuddling hands of the devil.... on my scrotum." nice one
Powers Austin
Powers Austin - 3 dager siden
"NoOOooOo dont fall in the crack"
Django Alvarado
Django Alvarado - 3 dager siden
Nah gray the first ones not a loop de loop it's I guess you call it a corkscrew
Jamie Roberson
Jamie Roberson - 3 dager siden
Grey please start playing more games the challenges and maps are getting kinda repetitive. I love you but I kinda miss the variety.😟
Teron Sant
Teron Sant - 3 dager siden
You sound like markiplier but with a higher voice