i completed the legendary bottle throw challenge and this happened

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i completed the legendary bottle throw challenge and this happened
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Happy Wheels is a ragdoll physics-based platform browser game developed and published by American studio Fancy Force. Created by video game designer Jim Bonacci in 2010, the game features several player characters, who use different, sometimes atypical, vehicles to traverse the game's many levels. Playing Banned Levels in Happy wheels
Runtime: 16:22


Jaymee Cayemitte
Jaymee Cayemitte - 19 timer siden
I like how Gray always does this panful voici as if his in the game and having a harpoon in is stomach
Heitor Cardoso Ramos
Heitor Cardoso Ramos - 21 time siden
'z' z what Z!
Mahbuba Zonaki
Mahbuba Zonaki - Dag siden
Boy you crawl world sacrifices don’t have to be made watermelon #WatermelonSadFaceAgain
Chloe Larsen
Chloe Larsen - Dag siden
Gray: I sawed this phone that I play dragon raja on, IN HALF
P.s as someone who actually downloaded dragon raja from gray (not the like tho) I can 100% say it's worth it
Da Potato king
Da Potato king - Dag siden
Nothings impossible with alcohol
danielfran - Dag siden
Anderson Stidd
Anderson Stidd - Dag siden
Face reveal
Logan Morales
Logan Morales - Dag siden
tony hawk pro skator hawk
tony hawk pro skator hawk - 2 dager siden
GAIGE SAMBRANO - 3 dager siden
my fav part was its not a graystillplyas vidieo, until theres a harpoon coming out of SOMEONES WEENER!
Jax - 3 dager siden
I'm newer to the Gray still plays madness...Can someone tell me what MLG means 😂
Jax - 3 dager siden
Dayz Must be played!!
Aydin Mailov
Aydin Mailov - 3 dager siden
3:37 bro he just literally went murder mode🤣🤣🤣
Downhour Productions
Downhour Productions - 4 dager siden
Someone needs to count how many times you can say “that’s what she said” during the video
MONAR - 4 dager siden
droplock gamer
droplock gamer - 4 dager siden
ive just realised i can make an accurate representation of graystillplays in dragonraja so ima do that
DEJAY ROBB - 5 dager siden
I have theory maybe it's your children's vengeful spirit that kill you out of nowhere
mrnutz - 6 dager siden
You play pubg
Mr Kendall
Mr Kendall - 6 dager siden
Hey tom hardy lived a bottle run
ammar2009y the bacon boi
ammar2009y the bacon boi - 7 dager siden
0:14 you sound good while talking like this
MIS. FLOWER - 7 dager siden
Like for watermelon🥺🥺
Lexi the Slither-puff
Lexi the Slither-puff - 8 dager siden
I appreciate the Shia LaBeouf refrence.
Jamie Teyn
Jamie Teyn - 9 dager siden
Caston Meyer
Caston Meyer - 9 dager siden
thats what she said.
Kajah Berrie
Kajah Berrie - 9 dager siden
Can I YouTube please
jimxatz08 gaming
jimxatz08 gaming - 9 dager siden
Nice finger reveal
sirayden1i - 9 dager siden
Other Youtubers: Hello guys so today we are playing this weird fun game!
Gray: A L R I G H T.
KiriDeku lover
KiriDeku lover - 9 dager siden
Have u guy seed that usually when gray start bottle throw video that first bottle almost everytime breaks?
Bimala Bogati
Bimala Bogati - 10 dager siden
I feel bad for the watermelon
Alexx - 10 dager siden
My parents got covid and i now have to stay at my dad’s place with no wifi but mobile data. I will use it on these videos.
caarolinaa69 - 11 dager siden
how do you yeet tom hardy
Cobra- - 11 dager siden
13:39 close your eyes and listen
Angel Nat
Angel Nat - 11 dager siden
Let me just say the ad for dragon raja omg I tried to use the home button as a space bar just now. But anyways the ad worked for me and I have finally found my dream game
Zar Elric Santiago
Zar Elric Santiago - 11 dager siden
I want to see the awsome dragon raja
Jellied Axis
Jellied Axis - 11 dager siden
Have the same phone loool
Sergio Quiroz
Sergio Quiroz - 12 dager siden
DO a fas revel
Robert Andersen
Robert Andersen - 12 dager siden
Just imagine how many hours it takes to make this video with all the bottle flips :)))
immanuel lalhruaizela
immanuel lalhruaizela - 12 dager siden
the phone didn`t die because it was the guru of nokia
sasan - 13 dager siden
Dragon raja, raja=king
AZTEKKA - 14 dager siden
Gray - you have the best gaming channel on YouTube. I wish you the most success, you earned a life long viewer
Kacper Jacewicz
Kacper Jacewicz - 14 dager siden
You probably lost more money on this phone than u got from sponsors
Nile Ellen Bandola
Nile Ellen Bandola - 15 dager siden
Pis play with letsgameitout
John Paul Cabellon
John Paul Cabellon - 15 dager siden
Play Minecraft
Kid Basic
Kid Basic - 16 dager siden
Gray: "Nothing is impossible when you're a masochist."
Me: "But- I'm a sadist."
sixten moritz
sixten moritz - 16 dager siden
R.i.p watermelon
Wishdude - 17 dager siden
He’s a bad parent lol
sammy gold
sammy gold - 17 dager siden
Child go brrrrrrrrr
꧁Fenja07꧂ - 17 dager siden
I thought the dragon raja thing was an ad but i was wondering why the person there sounded like gray-
Ryley Stringfellow
Ryley Stringfellow - 17 dager siden
When he gets legendary me: O MY GOD HOW THE HELL Gray: hey EASY
Void Famer Gang Replays
Void Famer Gang Replays - 18 dager siden
Me)what if GRAY makes a level (gray)DRAGON RO-(me) shut up NOW gray
Timur - 18 dager siden
5:27 WTF
unevict - 18 dager siden
Bat Man
Bat Man - 18 dager siden
Ray Taylor
Ray Taylor - 18 dager siden
Can you please stop cursing in your vids like bruh im only a freaking kid i am only 8
Maria isabel Bongcawil
Maria isabel Bongcawil - 18 dager siden
whats a stress pillow do?
ZyrenetheHatedCreator - 18 dager siden
That demonic "WhAt ThE hElL" in the beginning nearly killed me.
Joann McNealy
Joann McNealy - 18 dager siden
Gray: oh hey it's my daughter's head
Frasier Gallacher
Frasier Gallacher - 18 dager siden
1:55 that sounds like if RobertIDK was an alcoholic 😂
Dačikas - 18 dager siden
Good night internet
Elyse Clare
Elyse Clare - 19 dager siden
Im a kid
A short person YouTube channel
Gray is like my ideal friend cause I’m also a sadist except young
dev rana
dev rana - 19 dager siden
Holly mother asss
art notthatgoodtho
art notthatgoodtho - 19 dager siden
i got the game it said 12+ ..............

i said hell ya and got it i'm 10.............
Jessica DeWilde
Jessica DeWilde - 20 dager siden
Do a face reveal
Pineapple Plays Roblox
Pineapple Plays Roblox - 20 dager siden
I loves that when Gray cares more about a watermelon 🍉 Than the person dying.....
XxSilverplatexX - 20 dager siden
You are fu#€
Divya Rai
Divya Rai - 20 dager siden
You ned wow stan
Emily Robertson
Emily Robertson - 20 dager siden
6:18*Dies of laughter*
I'm taking the watermelon with me XD
Rayan Achchane
Rayan Achchane - 21 dag siden
Rayan Achchane
Rayan Achchane - 21 dag siden
Is Gray AN ingineer...why does he have a lot of tools in real life.
Bradatello Hay
Bradatello Hay - 21 dag siden
You missed the free win at 12min in vid
ca sne
ca sne - 21 dag siden
The rambunctious zinc aerobically rob because hardhat additionaly decay regarding a breakable brother-in-law. stereotyped, talented brick
Brynnimations - 19 dager siden
Ironixx Beastyz
Ironixx Beastyz - 21 dag siden
The thumbnail shows that Gray can get legend but not pro or noob.
Paige Jez
Paige Jez - 21 dag siden
I’m downloading the game, I hope it’s good!
Mason Neumann
Mason Neumann - 21 dag siden
All hail lord gray
mike carpentier
mike carpentier - 21 dag siden
How can he be rich
blue fire
blue fire - 21 dag siden
This teaches me that gray is a devil and sold his soul to saiyan to stop the agony and depression
Nens0517 - 22 dager siden
Anyone here in corona?
Jason Wong
Jason Wong - 22 dager siden
Screw you gain more like screw you!
Jason Wong
Jason Wong - 22 dager siden
You say the map creator is trash maybe you should say yourself is trash. Literally if this was real life and I was your son I would literally say I’m out of here you are a bastard.
Jason Wong
Jason Wong - 22 dager siden
Bro I am a child stop using child as a air-cushion
Mike Tang
Mike Tang - 22 dager siden
The lean iron natively pick because example conversely bleach over a melodic lisa. sordid, dusty raincoat
Yeetboy 473
Yeetboy 473 - 22 dager siden
6:19 “ Let go of my anus, It belong to me”
Logan Kirkpatrick
Logan Kirkpatrick - 22 dager siden
Face reveal
janet2912 - 23 dager siden
Yolande Brand
Yolande Brand - 23 dager siden
This Chanel is dieting
Space sucks Official
Space sucks Official - 23 dager siden
1:22 , wHaD dA HAelL
Nathan Nemil
Nathan Nemil - 23 dager siden
6:18 to 6:25 the song: let go of my anus.............it belongs to meee
NCRresistance - 23 dager siden
Lets start the longest alright chain in my replies
NCRresistance - 23 dager siden
Michal Castleberry
Michal Castleberry - 24 dager siden
"I'm gonna go run my phone over with my truck" so casually
Jaxson Taylor
Jaxson Taylor - 24 dager siden
He proved that androids are industrucible
Nancy doing
Nancy doing - 24 dager siden
You make me laugh so hard
Dallin Brown
Dallin Brown - 24 dager siden
That’s my dad’s initials jb
Isabelle Anderson-Kita
Isabelle Anderson-Kita - 24 dager siden
Jesus says your welcome
Stickman flash
Stickman flash - 24 dager siden
Gojifan 54-19
Gojifan 54-19 - 24 dager siden
The way he did the sponsor was the best way I’ve seen sponsors done
Unknown 4 life
Unknown 4 life - 25 dager siden
Why did you call her tiffaney and now she Susie?
Liu Ji
Liu Ji - 25 dager siden
It’s not the best day ever! Not the best day ever
brendan browne
brendan browne - 25 dager siden
you got rick rolled at 6:32
Xx_jacklin thefox_xX
Xx_jacklin thefox_xX - 25 dager siden