i completed the impossible don't fall challenge and this happened

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i completed the impossible don't fall challenge and this happened
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i mean i fell a lot...but eventually i didn't
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Runtime: 17:02


Jade Santana
Jade Santana - Time siden
Board? Challenge?..... the word you were looking for is “segment”
Homie T-Rex
Homie T-Rex - 16 timer siden
Grey when he plays Species: *Sadist*
Grey when he plays GTA 5: *Masochist*
kamiyadc - Dag siden
when the family has company
guest: what’s that noise?
grays wife: oh it’s just my husband yelling at himself in agony over an *obstacle course*
guest: imma go now
Dreamer - Dag siden
Lost it at "No! Wait, yeNO!"
Floxy - 2 dager siden
Graceful, graceful like a swan, *proceeds to go flying of the map* .... fresh out of rehab
sunakonakahara222 - 2 dager siden
I love when Gray starts to get cocky and then his glory is immediately whisked away from him. It's fantastic.
Reece Smith
Reece Smith - 2 dager siden
Anyone else thought he was reversing at the start?
Wouter Hoogers
Wouter Hoogers - 3 dager siden
So what happened?
noodle - 3 dager siden
my car air freshener is scented as, Tears, Depression, and Sugar Cookies
wescat796 - 4 dager siden
Nobody: Satan jokes
Gray: peak comedy
IIz Showtime
IIz Showtime - 4 dager siden
I played the second board with some friends a few months ago. It was the most painful amount of fun i think i've had on GTA. Managed to finish first though so that's a bonus!
Erkin ertunc
Erkin ertunc - 5 dager siden
15:36 to 15:38 is funny gray
Madison Taylor
Madison Taylor - 5 dager siden
2:15 it is at this moment grey looses his sanity
KillerX52 - 5 dager siden
Is the car backwards
JB Surge
JB Surge - 6 dager siden
"And the traction on these four dollar tires is great... This thing gets great gas mileage, which is good, because it knows you're gonna be spending all of your money on counseling."
KoiFeather - 7 dager siden
*B o n k*
Derek - 7 dager siden
9:03 that noise
What Do You Want
What Do You Want - 8 dager siden
Does anyone else think that when Gray strains his voice he sounds like Kif from futurama?
brambleberry95 - 8 dager siden
*straining* oh god I can do this... I can do this a lot less now...
JRS3588 - 8 dager siden
that music 11:44
Raven Hood
Raven Hood - 8 dager siden
4:51 anybody wanna talk about his car doing cartwheels
Rar Norsk humor
Rar Norsk humor - 9 dager siden
Gray: How did I fit in that hole?
Me: That’s what he said
Dave otaku man
Dave otaku man - 9 dager siden
And all the catholic parents say what to their kids gray?

Dave otaku man
Dave otaku man - 9 dager siden
Me to me goin on a date:

10:47 🤣🤣🤣
Dave otaku man
Dave otaku man - 9 dager siden
Every BBC pornstar ever:

Anthony Matthews
Anthony Matthews - 10 dager siden
Make it pink so it covers the blood
TheDeadCobra - 11 dager siden
Isn't it the creator must complete the stage to upload it cause if they cannot do it they cannot upload it so how are they called Impossible if the creator themself was possible to complete it?
Dylan Commander
Dylan Commander - 11 dager siden
I also yell Leonardo DiCaprio as i try to control my yeet as well
Shawn Pershing
Shawn Pershing - 11 dager siden
he sounds like a mix between bill hader and captainsauce
JakeGameing_Playz - 11 dager siden
Did my guy just call a car that have Florida Man in it And its A Pink Car and he Called it Purple.....
Zaheer Sarang
Zaheer Sarang - 11 dager siden
Whats funny is he had less therapy sessions than cars he bought and still paid more in therapy
Zaheer Sarang
Zaheer Sarang - 11 dager siden
I need a soundboard just of your groans and noises.
Hannah ro'meave
Hannah ro'meave - 12 dager siden
he bleeps every thing but bastard
florida man is making the curses at gray for killing him alot
since when were you a swan
sexy back round music and ear rape
sadists? v masicism
decay - 12 dager siden
Please play Trials Fusion. If you think this is agonizing, you’ve got another thing coming.. believe me. 🤫
Fynn Walz
Fynn Walz - 13 dager siden
„My car's a vegetarian, you can't hurt it“
Amanda Hislop
Amanda Hislop - 13 dager siden
I will take your soul if you want me to
Twisted Bonnie
Twisted Bonnie - 13 dager siden
am i the only one who noticed at the end, his time was 1 hour 3 minutes- I mean, jeez gray! I don't even have that kind of time for gta 5 ._.
Tanner Bassist
Tanner Bassist - 13 dager siden
2:10 Sr. Pelo?
Borky Bork
Borky Bork - 15 dager siden
“How did I fit it in there” that’s what he said also you *could* say that for the next sentence too I guess
Killua Zoldyck
Killua Zoldyck - 15 dager siden
Yes, one flavor is pain, another is death, then there's agony, then last there's blood 😂😂
Nightmare glitch trap TwT
Nightmare glitch trap TwT - 15 dager siden
Satan has delivered!!!!!U^U
GameTesterBruh - 15 dager siden
Hosuh Deku
Hosuh Deku - 15 dager siden
I can never stop laughing. I was getting weird looks at me !
kaviru Perera
kaviru Perera - 17 dager siden
I can't stop laughing
Xavier Gore
Xavier Gore - 17 dager siden
Someone should make a map just for gray still plays
Price Tag
Price Tag - 17 dager siden
just lost my sanity
. . .
nvm lost my sanity long ago aha. . .
Price Tag
Price Tag - 17 dager siden
he's grayceful
Price Tag
Price Tag - 17 dager siden
HELP i'm on a graystillplays binge and animate him as a grey latex creature in my mind aaaa
help my inner furry is ta k ign o ve r aaaaaa
Ira Kennedy
Ira Kennedy - 17 dager siden
Bradley Sharp • 100 years ago
Flame Broiled Yeet lmfao
doodle fish
doodle fish - 17 dager siden
I'm gay
anthony hellman
anthony hellman - 17 dager siden
After watching this I’ve been inspired to harvest souls through the creation of these maps
Devran - 17 dager siden
Tempest Dono
Tempest Dono - 18 dager siden
That is probably how your people feels when you answer their prayers
J V - 18 dager siden
Maybe you must slow down at the warming up graystillplays
Brock Nieto
Brock Nieto - 18 dager siden
Thank you for teaching me all I know is qq
Chloe Welch
Chloe Welch - 18 dager siden
Child: hey gray do u like Reese’s peanut butter cups
Gray: not anymore
Damian Beard
Damian Beard - 18 dager siden
Gray's videos are all about impossible my ass to impossible just kicked my ass
T - 19 dager siden
13:17 Girls on their period
GivingCri - 19 dager siden
More than 1 hour on this map...
I'm so sorry and so thankfull at the same time...
Weezypillar - 19 dager siden
2:08 was 2020's lmfao award winner
Brady O'Neill
Brady O'Neill - 19 dager siden
The megaman legends sound effect when you are knocked down
zealousknight24 - 19 dager siden
I haven’t laughed this hard since horror pewdiepie, and early jacksepticeye.
Angie B
Angie B - 19 dager siden
9:05 is what my mom will say when I graduate
darsh katiyar
darsh katiyar - 19 dager siden
Gray: son of a bi***

me: son of a flordaman
blu_sugar_flower6593 - 20 dager siden
Nightfall Moon
Nightfall Moon - 20 dager siden
Victory is so close but so far
Sanda-Mantuli Mdledle
Sanda-Mantuli Mdledle - 20 dager siden
Gray:alright Satan what do you got for me
Satan presents challenge
Gray:no problem.....maybe this will be a problem
Jorge Zurita Gainty
Jorge Zurita Gainty - 21 dag siden
after this video i laughed so hard mi family thought i was gonna die
Honeyfly Da SilkWing
Honeyfly Da SilkWing - 21 dag siden
so I kinda estimated the time it took gray to finish that last course... I think it may have taken him about 10-20 minutes... that's a real long time
Fake Name
Fake Name - 21 dag siden
You should sit down and write out some jokes. It helps you to become funnier.
Because your current humor is just fu**ing horrible. I had to turn off my volume at this golden piece of humor.
"My car smells like depression, tears and.. SuGaR cOoKiEs." One of the worst jokes I've ever heard. I bet you were when of those kids in school who would 'meow' in the middle of class like it was funny.
Peter Cleff
Peter Cleff - 21 dag siden
I hurt myself laughing about 3 minutes it. You've gained a sub this day!
Dovas Variakojis
Dovas Variakojis - 21 dag siden
2:15 does anybody know the name of that music track that plays while Gray falls to his doom?
Sonam Zigdel
Sonam Zigdel - 21 dag siden
This gave me anxiety
PrussianPlayer - 22 dager siden
Thats what he said, 6:27
Canard Rosotrosa
Canard Rosotrosa - 23 dager siden
the sanity of grey doing this stages has dropped insanely
Kassandra Esparza
Kassandra Esparza - 23 dager siden
Loved it .
Squirrel Gamer
Squirrel Gamer - 23 dager siden
Squirrel Gamer
Squirrel Gamer - 23 dager siden
The four main flavors:
pain, blood, insanity, and depression,
Kandi - 23 dager siden
6:27 has been sampled I sent it to my friend and she said she has already removed the slot machine sound and isolated your vocals I’m warning you now she may use it for her song
Keats186 - 24 dager siden
“How did I fit it in that hole” -graystillplays 2020
I need a life
I need a life - 24 dager siden
15:37 is gray deflating?
Cray Playz
Cray Playz - 24 dager siden
Why doesn’t he just take his time, it you take it stop sign by stop sign it would be easy
Z Hardcore Otaku
Z Hardcore Otaku - 24 dager siden
I feel like all these “impossible challenges in games are thanks to your friendly neighborhood graystillplays torturing himself like a masochist everyday
LMSKAR 5858 - 24 dager siden
I can feel it bounce
LMSKAR 5858 - 24 dager siden
How did I fit it in that hole.
Blazing Swayze
Blazing Swayze - 25 dager siden
I didnt know Hiccup enjoyed GTA
Gabe Garino
Gabe Garino - 25 dager siden
The sick chard unfortunately drop because account descriptively crack concerning a aquatic town. merciful, nebulous grandmother
IceFire 425
IceFire 425 - 25 dager siden
Grey: What’s the scent of that care air freshener? It’s tears and depression and sugar cookies.
Me: *Dies of laughter* 🤣🤣
Lucas Locust
Lucas Locust - 25 dager siden
16:52 i can't believe that gray was able to stick with that level for an hour
Remolt WRLD
Remolt WRLD - 25 dager siden
poor guy took over an hour to beat this one level at 16:53
Razvan Doda
Razvan Doda - 25 dager siden
12:55 no problem :)))))))))))))))))) i m crying
Seek Explore Destroy
Seek Explore Destroy - 25 dager siden
Your playing the first level so amateur
Tracy Strachan
Tracy Strachan - 25 dager siden
Is it just me or does he sound like Kung fu panda
Massage Adventurist
Massage Adventurist - 26 dager siden
I’m really liking this GTAV content you’ve been putting out lately. All your stuff is awesome though. If you did a collab with Dunkey it would probably be the greatest YouTube video of all time. He might even show you some speedrunning techniques. He is so impressive, he has the world record on the super famous level: “Bowser‘s Big Been burrito. He friggin did it blindfolded with a cardboard Nintendo Labo Fishing pole. He’ll never admit it though because he’s too humble. I would love to see you and him do something together. Hope all is well in Florida and you have a great Christmas with your family. Sending love from windy ass Kansas City.
Massage Adventurist
Massage Adventurist - 26 dager siden
Conman1738 - 26 dager siden
Are you stuck in 2016
Adele Dragneel
Adele Dragneel - 26 dager siden
14:40 sounded like a bad rendition of the song still don't know my name x feel something. 😹
John Leslie Hall
John Leslie Hall - 26 dager siden
12.23 that’s what he said 2
John Leslie Hall
John Leslie Hall - 26 dager siden
6.26 that’s what he said
nickolas vander
nickolas vander - 26 dager siden
at 14:48 he was singing

ya know
WREAKING LIFE - 26 dager siden
@14:44 *Cartman from southpark*