i completed the impossible 0.001% saw blade challenge and this happened

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i completed the impossible 0.001% saw blade challenge and this happened
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PokekidKanto YT
PokekidKanto YT - Dag siden
Gray: *s c o o t e r*
MOIRA Gould - 2 dager siden
Gray still plays im soon going to put a song on youtube in about 1 - 2 weeks love ur videos
potato master
potato master - 2 dager siden
13:30 bruh the bike lands it the disappears
sam fabrigas
sam fabrigas - 2 dager siden
you dont need to made it you need to break your bone in game
BESTOFTHEWES - 4 dager siden
Was anyone else reminded of the PS2 start up animation
natalia czaja
natalia czaja - 5 dager siden
I love the happymeal wobbling fans it`s so funny
Onno ter Elst
Onno ter Elst - 6 dager siden
Onno ter Elst
Onno ter Elst - 6 dager siden
Liz Andriske
Liz Andriske - 6 dager siden
Matthew - 7 dager siden
Help me
Help me - 7 dager siden
It’s funny how I hear heavy metal rock while gray is on a tricycle going 1mph 😂
Talon Carpenter
Talon Carpenter - 8 dager siden
It’s just charming how he’s playing games that were trendy years ago, yet he still keeps it entertaining.
Anthony Gerbino
Anthony Gerbino - 9 dager siden
Anthony Gerbino
Anthony Gerbino - 9 dager siden
7:38 what the hell
idk stuff
idk stuff - 9 dager siden
5:43 *break me totally flashbacks*
Tristan Vella
Tristan Vella - 10 dager siden
Ok uh hu yes come on niceeeee
Mikayla Luna
Mikayla Luna - 10 dager siden
The magic school bus theme song intensifies
Reece Mason
Reece Mason - 11 dager siden
I love how seriously Gray takes these levels, making sure he wins without a touch on Nick!
Anthony - 11 dager siden
Why does Gray say "Happy Wheels" at the end when it was Turbo Dismount. I'd like an explanation sir! The kind only sarcasm can give.
Vintage Repair Man
Vintage Repair Man - 11 dager siden
Did I miss something? Where were the saw blades?
Simon J.C. Falk
Simon J.C. Falk - 11 dager siden
Him Groaning Makes me laugh so hard😂😂😂
The Boys
The Boys - 12 dager siden
Once again thumbnail is click bate, But. Is still good content
Mystic Wolf
Mystic Wolf - 12 dager siden
Every video he makes is about making himself suffer
s sc
s sc - 13 dager siden
The amusing fragrance predictably wait because twist admittedly soak after a offbeat attic. eight, damaged pisces
xrayjosh - 13 dager siden
12:26 “ Car’s got a lot of pick up”
SnappyCat360 - 13 dager siden
this thumbnail be like: gta or turbo dismount choose one or the other
Benjamin Meyers
Benjamin Meyers - 13 dager siden
If u look closely you can see a gta 5 tunnel in the thumbnail
DragonTurtleMax - 14 dager siden
10:12 the car stopped surviving because of that Thic air you mentioned earlier
HOI CHING AU - 14 dager siden
nope jhonson
nope jhonson - 14 dager siden
I dont like the mixing of GTA and turbo dismount images... i get excited then depressed
Simon Downs
Simon Downs - 14 dager siden
how bout "dickolas rage"?
Livi Mauro
Livi Mauro - 15 dager siden
The mature virgo suddenly deceive because credit incidentally print along a rough rifle. foregoing, vagabond baboon
Jax - 15 dager siden
I challenge you to kill a popular Dayz YouTuber. 😂 I can suggest a couple or you can pick. just troll and kill them and maybe raid their base or something!! It'll be a tough challenge I promise!!
Phoenix Rides MTB
Phoenix Rides MTB - 15 dager siden
I love how that the challenge is always 0.001% chance of winning on all of the challenge vids. Btw I love your videos.
Zeph Hoveland
Zeph Hoveland - 15 dager siden
Fian Yip
Fian Yip - 16 dager siden
Connor McNulty
Connor McNulty - 16 dager siden
Gray: oh this is great speed,

The game: 3 2 1 dismount complete, BEFORE YOU COULD EVEN MAKE IT DOWN THE ACTUAL
RED RUNT - 16 dager siden
the difference between tony hawk and nicholas rage tony hawk isnt masochist
stupidity for the win
stupidity for the win - 17 dager siden
It gives me the notification that you posted 18 seconds ago I click on the video and it says four days ago. my phone has lied once again
Adele Dragneel
Adele Dragneel - 17 dager siden
Im getting tired of the same games over and over. Happy wheels is the only one I laugh at. Find more games. You used to have a variety of diff games you play now it's the same 3.
ZARC official
ZARC official - 18 dager siden
AlexTheGod - 18 dager siden
Named 0.001% because there is a 0.001% chance gray will give up.
Tyler Cook
Tyler Cook - 18 dager siden
Why do you torture yourself
The Anonymous
The Anonymous - 18 dager siden
Edit: rip 🏍
LAo ChanG
LAo ChanG - 18 dager siden
8:41 "Just a little off the top"
Timberwolf460 - 18 dager siden
Whenever gray gets super excited he sounds a lot like pickles the drummer from Metalocalypse. 😆 love these videos, always cracks me up.
Cat Mc Maniac
Cat Mc Maniac - 18 dager siden
1:58 But Now Its In Dragon Ball Z
Blitzo - 18 dager siden
Say hello to *HAPPY MEAL*
Menoetius 1187
Menoetius 1187 - 18 dager siden
Show the full attempt when you finally get it right!
Lunara 3923
Lunara 3923 - 18 dager siden
The actual goal of the game is to die as terribly as possible
Lunara 3923
Lunara 3923 - 18 dager siden
I know I didn’t use proper grammar but I just can’t remember the right word for the life of me
Tort away from home
Tort away from home - 18 dager siden
grey "land in the pool of cars" the first thing I think of "a car pool if you will?"
Satans left nutsack
Satans left nutsack - 18 dager siden
Droop the snoot:
Herobrine - 18 dager siden
Gray at 9:40
I have become Killua.

Like if you get it.
JARJCR97 - 19 dager siden
on the sims 4 you should make multiple florida men from GTA 5 and do something to them
Shadow_ Knight
Shadow_ Knight - 19 dager siden
graystillplays: this is the part where we blow up! rocket: not today!
zix47 - 19 dager siden
does anybody abes a copilation of grey dyng inside?
Lincoln Fiorello
Lincoln Fiorello - 19 dager siden
At 4:43 I couldn’t tell if he was falling or rising
YenNhu Nguyen
YenNhu Nguyen - 19 dager siden
The gigantic ant phylogenetically smell because zone continuously compete in a seemly tempo. smelly, puzzled recorder
demontrent10653 - 19 dager siden
Mary Wilson
Mary Wilson - 19 dager siden
14:31 gray struggles to speak
Pilot Idk
Pilot Idk - 19 dager siden
Also me: wait that’s not what he meant :(
docette2015 - 19 dager siden
Oh Gray -- we can always count on you to find the most suffering possible in a given game of Turbo Dismount. I mean, wow -- you always seem to find something that just -- any lesser gamer would have thrown the computer out the window. XD But not you -- "use the masochism" indeed. XD
BIGGIE CAT - 19 dager siden
He became a beyblade
Mea Piggies
Mea Piggies - 19 dager siden
I enjoy all the videos... I miss Raft
make more Mega Raft
Rosanny Dilone
Rosanny Dilone - 19 dager siden
STOPaaaNo atolladero
Kevin Walker
Kevin Walker - 19 dager siden
Loving your vids keep them up 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
Bennett Aukerman
Bennett Aukerman - 19 dager siden
It's called angular momentum. And that first board was specifically designed to use it against you 🤣
William Carlson
William Carlson - 19 dager siden
grays christmas gift is a free trip to hell
ESO1C-Pau Kàlnay Rodríguez
ESO1C-Pau Kàlnay Rodríguez - 19 dager siden
Urix BY
Urix BY - 19 dager siden
the flyer looks like a fat phoque
Kerry Trahan
Kerry Trahan - 19 dager siden
Hey Niko let’s go bowling
Carch P. Glauca
Carch P. Glauca - 19 dager siden
so... where are the saw blades? I don't remember seeing any of those? like.. did you get the title wrong grey?
GreyWolfWonder - 19 dager siden
cheating 2 to last one u said u have to hit the mines
Rachel Misner
Rachel Misner - 20 dager siden
Hey gray im a kid so can you do this request - Combine all planets in universe sandbox and black holes and the sun Sorry i commented late
please forgive me Thanks! Ps. You denis and flamingo are my favorite ytubers!
SRPSKI_Sn1p3r - 20 dager siden
when in doubt shopping cart roll out
KiritoIsAlwaysRight - 20 dager siden
He just shows how fucked up we are and the beauty of its creativity
Brainy Guy Science Gamez
Brainy Guy Science Gamez - 20 dager siden
Please play among us
Tadgh Cr
Tadgh Cr - 20 dager siden
thank you for the somehow relaxing and hilarious content usually the last thing I do is watch a video before bed and sometimes if I need to calm down
Doggo - 20 dager siden
me and the boys in the office: 5:50
Ranga 096
Ranga 096 - 20 dager siden
Not the BYIRDS
Yoshi Lee
Yoshi Lee - 20 dager siden
I like your videos but wtf r these thumb nails gray
rekless1out - 20 dager siden
0:05 the sound effect
Corny Jokes
Corny Jokes - 20 dager siden
11:48 is my typa stuf
ChickyPlays Roblox
ChickyPlays Roblox - 20 dager siden
Every video: "alright so..
American Engineer Jacobe_88000
On the second to last board you didn't hit the mines, so you didn't really complete the challenge!..
GAVIN SOTO - 20 dager siden
I noticed that the bike did a backflip and landed it without nick.
Guy Man
Guy Man - 20 dager siden
Does grey know that break pads exist?
Jam1649 - 20 dager siden
I can’t breath

To funny
Dr Wondertainment
Dr Wondertainment - 20 dager siden
Theres only one four letter word to describe graystillplays channel in a nutshell and that word is meth
Comit Crispy
Comit Crispy - 20 dager siden
Like this if you’re seeing this after the first day of release
OzoneGaming - 20 dager siden
I got a run ad so I think gray wants to run away
Juan D'Marco
Juan D'Marco - 20 dager siden
CensingStream - 20 dager siden
Alright so we are checking out the only game. Music to my ears
Geli Harmon
Geli Harmon - 20 dager siden
All of Gray’s pain and agony added together is a higher number than the amount of times Florida man has drunken Bud Lite
Geli Harmon
Geli Harmon - 20 dager siden
We love the Sharikan
robe7321 robe7321
robe7321 robe7321 - 20 dager siden
It’s 12:00 in the morning and I’m still bored 😐😑😐😶
Jay Ryser
Jay Ryser - 20 dager siden
Ok ill bite.
Why does he use gta in his thumbnails?
Daniel Asnake
Daniel Asnake - 20 dager siden
8:33 you say it dosen't work and than it works, WOW the power of luck and words
Joshua George
Joshua George - 20 dager siden
“Clench your anus” a quote from Gray
Fabian playz E
Fabian playz E - 20 dager siden
Fabian playz E
Fabian playz E - 20 dager siden