i completed the 99.999% impossible freefall and this happened

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i completed the 99.999% impossible freefall and this happened
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Runtime: 17:25


Ma Lay
Ma Lay - 12 timer siden
4:45 ummm what 😂😂
MoonRock - Dag siden
Лесли бы я понимал англиский,_,(
triple r imports ltd
triple r imports ltd - 5 dager siden
charlieheartsdoggs - 5 dager siden
Holy sh :noob oof
charlieheartsdoggs - 5 dager siden
I got a colonoscopy
Uriah Owens
Uriah Owens - 5 dager siden
Captain Magicalfatman
Captain Magicalfatman - 5 dager siden
Is it really a graystillplays video with out him screaming
Roddis Joseff
Roddis Joseff - 6 dager siden
I kept laughing 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
Leo Martinez
Leo Martinez - 6 dager siden
Why does gray call levels “boards”?
Villian Deku's madame of mischief
13:11 me when I forgot to memorize a bible passage for memory work
gl owen kephart
gl owen kephart - 8 dager siden
The curb is the true enemy
Jaiden Moore
Jaiden Moore - 8 dager siden
wa wa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
qstorm38 - 8 dager siden
Gray, prepares to jump off a cliff with thousands upon thousands of mines, guns etc.
Gray: I’ve got to jump!
Everyone: Do a flip!
Lost Cian
Lost Cian - 10 dager siden
My dad had a fit during this video 😭😭😭😭
Emeka Anuna
Emeka Anuna - 10 dager siden
I have this game
Noah Carter
Noah Carter - 11 dager siden
In WWE instead of swimming suit they punc The other persons balls into space
Melissa Shaw
Melissa Shaw - 11 dager siden
Never watch a graystillplays video at night,I nearly died laughing
Elliott Ward
Elliott Ward - 12 dager siden
Never do that again never do that again
Tito - 15 dager siden
None Crash Of Landmine
jacob h
jacob h - 15 dager siden
gray: im sending my balls to space
landmine: ctop is better
Gabe Collins
Gabe Collins - 16 dager siden
I like how the train launches into the air as your about to hit it for no reason
Gabe Collins
Gabe Collins - 17 dager siden
Gray:speed is the devil

Anything fast:guess I’ll die
Foxy the Pirate fox
Foxy the Pirate fox - 17 dager siden
Someone: why graystillplays and not your gf
Me: *Y E S*
Mr. Fungi
Mr. Fungi - 17 dager siden
Coo, Visio
Christopher Kerr
Christopher Kerr - 18 dager siden
w u t
RTRTM - 19 dager siden
"and this happened" always needs to have an and this happened huh
Sayali Dalvi
Sayali Dalvi - 19 dager siden
Whenever Gray says "Ugh", 3 years add on to my life
ShadowEval - 19 dager siden
Dangerously Funny and Graystillplays should do a collab.
Buni potpot
Buni potpot - 20 dager siden
But the truth is graystillplays is badboyhalo
Buni potpot
Buni potpot - 20 dager siden
No jk
Buni potpot
Buni potpot - 20 dager siden
If it's not him it's me
Buni potpot
Buni potpot - 20 dager siden
Trust me
Buni potpot
Buni potpot - 20 dager siden
Graystillplays is badboyhalo no joke
Buni potpot
Buni potpot - 20 dager siden
Every one listen to me
Aidan Reyez
Aidan Reyez - 20 dager siden
Graystillplays you didn't go up with the ramp that means you lose you didn't stand on the road and go up and do you do ramp
Superkillerboy Ytp
Superkillerboy Ytp - 20 dager siden
It’s all ready 2021
ЅѡєдꚍЅдбєяѕ - 21 dag siden
7:36 just say balls not ball
Jurre Huizinga
Jurre Huizinga - 21 dag siden
Dr strange: Dormammu, I've come to bargain.
Gray: reality, I've come to bargain.
Nathan Gibson
Nathan Gibson - 21 dag siden
2:24 yea that's the right word for that situation
Mariette Corveleijn
Mariette Corveleijn - 21 dag siden
Dio: stop time
Kira: rewind time
Diavolo: 12:54
Alex Lambert
Alex Lambert - 22 dager siden
Nicolas rage dodged that train like my dad dodged alimony
Lucky Ducky
Lucky Ducky - 22 dager siden
Hey gray still plays I dare you to not block your swearing in the next video you make or the next like happy wheels video or turbo dismount video just don’t border you’re swearing
Rihards Purmalis
Rihards Purmalis - 23 dager siden
On Dismount citizen was that was your face?
Ty Ty
Ty Ty - 24 dager siden
Zack Iskandar
Zack Iskandar - 24 dager siden
4:22 epic moment😎
Indi Robinson
Indi Robinson - 24 dager siden
Me : (it’s super sad because of what happened on the day) also me watching any of your videos : 🤣🤣🤣
*•BriannaGaming•* - 24 dager siden
Jacksepticeye: SPEED IS KEY
GrayStillPlays: speed is the Devil

The fact is I watch both of them, now I don’t know if speed is good or bad—
Toni Paisley
Toni Paisley - 24 dager siden
Christopher Earth
Christopher Earth - 25 dager siden
Cursed Transformers
Adrian M
Adrian M - 25 dager siden
Stop 🛑 trash talking plz🤬😔😳🛑
ailcarsil - 25 dager siden
At 9:39
ailcarsil - 25 dager siden
With the sound tract for the land mine fall
ailcarsil - 25 dager siden
React to ts swap papyrus phase 2
TottalyToast - 26 dager siden
Sad we abandoned this game
VaporWing FauxMcloud
VaporWing FauxMcloud - 26 dager siden
Heat seeking mine
Gray: heat seeking human
emirgames - 26 dager siden
shanshe the body
Fernie Bonghanoy
Fernie Bonghanoy - 27 dager siden
Gray:speed is the devil
Jackspeticeye:ssspppeeeddd iiss kkeeyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fernie Bonghanoy
Fernie Bonghanoy - 27 dager siden
Gray:speed is a devil
RuggBuggPubgm PUBGM
RuggBuggPubgm PUBGM - 27 dager siden
13:53 Gray Finally Completes The Mine Sky Dive One...You’ll Thank Me Later
Gavin Catalano
Gavin Catalano - 27 dager siden
12:55 basically re:zero
THE MUSIC MASTER - 27 dager siden
Romeo Moone
Romeo Moone - 28 dager siden
Gray has more dedication to finish these levels than I have will to live. Props man.
Ash Ash
Ash Ash - 29 dager siden
Gray in happy wheels
Let me grab the wall

Turbo dismount creators
You can't grab anything

Can I hug them??¿¿
Mora Mulford
Mora Mulford - 29 dager siden
The hollow watchmaker endogenously smash because leaf supposedly scream into a spurious doubt. bewildered, festive zoology
Isaak Terizis
Isaak Terizis - 29 dager siden
Am I the only one who remembers when grey would torture people and not himself
Iamadi - 29 dager siden
3:28 ahh yes the meme
YouTube Bot
YouTube Bot - 29 dager siden
Idk don’t know this game can you tell me?
Vaughn Healy
Vaughn Healy - Måned siden
I do not like you saying swar wardes
Anita Calanda
Anita Calanda - Måned siden
*nicolas rage when seeing gray open up turbo dismount* : well its been a nice life im going die
gray: keep searching boys we gotta find who asksed also you like the tortour?
nicolas rage : no but actcully hard no
?Justasillybean¿ - Måned siden
Gray: *Dodges first train*
Curb : Hello mother fricker.
PhilipPlayzStrucid - Måned siden
You are not supposed to survive this game is just for fun you dumb dumb
Why does he use the female body with a male face
Cherry Neo
Cherry Neo - Måned siden
UhHh CaNt MiSs ThE bOwLiNg PiNs
- Gray 2020
Rhonda Roberts
Rhonda Roberts - Måned siden
boom sash gets vaprisd
Cameron Farmer
Cameron Farmer - Måned siden
I cried because of you being the funny person you are
Tyler Kai XzX
Tyler Kai XzX - Måned siden
3:25 Thats the #RODAROLLADA
( when the dummy touched the ground its part of road roller da. )
Heath Bellamy
Heath Bellamy - Måned siden
Legend has it Nicholas Rage is still eating gasoline to this day
MOMOMAN09 - Måned siden
This game has been dead for like 4 years
yogesh dakre
yogesh dakre - Måned siden
4:23 dogey malaca
Mathias Zuniga
Mathias Zuniga - Måned siden
10:53 I like how it says YAYYYYYYYYY when he got hit by the mine
B-Money GAMING - Måned siden
2:26 🤣
unknown YT
unknown YT - Måned siden
Remember kids gray will find a way
Amanda Hopkins
Amanda Hopkins - Måned siden
Gray does it hurt?
e z clapzz45_ yt
e z clapzz45_ yt - Måned siden
“i feel like ifi hug the wall i have the best oppurtunity” *goes straight to the middle*
gaming legend
gaming legend - Måned siden
Wheres nickles rage
Nuri efe Güdük
Nuri efe Güdük - Måned siden
Whats the game name
Just a Motorhead Weeb
Just a Motorhead Weeb - Måned siden
He literally said it in the intro. Game: Turbo Dismount
Anders Hejnfelt
Anders Hejnfelt - Måned siden
"Mine obstacle course" sounds like a Google translate of Mein Kampf 😅
Stacy Jones
Stacy Jones - Måned siden
Ŵhŷ šrêr
Harley Cunningham
Harley Cunningham - Måned siden
Why didn't u use the bulldozer and push all the cars in
Paul Short
Paul Short - Måned siden
Saw this in a suggested, and thought gray had posted already today.
Chubby Sayian
Chubby Sayian - Måned siden
Funny thing of the way he looks reminds me of doctor strange
MAINYBRAINY - Måned siden
i know that game i played it its my child hood
couch surfer
couch surfer - Måned siden
I mean 2:27
Edrei Francis
Edrei Francis - Måned siden
You should definitely audition for The Matrix. For sure!👌🏽😎👍
Debbie McDaniel
Debbie McDaniel - Måned siden
WAIT is that a big bomb is that new
Fnab - Måned siden
3:10 He f$&ked up
Renee Laput-Mendoza
Renee Laput-Mendoza - Måned siden
Sebastian George-Mora
Sebastian George-Mora - Måned siden
You kinda sound like sunde