i completed the 0.001% impossible grind challenge and this happened

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i completed the 0.001% impossible grind challenge and this happened
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Runtime: 15:19


JR C - Dag siden
8:11 exactly what i was waiting for, u to fall at the very end rip but also lmaooooooo
N30n l1ght
N30n l1ght - 2 dager siden
Florida girl has balls?
sageinit - 3 dager siden
Disliked this video because Gray didn't actually complete the challenge
Marshmellu - 4 dager siden
What if you wanted to go to heaven
But God said
snorkles Lain
snorkles Lain - 6 dager siden
I could do this first try
gavin the cod master
gavin the cod master - 11 dager siden
gavin the cod master
gavin the cod master - 11 dager siden
gray: nothing can stop me im gray still pla-
rail: nope
Pickled Crazy
Pickled Crazy - 11 dager siden
Gray:Make it stoppppp
YouTube:AD TIME!!
AD:One reason why you can’t stop scrolling
Just a Aquarius Gorefield with internet access
Hey Bill nye get your *ss in here and turn the physics up to eleven
Steve Mercier
Steve Mercier - 12 dager siden
I'll be like:
Q: Gray, did you grind across the entire planet?
A: Yes
Q: What did it cost?
A: *Here's an Ad*
Shane Abens
Shane Abens - 14 dager siden
U should play I am toast or one of the rage marios where the floor falls and other things that piss people off
sushi - 16 dager siden
6:23 was that Midget Apple @annoying orange
Campbell Blah Blah's Vlog
Campbell Blah Blah's Vlog - 17 dager siden
Campbell Blah Blah's Vlog
Campbell Blah Blah's Vlog - 17 dager siden
3:40 I also have got to see when physics decides to screw itself
xX CookieWolf Xx
xX CookieWolf Xx - 18 dager siden
My snort/laugh sounded like a gunshot 😂
Jessica Watts
Jessica Watts - 19 dager siden
How gray laughs when her bone marrow shows: sees it normally
How I laugh when I see her bone marrow: pretent it's my annoying brothers boddy and continue.
John Nemo
John Nemo - 21 dag siden
Yay Florida man won’t have to suffer impossible run torture alone
Katie Hewes
Katie Hewes - 22 dager siden
I can’t stop laughing
Like if you’re the same
FrogEye Games
FrogEye Games - 23 dager siden
Ok listen to this, happy wheels but every time grays charicter gets damage gray gets shocked irl
Minecraft_is_the_best - 24 dager siden
1:08 Naruto fly
Bukket - 24 dager siden
Wanna hear a roast

I came for the thumbnail
Ur dads a male.
Void Glitch
Void Glitch - 25 dager siden
11:46 is all I have to say
BDOLanni - 25 dager siden
this does not count, you cheated at the end, you missed out 3 jumps. i call this a fail
osama ahmad
osama ahmad - 25 dager siden
My guy repping the Element Earth Wind Fire deck!
Rajib Roy
Rajib Roy - 26 dager siden
Damn she transformed into a strechy creature xD
Your Mandalore
Your Mandalore - 26 dager siden
Bro! You cheated that last part! 🤬😤
Rocket Fire
Rocket Fire - 26 dager siden
I like how maximum velocity doesn’t exist in this game
Greg Carter
Greg Carter - 27 dager siden
Too bad you cheated and jumped to the starter rail before the end
ca sne
ca sne - 28 dager siden
The stale jumbo morally moor because twist cephalometrically disarm across a venomous farmer. sharp, ritzy shrine
Allegiance Pro Wrestling
Allegiance Pro Wrestling - 28 dager siden
"What did it cost?" "The Hyundai Tuscon!"
Dylan Keogh
Dylan Keogh - 29 dager siden
this game was made by people that direct Indian movies
I'm a gamer
I'm a gamer - 29 dager siden
1:30 that looks like my art teacher
Adele Dragneel
Adele Dragneel - Måned siden
But u cheated at the end 😹 you went to the far left one, the one that was supposed to be easy that u started with.
Jonah Philipchalk
Jonah Philipchalk - Måned siden
I wish I could like a video more than once.
Linke Socke
Linke Socke - Måned siden
Gray, I think you cheated a bit on the second one. I believe you were supposed to go to the right again towards the end. And you jumped over to the left, easier line when you finished it.
Still a great video thought ;)
Purple Bear 04
Purple Bear 04 - Måned siden
It's 0.001% possible not impossible that means it's 99.999%possible u dumby
Andromeda Gaming
Andromeda Gaming - Måned siden
rip roller coaster tycoon and xp11 videos, those were hilarious
Water Lily
Water Lily - Måned siden
I honestly think it's hilarious how most of the people that watch you watch you to see you in pain or misery .😂
Andrew Dees
Andrew Dees - Måned siden
But u didn't do it
XT - Måned siden
Hey gray, can you pls play skate 3? It would be soooo funny! :D
Logan Gawlak
Logan Gawlak - Måned siden
Her ankles in the Intro looked like Dak Prescott's Injury 😬😬😬😬😬
藍戰士Kit Kit Chan Isaac
not gonna lie,but when gray is trying to save the board from falling down,those are the most anxious causing bits
CFSJedi - Måned siden
On a scale of 1 to 10, what is your laughter rate?
Where would that fall on the scale?
It wouldn't
How would you rate GrayStillPlays?
Just about a googleplex
Dennis Gaming
Dennis Gaming - Måned siden
I will barn in hell for saying that
JESUS - Måned siden
Good thing it was my sister that had to handle the pain instead of me...
Jennifer Graybeal
Jennifer Graybeal - Måned siden
I laughed so hard wile drinking water It went up my nose
A jar of poop
A jar of poop - Måned siden
I got to ads back to back one finished i saw the video 1 second later another one popped up and it was the same ad
Psychotic Mickey
Psychotic Mickey - Måned siden
little does gray know that bs means backside
Lady_Cringeworthy - Måned siden
Oh God skate 3 evolved
Jessica Hanrahan
Jessica Hanrahan - Måned siden
And I like agony
Jessica Hanrahan
Jessica Hanrahan - Måned siden
Because I’m a fetus
Jessica Hanrahan
Jessica Hanrahan - Måned siden
I only watch your videos to listen to your pure agony
Dawson Goth
Dawson Goth - Måned siden
I fell like he says “satan” every video
Yeeboi Yeetus
Yeeboi Yeetus - Måned siden
1:17 break dem’ ankles
uncleacid 69
uncleacid 69 - Måned siden
When Grey dies and goes to hell he will be doing this for 100 years minimum per try. He will gain freedom if he completes it.
Venom 64
Venom 64 - Måned siden
This course was so hard for Gray, it was the only course in this video
Breezi TV
Breezi TV - Måned siden
Gray - get the stats mod and turn pop out to straight
Devin Törnerhag
Devin Törnerhag - Måned siden
i started crying of laughing to this video
Garett Mote
Garett Mote - Måned siden
Technically cheated the last stretch by jumping to the average impossible rail, but still, awesome.
Aaron Mcleish
Aaron Mcleish - Måned siden
Dude I literally put this on 2x speed and I'm laughing my ass off
Jacob Tyropolis
Jacob Tyropolis - Måned siden
i just realised that the video title is 0.001% impossible. that means almost anyone can do it.
surmello.16 - Måned siden
im a real skater and i love stuff like this because its just having fun
Tim McLaughlin
Tim McLaughlin - Måned siden
He kinda did it though he skipped the last two rails so he almost beat it but better then I could ever
藍戰士Kit Kit Chan Isaac
12:56 lol Gray's crying
Help me
Help me - Måned siden
Florida woman be like: KILL ME GRAYYYYYy
Hus 9
Hus 9 - Måned siden
Gray still plays - Getting over it...
linton mccloud
linton mccloud - Måned siden
Doctor: I’ve only seen this ankle fracture once before on a man named Tom Cruise.
Kevin Nicholson
Kevin Nicholson - Måned siden
Gray: "I basically have this girls ass memorized"
Gray's wife: "I'm sorry. WTf"
Alex Mercer
Alex Mercer - Måned siden
nah man you got it all wrong, YEET for power COBY for accuracy.
Sean Ruppert
Sean Ruppert - Måned siden
Congrats but u didn't actually finish the right rail, soo challenge not complete. Jumping to the left-most rail at the end isn't finishing the right rail challenge
Elotkel - Måned siden
Lol you're a mad man!
Chasen Wayne
Chasen Wayne - Måned siden
"What just happened" you nollie heel flipped, STRAIGHT TO HELL.
SuperD3clan _
SuperD3clan _ - Måned siden
I was watching this and laughing soooo hard then I started trying to cough but I couldn’t so I just kept half coughing and laughing for a literal minute. My sister had to come into the room, she thought I was dying lmao
Slifer Streaming
Slifer Streaming - Måned siden
Is the end 14:46 cheating? Lol
_anthony_ - Måned siden
3:25 when the devil is lonely
Fuzze_Gogz - Måned siden
Do u even skate?
Brian Kemery
Brian Kemery - Måned siden
Gray yelling "SATAAAAN" is always the highlight of his videos for me.
The Camocampaindude
The Camocampaindude - Måned siden
The title says phhh never mind
cathy logan
cathy logan - Måned siden
Grey I want you to play play a game where you can shoot players with literally RPG and is not fortnite when anything is a game you need to get on a hey Amazon tablet the search of fighting Games with guns and then after that if you see lol games download the first 20 and 1 of them you will feel them a bit too three of you after that what you will see is you will have one of the games the game that I'm wanting you to get grey how how how I would do the intro for video if you need a game where you can shoot people in the head with 6000 megabytes hope you do it by also so Nick more and more and more videos the game where you literally have a a shopping cart going down a mountain I was I shouldn't you play more That Game by and if you don't do that you're f***
Kruse Thompson
Kruse Thompson - Måned siden
Gray sounds like Sundee a bit
Guillaume Gaudêncio
Guillaume Gaudêncio - Måned siden
You should rename that channel “and this happened” 🤣🤣🤣🤣
blake kollman
blake kollman - Måned siden
What happens if you didn't do the tricks
Justin Rozinek
Justin Rozinek - Måned siden
One of these days an article will pop up in my newsfeed that says "Florida man kills himself after years of video game sadness" his soul will be whisked away by the dark lord himself and he will live an eternal life of indulgence nestled sweetly in the dark ones embrace.
Thomas Engelthaler
Thomas Engelthaler - Måned siden
Spaghetti cuthulu
Roy G Biv
Roy G Biv - Måned siden
I laughed so hard during this 😂
EL_DucheBagger - Måned siden
Gray, you finished in the easy rail not on the ddr rail ... you have to start again
Schizo Through The Tulips
Schizo Through The Tulips - Måned siden
When I’m depressed I look to the FLORIDAMAN to make me laugh up my lungs!!😂🤣
Luke D
Luke D - Måned siden
The second rail reminds me of the game "Run."
Comic Sans
Comic Sans - Måned siden
I just realized the world Grey is playing in looks a lot like the world in Hole.io
Addie Marie simon
Addie Marie simon - Måned siden
Hey @Graystillplays 

I know that you have made a video where you kill people by dirt and where piles of bodies and pee I know a way to make it worse and I want to see how bad it can get I don't have the sims 4 and ether way yours would be more funnier then mine if I had it 

So pretty much you make the smallest house possible and put 100 people in it and add them in all at once

 only add one laundry basket and no washers or drys this makes it so where dirty laundry piles grow like crazy I learned this from another sims gamer

Take away all trashcans,  sinks, dishwashers, showers,  toilets, pools, bath tubs, romabs or little vacuum cleaners,  fountains,  

Don't clean up the dead body's 

Make sure all 100 people are in the house then lock all doors 

Make sure you use only one 4 person table and only one 2 seating coach and one single person bed make sure you have both of a few grills (grill inside the house) and stoves that way people have plenty of places to cook make sure you only one countertop

This makes to where sims can still cook plus it makes piles of food 

Make sure you have a fridge, and cooler 

And make sure you have one night stand for the bed dont put anything on it and one for the coach it makes it to where floating food is possible 

Make sure you put the home layout a big open concept house meaning only 4 walls no walls at all on the inside of the house 

Don't use cabinets in the kitchen and cover all 4 walls with shelves all over the wall this will make floating food like crazy plus it makes it where you can see all the food 

Once every one 100 people are inside the house lock or delete all doors and make (you  force )every single sim all 100 to make a grand meal if you don't know how to do that just make all 100 sims cook a meal and you make them do this from the start 

Continue making all of your sims make more and more food so pretty much if they are doing anything else but cooking make them cook 

And for fun remove the tv the bed and the coach

I want to see how bad we can glitch out the sims 4

Also by the way I know how much you love how bad the sims can get you should really try the sims 3 and the sims 2 and the sims 1 littary the more you get to a lower number of the sims the less coding was made for the sims and so the lower number you get the more glitches they can do littary in the sims 1 you can pretty much kill every sim in littary less than a day
Kenny Martin
Kenny Martin - Måned siden
*Grey skates off on thin air*
Me: Oh.. He can fly now...
CHONG ZI SHENG Moe - Måned siden
Bruh this vid has 666,803 views
Robby Valdeman
Robby Valdeman - Måned siden
Uhh hey gray i don't know if it's changed but the views have 666... what happened there
Harry spero
Harry spero - Måned siden
John McHale
John McHale - Måned siden
Me: gray is sad or praying IDK
SATAN: I am here my masochistic child
Gray:this level is the son of satan
Lixer Jakes
Lixer Jakes - Måned siden
All I see is pain...
grave monster
grave monster - Måned siden
I get an Element skateboard for Halloween one year
Salty Sam
Salty Sam - Måned siden
000.1 percent impossible? Eh?
No one Of consequence
No one Of consequence - Måned siden
What Gray means by "part of my soul" is 2% of it.
My ACCOUNT - Måned siden