i broke 9,981,053 bones driving through this

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i broke 9,981,053 bones driving through this
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jacob h
jacob h - Dag siden
thats three not 8
Swag Warehouse
Swag Warehouse - 8 dager siden
my favorite part is from 6:14 to 6:35. also notice at the start of it a bulldozer just flew right by him. XD
Birb - 9 dager siden
Gray saying "pew pew" added 40 years to my life
Gabe Collins
Gabe Collins - 12 dager siden
I made a further jump than the last one it was 200 meters instead of 140
Guitar Sniper
Guitar Sniper - 13 dager siden
Legend has it that these are the vehicles Gray abused in farm sim coming back for revenge at lightspeed
FiberadvancedPlayz - 15 dager siden
6:23 is the best noise I have ever heard him make
Carl Vincent vilbar pedersen
Carl Vincent vilbar pedersen - 15 dager siden
Malefa Mokhochane
Malefa Mokhochane - 16 dager siden
, this is the f****** funniest thing I ever seen
XAVIER BORGES - 19 dager siden
6:23 I like your cut G
Jerry Rong
Jerry Rong - 21 dag siden
I think that if Gray used the x-wing with the boosters and a ramp then maybe he would get through the level easier
Leonidas of the 300
Leonidas of the 300 - 22 dager siden
"we just gotta get the back raised down"
yes, yes, raised down
Pusheenbelle 27
Pusheenbelle 27 - 28 dager siden
I keep eating milk powder while watching gray's vid
There's powder everywhere
Shaina Gildea
Shaina Gildea - 28 dager siden
gray:I have a idea
also gray:I'm gonna make it
Shaina Gildea
Shaina Gildea - 29 dager siden
6:14 I think this is the first time that I herd gray wheeze, THIS IS NEW AND EXITING
Shaina Gildea
Shaina Gildea - 28 dager siden
also I like how one of the trucks fly upwards to I asum the roof of the map
Mermer blessed
Mermer blessed - Måned siden
"After this traumatic experience with Graystillplays Nicolas rage was to attend several therapy sessions after loosing his body including his will to live... This man Graystillplays is wanted for torturing multiple Sims, Nicolas and many more victims" 😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹
Killerofcats - Måned siden
Levi Berry
Levi Berry - Måned siden
The bottle Of box
The bottle Of box - Måned siden
Ugh ass!!!!
Yeni Pop
Yeni Pop - Måned siden
“If I get my pew pew at the right time”
- Graystillplays
Nice use of language
Aaron Avery
Aaron Avery - Måned siden
1:13 talk about throwing him under the bus
Jabin Torres
Jabin Torres - Måned siden
Your videos make me die laughing
Ariana Pew
Ariana Pew - Måned siden
Gray never gives up thats why I love watching him. He breaks any game so do I lol I broke so many games I play lol.
Doodle Peyton
Doodle Peyton - Måned siden
Gray: *shoots the bulldozers and they all fall*
That one bulldozer hiding at the top:
kewlchriz13 - Måned siden
Is it Nicholas cage or Nicholas cage
kewlchriz13 - Måned siden
I wanted to say Nicholas rage
kewlchriz13 - Måned siden
Wait my bad
Kaidem Appleby
Kaidem Appleby - Måned siden
Everyone must answer this question including gray! What is the definition of a graystillplays video. Find the answer ... in a different video!
DOMINIC VIENS - Måned siden
DOMINIC VIENS - Måned siden
What about happy wheel?
Arcane Force
Arcane Force - Måned siden
Ezra - Måned siden
i hear the grunt birthday party halo skull. also im surprised that you have so many blood types, from machoism to pain and depression
Brent Black
Brent Black - Måned siden
6:16 this is the highest if ever been launched 3 seccond later random bull doser nope I'm da king of hight
Brays World
Brays World - Måned siden
2:50 what’s that song
diana sri lestari
diana sri lestari - Måned siden
my breaking bones is 5 million
Isaiah Albert
Isaiah Albert - Måned siden
The music...fits so well... 😂
Krysta B
Krysta B - Måned siden
6:23 HOME RUN!!!
Dexter Fry
Dexter Fry - Måned siden
i like to imagine how chaotic this would be in real life
Tyler Cook
Tyler Cook - Måned siden
theis videos have so much caose
Baggy Trousers
Baggy Trousers - Måned siden
340 metres into the air. Altitude counter says 272.
Sharky - Måned siden
13:40 all you needed to do was add a boost
Storm_of _Youtube
Storm_of _Youtube - Måned siden
6:25 (Intense wheeze)
Rapid TQNK
Rapid TQNK - Måned siden
God I love turbo dismount it’s a classic!
Rapid TQNK
Rapid TQNK - Måned siden
Gray is the best YouTuber ever I’m a veteran!!!
Darkmoon - Måned siden
Me: ”You called?”
kyler kole
kyler kole - Måned siden
The most perfect timing ever is right when the music started the vehicle went up in the air 6:14
Youssef Gaming
Youssef Gaming - Måned siden
We need a face reveal
Jackie McIntosh
Jackie McIntosh - Måned siden
Me: *sees the title*
Also me: ONLY 9,981,053!?!??
*R O O K I E*
*N U M B E R S*
Parker Spain
Parker Spain - Måned siden
Gray: *enjoying the moment*
kyland lindke
kyland lindke - Måned siden
6:23 when he replayed it and he said home run I just said the Super Smash Bros GAME!
Hammertime1235 - Måned siden
6:15 for the wheeze
elizabeth ebsworth
elizabeth ebsworth - Måned siden
I laughed too much wen gray said "if I can use my pew pew..."
noob boy
noob boy - Måned siden
1:04 I believe I can fly into a bus
William Munroe
William Munroe - Måned siden
6:46 yeet he gets hit in the FACE
Caden Gaumont
Caden Gaumont - Måned siden
i am drinking 5000 waters
Samual Flores
Samual Flores - Måned siden
Oh great now I know the name turbo discount I like the part one and part two of and part three of turbo dismount they're actually pretty cool so are you going to release a part four because I really want a part four so I like all your gaming channels especially the one that thank you great the stickman the Henry the stickman another hungry Stickman regular stickman game all of the part that you say I'm a yetisaurus and one of these parts it was like it was like a game that you break it was a it was a game that you have to kill like these other stickmans like that you have to try and kill these stickmans but and at level 16 you can start using guns and you can like you know like you know like you know like like do like you have to like kill these Stickman then like at level 16 you can start using guns and then and then like you can like I use like gun that level 16 and then and then I like then you can like shoot people with these guns and then I like the one like I don't remember the name of that stickman game but I like the one they the the and I mean I mean like I like the video that that the the what was the stickman game again I don't remember the stickman's game but I like the stickman game where you said I'm a you thesaurus so yeah I like I'm trying to say thesaurus yeastosaurus I'm trying to say yeet a sores so thank you Greg I mean Ray I mean Gray so you make these cool videos and I really like them so yeah I might I might make I might give you some more comments in the future so bye but by the way I'm six and this video was made in 2020 and this is 2020 and it's and you miss Thanksgiving I think did you even did you even like celebrate Thanksgiving before yesterday I mean did you even celebrate Thanksgiving Thursday so bye bye Gray
Samual Flores
Samual Flores - Måned siden
Like the part one and part two of keep forgetting the name
Samual Flores
Samual Flores - Måned siden
Hey Gray I like the part one in the part two of
Vizier yeet
Vizier yeet - Måned siden
6:20 killed me😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
Deku_Edits - Måned siden
Um the x wing broke here before it got hit by anything 2:21
Frankie Hyland
Frankie Hyland - Måned siden
I love that on the imposible level you got thrown in to space and then a car just yyeeeeeeeeeeted its self 10x higher than you and it was facing strait up
Daniel Juarez
Daniel Juarez - Måned siden
Ok but is nobody gonna talk about how he said CP instead of PC
You know don’t You
You know don’t You - Måned siden
4m have joined
Lock Jaw
Lock Jaw - Måned siden
Humans know how to reach terminal velocity.
They just don’t know how to SURVIVE terminal velocity.
King Awesomeness
King Awesomeness - Måned siden
The end is the easiest part how do you not know that I have passed the end of the stages I mean like the end of the stage as you did like the last one and that was the easiest one out of all of that I have done that one myself
Kaiden Shiflett
Kaiden Shiflett - Måned siden
The title said his score is 9 million but his highest one is 11 million
Judah Wilson
Judah Wilson - Måned siden
Surely this dude has to get a new computer by now
Judah Wilson
Judah Wilson - Måned siden
Gray: looking good so far
*"Immediately dies"*
*"And gets 2fps"*
Gray: OK looking less good so far
Adventure Mgr
Adventure Mgr - Måned siden
You are funny 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👌👌👌👌😄😄😄😄😃😃😃😆😆😆😆😆😆
unlimited gaming
unlimited gaming - Måned siden
8:46 gray:so supposedly we can use whatever we we want to get across
Viktor - Måned siden
what's that song name
Bastian Merriman
Bastian Merriman - Måned siden
6:14 what game music is that
E.R.I.N - Måned siden
Shuriken is the best free vehicle
*Change my mind*
Jah'Zion Victor
Jah'Zion Victor - Måned siden
Make sure to always buckle u- 4:58
Night Slayer06
Night Slayer06 - Måned siden
Normal people obsessed with normal things us crazy people are obsessed with death, balls, and more including lives ending reeeeee
Night Slayer06
Night Slayer06 - Måned siden
Get dunked on sans quote 6:45
Amanda Durbin
Amanda Durbin - Måned siden
It’s turbo dismount more like terrible dismount
ismail kassem
ismail kassem - Måned siden
4:59you forgot to wear the seat belts
Banana Boi
Banana Boi - Måned siden
Gray : To try not to get simultaneously removed from reality
Tony Stark: Relatable
P0W3RGL0V3 -
P0W3RGL0V3 - - Måned siden
Not even Nicoles Cage:
Florida highways almost every single day: 8:01
eleanor manongdo
eleanor manongdo - Måned siden
the song "wake me up when its all over" is what Nickolas rage is singing now because he always sleeping that y he doesn't jump off the car
H0llO - Måned siden
"Terminal velocity, where have you been a my lif-"
Idklol Haha
Idklol Haha - Måned siden
Teacher: And what do you want to be when you grow up?
Gray: *A hood ornament*
Salvador Elscardo
Salvador Elscardo - Måned siden
Nicholas Quinlan
Nicholas Quinlan - Måned siden
I have to do 1100 questions in one day and I’m in grade 6
Nicholas Quinlan
Nicholas Quinlan - Måned siden
Ok I’m whatching this while doing homework and I feel so much better 🙂
ThePeak24 - Måned siden
What fps do want to go to
Me what fps
Suicide Klown
Suicide Klown - Måned siden
06:12 piss yourself fool
Sebastian Wagoner
Sebastian Wagoner - Måned siden
l hate this Game
kingofthegamers - Måned siden
im pretty sure this dude is jake paul with 100000 tons of caffine injected into his bloodstream...
like me.
Luca,John,Evan Zheng
Luca,John,Evan Zheng - Måned siden
What game is that
The epicgamerwolf
The epicgamerwolf - Måned siden
8:43 the car flew like jesus
Monkey Reeses
Monkey Reeses - Måned siden
What the name of the game? I'd like to know.
Daniel Beauchot
Daniel Beauchot - Måned siden
Daniel Beauchot
Daniel Beauchot - Måned siden
Jack Oeser
Jack Oeser - Måned siden
3:07 Nicholas Rage VS Lightspeed bulldozers Ft. Graystillplays
Jack Oeser
Jack Oeser - Måned siden
7:36 I’ve seen this map before Back in my day-
Jack Oeser
Jack Oeser - Måned siden
Truck: *bumper hits ramp* Game: Nicholas Rage was not an impostor (1 imposter remains)
FreshMorphleMemes Official
Play traffic slam 3 next time
Casey Jones RailFanner
Casey Jones RailFanner - Måned siden
Use da Tran plz
Rob Beijerinck
Rob Beijerinck - Måned siden
lol first trial creates a frecking Huge Pile-UP
Thomas Sherlin
Thomas Sherlin - Måned siden
If he says that he breaks 9981053 bones he would need to break all the bones of 48451.7 people
Wyatt Olson
Wyatt Olson - Måned siden
Gray:this is the highest I've ever gone
Buldozer:am I a joke to you
starlink132 - Måned siden
His character should be called Nicholas babe
Blade Hughes
Blade Hughes - Måned siden
Grey: "hey computer what you say?"
Car computer:"YOUR ASS IS CRAZY?!?"
Blade Hughes
Blade Hughes - Måned siden