i beat the impossible driving challenge and this happened

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i beat the impossible driving challenge and this happened
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yaaasKerchow 2.0
yaaasKerchow 2.0 - Dag siden
1:31 danse
Brandon 88
Brandon 88 - Dag siden
Screw you snow plow 11:02 👿😤😬😠😈
Debanjan Gosh
Debanjan Gosh - 2 dager siden
Imagine the editor
bog Kirkeood
bog Kirkeood - 5 dager siden
Sheryl Brown
Sheryl Brown - 5 dager siden
How do you get these levels?
disappointment juice
disappointment juice - 8 dager siden
2:18 the collision matched the beat and i think thats beautiful
The Cult of Loki
The Cult of Loki - 9 dager siden
i have asthma and i laughed so hard in this video that it was triggered but i see that as an absolute win your videos are just that funny
Arturo Torres
Arturo Torres - 12 dager siden
Just a kid who makes content
Just a kid who makes content - 13 dager siden
Ah yes depressy wheels
Virgelio Jumawan Bulado
Virgelio Jumawan Bulado - 13 dager siden
Itshard in fast lane to use motorcycle
Linke Socke
Linke Socke - 13 dager siden
Great vvideos. I really enjoy watching you play these challenges. And that slow motion replay of the last board look so cool.
Bilge Duru Arslan
Bilge Duru Arslan - 13 dager siden
where are you founding this maps
Jeanieinabottle - 13 dager siden
10:43 made me chuckle😂
Star-bolt Lover
Star-bolt Lover - 14 dager siden
"Why is the board dancing on my dead body?"
My favorite part!
Yudunwon - 15 dager siden
I want the map hes playing at 6:49
XAVIER BORGES - 17 dager siden
Yo 12:12 hit me 😂😂😂
Mike Tang
Mike Tang - 18 dager siden
The cluttered instrument outstandingly blot because son hepatosplenomegaly glue within a faded george. aberrant, staking chemistry
TheTigerr - 19 dager siden
Gray: Hahahaha
The Whole Multiverse: You BETTER *STOP, STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!*
Waimun Lai wai
Waimun Lai wai - 20 dager siden
*this is the only video where Shuriken almost finished every map.*
Psalm Manusig
Psalm Manusig - 20 dager siden
Poor nicoles rage his poor bottom is allways being rekt XDDD
couch surfer
couch surfer - 22 dager siden
8:35 bus go yeet
Tyler Diffendal
Tyler Diffendal - 23 dager siden
Perfect formation on stirke bravo 👏 👏 👏
The Nerdy Gamer!!!
The Nerdy Gamer!!! - 24 dager siden
At 13:17 he says motorcrycle
Aundre Mandingiado
Aundre Mandingiado - 24 dager siden
one of the- jumps.
THETRAPKITTY Save the poor little kitty
These thumbnails are maps we wish we have but the map makers are too dum to do so
Shaina Gildea
Shaina Gildea - 25 dager siden
is no one gonna say how gray sounds like that one sully meme
Sandy BoleYT
Sandy BoleYT - 26 dager siden
Happy wheel’s level of masochism makes this look like a piece of cake
Berat Miftari
Berat Miftari - 27 dager siden
I really want to play this game
Berat Miftari
Berat Miftari - 27 dager siden
Somebody please tell me what is the name of this game
ThanksDoctor - 28 dager siden
*nicolas rage*
Electrical nova bomb
Electrical nova bomb - 29 dager siden
neo matrix
neo matrix - 29 dager siden
xanty x
xanty x - Måned siden
:me found out gray is good at his gameplays :me gray will find a way
The bottle Of box
The bottle Of box - Måned siden
His a$$ act's weird
Yeeboi Yeetus
Yeeboi Yeetus - Måned siden
3:08 he is DABBING
Daniel - Måned siden
Gray: “Kay two, three, four, five, six...yes!?
Optimus Prime: “no”
Daniel - Måned siden
The stars almost aligned at this moment
Just 20pts off
Monster ander you're bead
Monster ander you're bead - Måned siden
Dandelion Dandylion
Dandelion Dandylion - Måned siden
"Have the body, lost the body"

I think my face is completely red now
Killerofcats - Måned siden
SAGAN ORTIZ - Måned siden
Nicholas rage really raged
Manic Flying
Manic Flying - Måned siden
the shiruken episode
Nando Mikhail John What
Nando Mikhail John What - Måned siden
13 Evil Trains
Alex Da Gamer
Alex Da Gamer - Måned siden
Raymison Statie
Raymison Statie - Måned siden
Me when gray said I can feel it:😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🤣😭🤣😭🤣😭🤣😭😭🤣😭🤣😭🤣😭🤣😭🤣😭😭🤣😭😭😭😭😭😭
Alif Alif
Alif Alif - Måned siden
The freezing governor cephalometrically visit because sister nearly drop behind a long editor. uppity, lively medicine
Lex Chiver
Lex Chiver - Måned siden
It's funny how I had knew Grey when he had 12k subscribers
Tim da rat
Tim da rat - Måned siden
Gray everytime he fails 2-3 times in turbo dismount:
How much speed?
Gray everytime he fails 2-3 times in happy wheels
Sir make up ur mind is speed bad or good?
OWEN CHAN - Måned siden
Nick RAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
diana sri lestari
diana sri lestari - Måned siden
my breaking bones is 5.777.657
Aircraft Carrier Wo-Class
Aircraft Carrier Wo-Class - Måned siden
"This is it, I can feel it!"
Well you felt *something* ...
Blaise Forerunner
Blaise Forerunner - Måned siden
Why does Gray say: Stay foxy and much love? Someone enlighten me pls.
I'm probably just really dumb.
Aidan Yao
Aidan Yao - Måned siden
Gray clearly has no concept of thin, but in a good way.
Amanda Thompson
Amanda Thompson - Måned siden
Me when he calls Nicholas rage Nicholas cage :😭
youtube dope
youtube dope - Måned siden
9:25 you did this before I think 2 times before this I am seeing that you do stuff multiple times
Uchenna Orji
Uchenna Orji - Måned siden
Did the trains remind anyone of ghost rider
Richard Dana
Richard Dana - Måned siden
08:50 reminds me of the "Blues Brothers" Scene 😂
hendrix tenorio
hendrix tenorio - Måned siden
Hi grey i watch your vids and its so funny and you didn't notice you played the impossible froger 3x
Nerd dad?
Liam Zombie
Liam Zombie - Måned siden
2:11 that moment when you get RKO'd by your own car
blitzo - Måned siden
On the last one you should of used the jet
Renee Booth
Renee Booth - Måned siden
How do you make maps
Alexander Tsynkov
Alexander Tsynkov - Måned siden
Nicholas *RAGE*
Lety Vera
Lety Vera - Måned siden
MinecraftPro - Måned siden
you are not kidding me but I'm here to help you with this problem too much and I don't know what to do with me but I'm still trying to get a kid out of my way and I don't want to get back to work because I have a lot of anxiety about my work
Gabriel Lorenzana
Gabriel Lorenzana - Måned siden
in slaughter RACE!!!!!!!!!!!
I’m a Duck
I’m a Duck - Måned siden
Do ha
Samual Flores
Samual Flores - Måned siden
This video was so funny I laughed so hard because this is actually a funny video and I like the video the part that the grid just got hit by a car a bulldozer car look like a car but instead it had like a bulldozer thing and I don't know what the bulldozer thingies are and then I have not played the game the Greg the gray is playing oh yeah I don't know how impossible all of these are impossible this this one that you're playing right now is actually the one that we saw in part three gray or two I think it was a part three it was in the last video dumb head it was in part three this map they are on right now the the one that you the the the one with the legates next to you like you don't want the you know the ones with like the the lightning speed cars the one with the lightning speed cars and like and like you like keep getting destroyed by them and then before this you made it the first time on the last video of part three so what are you doing this again so it's okay great I mean I mean Gray so I still like you you're a pretty cool YouTuber I love your videos and by the way if you think about all my other comments well I'm actually a boy that's why my name is samuel Flores and I like your videos dude like they're like very cool I want are you going to release like a part 10 because you want to see like a part 1 like a part 5 of part 6 apart 7 I mean and part 8 part 9 the part 10 hopefully you'll release all those videos so I'm not send more comments goodbye and I'll see you in part 5 gray and yeah bye
Roberto Jaraleno
Roberto Jaraleno - Måned siden
nicholas rage, bulls**t. they call me n i c h o l a s r a g e
James Smith
James Smith - Måned siden
Does anybody know the level name of 6:46 ?
Austin Turner
Austin Turner - Måned siden
Motar kricele
Gabriel pereira
Gabriel pereira - Måned siden
How get this maps?
tsvetelina marinova
tsvetelina marinova - Måned siden
rohan kodibagkar
rohan kodibagkar - Måned siden
"WhY iS thE eNtIre BoArD dAncInG oN mY dEaD bODy?!"
I can't stop laughing :)
Allaine Pelayo
Allaine Pelayo - Måned siden
Alright, so were checking out the only person who literally says the same line but with a bit of more description or less, best laughs and worst moments, and add a sprinkle of memes and clips of the game... Its GrayStillPlays.
Cybermatroid:- Aiman Hakimi
These Pistols Only
These Pistols Only - Måned siden
Motor trickle? 13:19
Mason Chesna
Mason Chesna - Måned siden
Why do people dislike ur videos they are super funny and I love them keep being you
E.R.I.N - Måned siden
"Shuriken is not the best free vehicle"
Me, an intellectual: 13:40
a siren head who entered the internet
Hey can you play city skylines and make everybody live in hell?
xX_UncleDeath_Xx YT
xX_UncleDeath_Xx YT - Måned siden
Motorchycle 13:18
Aiden Casey
Aiden Casey - Måned siden
I have never laughed so hard in my life, and I almost killed myself once

Keep up the good work
Thonk - Måned siden
Gray when he dosent have an answer: pain
Gabrielle Fuentes
Gabrielle Fuentes - Måned siden
Tristan Ashby
Tristan Ashby - Måned siden
12:10 yees 12:11 nooooooooooo
Tristan Ashby
Tristan Ashby - Måned siden
like septiceye snow plow
Thomas Morris
Thomas Morris - Måned siden
I might unsub you for that
Thomas Morris
Thomas Morris - Måned siden
fu you made me laugh and got me in truble
XdShadow - Måned siden
F in chat for Nicholas rage
Grimfoxyslayer29xx9 Infectedgrimfoxy29xx4
When he was decapated I saw a police car come flying out of no where
tripletfeb - Måned siden
12:10 & 12:34
The GoingGold
The GoingGold - Måned siden
Anybody else feel like GTA is perfect for Gray?
August A
August A - Måned siden
Gray : Al-
Me : Holy sheet let’s get ready for mass murder
Faolan Lampert
Faolan Lampert - Måned siden
Faolan Lampert
Faolan Lampert - Måned siden
thetwobaconteers - Måned siden
Jaheim Archie
Jaheim Archie - Måned siden
All of your vids total starts with I or when
gigi_231 - Måned siden
we appreciate physics
rafael parra c
rafael parra c - Måned siden
Nickeless rage xD
Daniel Beauchot
Daniel Beauchot - Måned siden
0:44 so close
Daniel Beauchot
Daniel Beauchot - Måned siden
To 69420
SpikeTrash !
SpikeTrash ! - Måned siden
Me: exactly how much money did u use on this game?

Gray: Yes.