forcing 100 people to spend Christmas in total isolation

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forcing 100 people to spend Christmas in total isolation
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Jasmine Edits!!!!!
Jasmine Edits!!!!! - Time siden
"You almost landed on my cat! If you're gonna die, die away from the animals!" xD
Cat Royale
Cat Royale - 8 timer siden
and heres the pc version!
Withered Spirits
Withered Spirits - 11 timer siden
Who else kind of misses turnip
Yarnza - 12 timer siden
You should do a video of the sims where they are both afraid of everything and super in love with one another and see who survives
Yese 30
Yese 30 - 19 timer siden
Floof’s Depressed
Floof’s Depressed - 23 timer siden
Idea: Forcing the Sims to finally clean up after themselves except that's all they do
Jayden Ramsey
Jayden Ramsey - Dag siden
Dude what happend to your good boy theme a long time ago you were a good buy no bad boy
Ultranerd257 - Dag siden
First gtp video I watched was the killer Sims vs hotdogs one. But now it's privated
Void - Dag siden
mystery the killer bee
4:08 you sound like GLaDOS from portal
Lee Morey
Lee Morey - Dag siden
Love all of your videos XD
yesenia gomez
yesenia gomez - Dag siden
So can Sims die from pure sadness
Mr Procrastination
Mr Procrastination - Dag siden
okay, heres an idea for a video! The Sims 4 but they aren't allowed to stand still in their house. They're also not allowed to leave the house LOL
βατατα 13
βατατα 13 - Dag siden
Sad ass
PhirenFayt - 2 dager siden
I just played Akinator... Spleens was my answer and he guessed Spleens...When i saw is this character associated with Floridaman, the sim and is a cat. i knew it was all over
Jayden Moss
Jayden Moss - 2 dager siden
5:02 & that’s on being a youtuber😃
deine mudda
deine mudda - 2 dager siden
Your cat is cute, what´s his/her name?
Juliane D.
Juliane D. - 2 dager siden
The red its so long to die
Miki Kuhl
Miki Kuhl - 2 dager siden
Also I will say I've come to enjoy The Sims for a...slightly less troublesome reason than I initially did. I used to like making interesting houses and monster factory-ing.
Miki Kuhl
Miki Kuhl - 2 dager siden
Spleens, Blue Cheese, and Tonsils are like the angels/devils to Gray's god/satan. They are immortal to an extent and are brought along for their commentary and companionship. They sit idly and meddle only a small bit, enjoying these mortal experiments.
The Redstone Tutorial
The Redstone Tutorial - 2 dager siden
yo dude
yo dude - 2 dager siden
Carma Nile
Carma Nile - 2 dager siden
Dezi Hendrix
Dezi Hendrix - 2 dager siden
Can you make a special where it's more of a story mode type where we can see the family living yk? Like a movie, maybe even voice overs🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️ kind of a close up of them.
I_Oof 84
I_Oof 84 - 3 dager siden
The infected evil introvert girl should be named totinos pizza rols
Alligator Chiwuwu
Alligator Chiwuwu - 3 dager siden
Baby blue cheese gang!
Guusgeluk1969 - 3 dager siden
‘I’m not a monster’ saying while you killed a lot of people
Maria Sc
Maria Sc - 3 dager siden
"im not a monster"
any sim ever: *uhm*
Chances - 3 dager siden
It hurt me when you hit that tablet
Sweet Hysteria
Sweet Hysteria - 3 dager siden
hey btw you should rename Whitley Ariagagaga
to White Vodka
1. cause of what you said about her drinking dollar store vodka and
2. cause it reminds me of Russia and if we can't have Russian Man, we need a close second
Not to mention it's close sounding
Shadow Soulless
Shadow Soulless - 3 dager siden
See if I were in the introvert house, I would just lock my door and stay in there You have a toilet you have endless food in the fridge you have literally everything you need just stay in the room.
Grim - 3 dager siden
I honestly feel bad for grays computer, he acts like having a hundred sims in one world is normal
Ettena Erika
Ettena Erika - 3 dager siden
Now thats how you do sponsor advertisement.
Zachary Willams
Zachary Willams - 4 dager siden
Blue cheese
Seamus Vaniman
Seamus Vaniman - 4 dager siden
I missed blue cheeses birth can I get a link to that vid if possible?
That Random Sheep
That Random Sheep - 2 dager siden
blue cheese happens in "i made 100 kids spend 50 years underground" at 15:18
Winnie Ho
Winnie Ho - 4 dager siden
What they do in COVID-19
USA:electronic votes
Brazil:not prepare of COVID 19
Sims 4: *T O T A L L I S O L A T I O N*
crazy221 - 4 dager siden
How many devices has gray broken because of his videos?
Sa Feya
Sa Feya - 4 dager siden
Please do "forcing 100 people to live naked" i am so excided to watch it if you make it
Shane Keay
Shane Keay - 4 dager siden
Jesus theres snow get florida man a bud light
Vulpes Strix
Vulpes Strix - 4 dager siden
Gray. Torment plant sims please
Nutellajar 10
Nutellajar 10 - 4 dager siden
how r u actully able to make 100 sims? I can only make 8
No One
No One - 4 dager siden
In Sims there should be 2 houses;

1 is what Elon Musk lives in (like beds that costs 1500 dollar and 100 dollar stoves with like a bunch of rooms just for doing sports or dancing and like super technique bins everywhere and dishwashers)

2 is the house I lived through-out most of my childhood (there's no bed, there's 1 couch for like 5 people and some dirty stolen mini-fridge is the place for food with the bin being the bin in the nearby park)
Christina Sabella
Christina Sabella - 4 dager siden
Gray:Thats what I thought
Christina Sabella
Christina Sabella - 4 dager siden
riley rilmkl2
riley rilmkl2 - 4 dager siden
5:01 so it works still? gray
Tribit Fan Opex
Tribit Fan Opex - 4 dager siden
3:59 LOL
Madelyn Allen
Madelyn Allen - 4 dager siden
im 10 i shudint be woching this *WEZE*
Kurt Werden
Kurt Werden - 4 dager siden
Does anyone know what lot he is on? I haven't got a clue and would love to know!
A. D. Gardenhire
A. D. Gardenhire - 4 dager siden
Why don't they pee and shower? I don't get it.
Kaminhocker - 4 dager siden
I hope breaking the tablet AND this video could be paid through the sponsorship 😂
Kassidy - 4 dager siden
I miss the sims
FrozenShyguy - 5 dager siden
I wish I had money for the expansion packs like gray.
Lukas Ingle
Lukas Ingle - 5 dager siden
Bring back turnip
FerretUnicorn8 :3
FerretUnicorn8 :3 - 5 dager siden
We need more tonsils in our lives
Aeromation Viriox
Aeromation Viriox - 5 dager siden
Covid-19 : *Backs away slowly and silently crys*
GreyStillPlays : Dont run away, I need to put you in my sims 4 game ~
Happisak's Happi Place.
Happisak's Happi Place. - 5 dager siden
It was the UK in Covid Christmas lockdown!
Cyberr Kitti
Cyberr Kitti - 5 dager siden
I don’t get it. Isnt this what we did?
Jenskie - 6 dager siden
Gray has the best ads ever
Jaronht - 6 dager siden
Yeh he right
Jessica Kolano
Jessica Kolano - 6 dager siden
Hey Grey, The next time Spleens has a kitten, could you name it "Toenails" please? THNX.
Dakota Compton
Dakota Compton - 6 dager siden
Has any of these babies been born during these ? I’ve seen several pregnant sims in your videos but no babies
Steph is a lemon :3
Steph is a lemon :3 - 6 dager siden
The tittle is just like our 2020 , except if you go out and dont ware masks ;-;
Then you are sh—
Herologan 295
Herologan 295 - 6 dager siden
What happened to Collino, Whitley, Dee Minus, Peasus Chirst, Tim Hortan, Claire, Karen Starbucks, Tinker Hell, Tee rex, Tommy, Jimmy, and Turnip, why have they all stopped appearing
Lexis Dibbs
Lexis Dibbs - 7 dager siden
I feel like, when people die and go to hell, their hell is just ending up as one of your sims.
QueenTubaMom - 7 dager siden
Lindsey found out Janet is Evil.... as my name is actually Janet, I can tell you thats accurate
Jori Bremer
Jori Bremer - 7 dager siden
Also got my Spleens pluche.. but where,s the bag of free cocain?
Jori Bremer
Jori Bremer - 7 dager siden
Pray Gray dont get sponsored by greenpeace... ;)
Ironblood XIII
Ironblood XIII - 7 dager siden
When a Floridian sees snow, they must be thinking about how hell has finally frozen over
EnderSquad360 - 7 dager siden
Never before have I been anxious to watch an advertisement. Play battle cats, it's great.
Amber Drake
Amber Drake - 7 dager siden
I miss more sims videos
Chloe Le Gacha
Chloe Le Gacha - 7 dager siden
That tablet getting hit by a battle axe was beautiful
Tamara Morgan-Bailey
Tamara Morgan-Bailey - 7 dager siden
I love that in some videos grey breaks something
Ricky Audette
Ricky Audette - 7 dager siden
there was someone in a pink sweater who for a spit second, just t-posed
Nina Goncalves
Nina Goncalves - 8 dager siden
Sxnflower - 8 dager siden
The poor tablet
Spicy Meatball
Spicy Meatball - 8 dager siden
This video is not what I imagined. It to be lol
Cmama - 8 dager siden
It would be funny if Florida Man plushies' towel would turn inside out and become flames lol The plush toy 's towel
-Tulip Woods-
-Tulip Woods- - 8 dager siden
This is basically 2020
Shadow Soulless
Shadow Soulless - 8 dager siden
You see in the instant replay that the tablet wasn't even on it probably was broken to begin with XD
Green Bird
Green Bird - 8 dager siden
Anyone know how he got more sims?
5280 Airsoft
5280 Airsoft - 8 dager siden
I love your play the sims video. They are the best.
TheMainCat - 8 dager siden
I'm sad you don't make much of these videos any more
Burrito Man
Burrito Man - 8 dager siden
Florida man: what the hell is this white stuff, it doesn’t smell like cocaine
dragon loo
dragon loo - 8 dager siden
That pad is done
Aislyn Smith
Aislyn Smith - 8 dager siden
I'm surprised he hasn't made a literal prison through the Get To Work pack. There's like barbed wire fence and chain link prison doors
gabs - 8 dager siden
the part of the disease, is 2020 in a nutshell
James Baldridge
James Baldridge - 9 dager siden
Snowy escape's vending machines can crush sims if they get angry and try to ram it to get their food, (They usually don't give them their drinks & snacks) so maybe you should have a challenge where the vending machines are the only food?
iimpex - 9 dager siden
Imagine being his neighbour
Spleens - 9 dager siden

Lo S.H.
Lo S.H. - 9 dager siden
Forcing 100 people to live with 1000 gnomes
staunchthrone88 - 9 dager siden
6:53 yes yes it is gray
Darkimon - 9 dager siden
These are the only ad reads I watch
staunchthrone88 - 9 dager siden
4:32 If I can friend you from the USA I goddamn will because just like gray I will find a goddamn way to do it
ツẞî_Ñïghtgûårdツ - 9 dager siden
"YOU EVIL BASTARD" Sincerely, you sims
Crescent Willows
Crescent Willows - 10 dager siden
If all sponsorships were like that I wouldn't skip through them
Wilford W
Wilford W - 10 dager siden
Not going to lie, the Florida Man plush looks like a trans-guy and I am all for that
StarInquiry - 10 dager siden
Gray's sponsorship ads are the best.
build King
build King - 10 dager siden
No one was made me want to get a game as much in about 8 years
Melody ???
Melody ??? - 10 dager siden
I love how his videos are SO jam-packed with torture that if you skip 10 seconds of the video you'll miss 30 deaths and also half of the prison/hellhole with be grilled by Australia Man.
Space Cadet Katherine Timeless
Florida Man. Meet Ohio Woman. She is the woman that is needed in your life and will smoke crack while you drink Bud Light. You two are perfect as friends, or even a couple. I can see both working out. Just don't take her corn or she'd kill you.

I know this because I'm an Ohioan.
Sophie Evans
Sophie Evans - 10 dager siden
i legitimately thought gray said 'i need a bigger dying area' instead of 'dining area' like there was nothing wrong about that