completing this impossible 0.0001% jump challenge sent me to therapy

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completing this impossible 0.0001% jump challenge sent me to therapy
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We're playing GTA 5 online custom races, these are the best stunt races in gta 5, we're doing wallrides, loops, skill tests and more.
Runtime: 15:46


Kazuto KirigayaGGO
Kazuto KirigayaGGO - 8 timer siden
I wish there as a compilation of gray saying ‘kill me’
Cole Oostwegel
Cole Oostwegel - 9 timer siden
KrischKrisch - 12 timer siden
Him calling everything a board almost makes me madder than the maps. xD
Leart _Gaming
Leart _Gaming - 23 timer siden
Mate he needs to do this w viewers/friends.
Tyler Wirth
Tyler Wirth - Dag siden
yeetus christ
William Carter
William Carter - Dag siden
gray: i eat hardcore for breakfast
me: same
Isiko Shadow
Isiko Shadow - Dag siden
Gray] ann thís is a-
Also Gray] *noise óf struggle
**you called…T H É R A P I S T **
Nate Films
Nate Films - 2 dager siden
2:00 sounds like a vanilla ice song
Tyler Yin
Tyler Yin - 2 dager siden
The abaft trousers energetically prefer because thumb occasionally correct versus a charming land. mammoth, hoc ball
raquel101 - 2 dager siden
This entire video would make a great soundboard 😂
Danielle Huerta
Danielle Huerta - 2 dager siden
did anyone notice his voice go ahahahaha when the speed ramp pushes him Lol
Danielle Huerta
Danielle Huerta - 2 dager siden
DID anyone notice his voice turn to grandpa mode when he gets blasted up Lol
Faustas Koblencas
Faustas Koblencas - 2 dager siden
I kind of feel bad for Gray, this is complete mental abuse lol
Fortnite _Bot
Fortnite _Bot - 2 dager siden
New mic? Sounds different
LunarAssassin - 2 dager siden
I seriously thought it was gonna make you do it again backwards. What a troll lolz
The Darkskin Minion
The Darkskin Minion - 2 dager siden
That right there is an OHH NOOO
CrAcKhEaD - 2 dager siden
Why does he sound so constipated
CrAcKhEaD - 2 dager siden
Instead of ejected he instead he “got ejaculated of the box”
CrAcKhEaD - 2 dager siden
At 5:56
Xander Nelson
Xander Nelson - 3 dager siden
Gray:"I'm waiting for a board that's completely upside down"
Board creators:"Comin' right up!"
Xander Nelson
Xander Nelson - 3 dager siden
Gray:"Not today, Satan!"
Satan:"Oh really? We still have room in one of our circles in hell. Why don't you come visit?"
Jason Arnolds
Jason Arnolds - 3 dager siden
Everyone needs some masochism every now and then but Grey ejects it into his blood stream actually no, his blood is masochism
Nyxim _
Nyxim _ - 3 dager siden
why didnt you link the races? :(
Wally Fone
Wally Fone - 3 dager siden
i love how gray does like weird groans
MrChase115 - 3 dager siden
Praise be to the yeet lord!’
Therizino Saurus
Therizino Saurus - 3 dager siden
I am not going to lie.... i almost died watching this.... I made the mistake of eating my dinner and watching this at the same time... and food almost went down the wrong pipe
William Alexander
William Alexander - 3 dager siden
Motorcycle or jet ski...same thing right?
Kayden Pham
Kayden Pham - 3 dager siden
therapist: why are you here today?
gray: take a look at this video
Benjamin Shaw
Benjamin Shaw - 4 dager siden
Half the time it sounds like he's constipated😂
Conman1738 - 4 dager siden
At 11:22 he sounded like Tobuscus but you kids don’t know who that is
OutATime - 4 dager siden
When you’re such an OG that you make happy wheels screams
Ewan Henderson
Ewan Henderson - 4 dager siden
If u don’t play getting over it I’m unsubbing
Ace_Of_Hearts - 4 dager siden
The only thing that gives me the will to live, is watching gray lose his.
Tsuyu Lesbean
Tsuyu Lesbean - 4 dager siden
Gray: "Now that right there is a- OH NOO
nighmerpoppet - 4 dager siden
gary be like: and that right there is a OH NO
Dynamik Enforcer
Dynamik Enforcer - 4 dager siden
The sounds he makes is enough for me to die of laughter
Ad: PREPARE YouTube music
This is yust great content
Hansi Bonneville
Hansi Bonneville - 4 dager siden
12:00 when the geometry is getting a little bit more aggressive
Darth Vader
Darth Vader - 4 dager siden
Wanna be rich?
Be Gray's therapist
jim honker
jim honker - 4 dager siden
11:59 i guess you could call it

Seal - 4 dager siden
I just want to say hi to fellow person up at 1 30 am
LAVAsquid 25
LAVAsquid 25 - 4 dager siden
If you just listened to one of Gray's videos, and just the audio, not the picture, youd 99% think it would be a porno.
Spaghetti From The Void
Spaghetti From The Void - 5 dager siden
You know it's a good video when Gray legitimately sounds like his will to live is disintegrating.
D Mercier
D Mercier - 5 dager siden
Please play bmng
Kane Kroes1234
Kane Kroes1234 - 5 dager siden
Your bad at this game
Kane Kroes1234
Kane Kroes1234 - 5 dager siden
Mack Virge
Mack Virge - 5 dager siden
Every time Gray died I would shock myself and now my neck hurts
Bunny Kim
Bunny Kim - 5 dager siden
he should've said
"normal wall rides are for squares... *and I'm a circle* "
knewtonwako - 5 dager siden
Anyone else notice how Gray ages 40 years when he says oh no?
Holliopolis - 5 dager siden
gray uses the same title almost every video but no one cares as long as he doesn't say "make sure to like and sub or u wil dye!!"
Nathan Abbate
Nathan Abbate - 6 dager siden
7:40 thru 7:43 anyone kno the name of that song??
sachin ganguly
sachin ganguly - 6 dager siden
Mega Millions
Weronika Wyroba
Weronika Wyroba - 6 dager siden
I really enjoy the sound of your dieing soul
David Lopez
David Lopez - 6 dager siden
Where are the jet skill maps at
Charles Grove
Charles Grove - 6 dager siden
Does gray live in the year 4,000. Because he's some how able to die and come back to life.
Charles Grove
Charles Grove - 6 dager siden
I.R.S: gray when did you pay your taxes
Gray: what taxes?
I.R.S: ...
GamePro _awsome
GamePro _awsome - 6 dager siden
You should do a challenge where you have to do a random impossible map and if you fail you have to do a impossible cahlleng on another game
Am Pro channel
Am Pro channel - 7 dager siden
Gray: I eat ultra hard core for breakfast
Also Gray: I’m full right now
Akira the wildcard
Akira the wildcard - 7 dager siden
Hey gray I have an idea for another sims 4 let's play
I call it "I let sims have sharks as pets and this happened"
Basically you give the sims a house and give them a bunch of sharks and see who's eaten last like the cow plants but this time they have to let the sharks starve so they're extra motivated to have a Florida man sandwich
Trevor Mastrangelo
Trevor Mastrangelo - 7 dager siden
I know gray wont fail when I hear SAAAAAAAATAAAAAN
slacker 215
slacker 215 - 7 dager siden
i made a level called 100% possible but it took me like 3 hours to beat the first checkpoint so I gave up and asked my friend to do it and he couldn't and I deleted it
Jeremyy Games
Jeremyy Games - 7 dager siden
theres a spike fall called "spikey fall" by peeziums and its hard
Ryan Buteau
Ryan Buteau - 7 dager siden
Honestly I'm pretty sure gray doing all these impossible challenges is just him attempting to make amends from all the sims he's tortured
Shea Francis
Shea Francis - 7 dager siden
A lot of the time you sounded like grandpa Simpson😂
benji koeckeritz
benji koeckeritz - 7 dager siden
Gray seems like he would use 9mm to increase his tolerance to higher calibers
Elijah Tillman
Elijah Tillman - 7 dager siden
Imagine him playing gta online
Edward p
Edward p - 7 dager siden
you made this video already. i commented on it already. you promised me you would change already. i fired a projectile through my noggin already. please help me help you help me already. video games are fun remember already?
Simple Snxpes
Simple Snxpes - 7 dager siden
what car is that in the thumbnail??
Edward p
Edward p - 7 dager siden
why am i watching this.
Ice Phoenix
Ice Phoenix - 7 dager siden
7:20 Gray being self aware, love it
Lake Rats
Lake Rats - 8 dager siden
Is it just me or does gray sound like hiccup from How To Train Your Dragon
Logan Kolb
Logan Kolb - 8 dager siden
My dad past away 2 weeks ago
Madison - 8 dager siden
Does anyone know what the song at 12:18 is?
hello hello
hello hello - 8 dager siden
im gst
AeonReign - 8 dager siden
Imagine Gray in Warhammer 40k... The chaos god's would love him.
velocity_uzi - 8 dager siden
how do you do this in gta like how you get these levels
Saint-14 - 8 dager siden
After seeing this I am convinced GTA5 takes place in Florida.
Connor Fox
Connor Fox - 8 dager siden
6:29. This is the first instance where I’ve actually heard Gray yell, and I’ve been watching his channel for 3 years.
BlackHawk CZ
BlackHawk CZ - 8 dager siden
5:59 you got... what?
vlaadul - 8 dager siden
he always has to do that again
Malachi Dawood
Malachi Dawood - 8 dager siden
I feel mind fu**ed just watching this
Sean Hendrickson
Sean Hendrickson - 8 dager siden
Around 8:10 ish he laughs like mandark
Michael Balog
Michael Balog - 8 dager siden
My English teacher reminded me of you this week, he was talking about the time he ate this single chip he said it was $10 it was I think ghost pepper flavored but what reminded me of you was he said when he was asked what it tastes like he said and I quote, "it tastes like pain" and he sounded so much like you🤣😆😂
Cats are Amazing
Cats are Amazing - 8 dager siden
I am here for grateful because he can cure my deppresion
Niko Lane
Niko Lane - 8 dager siden
13:15 and gray becomes carl from llamas with hats
TOXIC - 8 dager siden
GRAY!!! I don’t know if you know this but fun fact: if you just kidding but seriously when you zoomed in at 1:02 FloridaMan did a line of coke off his thumb. Or at least a very similar auto-action.
Puppy Dog 1909
Puppy Dog 1909 - 8 dager siden
YES this is perfect
Brightside: 50 things that you didn’t know about Satan
Me: oh Gray knows everything about him but technically 51 things
Brightside:NO 50
Me: did you know he makes extremely hard levels
Brightside: I did not actually
Zlesh Kildro
Zlesh Kildro - 8 dager siden
Next Intro: Alright so we’re checking out the only game where it can Shrivil you Penis better than the coldest temperatures, is GTA 5
Recroomiscool - 8 dager siden
Oh no, my favorite youtuber has turned into a poor mobile ad!
ben the dog
ben the dog - 8 dager siden
Gray "what a great board"
Me "what a shity map"
Driftz playz
Driftz playz - 9 dager siden
I absolutely love your intros
sullivan harris
sullivan harris - 9 dager siden
Gray for wallrides or long loops go in first person
V Gustavsson
V Gustavsson - 9 dager siden
“Prepare for the YEET!!” - Gray 2021
Cameron Gramberg
Cameron Gramberg - 9 dager siden
3:28 my dad for no reason yelling at me
Ran porker
Ran porker - 9 dager siden
Guinness world records: most agony in under 30 minuets
Kaden Williams
Kaden Williams - 9 dager siden
You know, you and Let’sgameitout have a lot in common. You two should do a collab together
Aaron Clement
Aaron Clement - 9 dager siden
Someone needs to make a section for him with a tightrope and a speed boost at the beginning.
Jacob Villanueva
Jacob Villanueva - 9 dager siden
anything is allowed in graystillplayskart
so like the FLORIDA LITERLY GETS OF HIS BIKE THEN LITERLY GETTING WASTED AFTER and plus we will allow floridas kart and drift
Gerrit-Jan Nap
Gerrit-Jan Nap - 9 dager siden
"I don't have any skill. I just have a boatload of masochism" - GrayStillPlays, 2021
Xavier Johnson
Xavier Johnson - 9 dager siden
yo u damn bastard u made me lose them lol that part was so funny
Amelia da Silva
Amelia da Silva - 9 dager siden
The only one I really feel bad for is Florida man
John Guthrey
John Guthrey - 9 dager siden
Like my dad always said
Dark clouds at night: go fly a kite
Don’t expect lighting to happen to strike the kite