breaking 1,845,056 bones by failing to do backflips

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breaking 1,845,056 bones by failing to do backflips
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Jump from an amazing variety of locations, from your regular day town to the tension of the Wild West or the amazing sci-fi World, there are tons of levels to explore! Land on specific targets, perform amazing frontflips and backflips to get more points and get rewarded for crashing!
Runtime: 15:48


NightCat Music x NCS x Roblox
8:56 b r o k e n b o n e s
AlphaAlphi - Dag siden
When I played hockey I fell once and asked my coach to look at my wrist cause it hurt and he told me later, I played the whole game and I felt fine enough and at the end in the locker room he was like “oh you broke your wrist” and like went to get it checked out and it was. That was a walk it off to the umpth degree I feel
Honking GOOSE
Honking GOOSE - 2 dager siden
11:11 be like: K-
emanuel Cuellar
emanuel Cuellar - 6 dager siden
The game glitched
Krystal Ritter
Krystal Ritter - 6 dager siden
This game is amazing this game is amazing I really want to play it so but I can't really
Red King
Red King - 9 dager siden
*Whispers "It tastes like aloe vera."*
atih nuraini
atih nuraini - 10 dager siden
8:55 long legs
Crashworth Cortex The First
Crashworth Cortex The First - 12 dager siden
the first game hes played properley.
Crashworth Cortex The First
Crashworth Cortex The First - 12 dager siden
you would like breakin bones on roblox
Anita Weylon
Anita Weylon - 13 dager siden
Louise Stoodley
Louise Stoodley - 15 dager siden
The first time he bounces off the trampoline: hell yes! The second time: *wheezy laugh*
Marie Wilson
Marie Wilson - 15 dager siden
It very rare to se gray get mad at a game VERY VERY rare
Austin Conklin
Austin Conklin - 16 dager siden
Gray: bump head on unicorn
Me: well time for gray to get impaled
shananagins - 16 dager siden
head? oh...
JAmes - 17 dager siden
This is my stand, "KING CRIMSON" 11:09
Beckham Martinez
Beckham Martinez - 17 dager siden
0:05 Gray:. Break me Totally: Hey!
Leonardo Moreno
Leonardo Moreno - 17 dager siden
Sarah croft is a rip off of lara croft in tomb raider
LordLimburger - 18 dager siden
14:07 I'm pretty sure that this is not only a rip-off of Lara Croft, but also one of Sarah Connor.
Nicoleta Ionica
Nicoleta Ionica - 18 dager siden
This just looks like riccochet. Search him up and his best moves.
Corinne Tartaglia
Corinne Tartaglia - 19 dager siden
On level 55 it said walk it off
Among us Bonnie
Among us Bonnie - 21 dag siden
1:12 2:57 6:14 6:31 8:56
Sunkanmi Monayajo
Sunkanmi Monayajo - 22 dager siden
If Gray says “Alright” 2021 will get even worse
Elizabeth Morrow
Elizabeth Morrow - 23 dager siden
Gray: At this point I'm just crowd surfing into cactuses
No one:
Me: It's actually cacti
Animechanxoxo - 24 dager siden
How many ad's did you get?
Kelton Ellis
Kelton Ellis - 25 dager siden
Gray: gooo alexaaaa
My alexa: I thought I heard a question
ludi souza
ludi souza - 26 dager siden
Qual o nome do jogo
Kevslasher -37
Kevslasher -37 - 27 dager siden
7:15 is that shreks bathroom ? 🧐
Link Play’s
Link Play’s - 27 dager siden
I can’t with 11:45
Link Play’s
Link Play’s - 27 dager siden
It’s a glitch 8:56
Link Play’s
Link Play’s - 27 dager siden
And 12:08
Link Play’s
Link Play’s - 27 dager siden
And long legss
π Lucy Studios π
π Lucy Studios π - Måned siden
Nobody gonna mention that he gets an Australian accent when he said "Jesus Christ"?
The Divine Spooketh
The Divine Spooketh - Måned siden
Corpse - Måned siden
Gray kinda sounds like mattshea
lee - Måned siden
Game says bump your head on spikes you let's just stab my head on it
weebwithoveralls - Måned siden
There are about 620 bones in the average adult body.
The thumbnail says he broke over a million of someone’s bones.
If this is true,
nicobandicoot - Måned siden
please more of this game.
YOOSHIP - Måned siden
You should play skate 3 and download mods
bobbybobtries - Måned siden
Cole Mazepa
Cole Mazepa - Måned siden
4:25 just like my mama used to make...
fresh human meat
Lety Vera
Lety Vera - Måned siden
Kolvin Pogue
Kolvin Pogue - Måned siden
the human body doesnt even have that many bones look it up
Kolvin Pogue
Kolvin Pogue - Måned siden
@weebwithoveralls ik lol
weebwithoveralls - Måned siden
r/wooooosh that’s the joke bruh
oli lopez
oli lopez - Måned siden
The scrawny latency dewailly snatch because entrance concordantly try before a scandalous state. easy, erect star
Meredith - Måned siden
Meredith - Måned siden
When he said *jesus christ* you could here the australian man influence
Jeeve Carsido
Jeeve Carsido - Måned siden
Whats that game gray how much mb means the thing that the wifi uses
Golden Cheetah26
Golden Cheetah26 - Måned siden
Graystillplays out of context: oh finally I get head
Chisa Middleton
Chisa Middleton - Måned siden
A video of Happy wheels doesn't end until somebody has a sword of the rectum
Derpytron84 Rocks!
Derpytron84 Rocks! - Måned siden
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savage boy
savage boy - Måned siden
Zachary Brown
Zachary Brown - Måned siden
His wheeze is hilarious 🤣
Yellow.Lemon__ - Måned siden
Adam H
Adam H - Måned siden
Wait Alexa that my device ai thing name
Schizo Through The Tulips
Schizo Through The Tulips - Måned siden
“Oh God, it’s like I’m renting bones just to BREAK THEM!”
Sean de Roziere
Sean de Roziere - Måned siden
I think grey has became the devil..
Gabi tavares
Gabi tavares - Måned siden
This is the funniest channel that I came across😂😂
Kensington Cobb
Kensington Cobb - Måned siden
This video is too funny for my own good...
try butfail
try butfail - Måned siden
Idea: The Sims but every time there's a urine puddle, you place a toilet there.
Blue - Måned siden
For anyone wondering it's bluestacks
Ralphofthehill 57
Ralphofthehill 57 - Måned siden
You know you reach god numbers when you have access to unwanted bones to be broken
Kalief Guillory
Kalief Guillory - Måned siden
Gray do you know you can tap it
Larry Belarmino
Larry Belarmino - Måned siden
Is that ninja flip? Its like the same game
Kandyce Smith
Kandyce Smith - Måned siden
Does gray still plays know what slendrina is
Joanne Clark
Joanne Clark - Måned siden
Me: sees Gray posted 27 seconds ago
Jose Campos
Jose Campos - Måned siden
When gray is controlling he’s basically controlling the world rn # corona :(
Daisy Orquiz
Daisy Orquiz - Måned siden
Lysander Lanning
Lysander Lanning - Måned siden
Sarah craft reporting for death! Say I will shatter my skull. I will shatter my skull! I will die! I will die!!
42 Gaming
42 Gaming - Måned siden
You need to play Wwe2k20
Twisted Logic Coasters
Twisted Logic Coasters - Måned siden
This is such a stupidly funny looking game
Twisted Logic Coasters
Twisted Logic Coasters - Måned siden
This game has so many levels
Matticus Madness
Matticus Madness - Måned siden
1:55 *’Fail’ music.*
Gray: _”YEES!”_
8:12 - 8:15 Cactu- 😂
Nightmare OA
Nightmare OA - Måned siden
It’s funny how the title is breaking I forgot the number but he says there is not even 200 something
Kurt Axl Peña
Kurt Axl Peña - Måned siden
Gray calls the levels boards
Austin O'Connell
Austin O'Connell - Måned siden
"Oh I finally got head" -Gray, 2020
Arzhael 15
Arzhael 15 - Måned siden
i mean glitch
Arzhael 15
Arzhael 15 - Måned siden
8:56 The SERIOUS lag
Animator Daily
Animator Daily - Måned siden
I see sockfor1 Skin lol
ScrewyBuckle 567
ScrewyBuckle 567 - Måned siden
1:45 that's what she said
Sanarkasirr - Måned siden
Is every thing a board to u?
ROUGE Gaming
ROUGE Gaming - 2 måneder siden
What game is this?
otaku1229 - 2 måneder siden
"I still need to get lobotomized by the toolbox." lul
jelly - 2 måneder siden
My brother's name is Odin
Zaldie De Guzman
Zaldie De Guzman - 2 måneder siden
Gray breaking 1million bones* 627k people watching: I N T R E S T I N G
powdered_cows - 2 måneder siden
No one:
Not a single soul:
Gray: Alright, today were breaking bones that don’t even exist
Nene F
Nene F - 2 måneder siden
The part of the working grill with the music is funny the music is from a game on roblox
Team Piranha Plant
Team Piranha Plant - 2 måneder siden
When i see it says bump head i think it said crack ur head like a nut
Adele Dragneel
Adele Dragneel - 2 måneder siden
Tiger lily looks like jasmine
Stephanie Aldrich
Stephanie Aldrich - 2 måneder siden
What the hell 😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹
Flame W2927
Flame W2927 - 2 måneder siden
I love how when he was screaming Christ it sounded almost like Australian man
zayne deaver
zayne deaver - 2 måneder siden
Gray:is this level 69. Me :fu#k ya Gray:🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😢
Me & My Kiddo
Me & My Kiddo - 2 måneder siden
What device is this on ;-;
(Like pc, phone etc)
Khyruddin Boyer
Khyruddin Boyer - 2 måneder siden
11:09 Alexa hit the floor so hard, Gray can't even get his mic to work properly
TheShadowJack - 2 måneder siden
Gray: *Breaks half of his bones*
The Game: You’ll be fine.
bryan sparks
bryan sparks - 2 måneder siden
who else laughed so hard you could not breath?
TRZ YT - 2 måneder siden
whats the game
Lilly Brierley
Lilly Brierley - 2 måneder siden
“don’t me i’m just cleaning the floor with my tongue”
Demascus3 - 2 måneder siden
"Jesus ( *suddenly australian* ) Chroiiist"
Cool Block DudeYT
Cool Block DudeYT - 2 måneder siden
ther are around 30 to 350 bones in the human body
Arianna Dorsey
Arianna Dorsey - 2 måneder siden
"Sarah Scoth reporting for death."
Ah yes, sounds normal.
Carolyn Brooks
Carolyn Brooks - 2 måneder siden
Is there a way to torture our Sims like this?
FXX Chimichanga
FXX Chimichanga - 2 måneder siden
Hey grey i played the game all the way through and at the pirate realm you have to bump your head on a SPIKE
Christina Hall
Christina Hall - 2 måneder siden
10:03 say hello to your new no no circle 😏